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Address: Lane 235, Tran Quoc Hoan St., Cau Giay Dist., Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) 0982787881-85861163
* Management software solution, total supermarket solution, we have launched software such as sales management software, store chain management software, supermarket chain, bidding...
Total supermarket solutions such as:
- Commercial center management software solution.
- Store chain management software solution - Supermarket chain management.
- Sales management software solution - retail system.
- Bookstore management software solution.
- Pharmacy management software solutions, etc.
* Main product:
- Software.
+ Chain Store Management Software.
+ Antivirus Software.
+ Accounting Software.
+ Management Software.
+ Supermarket Sales Management Software.
+ Toy Store Management Software.
+ Phone Store Management Software.
+ Electronic Store Management Software - Refrigeration.
+ Footwear Store Management Software.
+ Fashion Store Management Software.
+ Ho Bai Management Software.
+ GPP Standard Pharmacy Management Software.
+ Software for Management of Auto Parts, Motorcycles.
+ Stationery Management Software.
- Barcode.
+ Barcode Reader.
+ Invoice Printer.
+ Barcode Printer.
+ Ink Ribbon.
+ Barcode Device.
- Security.
+ Supermarket Security Gate.
+ Avtech camera.
+ Infrared Camera.
+ Security Equipment.
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Address: No.9, Lane 64, Bang B St., Hoang Liet Ward, Hoang Mai Dist., Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) 36813721-0909998610
- Consulting, design, supply and installation of fire protection systems, lightning protection systems, security camera equipment, security monitoring,...
* Main product:
- Fire protection.
+ Normal Fire Detector.
+ Optical Smoke Detector.
+ Heat Detector.
+ Fire Nozzle.
+ Apollo Address Fire Alarm.
+ MFZ Fire Extinguisher.
+ Fire Extinguisher.
+ Fire Alarm Horn.
+ Fire hose reel.
+ Press Emergency Apollo.
+ Fire Alarm Device.
+ Fire Fighting Equipment.
+ Fire Alarm Center.
+ Fire Hose.
- Camera.
+ Avtech camera.
+ Camera D-Max.
+ Camera Fuho.
+ Surveillance Camera.
+ Argus Surveillance Camera.
+ Camera Icam.
+ CCTV Camera.
+ Kocom CCTV.
+ Camera Vantech.
+ Vivotek camera.
- Lightning conductor.
+ Lightning Cable.
+ Caritec Lightning Needle.
+ Lightning Lightning Stormaster.
+ Lightning Accessories.
+ Lightning Protection Device.
+ Liva Lightning Protection Device.
+ SIGMA Lightning Protection Device.
+ Lightning Lightning Protection Device.
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Address: House 11, Lane 1, Quan Thon St, (group 19), Phu Luong Ward, Ha Dong Dist., Hanoi City
Tel:(84-24) 32011294 - 0985629966
- Consulting - supervision, construction, installation, warranty and maintenance:
+ Surveillance camera system, Intrusion warning system, Fire alarm system, Access control system, Video bell system, Telephone exchange system,...
+ LAN infrastructure Wifi marketing solution, wide area wifi, Smart home system.
- Consulting - supervision, construction, installation, warranty and maintenance:
+ Surveillance camera system, security camera.
+ Internal telephone exchange system.
+ LAN infrastructure, WIFI.
+ Access control system.
+ Video bell system.
+ Intrusion detection system (burglar alarm).
+ Smart home system.
* Main product:
+ Surveillance cameras.
+ Network devices.
+ Notification sound.
+ Telephone exchange.
+ Access control.
+ Doorbell with picture.
+ Alarm system (burglar alarm).
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Address: Factory Warehouse 06, Alley 331 Chien Thang St., Ha Dong Dist., Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) 0916633955-0933503655
* Provide products:
+ Barcode reader, receipt printer.
+ Thermal paper, bill printing paper.
+ Security and safety equipment.
+ CCTV camera.
* Main product:
+ Thermal paper.
+ Barcode stamp paper.
+ Needle printing paper 1,2,3.
+ Barcode stamp printer.
+ Barcode printer xprinter.
+ godex barcode printer.
+ Antech barcode printer.
+ Zebra barcode printer.
+ TSC barcode printer.
+ Bixolon barcode printer.
+ Xprinter receipt printer.
+ Antech receipt printer.
+ POS receipt printer.
+ Epson receipt printer.
+ Bixolon receipt printer.
+ Citizen receipt printer.
+ Star receipt printer.
+ Honeywel barcode reader.
+ Zebex barcode reader.
+ Motorola barcode reader.
+ Datalogic barcode reader.
+ ANTECH barcode reader.
+ Symbol barcode scanner.
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Address: No.11B, Co Nhue Ward, Tu Liem Dist., Hanoi City
Tel:(84-24) 0968438517
+ Security control equipment for shops and supermarkets: Magnetic stamps, magnetic cards, magnetic scanners, magnetic removal machines
+ Wipes for oil for machines, for electronic components.
+ Gloves, masks, dusty carpets, protective gear for companies
+ Diamond cutting blade for semiconductor industry, electronic components, stone powder mining industry.
+ Optical glass for electronic companies.
+ Types of thread used for embroidery, garment industry, packaging: Cotton thread, Nylon thread, Polyester thread.
+ Adhesive for clothes, bedding, bags...
+ Buckle, key, lock size: #3, #5, #8, #10.
+ Plastic buttons, plastic buttons, Metal buttons, four-component buttons, buttons, buttons.
+ Plastic hooks, iron hooks for bags and clothes.
+ Hanging rope for cards, bullets, bullets, bullets, tag pins.
+ Glowing reflective fabric, ribbons of all kinds.
+ Oze stamping machine or manually for clothes, shoes, bags.
+ Positioning spray: in the embroidery and garment industry.
+ Packing accessories: Adhesive tape, wrapping film, moisture-proof beads, moisture-proof paper, moisture measurement card.
* Main product:
+ Security equipment.
+ Clean room utensils.
+ Garment accessories.
+ Packaging materials.
+ Office equipment.
+ IT equipment.
+ Monitor Glass.
+ Blade - cutting knife.
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Address: 21/45A Vong Thi St., Tay Ho Dist., Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) 0932763706; 0984996386
- Producing smart motorcycle anti-theft lock:
- FSK125, Viettracker car locator, car locator, motorcycle locator, ..v.v..
* Main product:
- Security, Safety.
+ Anti-Theft Lock.
+ Motorcycle Anti-Theft Lock.
+ Smart Lock.
+ Timekeeper.
+ Magnetic Card Timekeeper.
- Locate.
+ Locating Cars - Motorcycles.
+ Installing a Global Positioning Device.
+ Viettracker Car Locator.
+ Personal Positioning Device.
+ GPS Positioning Device.
+ GPS Positioning Device For Cars.
+ GPS Navigation Device For Motorcycle.
+ Wireless Positioning Device.
+ The Elderly Locator.
+ Child Locator.
Update:Friday, September 30,2022

Address: B10 (Alley 100, Vo Chi Cong St.), Group 4, Cluster I, Xuan La Ward, Tay Ho Dist., Hanoi
Tel:(84-) 77786999
* Service Provider:
+ Distributing genuine radios of famous brands such as KBC, Motorola, Icom, KenWood,...
+ Cheap genuine walkie talkie rental.
+ Repair, maintenance and maintenance of walkie-talkies.
+ Set radio frequency.
+ Provide other security solutions.
* Main product:
+ KBC Radio.
+ Kenwood walkie-talkie.
+ Motorola Radios.
+ ICOM walkie-talkie.
+ Dedicated Walkie-Talkie.
+ Chinese walkie-talkie.
+ Security Equipment.
+ Office Equipment.
+ Labor Protection Equipment.
+ Specialized equipment.
+ Security Binoculars.
+ Flashlight Protection.
+ CCTV Camera.
+ Metal Detector.
+ Security Patrol Machine in and out.
+ GPS Positioning Device.
+ Fire Alarm Device.
+ Fire Fighting Equipment.
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Address: No.29A, Voi 2 Lane, Cuong Ngo, Tu Hiep, Thanh Tri Dist., Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) 0868188678-0889247616
- Experts in the field of providing security equipment and solutions for businesses and homes.
- Fingerprint time attendance machine, face time attendance machine, magnetic card time attendance machine.
- IP cameras, analog cameras.
- Magnetic door lock, fingerprint door lock.
- Elevator access control devices...
* Main products and services:
+ Surveillance cameras.
+ Dedicated camera.
+ Office cameras.
+ Camera Dahua.
+ Electronic key management system.
+ Electronic door lock.
+ Lock the card from the hotel.
+ Magnetic card lock.
+ Electronic lock accessories.
+ Device controlled by magnetic card.
- Service:
+ Repair time attendance machine on-site.
+ Install timekeeper.
+ Installing barrier - automatic door gate.
+ Access control system.
+ Install security system equipment.
+ Design and print magnetic cards.
Update:Friday, September 30,2022

Address: Floor 6th, Building 17,188 Nguyen Tuan St., Thanh Xuan Dist., Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) 38693496
Fax:(84-24) 35578526
* Import and export business, design consultancy, installation and warranty of security, safety and automation equipment for the following systems:
- Storage shelves: Warehouse shelves, Supermarket shelves, Fashion supermarket shelves, ...
- Security equipment: Security magnetic gate, Security camera,...
- Barcode equipment: Barcode reader, Barcode printer, Barcode printer, Barcode ink,...
* Main product:
+ Shelves for supermarket goods.
+ Light-duty warehouse shelves - Medium-load shelves.
+ Fashion supermarket shelves.
+ Sales management software.
+ CCTV camera.
+ Security gate.
+ Barcode printer.
+ Barcode reader.
+ Cash drawer.
+ Supermarket bill receipt printer.
+ Invoice printing paper.
+ Barcode printing paper.
+ Barcode printing ink.
+ Security tags.
+ Remover, demagnetizer.
Update:Friday, September 30,2022

Address: P301, Building D5C, Tran Thai Tong St., Cau Giay Dist., Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) 62697755
Fax:(84-24) 62695556
- Professionally provide equipment and solutions in the fields of Automation, Digitization - Activity - Industrial equipment with the most prestigious and most prestigious network of product sales and warranty services in Vietnam. .
- Authorized distributor of Automation, Drives, Industrial Equipment products of Flender, Siemens, Hitachi, Solcon, Bosch, Marechal Group - Technor, Borri SPA and is a partner of Total Automation system integration Siemens representative.
* Main products and services:
+ Solar inverter.
+ Provide industrial control equipment manufacturers.
+ Gear box motor.
+ Industrial IoT solutions.
+ Solar solutions.
+ Conveyor weighing system.
+ Integrated Drive System.
+ Gear box.
+ Soft start.
+ Couplings and transmission accessories.
+ Construction and design of solar power.
+ Automatic control equipment for the factory.
+ Instrumentation and control.
+ Safe burning device.
+ Analytical equipment.
+ Design and installation of automation systems.
+ Design and construction of security systems.
+ Consulting on construction of solar power projects.
+ Consulting design and installation of security systems.
+ Consulting - surveying - designing automatic control system.
Update:Friday, September 30,2022

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