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Address: 303/46 Duong Thi Muoi St., Dist.12, Ho Chi Minh City
Tel:(84-28) 0909525009-0904455139
- Trading in sewing machines and equipment.
- Main product:
+ Vacuum table.
+ Die cutting machine.
+ Fabric cutter.
+ Needle detector.
+ Diagram printer.
+ Fabric inspection machine.
+ Feather stuffing machine.
+ Fabric spreading machine.
+ Fabric softener.
+ Electric boiler.
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Address: 200/31 Nguyen Huu Tien St., Tay Thanh Ward, Tan Phu Dist., Ho Chi Minh City
Tel:(84-28) 62671870-0988433998
- Producing and distributing automatic spreading machines around the world, including: machines for spreading woven fabrics, jeans, khakis, shirts, jackets, spandex, knitting machines, spandex fabrics,...
- Supplying other sewing machines such as automatic cutting machine, fabric discharger, automatic needle detector,...
- Main product:
+ Provide Fabric Spreading Machine.
+ 180 Degree Rotating Automatic Spreader.
+ ZigZig Spreader.
+ BMO Fabric Spreader.
+ Jeans Fabric Spreading Machine.
+ Khaki Textile Spreading Machine.
+ Knitted Shirt Spreading Machine.
+ Spandex Textile Spreading Machine.
+ Woven Fabric Spreading Machine.
+ Fabric Spreading Machine for Woven Spandex Fabric.
+ Tubular Fabric Spreading Machine.
+ Manufacturing Fabric Spreading Machine.
+ Passing Table.
+ Dining Table and Chairs.
+ Fabric Cutting Table.
+ Sewing Seat.
+ System of Spreading Tables.
+ Automatic Cutting Machine.
+ Automatic cutting machine HASHIMA-KMC.
+ Salon Edge Cutting Machine.
+ Automatic Needle Detector.
+ Garment Machinery.
+ Elastic Tubing Machine.
+ Producing Machines For Garment Industry.
+ Sewing Equipment.
Update:Tuesday, June 15,2021

Address: 38/2c Dong Lan St., Ba Diem Commune, Hoc Mon Dist., Ho Chi Minh City
Tel:(84-28) 0961793661-0937393661
* Producing, designing, repairing and supplying mechanical products to support the garment industry such as:
- Cloth cutting table, sewing table, operation table, sewing chair, cloth shelf, clothes hanger and cloth trolley, ..
- Service of repairing and maintaining industrial sewing tables and chairs.
- Installing a system of assembled steel shelves, fabric storage shelves, industrial warehouse shelves, display shelves, pallets for goods, pallets for stacking fabric, stainless steel trolleys and powder-coated iron, ...
* Main product:
+ Ironing Chair.
+ Sewing Seat.
+ Seat Sewing Letter I.
+ Mini Sewing Seat.
+ Seat Sewing MDF.
+ Seat Sewing Backrest.
+ Sewing Worker's Seat.
+ Common Sewing Seat.
+ Sewing Seats With Storage Box.
+ Natural Wood Sewing Chair.
+ Cloth Cutting Table.
+ QA/QC desk.
+ Operation Table.
+ Checking Desk.
+ Check Table.
+ Mini Cloth Cutting Table.
+ Fabric Cut Sheet.
+ Sewing Table.
+ 2 Layers Cloth Cutting Table.
+ Formica Fabric Cutting Table.
+ Work Desk.
+ Fabric Cutting Table For Designers.
+ Electrostatic painting assembly operation table.
+ Fabric Trolley.
+ Fabric Shelves.
+ Table Top Fabric Cutter.
+ Garment Furniture.
+ Pallet Containing Cloth Roll, Cart, Cart.
+ Accessories for Textile and Garment Industry.
+ Mobile Finished Products Hanging Pole for Garment Industry.
Update:Monday, June 14,2021

Address: No.69, Tam Dong 29, Tam Dong Hamlet, Thoi Tam Thon Commune, Hoc Mon Dist., Ho Chi Minh City
Tel:(84-28) Hotline: 0913678162
- Supply to all provinces and cities in the country, with professional production lines such as:
+ Sewing line for leather shoes, t-shirt sewing, shirt sewing line, trousers sewing line, jeans - khaki sewing line, backpack - bag sewing line, embroidery - decoration line, weaving and dyeing system...
+ Types of machines such as sewing machines, overlocking machines, lacing machines, chain machines, winding machines, decorative sewing machines, buttonhole machines, buttoning machines, bug fixing machines; Decoration and programming machines; Embroidery machines, cutting machines, weaving machines, logo printing machines; Types of boilers - ironing equipment, packaging lines, printing ... And other auxiliary equipment used in the Textile - Garment - Embroidery industry.
- Main product:
+ Excess thread cutter.
+ Fabric cutting machine.
+ Weaving machine.
+ Button machine.
+ Vacuum and hanging machine.
+ 1 needle sewing machine.
+ 2 needle sewing machine.
+ 3 needle sewing machine.
+ Programmable sewing machine.
+ Sewing machine.
+ Button machine.
+ Overlock machine.
+ Edge machine.
Update:Monday, June 14,2021

Address: 280/99, Hamlet 2, Dong Thanh Commune, Hoc Mon District., Ho Chi Minh City
Tel:(84-28) 38853886-Hotline: 0982368506
Fax:(84-28) 62518476
- Producing cloth tables, common cloth cutting tables, warehouse shelves, cloth shelves, trolleys...
- Our main products and services include:
+ Fabric sand table (industrial and common).
+ Industrial warehouse shelves: Fabric shelves, fabric discharge shelves, raw materials shelves, ..
+ Fabric trolleys of all kinds.
+ Table of apricots, inspection table of all kinds.
+ Sewing seats for workers.
+ Stir fry.
+ In addition, we also design products according to the needs of customers with the right design and quality specifications.
Update:Monday, June 14,2021

Address: No.112, Road 19, Binh Tri Dong B, Binh Tan Dist., Ho Chi Minh City
Tel:(84-28) 54075099
Fax:(84-28) 54075098
- Supplying sewing machines and sewing machine components, including: Electronic sewing machine, bag mouth sewing machine, industrial sewing machine,...
- Main product:
+ Electronic Sewing Machine.
+ Mitsubishi Electronic Sewing Machine.
+ Industrial Bag Sewing Machine.
+ Sewing Machine Bao Yuan Li.
+ Industrial Sewing Machine.
+ PP Bag Mouth Sewing Machine.
+ Sewing Machine for Shoe Industry.
+ Regular Sewing Machine.
+ Electronic Sewing Machine Accessories.
+ Sewing Machine Accessories Bao Yuan Li.
+ Accessories for Industrial Sewing Machine.
+ Sewing Machine Accessories.
Update:Monday, June 14,2021

Address: No.7, My Phuoc Interior Area, Tan Phong Ward, Dist., 7, Ho Chi Minh City
Fax:(84-28) 54125443-Hotline 0903369028
- Import and distribute genuine equipment:
+ Garment.
+ Industrial drying.
+ Industrial ironing equipment.
+ Medical support equipment.
+ Automatic packaging.
- Provide solutions:
+ Consulting on building production systems.
+ Technological solutions for textile and garment industry, washing and drying.
- Service:
+ Design and construction of a package factory system.
+ Maintain and maintain factory machinery and equipment.
Update:Monday, June 14,2021

Address: No.7, Road 14, St.4, An Phu Ward, Dist.2, Ho Chi Minh City
Tel:(84-28) 62686620-0388221565
- Supply of sewing machines and equipment, textile machinery and equipment, components and equipment.
- Main product:
+ Fabric Ball Machine.
+ Anti-Shrink Fabric Machine.
+ Color Steamer.
+ Fabric Dyeing Machine.
+ 1st De-Shrink Machine.
+ 2nd De-Shrink Machine.
+ Fabric Dryer Without Stretching
+ Fabric Refining Machine.
+ Sewing machinery by brand.
+ Bianco Garment Machinery.
+ Machines for Sewing Industry Bruckner.
+ Cibitek Garment Industry Machinery.
+ Garment Machinery Colorservice.
+ Sewing Machines Fong.
+ Lafer Sewing Machines.
+ Pentek Sewing Machines.
+ Components.
+ Shaping Machine.
+ Fabric Anti-Shrink Machine Components.
+ Components of Hair Grinder.
+ Hair Extension Machine Components.
+ Se Yarn Components.
+ Energy Saving Components.
Update:Monday, June 14,2021

Address: 256 Nguyen Thai Binh St., Ward 12, Tan Binh Dist., Ho Chi Minh City
Tel:(84-28) 35074808-38116004-0989501868
- Distribution of industrial sewing equipment brand PUFU. Customers who buy PUFU products will receive genuine products from the manufacturer with the best quality and price.
- Warranty, repair, maintenance of engine equipment & for electronic equipment, our company has a special warranty process (1 for 1 exchange) to save maximum time for customers.
- Investment consulting - designing high-efficiency production equipment lines, avoiding waste.
- Product quality consulting.
- Delivery service, complete equipment installation.
- Technical support, technology transfer.
- Supplying auxiliary equipment and accessories for garment industry.
- Partner link support.
- Rental of specialized machines & high-end electronics for short and long term contracts.
Update:Monday, June 14,2021

Address: 340B – 340C Hoang Van Thu St., Ward 4, Tan Binh Dist., Ho Chi Minh City
Tel:(84-28) 0918188517-0913801069-0916002258
- Supplying products such as: industrial sewing machines, overlocking machines, buttonhole machines, sewing equipment,...
+ Industrial Sewing Machine.
+ Industrial Sewing Machines of all kinds.
+ Genuine Industrial Sewing Machine.
+ Juki Industrial Sewing Machine.
+ Yamato Industrial Sewing Machine.
+ Sewing equipment.
+ Garment Machinery and Equipment.
+ Button Machine.
+ Window Extractor.
+ Sewing Equipment.
Update:Monday, June 14,2021

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