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Address: Housing A7, 8 Ly Nam De St., Hang Ma Ward, Hoan Kiem Dist., Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) 0968952628
- Closed, modern production, using advanced machinery, offset machines, digital laser machines, Flexo machines combined with skillful processing steps by experienced workers: cutting after printing, die processing, foil pressing, lamination, thermal cutting, paper backing, paper milling, 3D splicing, foil pressing, embossing, hole drilling, binding, lamination,...
– Packaging production: Printing paper boxes, paper bags, non-woven fabric bags, carton covers...
– Print office publications: Profiles, file clips, envelopes, business cards, invoices…
– Printing advertising products: Flyers, catalogs, brochures, standees, banners...
– Card production services: Plastic cards, scratch cards, employee cards, VIP cards...
– Label printing service: warranty stamp, breakage stamp, plastic decal stamp, seal stamp...
– Other printing products: Wedding cards, invitations, lucky money envelopes, banners, yearbooks, standees, vouchers...
* Main products and services:
+ Breakage stamp, warranty stamp.
+ 7-color hologram stamp.
+ Clear decal.
+ Paper decals.
+ Clothing tags and labels.
+ Non-woven fabric bags.
+ Name card.
+ Envelopes.
+ Invoice.
+ Paper box.
+ Flyers - catalogs.
+ Poster - Standee.
+ Calendar - postcards.
Update:Thursday, April 25,2024

Address: Tung Giang Industrial Park, Huynh Cung Village, Thanh Tri Dist., Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) 0971986828
- Specializing in manufacturing and supplying:
+ 3-5-7 layer carton.
+ Carton packaging for food, household appliances, electronics, agricultural products,...
+ 3-5-7 layer cardboard blanks, high quality cardboard blanks.
* Main product:
- Carton box
+ Paper box.
+ Paper box.
+ 3-layer carton.
+ 5-layer carton.
+ Corrugated paper box A.
+ Corrugated paper box B.
+ Corrugated paper box C.
+ Corrugated paper box E.
+ 3-layer pizza box 13x13x5cm.
+ 3-layer pizza box 18x12x4cm.
+ 3-layer C corrugated carton.
+ 3-layer carton box 25x15x10cm.
+ 3-layer carton with 2 brown sides.
+ 3-layer carton 52x38x62cm.
+ 3-layer carton 60x40x40cm.
+ 5-layer carton 60x40x40cm.
+ 7-layer carton 55x40x40cm.
+ 3-layer carton with divided tray.
+ 5-layer carton with divided tray.
- Carton packaging.
+ Nail box.
+ 3D cube box.
+ Small white box.
+ Large Hyundai box.
+ Small Hyundai box.
+ Medical storage box.
+ Men's underwear box.
+ Medical test kit container.
+ Food containers.
+ Large black carton box.
+ Small black carton box.
+ Brown men's shoe box.
+ Electronic goods box.
+ Household goods storage box.
+ Garment storage box.
+ Containers for agricultural products.
+ Dressing table storage box.
+ Food storage box.
- Cardboard blanks.
+ 3-layer cardboard.
+ 5-layer cardboard.
+ 7-layer cardboard blank.
+ High quality cardboard blanks.
Update:Wednesday, March 27,2024

Address: Floor 3rd , Lot D10-11 Trieu Khuc Craft Village Cluster, Tan Trieu Commune, Thanh Tri Dist., Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) 0946255266-0906290572-0972446331
- Print visiting cards on all materials
- Offset decal printing of product labels, leaflets, flyers, catalogs, brochures, name cards...
- Print barcode stamps, warranty stamps on all types of Decal paper.
- Print the form on multi-link paper (Carboless)..
- Thermal transfer offset printing by large format offset printing machine.
- Exclusive design of notebooks, calendars, cards...
- Packaging products with 4-color offset printing on Duplex, Ivory, Couche paper. The packaging is printed with 2 layers of Duplex paper.
- Print sheet calendars, multi-sheet calendars, desk calendars, catalogs and advertising publications.
* Main product:
- Print Tet calendar.
+ Table Calendar.
+ Calendar Block.
+ Wall Calendar.
+ Exclusive Calendar.
+ Print Tet Cards.
- Print books - magazines.
+ Leather Cover Notebook.
+ Catalog.
- Print SALES KIT set.
+ Print envelopes.
+ Print visiting cards.
+ Print letterhead.
- Print invoices.
+ Print VAT invoice.
+ Carbon bill.
+ Print sales invoices, orders.
- Print packaging, paper boxes.
+ High quality hard box printing.
+ Box of mooncakes.
Update:Friday, July 28,2023

Address: 214 Nguyen Xien St., Thanh Xuan Dist., Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) Hotline:0984842148-0779221994
- Brand Design: Including logo design and corporate brand identity system standards for offices, product identification system standards for packaging and labels used for sales.
- Publication design: Including publications allowed to be circulated according to regulations and publications circulated by association. Or serve the purpose of promoting the brand for internal use such as designing books, newspapers, magazines, catalogs, yearbooks, calendars ....
- Design of packaging and labels: Including the design of all kinds of packaging boxes, packages, bags ... Of different materials for production and business.
- Offset printing: Serving for the production of hidden products, packages, labels.... Specialized high-speed industrial machines for printing on paper.
- Gravure printing: Serving for bulk packaging production on materials such as nylon, HDPE, LDPE...
- Print test, fast digital printing: Effective service for offset printing. For customers who need to print color test before mass production. Or small quantity orders will save production costs.
* Main service:
+ Print packaging: cosmetic boxes, high-end hard boxes, ...
+ Printing and advertising: Leaflets, leaflets, catalogs, paper bags,...
+ Office printing: Invoices, visiting cards, file clips, envelopes.
+ Printing plastic bags: PE plastic bags, HD nylon bags, logo printing on plastic bags,...
+ Other printing: Stamps, invitation cards, bus tickets,...
Update:Friday, July 28,2023

Address: 12/2 Hamlet 2, Xuan Thoi Son Commune, Hoc Mon Dist., Ho Chi Minh City
Tel:(84-28) 0903113638-Hotline: 0903113638
- Producing and supplying 3, 5, 7 layer cartons and all kinds of packaging from paper serving a variety of industries such as: Packaging for furniture, apparel, fruit, electronic goods, pharmaceuticals products, plastic - rubber, frozen food,...
+ Carton: carton 3-5-7 layers, carton with removable lid, carton without printing,...
+ Sheet paper: 2-3-5-7 layer sheet paper, A-B-E-F corrugated paper,...
+ Other paper products: Corner splints, paper splints, honeycomb paper,...
* Main product:
- Carton box.
+ Printed Carton.
+ Carrying Carton.
+ 3 Layers Carton.
+ 5 Layers Carton.
+ 7 Layers Carton.
+ Printed Carton.
+ Perforated Carton.
+ Carton with lid.
+ Carton with removable lid.
+ Offset Printed Carton.
+ Non-Printed Carton.
+ Cartons of all kinds.
+ Cartons for Fruits.
+ Industrial Cartons.
+ Cartons for Agricultural Products.
+ Cartons For Wood Industry.
+ Cartons For Electronics Industry.
- Cardboard paper.
+ Brown Sheet Paper.
+ Paper Cardboard.
+ White Sheet Paper.
+ Paper Sheet 2 Layers.
+ Paper Sheet 3 Layers.
+ Paper Plate 5 Layers.
+ Paper Sheet 7 Layers.
+ Corrugated Cardboard Paper A.
+ Corrugated Cardboard Paper B.
+ Corrugated Cardboard Paper C.
+ Corrugated Cardboard Paper E.
- Other paper products.
+ Paper Clip.
+ Side Splint.
+ V-Bracket.
+ V-angle brace bar.
+ L-Bracket.
+ Carton Paper Clip.
Update:Monday, May 30,2022

Address: 6/25/1 TA16 St., Quarter 2, Thoi An Ward, Dist.12, Ho Chi Minh City
Tel:(84-28) 35977835-0932224439
Fax:(84-28) 35977837
- Design, manufacture and print all kinds of cartons, paper boxes, paper bags.
* Main product:
- Carton box.
+ 7 Layers Carton.
+ 3 Layers Carton.
+ 5 Layers Carton.
+ Offset Printed Carton Packaging.
+ E-Wave Carton Packaging.
+ A&B Corrugated Carton.
+ Carton Packaging With Waterproof.
+ Carton with Waterproof.
- Paper bags, paper boxes.
+ Hard Paper Bag.
+ Gift Paper Bag.
+ Premium Paper Bag.
+ Paper Bag With Handle.
+ Fashion Paper Bag.
+ 1 Layer Paper Box.
+ Premium Paper Box.
+ Paper Box for Cake.
+ Paper Box for Gifts.
- Paper packaging printing service.
+ Printed Kraft Paper Bags With Handles.
+ Print Gift Paper Bags.
+ Print Paper Bags Confectionery.
+ Print Premium Paper Box.
+ Print Gift Paper Box.
+ Print Premium Hard Paper Box.
+ Print Carton Paper PackagingPrint Kraft Paper Packaging.
+ Print Packaging Paper Art.
+ Printing Paper Packaging Garment Industry.
+ Printing Paper Packaging Food Industry.
Update:Monday, May 30,2022

Address: 44/8 Vo Thi Phai St., Quarter 3, Thoi An Ward, Dist.12, Ho Chi Minh City
Tel:(84-28) 62567769-62568068
Fax:(84-28) 62568009
- Importing and distributing chemicals in the following fields:
+ Pharmaceutical and veterinary medicine.
+ Agricultural medicine, fertilizer.
+ Water treatment and environment.
+ Cosmetics, food, animal feed.
+ Chemicals and other industries: Paint, rubber, plastic, metal, textile, ceramics, enamel, petroleum, ..
- Producing fertilizers according to customers' requirements and widely exported.
- Main product:
+ Perlite.
+ Chitosan.
+ EDTA Cu.
+ EDTA Fe.
+ EDTA Mg.
+ EDTA Mn.
+ EDTA Zn.
+ Fulvic Acid.
+ Lactic Acid K Humate Powder.
+ Amino Acid Granular.
+ Ammonium Chloride.
+ Magnesium Sulphate.
+ Sodium Molybdate.
+ Zinc Sulphate ZnSO4.
+ Agricultural Chemicals.
+ Chemical Beta Naphthoxy Acetic Acid.
+ Adrafinil.
+ Biperiden.
+ Cefixime.
+ Tretinoin.
+ Kojic Acid.
+ Caffeine powder.
+ Cinnarizine.
+ Denepezil HCl.
+ White Beeswax.
+ Sucralose sugar.
+ Ambroxol HClAm.
+ lodipine Besylate.
+ Bisoxatine Acetate.
+ Calcium Dobesilate.
+ Pharmaceutical Chemicals.
+ Cholorhexidine Acetate.
+ Light Magnesium Carbonate...
Update:Wednesday, September 22,2021

Address: 124/72 Phan Huy Ich St., Ward 15, Tan Binh Dist., Ho Chi Minh City
Tel:(84-28) 62709794-0909629984
- Provide high quality cheap printing services, including:
+ Print advertising publications: Posters, catalogs, brochures, leaflets, brochures, ...
+ Print paper packaging: Paper bags, paper boxes, high-class hard boxes, ...
+ Print desktop calendars, New Year calendars, exclusive calendars,...
+ Print labels, packaging labels, clothes.
+ Print invoices, print receipts, menus, books, newspapers, ...
- Main products and services:
+ Print advertising publications.
+ Print Folder.
+ Print the Fold.
+ Print Flyers.
+ Print Poster.
+ Print Stickers.
+ Print Brochure.
+ Print the Form.
+ Print Business Card.
+ Print Catalog.
+ Print Letterhead.
+ Print Paper Box.
+ Print Hard Box.
+ Print Kraft Paper Bags.
+ Offset Printing Paper Packaging.
+ Print Fashion Paper Bags.
+ Print Paper Box.
+ Print 4 Colors.
+ Print Gift Paper Bags.
+ Design And Print Paper Bags.
+ Print Pharmaceutical Packaging.
+ Print Food Paper Bags.
+ Design And Printing Paper Box.
+ Print calendar.
+ Print labels...
Update:Friday, September 17,2021

Address: 7 Dan Toc St., Tan Thanh Ward, Tan Phu Dist., Ho Chi Minh City
Tel:(84-28) 35592410-0937203580-0901488226
- Professional printing of all kinds: Decal, plastic decal label, paper decal, anti-counterfeiting stamp, warranty stamp, cosmetic label, paper packaging, paper bag, paper box, shrink film, catalog, brochure, name cards, envelopes, posters,...
+ Office publications: File covers; Folders; Business card; Name cards; Letterhead; Letter heads; Envelope; Envelopes; Folding sheet.
+ Marketing publications: Leaflet, Brochures; Gift Certificate; Gift Vouchers; Leaflets; Flyers; Handbook; Catalogs; Paper box; Paper Box.
+ Publications packaging: Paper bags; Paper box; Stamp warranty; Warranty Sticker; Labels Decal; Decal Label; Product mark; Product Tags.
Update:Friday, September 17,2021

Address: 16/20, St.6, Quarter 4, Binh Hung Hoa Ward, Binh Tan Dist., Ho Chi Minh City
Tel:(84-28) 66858292-66828727-0937141079-0937411079
- Printing & processing finished products after printing, Vinanetco has constantly invested in modern printing machinery and equipment, ensuring the best printing line and processing finished products with high quality and accuracy. Bringing customers beautiful, delicate, outstanding and attractive printed products.
- Design & print:
+ Paper bags, paper boxes, paper packaging.
+ Print desk calendar, New Year calendar, spring calendar,...
+ Catalogs, leaflets, brochures,...
+ Print labels and labels.
+ Print name cards, menus, cards, parking tickets, lucky money,...
- Main products and services.
+ Paper bags are available.
+ Hard box, Yin and Yang box.
+ Leather Cover.
+ Sample of red envelopes.
+ Template for desktop calendar 2022.
+ Print paper bags.
+ Print desktop calendar.
+ Price for printing business cards.
+ Cheap flyer printing price.
+ Price for printing paper bags on request.
+ Print winning scratch cards.
+ Print paper bags in small quantities.
+ Print the form.
Update:Friday, September 17,2021

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