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Address: Next to Dong My Gas Station, Thanh Tri Dist., Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) 66512928-0945108833-0913501361-Hotline 0913501361-0919342020
- Supply: PVC wood, technical veneer, spray glue, Acrylic wood paint, edge banding machine, CNC machine.
* Main product:
- Plastic wood.
+ APVC S8 WPB plastic board.
+ AWPC S8 plastic wood panel.
+ EWPC S8 plastic wood panel.
+ CELUKA PVC board.
- Veneer.
+ Technical veneer.
+ Wood grain technical veneer.
+ Striped ebony technical veneer.
+ Bamboo grain technical veneer.
+ Natural wood veneer.
+ Edge banding machine, CNC machine.
+ Nesting S8 CNC machine.
+ S8 CNC machine.
+ Edge banding machine S8.
+ Automatic edge banding machine.
- Wood paint.
+ Transparent glass varnish.
+ Painted with black grain effect.
+ Painted with metallic gold effect.
+ Translucent matte paint.
+ Pearl paint.
+ Adhesive transparent base paint.
+ Quick-drying glossy white paint.
- Glue.
+ Heat-resistant rubber glue.
+ Heat-resistant rubber glue.
+ Interior wood spray adhesive.
+ Sofa foam spray adhesive.
+ Multipurpose synthetic S8 glue.
+ Transparent glue.
+ Multi-purpose spray glue.
+ Image library.
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Address: No. 107 B8 Khuat Duy Tien St., Thanh Xuan Dist., Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) 22152884-22388824- Hotline: 0913085593
- Providing customers with high-quality wood paint products, outdoor wood paint (interior wood Pu paint), glass paint, plastic paint, water-based wood paint, Oseven wood paint, Dai Kieu wood paint, G8 wood paint, lipstick Nippon white Pu, Pu white paint.
- Providing products for the wood industry such as: Japanese sandpaper, Korean and Thai sandpaper, Epoxy glue, A_B glue, 502 glue, Dog glue (X66), Bugjo glue, Dyno milk glue, Silicone, spray guns paint and chemicals for the paint industry...
- Construction of Pu paint, plastic paint, glass paint for construction projects, renovation, repair, replacement, all products from materials such as: Wooden floors, wooden doors, stairs, tables, chairs, beds , cabinet...
* Main product:
- Types of paint.
+ Wood paint.
+ Outdoor wood paint.
+ Interior wood paint.
+ Painting art glass.
+ Nano glass paint.
+ Painting art glass.
+ Lobster paint.
+ Indoor PU gloss paint.
+ Matte PU paint.
+ Nippon Pu paint.
+ Painted galvanized iron.
- Glue of all kinds.
+ Glue 502.
+ Wood glue.
+ Laminate adhesive.
+ Glue Dog X66.
+ Epoxy glue.
+ VN-Asia spray adhesive.
+ Silicone glue.
- Sandpaper.
+ Korean sandpaper.
+ Japanese sandpaper.
+ Thai sandpaper.
+ Ring sanding.
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Address: 8F, Sannam Building, 78 Duy Tan St., Dich Vong Hau Ward, Cau Giay Dist., Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) 39937659-Hotline: 339310624
- Producing and supplying all types of abrasives, abrasive machines, glue and glue industry machinery, in addition, providing abrasive processing services upon request.
* Main product:
- Sandpaper and sanding machinery
+ Grinding Stone.
+ Handheld cutting disc.
+ Fixed machine cutting disc.
+ Ultra thin cutting disc.
+ Diamond grinding disc.
+ Sanding service upon request.
+ Polishing machine.
+ Sanding machine.
+ Vacuum cleaner.
+ Belt sanding.
+ Disc sanding.
+ Rough tinder.
+ Roll abrasive.
+ Film rough.
+ Paper roughness.
+ Sanding mesh.
+ Vulcanized fiber abrasive.
+ Sanding the barrel.
+ Fabric roughness.
+ Porous texture.
+ Folding sandpaper.
- Glue and glue industry machinery.
+ Pouring waterproof mold.
+ Anti-rotation glue.
+ Quick glue.
+ Acacia hypertrophy.
+ UV glue.
+ Heat control.
+ UV meter.
+ UV dryer.
+ Glue applicator.
+ Plasma surface treatment machine.
Update:Tuesday, December 26,2023

Address: No.30, Lane 80, Chua Lang, Lang Thuong Ward, Dong Da Dist., Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) 0924851724
- False eyelash business, affirming its position as the leading eyelash supplier in Vietnam and quickly establishing a foothold in the global eyelash extension market.
* Main products and services:
+ False eyelashes.
+ Mi Katun.
+ Mi wipsy.
+ Mi classic.
+ Mi volume.
+ Colored eyelashes.
+ Mi fans are narrow.
+ Mi tray 12 lines.
+ Mi tray 16 lines.
+ 20 line eyelashes.
+ Fan eyelashes 40 lines.
+ Semi-finished eyelashes.
- Service.
+ ODM service for false eyelashes.
+ OEM false eyelashes service.
- Glue.
+ Eyelash glue.
+ Lady black glue.
Update:Tuesday, December 26,2023

Address: No.428, Linh Nam St., Tran Phu Ward, Hoang Mai Dist., Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) 66839604-0386069542-0974580248 -0984246483
* Provide products:
- All kinds of paint: Eagle synthetic paint, ATM spray paint, TV; Lobster paint, industrial scented paint, DK wood paint, solvent...
- Silicone sealant: Titebond, Apollo, X bond, V tech, Dog X66, Bugjo, Epoxy 511, Solarsil, GP...
- Screws: corrugated iron screws, self-drilling screws, bolts, screws, screws attached to Dragon's plastic expansion, SEC, iron expansion screws, pullout nails.
- Kim Tin, Atlantic electric welding rods, copper welding wire...
- Clear adhesive tape, Nano foam tape, double-sided green foam tape, 3M paper tape, PE wrapping film.
- Drills, grinders, tile cutters, screwdrivers EG, Makita, Bosch
- Grinding stones, Hai Duong cutting stones, ARBA...
- Electric wires, bulbs, LED lights, sockets, plugs: Rang Dong, SINO, Tran Phu, CADISUN...
- Sunshades, chicken nets, tarpaulins, water pipes, RP7 anti-rust oil, Camel spray.
* Main product:
+ Cheap adhesive tape.
+ General warehouse of cheap tarpaulin covering.
+ Bolts, iron bars, black washers, screws (nuts).
+ Hammer and pliers combined together.
+ Brushes, paint rollers.
+ Dealer of carving knives, carving blades, saw blades.
+ Grinding stone and cutting stone.
+ Anti-rust oil.
+ Dinh.
+ Glue.
+ Armor Paper, Felt.
+ Silicone glue.
+ Lock.
+ Grid.
+ Handheld machine, glue gun.
+ Aluminum and glass accessories.
+ Welding rod.
+ Cheap paint.
+ Electrical materials.
+ Cana, tick, solvent.
+ Nail Screw.
+ Metal materials.
+ Saw, knife, blade.
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Address: A10 – Lot 11, Dinh Cong Urban Area, Hoang Mai Dist., Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) 0906203966-Hotline : 0936405859
- Provide SAVETO glue that can be used for wall cladding, circuits around the kitchen, toilet, sink, bathtub, baseboard, and floor. The product is a perfect replacement for traditional powders such as white cement.
* Main product:
+ Joint sealant.
+ Saveto sealant.
+ Glue used for circuits around the kitchen.
+ Glue used for wall cladding.
+ Glue used for toilet circuits.
+ Epoxy glue.
+ Epoxy glue for machine foundation.
+ Clear Epoxy glue.
+ Epoxy glue for joints.
+ Glue gun.
+ Saveto glue gun.
+ Saveto pro glue gun.
Update:Tuesday, December 26,2023

Address: No.12, Lane 75, Tu Dinh St., Long Bien Ward, Long Bien Dist., Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) 32665150-0918288155
- Exclusive distributor of thermal glue (hotmel glue) imported directly from Korea, China, Taiwan, Malaysia,...
+ Thermal glue in granular form, hot glue in glue gun stick form.
+ Providing printing supplies such as: Continuous ink refill set, heat transfer paper, heat transfer ink, PIG UV ink, printing supplies, digital printing supplies,...
* Main products and services:
+ Glue of all kinds.
+ Binding glue.
+ Hotmelt glue.
+ Hotmelt glue granules.
+ Fabric adhesive.
+ Packaging industry glue.
+ Thermal glue.
+ Candle glue.
+ Membrane breaking glue.
+ Glue to the cover.
+ Glue gun.
- Mechanical products.
+ Heat press machine.
+ Mechanical watch heat press machine.
+ Expansion chamber heat press machine.
+ Automatic heat press machine.
- Printing industry supplies.
+ Continuous ink refill set.
+ Heat transfer printing paper.
+ Heat transfer ink.
+ PIG UV ink.
+ Printing industry supplies.
+ Supplies for digital printing industry.
Update:Tuesday, December 26,2023

Address: No.159 Mai Dich St., Mai Dich Ward, Cau Giay Dist., Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) 37805290-37805291-Hotline: 0987304896 -0913543939
- Exclusive distributor in the North of glue products, Nano coating, waterproof Epoxy glue.
- Production and import of paint types with the RHENOCOLL brand: Interior paint, exterior paint, nano coating, waterproof EPOXY, heat-resistant paint, soundproof, high quality heat insulation with the most modern technology in the world world with raw materials from the world's leading chemical corporations.
* Main products and services:
- Glue.
+ AB glue for wood.
+ Paper packaging glue.
+ Low viscosity waterproof Epoxy glue.
+ Low viscosity epoxy waterproofing glue.
+ Epoxy Resin 3D glue.
+ Transparent epoxy resin ab glue.
+ Transparent Epoxy Resin glue.
+ Clear white thermal glue bostik T7640N.
+ Bostik T9338 yellow thermal glue.
+ Wood glue.
- Paint.
+ Heat-resistant and insulating paint for factory corrugated iron roofs.
+ Anti-heat paint reduces temperature for corrugated iron roofs.
+ Two-component heat-resistant paint for corrugated iron roofs and walls.
+ Meovo heat-resistant paint.
+ RHENOCOLL heat-resistant paint.
+ Nano paint for interior and exterior wood.
+ Paint on PVC metal composite.
Update:Tuesday, December 26,2023

Address: 5 Storey building, 135A Phuong Canh, Nam Tu Liem Dist., Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) 39992266-0969896568
Fax:(84-24) 39992266-0969896568
- Production, import and distribution of environmentally friendly A9 spray glue products under the ASIA brand, heat-resistant A9 PREMIUM spray glue, ASIA 2K wood paint, ASIA paint spray gun...
* Main product:
+ ASIA A9 spray adhesive with mist spray system.
+ ASIA A9 ECO PLUS spray adhesive mist spray system.
+ ASIA A9 PREMIUM spray adhesive with heat-resistant system.
+ Specialized ASIA spray adhesive for bonding Laminate, Veneer, Mica, Acrylic, MDF, PVC panels...
+ ASIA spray adhesive for foam foam, sofa stickers, car ceiling stickers, insulation stickers, multi-purpose stickers...
+ ASIA glue gun and ASIA paint spray gun are manufactured on advanced Japanese production lines.
+ ASIA 2K white paint system prevents yellowing and fading, adheres directly to melamine, PVC wood.
+ 2K primer system is fast drying, high coverage, adheres directly to melamine, PVC wood.
+ High quality PU paint system for wood.
+ 2K paint polishing machine, abrasive polishing machine, polishing agent for wood industry and auto industry..
Update:Tuesday, December 26,2023

Address: No.8, Lane 107, Ke Ve - Dong Ngac St.,, Bac Tu Liem Dist.,, Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) 0973458133-0348041999
* Importing and distributing industrial glue and silicone products to serve the interior wood industry, advertising decoration, construction and units specializing in artificial turf construction, carpet installation...
* Current product lines we are distributing:
- DogX66 multi-purpose glue.
- PRO-SPEC CA88 multi-purpose adhesive.
- BUJO multi-purpose glue.
- NEO S8 interior wood spray glue.
- ASIA A9 interior wood spray glue.
- Silicone of all kinds from SELLYES, APOLO...
- Heat-resistant silicone glue.
- BLOCKADE anti-leak adhesive.
- Tite bond glue.
- LIQUI NAILS HEAVY DUTY construction glue.
- FOAM NO MORE GAPS foam glue.
* Main product:
- Silicone glue
+ APOLLO A300 glue.
+ APOLLO A100 Silicone Glue.
+ APOLLO A500 neutral silicone glue.
+ APOLLO A600 neutral silicone glue.
+ APOLLO A200 Silicone Acid-based glue.
+ Titebond glue.
+ Silicone glue SL907.
+ Selsil heat-resistant glue.
+ KCC SL801 Silicone Glue.
+ Blockade anti-leak glue.
+ Heat-resistant silicone glue S401.
- Industrial glue.
+ Industrial glue.
+ Industrial adhesives of all kinds.
+ Bugjo glue.
+ CA68 glue.
+ DOG X66 glue.
+ Glue Dog X66 15kg.
+ Glue Dog X66 3kg.
+ Dog glue X66 600ml.
+ ASIA A9 interior wood spray glue.
+ NEO S8 interior wood spray glue.
+ PRO SPEC CA 88 glue 15kg.
Update:Tuesday, December 26,2023

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