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Address: Floor 9th, HDTC Building, 36 Bui Thi Xuan, Ben Thanh Ward, Dist.1, Ho Chi Minh City
Tel:(84-28) 39252206-Hotline: 0901820182
Fax:(84-28) 39252219
- Our services include:
* Shipping services:
- Cold supply chain for agricultural products.
- Tan Nam Chinh cold supply chain.
- Road transport.
- International sea transportation.
* Additional services:
- Renting refrigerated containers.
- Cold storage rental.
- Factory lease.
- Warehouse rental.
* The import-export service.
- Main products and services:
+ Renting refrigerated containers.
+ Frozen warehouse for rent.
+ Rent cold storage to preserve agricultural products.
+ Service of goods preservation.
+ Service of cold storage of agricultural products.
+ Banana service for cold supply of agricultural products.
+ Goods packing service.
+ Door to door delivery service.
+ Service of sending imported goods by sea.
+ Service of sending export goods by sea.
+ Import and export customs services.
+ Domestic road transport service.
+ Transporting frozen goods from North to South.
+ Domestic freight services.
+ Service of transporting fresh goods from North to South.
+ Full container shipping service.
+ Service of transporting fresh fruit.
+ Sea freight services.
+ Transportation service of frozen goods.
+ Service of transporting refrigerated goods.
+ Import and export services.
+ Declare customs procedures.
+ Inland sea transportation.
+ Inland road transportation for the project.
+ Inland road transportation for the project.
+ Transporting frozen goods for export.
+ Transporting goods by container truck.
+ Transporting goods from port to port.
+ Transporting goods from port to warehouse.
+ Transport goods from warehouse to warehouse.
+ International shipping by sea.
Update:Monday, July 25,2022

Address: E.Town Building 1, 364 Cong Hoa St., Ward 13, Tan Binh Dist., Ho Chi Minh City
Tel:(84-28) 0913195195
- Provide a wide range of flexible transportation and logistics services.
service products.
+ Warehouse for rent.
+ Ship agent.
+ Customs service.
+ Customs declaration service.
+ Warehouse service.
+ Bonded warehouse service.
+ Closed logistics service.
+ Logistics service package.
+ Logistics services.
+ Goods storage service.
+ Goods distribution service.
+ Customs clearance service.
+ Domestic shipping service.
+ International shipping service.
+ Online delivery.
+ Goods delivery.
+ Customs declaration.
+ International and domestic logistics.
+ Store goods in the customs warehouse.
+ Customs procedures at the port.
+ Multimodal transportation.
+ Sea freight.
+ Transporting goods by sea.
+ Transporting goods by air.
+ Domestic shipping.
+ Transport by air.
+ Transport of goods by road.
+ Cargo transportation.
Update:Monday, July 25,2022

Address: Room 1508, Floor 15th, Vincom Center Building, No.72 Le Thanh Ton St., Ben Nghe Ward, Dist.1, Ho Chi Minh City
Tel:(84-28) 38450863
Fax:(84-28) 38450862
- Freight forwarding by air, rail, road, delivery, warehousing, SCM, NVO services,...
- Main product:
+ Warehouse for rent.
+ Cargo insurance service.
+ Service of labeling goods.
+ Door to Door service.
+ Cargo monitoring service.
+ DDP delivery service.
+ Road delivery service.
+ Delivery service to the place.
+ Package delivery service by road.
+ Package delivery service by air.
+ Package delivery service by rail.
+ Delivery service.
+ Retail collection service.
+ Sea freight services.
+ Warehousing service - packing goods according to import and export standards.
+ Logistics services.
+ NVO service.
+ SCM service.
+ Sea transportation services.
+ Sea freight services.
+ Domestic air transport service.
+ Air freight services.
+ Air freight forwarding.
+ Domestic air freight forwarding.
+ Customs procedures.
+ Transporting goods by air.
+ Shipping LCL - FCL.
+ International air transport.
+ Intermediate transportation.
Update:Monday, July 25,2022

Address: 70/2 Nguyen Van Qua St., Dong Hung Thuan Ward, Dist.12, Ho Chi Minh City
Tel:(84-28) 62923737-0981287979-0973002626
- Professional transport service - safe - reasonable price, solving the difficulties that poor quality carriers cause difficulties affecting the supply process of consumers.
- Main product:
+ 1 ton truck rental.
+ Truck rental 1-5 tons.
+ 10 ton truck rental.
+ 15 ton truck rental.
+ 2 ton truck rental.
+ Rent a 3.5 ton truck.
+ 4 ton truck rental.
+ 5 ton truck rental.
+ 8 ton truck for rent.
+ Rent a truck to transport goods to the province.
+ Cargo truck rental.
+ Rent a truck to move house.
+ Moving house package.
+ Full office relocation.
+ Package warehouse transfer service.
+ Freight forwarding service.
+ Transporting goods by truck.
+ Transporting goods by road.
+ Long-distance cargo transportation.
+ Inter-provincial freight transportation.
+ Inland transportation of goods.
+ Transportation of goods within the province.
+ Transport of goods by road.
+ Transporting goods by car.
Update:Monday, July 25,2022

Address: 226 Le Duan St., Trung Phung Ward, Dong Da Dist., Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) 35180141
Fax:(84-24) 38510724
a) Main lines of business:
Coal industry: Surveying, exploration, investment, construction, mining, transportation, screening, processing, buying, selling, exporting, importing coal products, mining gas, underground water in mines and other minerals associated with coal;
- Mineral - metallurgical industry: survey, exploration, investment, construction, mining, transportation, sorting, ore enrichment, metallurgy, processing, processing, purchase, sale, export, mineral products import;
- Industrial explosives: Producing, buying, selling, storing, using, importing and exporting industrial explosives and ammonium nitrate;
- Power industry: Investment, construction, electricity production; buying and selling electricity.
b) Lines of business related to the main business lines:
- Mechanical industry;
- Chemical industry and construction materials;
- Port management and operation; transportation, pilotage, warehouse;
- Construction of mining, civil, industrial, transport works;
- Exploration, geological survey; consulting engineering, science and technology and investment; check product; training, health; prevent, rescue, handle and troubleshoot mine incidents; activities to protect and restore the environment.
Update:Tuesday, April 27,2021

Address: No.664, Group 58, Yen Ninh Road, Yen Ninh Ward, Truong Quyen Road, Yen Bai City, Yen Bai Province
Tel:(84-209) 3858110
- Trading in and importing-exporting equipment, materials and spare parts, building materials.
- Construction of civil, industrial, transport, irrigation works.
- Transport of goods.
- Architectural and technical consulting activities.
Update:Sunday, February 28,2021

Address: Housing 170, Hoa Binh Road, Nguyen Thai Hoc Ward, Yen Bai City, Yen Bai Province
Tel:(84-209) 3818035
- Construction of civil, transport, irrigation works.
- Ground levelling.
- Transport of cargo.
- Booking services and support services related to advertising and tour organization.
- Providing booking services related to tourism activities: transportation, hotels, restaurants, car rental, entertainment and sports.
- Provide vacation time sharing services.
- Sales of tickets for theater events, sports and other entertainment events.
- Provide tourist support services: provide tourist information for guests, tour guide activities.
- Tourism promotion activities.
- Services for drinks.
- Trading in fabrics, wool, yarn, sewing threads and other textiles in specialized stores
 - Trading in carpets, mattresses, blankets, curtains, blinds, wall and floor coverings in specialized stores.
- Trading in construction materials and other installation equipment.
- Installation of electrical systems.
Update:Sunday, February 28,2021

Address: Floor 2nd, Constrexim 8 Building, C7 Khuat Duy Tien St., Thanh Xuan Dist., Ha Noi
Tel:(84-24) 62858430
Fax:(84-24) 62858431
- Trading in concrete, precast concrete and additives.
- Construction of civil, industrial, transport, irrigation works, water supply and drainage, port, air-port, technical infrastructure, industrial zone.
- Ground levelling.
- Exploiting stone, sand, gravel.
- Trading in building materials.
- Transport of goods by road and waterway.
Update:Tuesday, January 5,2021

Address: No.2 Bich Cau St., Quoc Tu Giam, Dong Da Dist., Ha Noi
Tel:(84-24) 37321090
Fax:(84-24) 37321083
- Air and sea freight.
- Warehousing.
Update:Tuesday, January 5,2021

Address: 169 Ngoc Dai Hamlet, Dai Mo Commune, Nam Tu Liem Dist., Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) 38393971
Fax:(84-24) 38393971
- Construction of civil.
- Trading in building materials.
- Cargo transport.
Update:Thursday, December 31,2020

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