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Address: Hill 3 Village, Dong Phuong Yen Commune, Chuong My Dist., Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) 0984922573-0986099457
- Producing, supplying and exporting bamboo and rattan products such as:
+ Rattan and bamboo furniture: Tables and chairs, shelves, decorative bamboo fans,...
+ Bamboo and rattan lamps: Bamboo lamps, candle lamps, bamboo lamps, rattan lanterns, rattan lamps,...
+ Bamboo and rattan household items: Bamboo trays, plates, clothes hangers,...
+ Baby toy accessories: Doll chair, doll bed, changing table, doll shelf,...
+ Rattan surface, rattan lattice,...
* Main products and services:
- Bamboo and rattan furniture.
+ Bamboo fan.
+ Bamboo tables and chairs.
+ Don rattan.
+ Rattan chair.
+ Wall shelves.
+ Rattan tea table.
+ Rattan tea table set.
+ Rattan table and chairs set.
+ Rattan plant shelf.
+ Decorative rattan mirror.
+ Rattan chair to drink tea.
+ Rattan reception desk.
+ Rattan drinking table.
+ Bamboo fan decorates the wall.
Decorative rattan shelves.
- Bamboo and rattan lamp.
+ Bamboo lamp.
+ Cloud lights.
+ Bamboo lamp.
+ Bamboo and rattan lamp.
+ Bamboo candles.
+ 2-layer bamboo lamp.
+ Bamboo lamp shade.
+ Bamboo lanterns.
+ Bamboo and rattan lanterns.
+ Bamboo and rattan night light.
+ Decorative woven bamboo lamps.
+ Bamboo and rattan lanterns.
+ Sparsely woven rattan lights.
+ Bamboo and rattan lampshade.
+ Decorative bamboo lamps.
+ Woven bamboo table lamp.
+ Patterned rattan lights.
+ Decorative hanging rattan lights.
+ Bamboo lamp shaped like a hat.
Update:Monday, October 30,2023

Address: 958/18 Au Co St., Ward 14, Tan Binh Dist., Ho Chi Minh City
Tel:(84-28) 38134046-38134047
Fax:(84-28) 38134048
- Manufacturing and exporting for cultivation and decoration accessories for indoor and outdoor use.
- Main product:
+ Natural stone pots.
+ Stone pots.
+ Black clay.
+ Outdoor ceramics.
+ Decorative ceramics.
+ Indoor ceramics.
+ Export of ceramics.
Update:Friday, May 27,2022

Address: Floor 2nd, 64 Nguyen Dinh Chieu St., Dakao Ward, Dist.1, Ho Chi Minh City
Tel:(84-28) Hotline: 0888793111-62861668-0901651234
- Providing Vietnamese people with the best ceramic products Royal Ceramics has signed a cooperation agreement to distribute Minh Long Ceramics, Suong Ceramics, Thai Binh Ceramics, Hai Duong Ceramics...
* Main product:
+ Flower vase.
+ Jasmine IFP.
+ Mr. Vu.
+ Misc-Assortment.
+ Business Gifts.
+ Ceramic gift.
+ Porcelain Painting.
+ Tea tray.
+ Agarwood smoke waterfall.
+ Cup kettle.
+ Warm death sa.
+ Gift cup warmer.
+ Bat Trang tableware.
+ Cup.
+ Flower pots.
+ Worship.
+ Essential oil diffuser.
+ Household ceramics.
+ Jar of Sanh - Jar of Sanh.
+ Rice Bowl.
+ Loc Binh jar.
+ Bat Trang ceramics.
+ Agarwood smoke waterfall.
+ Ceramic Statue.
+ Porcelain Painting.
Update:Friday, May 27,2022

Address: 439 Cach Mang Thang Tam St., Ward 13, Dist.10, Ho Chi Minh City
Tel:(84-28) 0947836567-0902693866-02862704567
- Specializing in providing Minh Long ceramics, Bat Trang ceramics, zisha kettles, teapots with logo printed...
* Main product:
- Household ceramics.
+ Round Plate.
+ Square Plate.
+ Minh Long Dining Table.
+ Porcelain Bowl Set.
- Fine art ceramics.
+ Worship items.
+ Flower vase.
+ Logo Printed Teapot.
+ Minh Long Kettle.
+ Porcelain vase.
+ Pot of Luc Binh.
Update:Friday, May 27,2022

Address: 482/2A No Trang Long St., Binh Thanh Dist., Ho Chi Minh City
Tel:(84-28) 35531711-Hotline: 0084 913754119
Fax:(84-28) 54450126
- Producing and exporting fine art ceramics, including: Plant pots, porcelain pots, flower pots,...
- Our premium product has beautifying function for home and garden decoration. In particular, growers of outdoor molded mushrooms are not affected by frozen circles. Leave them outdoors all year long without fear of cracking.
* Main product:
+ Drops of water.
+ Outdoor ceramic pots.
+ Ceramic pots in the house.
+ Ceramic flower pot.
+ Glazed porcelain pots.
+ Plant pots.
+ Fine art ceramics.
+ Garden decorative ceramics.
Update:Thursday, May 26,2022

Address: 384 Ha Huy Giap St., Thanh Loc Ward, Dist.12, Ho Chi Minh City
Tel:(84-28) 0909116270-0913769770
- Producing and distributing Bat Trang ceramics, and equipment for the ceramic industry, owning a factory of over 500m2.
- Specializes in high-class hand-clawed and hand-shaped ceramic products, including:
+ Decorations: Ceramic statues, ceramic paintings, pedestals, ornamental pots, orchid pots,...
+ Worshiping items: incense bowl, doe, communal worship, fortune pot,...
+ Gift ceramic products, logo printed: Essential oil lamps, rice jars, water containers, wine-soaked jars,...
* Main product:
- Art ceramics.
+ Outdoor Pottery.
+ Interior Ceramics.
+ Art Ceramics.
+ Outdoor Ceramics.
+ Art Ceramic Statue.
+ Garden Decoration Ceramics.
+ Types of Art Ceramics.
- Worshiping ceramics.
+ Bowl of Lid.
+ Oil Lamp.
+ Set of 3 Dogs.
+ Hand Drawn Fruit Plate.
+ Embossed Temple.
+ Ancient Men's Incense Burner.
+ Bat Huong Men Lam.
+ Bat Perfume Men Reef.
+ Men Reef Temple.
+ The jar of Loc Binh Men Reef.
+ Hand Painted Dumpling Plate.
+ Ceramic Worship Set.
+ Set of Common Offerings.
+ Bowl of Rice Offering Men Reef.
+ Set of Offerings with Lid.
+ Enamel Floating Reef Vial.
+ Hand Painted Fragrance Bowl.
+ Candlestick Embossed Enamel.
+ Hand Painted White Enamel Bowl.
+ Bat Trang Men's Worship Set.
+ Worshiping suit of Bat Trang Reef.
+ Embossed Fragrance Bowl.
+ Hand Painted Fractured Enamel Container.
+ Bat Trang's Matte Men's Lampstand.
+ Common Worshiping Men at Bat Trang Reef.
+ Embossed Reef Enamel Perfume Container.
- Plant pots, pedestals, millet.
+ Set of Don Drums.
+ Round Landscape Pot.
+ Potted Bomb Scene.
+ Hexagonal Base.
+ Canh Thong Pot.
+ Hexagonal Landscape Pot.
+ Hand Painted High Quality Porcelain.
+ Hexagonal Terracotta Pot.
+ High Square Landscape Pot.
+ Low Square Landscape Pot.
+ Pair of Bien Hoa Ceramics.
+ Rectangular Terracotta Pot.
+ Triangle Terracotta Pot.
+ Landscape Pot Hexagonal Tube.
+ Don Sitting Pottery Bien Hoa.
+ Smooth Round Terracotta Pot.
+ Bat Trang Green Men's Don Round.
+ Ancient Blue Enamel Oval Landscape Pot.
- Other ceramics.
+ Flowerpot.
+ Flower vase.
+ Porcelain vase.
+ Chum Sanh.
+ Ceramic Flower Vase.
+ Porcelain Water Jar.
+ Rice Container.
+ Ceramic Flower Vase.
+ Decorative Flowerpot.
+ Ceramic Statue.
+ Bat Trang flowerpot.
+ Enamel Flower Vase,...
Update:Thursday, May 26,2022

Address: 519 Kinh Duong Vuong St., An Lac Ward, Binh Tan Dist., Ho Chi Minh City
Tel:(84-28) 73070773-0888695395
- Providing Minh Long 1 ceramics, business gifts and printing gifts,...
* Main product:
- Ceramics.
+ Minh Long Ceramic Flower Vase.
+ Minh Long Dining Table.
+ Minh Long Ceramic Tea Set.
+ Minh Long Ceramics.
+ Ceramic Gift.
+ Nourishing Ceramic Pot.
+ Minh Long Ceramic Fruit Bowl.
- Gifts.
+ Household Goods.
+ Fashion Gifts.
+ Technology Gifts.
+ Creative Gifts.
+ Event Gifts.
- Print gifts.
+ Print Logo On Gifts.
+ Print Keychain.
+ Printed On Glass.
+ USB printing.
Update:Thursday, May 26,2022

Address: R4-31 Hung Gia 5 St., Nguyen Van Linh, Tan Phong Ward, Dist.7, Ho Chi Minh City
Tel:(84-28) 54100173-0903804865
Fax:(84-28) 54100174
- Producing, supplying and exporting indoor ceramics, outdoor ceramics and whetstone pots, fine art ceramics,...
- With nearly 20 years of experience in the ceramic industry, Chi Cuong is constantly innovating, making efforts, creating thousands of products with designs, diversity and quality as the top priority.
- With a factory of more than 1,000 square meters, supplying domestically and exporting mainly to the Netherlands, Spain....
- Main product:
+ Fine art ceramic pots.
+ Grinding Stone Pot.
+ Outdoor Ceramic Pots.
+ Indoor Ceramic Pot.
+ Plastic Pot of Grinding Stone.
+ Light Cement Pot.
+ Handicraft pots.
+ Fine Art Landscape Pots.
+ Flower Pot.
+ Plastic Pots.
+ Ton Zinc Pot.
Update:Thursday, May 26,2022

Address: 118-120 Vinh Vien St., Ward 9, Dist.10, Ho Chi Minh City
Tel:(84-28) 38345153 -38320147-0914164733-0914157335-0914157325
Fax:(84-28) 39270499
- Professional supplier of household plastic, stainless steel, ceramics, .. of famous brands in Vietnam, Korea, Taiwan.
* Main product:
- Plastic.
+ Plastic Housewares.
+ Melamine Plastic Disc.
+ Melamine Plastic Case.
+ Melamine Plastic Cup.
+ Acrylic Plastic Cup.
+ Industrial Plastics.
+ Plastic Household.
+ Super Thin Plastic.
+ Plastic Pallets.
- Inox.
+ Stainless Steel Household Appliances.
+ Stainless Steel Household Goods.
+ Stainless Steel Kitchen Appliances.
+ Stainless Steel Kitchen.
+ Inox In Restaurant.
+ Industrial Stainless Steel Shelves.
- Ceramics.
+ CK Ceramics.
+ Long Phuong Ceramics.
+ Minh Long Ceramics.
Update:Thursday, May 26,2022

Address: No.15, St.27, Binh Tri Dong B Ward, Binh Tan Dist., Ho Chi Minh City
Tel:(84-28) 37626437-0913608336
- Specializing in printing on ceramics and glass.
+ Print logo on ceramics.
+ Printed glass cups.
+ Print logo on glass.
+ Printed on porcelain.
+ Printed on ceramic,...
+ Print On Metal.
+ Decal for ceramics.
+ Stamps and labels.
+ Laser engraving.
+ Print On Crystal.
+ Print thermos bottle.
- Supplying high-class glass products such as Ocean, Luminax,... especially Minh Long ceramics.
- Agent of ceramics, glass.
+ Luminax Glass Set.
+ Singer Minh Long.
+ Cuong Phat Ceramics.
+ Minh Long Ceramics.
+ Wilmax England Ceramics.
+ Ocean Glass.
Update:Thursday, May 26,2022

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