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Address: Room 12.03, CT2 A10 Nam Trung Yen, Nguyen Chanh Ward, Cau Giay Dist., Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) 0904066465-0972834880
- Consulting, design, implementation, and distribution of security and audio notification equipment for large projects and buildings and overall integrated solutions.
- Official distributor of famous brands: BOSCH, MICRO DIGITAL, AMPERESS, JABRA,...
* Main products and services:
- Other products.
+ IT services.
+ Telecommunications equipment components.
+ Computers.
+ Programming software.
+ Network security equipment.
+ IP devices.
+ IBM Server network equipment.
+ Peripheral devices.
+ Wifi device.
- Audio equipments.
+ Bosch amplifier.
+ Power amplifier.
+ Audio mixer.
+ Announcement speaker.
+ Microphone.
+ Bosch audio equipment.
- Security devices.
+ Video recorder.
+ Analog cameras.
+ Bosch surveillance cameras.
+ IP cameras.
+ Monitoring screen.
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Address: Floor 1st, Building N02, Lane 259, Yen Hoa Ward, Cau Giay Dist., Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) 32363999-0869192122
Fax:(84-24) 37824290
- Sales, installation, and service provision of equipment and supplies in the fields of network systems, telephone, telecommunications, CCTV systems, and light electrical systems.
* Main product;
- Optical equipment.
+ Photoelectric converter.
+ POE Photoelectric Converter.
+ Video to optical converter.
+ 3G-SDI to optical converter.
+ Audio to optical converter.
+ USB to optical converter.
+ Optical phone converter.
+ RS485 converter | RS232 | RS422.
+ E1 converter | FE1 | V.35 | Ethernet | Quang | Can Bus.
+ Optical Switch.
+ Optical module.
- Industrial SWITCH optical equipment.
+ Industrial network switch.
+ Industrial optical switch.
+ Industrial POE switch.
+ Managed industrial switch L2/L3.
+ Gnetcom industrial switch.
+ Ho-Link industrial switch.
+ 3onedata industrial switch.
- Optical accessories.
+ Optical distribution box (ODF).
+ Optical patch cord, Solder wire.
+ Hang fiber optic cables.
+ Optical bamboo shoots.
+ Optical construction tools.
+ Light pen.
+ Optical connector (ADAPTER).
+ Centralized source framework.
+ Field optical cable.
- CAMERA accessories.
+ Lightning surge protection device.
+ Elevator solutions.
+ Camera accessories.
+ Patch panel - Patch Cord.
+ Module Jack - Network Seed.
+ Network tester.
+ Network click tool.
+ Network pliers.
- Network equipment.
+ Gnetcom network equipment.
+ Cisco Network Equipment.
+ 3Onedata network equipment.
+ Planet network equipment.
+ TP-Link network equipment.
+ Wireles transmitter.
+ Rack Cabinets, Network Cabinets.
+ Phone supplies.
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Address: No.16, Geleximco Urban Area, Thang Long Avenue, An Khanh Ward, Hoai Duc Dist., Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) 0902685695
- Production and Trade operates in the fields of: Production, Sales, and supply of mechanical, electrical and telecommunications products:
+ Production of network cabinets - rack cabinets, server cabinets according to industrial standards EIA 310.
+ Production and installation of fireproof steel doors, industrial steel doors, emergency exit doors and supply of synchronized accessories.
+ Low voltage electrical cabinets: MSB, ATS, MCC, DB electrical cabinets, synchronous electrical cabinets, control electrical cabinets, condenser electrical cabinets, wastewater treatment electrical cabinets, control cabinets of all kinds, fire protection electrical cabinets, cabinets lighting, stainless steel electrical cabinets, complete substation cabinets, electrical cabinets of all kinds.
+ Manufacturing & supplying all types of electrical outlets - PDU power bars.
+ Production and installation of BTS transceiver stations (shelters), telecommunications equipment.
+ Production and supply of cable ladders - cable trays for electric cable systems.
+ Production of mechanical construction products and construction of industrial and civil construction projects.
* Main product.
- Fireproof door.
+ EI fireproof door 60 minutes.
+ EI fireproof door 70 minutes.
+ EI fireproof door 90 minutes.
+ Fire door EI120 minutes.
+ Wood grain fireproof doors, apartments.
+ Safety steel door.
+ Fireproof door accessories.
+ 3CElectric rack cabinet.
- RACK cabinet.
+ C-Rack Cabinet.
+ Wall mounted rack cabinet.
+ Open Rack.
+ Outdoor Rack Cabinet.
+ Rack cabinet accessories.
+ Cable ladder and cable tray.
- Cable ladder - Cable tray.
+ Cable ladder.
+ Cable tray.
+ Cable tray ladder accessories.
- Electrical cabinets - Control cabinets.
+ Low voltage electrical cabinet.
+ BTS shelter station.
- BTS station house.
+ BTS Shelter.
+ Shelter with Antena attached.
+ Shelter HUB.
+ Mini Shelter.
+ Shelter Enclosure.
+ Generator housing.
+ Station accessories.
+ Outdoor power cabinet.
- OUTDOOR power cabinet.
+ Outdoor Mini power cabinet.
+ 1-compartment Outdoor power cabinet.
+ Power cabinet.
Update:Thursday, May 30,2024

Address: BT02, 310 Minh Khai Villa Area, Minh Khai Ward, Hai Ba Trung Dist., Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) 39426349-36833683
- Design solutions and provide electronic and telecommunications equipment;.
- Information technology system.
- Industrial machinery.
- Establish a distribution network system domestically and internationally.
- Technical services and technology transfer,...
* Main product:
+ Security control.
+ System - professional equipment.
+ Rescue - rescue.
+ Security - security - network safety.
+ Contact information.
+ Composite plastic.
Update:Thursday, May 30,2024

Address: 18 Hoang Qu?c Viet St., Cau Giay Dist., Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) Hotline: 19001586
- Providing leading telecommunications services and solutions for 5* hotels, luxury apartments, non-governmental organizations, multinational corporations, large business networks and government organizations cover:
- Internet access and data transmission services.
- Network administration and network monitoring services.
- Starboard safety services and solutions.
- Online value-added services.
- Other services and solutions.
* Main products and services:
- Internet Access & Data Transmission Services.
+ Enterprise fiber optic Internet service.
+ Dormitory internet service.
+ Event internet service.
+ IP Transit service.
+ White optical channel service.
+ Internet access service.
+ Data transmission service.
+ Inter-provincial data transmission service.
+ Local data transmission service.
+ International data transmission service.
- Network Administration & Monitoring Services.
+ Network maintenance service.
+ Network performance monitoring service.
+ Server administration service.
+ Network administration services.
- Network safety service.
+ Network security assessment service.
+ NetNam network security service.
+ SSL network security service.
+ Email system protection service.
+ MSS network security monitoring service.
+ DDOS attack prevention service.
- Other services & solutions.
+ Domain name registration service.
+ Wifi Internet solution service for schools.
+ VAT services on the Internet.
+ Broadband internet service.
+ IPv6 service.
+ Email service.
+ IPTV network solution.
+ Comprehensive network solutions for businesses.
+ Wifi network solution.
Update:Thursday, May 30,2024

Address: No.14 - 279 Tran Khat Chan St., Hai Ba Trung Dist., Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) 37866666
- Importing genuine auto components, auto parts, auto air conditioning parts from factories in countries around the world such as Korea, Japan, Germany, USA,...
* Main product:
+ Tire pressure sensor.
+ Exhaust gas sensor.
+ Reverse sensor.
+ Air conditioning unit.
+ Cooling system at the back of the car.
+ Car air conditioning.
+ Hyundai air conditioner.
+ Air conditioner filter.
+ BMW spare parts.
+ Ford Everest spare parts.
+ Ford Ranger spare parts.
+ Ford spare parts.
+ Innova spare parts.
+ Mercedes spare parts.
+ German auto parts.
+ Korean auto parts.
+ Toyota Vios spare parts.
+ Toyota spare parts.
Update:Monday, April 29,2024

Address: No. 3+5 Nguyen Van Linh St., Long Bien Dist., Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) 73036866-máy l? 121,122-Hotline: 84 888 462692
- Provide comprehensive and synchronous solutions for car care centers and auto services.
- Providing services from consulting, design, technology transfer training, to equipment installation and provision of synchronous spare parts and supplies for automobile service agents.
- Importing and distributing equipment for Ravaglioli service repair workshop (Italy), Nova Verta's car paint drying room (Italy), dry sanding equipment, RUPES central fume hood (Italy), paint drying equipment Symach high technology (Italy), short wave drying lamp, Hedson paint gun washer (Sweden), IWATA paint gun and painting equipment (Japan), BANZAI tools and equipment (Japan), products for the automobile industry 3M (USA), Scangrip color light system (Denmark), Cartar mobile lift (Australia).
* Main product:
+ Star cake.
+ Car bangs.
+ Gasoline engine emissions testing apparatus.
+ Nova Verta Italia paint drying chamber.
+ Types of polishes.
+ Lift bridge.
+ Scangrip color light.
+ Galley below.
+ Shock absorber.
+ Wheel placement angle.
+ RUPES dry scrub system.
+ RUPES central system.
+ Pneumatic diaphragm pump.
+ Tire balancing machine.
+ Tire in and out machine.
+ Teeth and gums dandruff.
+ Air paint spray gun.
+ Oil suction pump device.
+ Brake testing equipment.
+ Swedish Hedson gun washing cabinet.
+ Vehicle painting supplies.
+ Chain bone.
Update:Monday, April 29,2024

Address: Floor 3rd, Cland Building, 81 Le Duc Tho S., My Dinh, Nam Tu Liem Dist., Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) 32747094-0463282645-0939665688-0933078866
- Architectural design: Villas, houses, hotels, offices,...,
- Design - Interior construction: townhouses, spas, showrooms, villas,...
- Complete construction package: Construction of tube houses, townhouses, urban areas, cafes,...
* Main products and services:
- Architectural design.
+ Villa architectural design.
+ Hotel architectural design.
+ Townhouse architectural design.
+ Coffee shop architectural design.
+ Garden architectural design.
- Design - Interior construction.
+ Office interior design.
+ Design the living room interior.
+ Kitchen interior design and construction.
+ Villa interior design and construction.
+ Design and construct apartment interiors.
+ Hotel interior design and construction.
- Design and construction.
+ Consulting on public works design.
+ Cheap tube house design.
+ Classic townhouse design.
+ Modern townhouse design.
Update:Thursday, November 30,2023

Address: No.15, Alley 326/1A, West Bank Road of Nhue River, Co Nhue 2 Ward, Bac Tu Liem Dist., Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) 0912540261 - 0932314989
- Researching, manufacturing, consulting and supplying industrial equipment.
+ Consulting production technology - Production line
+ Supplying equipment for production of Casting - Mechanical Manufacturing - Automotive - Mines, Oil and Gas,...
- Supplying Mechanical Processing Machines - Pressure Machining Machines for Manufacturing Plants
- Manufacturing equipment for production: Heat exchanger - Dust collection - Ventilation - Crane,...
* Main products and services:
- Mechanical processing machines:
+ Alloy Cutting Knife.
+ Bed Milling Machine.
+ CNC Controller.
+ Universal Milling Machine.
+ Machining Center.
+ CNC Automatic Milling Machine.
+ Conventional Lathe.
+ CNC Automatic Lathe.
+ Automatic Knife Table CNC Lathe.
- Pressure processing machines.
+ Lace Rolling Machine.
+ Sheet Cutting Machine.
+ Mesh Welding Machine.
+ Ton Ton Machine.
+ Pipe Bending Machine.
+ Oxygen Cutting Machine.
+ Friction Welding Machine.
+ Dual Dynamic Press.
+ Plasma Cutting Machine.
+ Flattening Machine.
+ Combined Punching Machine.
+ Metal Die Casting Machine.
+ Plastic Molding Machine.
+ Metal Mesh Guide.
+ Hydraulic Elbow Punching Machine.
+ High-tech Welding Cutting Machine.
+ H-Beam Continuous Welding Machine.
- Design, manufacture module assembly bridge.
- Welding Table for Teaching.
- Heat exchanger.
+ Metal Bridge.
+ Teaching Welding Chamber.
- Instrumentation.
+ Ultraviolet Meter.
+ Demagnetization Device.
+ Gas Pressure Gauge.
+ Metal Hardness Tester.
+ Melting Temperature Gauge.
+ Melting Metal Thermometer.
+ Ultrasonic Velocity Meter In Metal.
Update:Wednesday, July 26,2023

Address: Dai Tu Hamlet, Kim Chung Commune, Hoai Duc Dist., Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) 0962856901-0868960379?
* Activities in the field of:
- Mechanical processing jigs.
- Manipulators in production.
- Non-standard mechanical products.
- Automation.
- Consulting, perfecting and improving the production line.
- Designing and manufacturing supporting products in production.
- Supply of materials, supplies and auxiliary materials in production.
- Types of packaging such as: Nylon, Plastic, 3-5 layers of cotton paper used to store finished products and components.
- Types of packaging used for normal products, anti-static products (electronic components).
- Manufacture and supply:
+ Stainless steel products: stainless steel tables, stainless steel cabinets, stainless steel cars,...
+ Working table: 3-layer working table, stainless steel working table,...
+ Mechanical products: rollers, electrical cabinets,...
+ Conveyor: industrial conveyor belt, industrial conveyor belt, ...
+ Profiled aluminum.
* Main products and services:
+ Stainless steel processing.
+ Stainless steel table.
+ Working table.
+ Stainless steel cabinets.
+ Stainless steel basin.
+ Stainless steel price.
+ Stainless steel car.
+ Conveyor belt.
+ Conveyor belt.
+ Industrial Dryer.
+ Precision mechanical processing.
+ Conveyor system
+ Roller system..
+ Profiled aluminum.
+ Cleanroom accessories.
+ HJ coupling.
+ Industrial machines.
+ Cable tray electrical cabinet.
+ Crafting Mica.
+ Industrial induction cooker.
Update:Tuesday, June 27,2023

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