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Address: 25T2 Building, Hoang Dao Thuy, Cau Giay Dist., Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) 77777888-0962909698
- Water paint production is one of the most famous water paint brands today, favored and trusted by many customers.
* Main products and services:
+ High quality interior water paint.
+ Waterproof paint.
+ Koto water paint.
+ Anti-alkali primer paint.
+ Glossy exterior paint.
+ Water-based outdoor paint.
+ Indoor water-based paint.
+ Koto interior paint.
+ Exterior paint.
+ Koto exterior paint.
+ Production of water paint.
Update:Wednesday, November 29,2023

Address: 132 Pham Huu Chi St., Ward 15, Dist.5, Ho Chi Minh City
Tel:(84-28) 39553390
Fax:(84-28) 39560483
- Distribution of Construction Materials, Supplies & Machinery.
Our products:
+ Plywood: MDF board, Okal board, ..
+ Paint: Rainbow paint, Nanpao paint, Snow White mist,...
+ Machine tools: Drilling machine, iron cutting machine, grinding machine, ...
+ Construction materials: woven zinc mesh, galvanized iron,...
+ Materials & accessories for welding industry: Welding rods, glue, wires, screws,...
* Main product:
- Plywood.
+ MDF board.
+ Game Okal.
+ Coffa Film Plywood.
- Paint.
+ Paint Snow White.
+ Paint For Traffic Projects.
+ Heat Resistant Paint.
+ Water Paint.
+ Paint Nanpao.
+ Paint RainBow.
+ Painted Ships.
- Machine tools.
+ Iron Cutting Machine.
+ Welding machine.
+ Drilling Machine.
+ Grinder.
- Building materials.
+ Zinc Knitting Mesh.
+ Iron Black Box.
+ Galvanized Iron.
+ Iron V Hole.
+ Polycarbonate sheet.
- Materials & Accessories for welding industry.
+ Bac Han.
+ Welding wire.
+ Welding pliers.
+ Stainless steel welding rod.
+ Solder Iron.
Update:Monday, February 28,2022

Address: Floor 3rd, An Phu Building, 117-119 Ly Chinh Thang St., Ward 7, Dist.3, Ho Chi Minh City
Tel:(84-28) 0916452008-0917816006
- Distributing a wide range of construction materials, including sealants and adhesives, silicone sealants, waterproofing materials,...
- Main product:
+ Concrete putty.
+ Waterproofing agent.
+ Multi-purpose glue.
+ Expanded PU glue.
+ Silicone sealant with Acrylic sealant.
+ Silicone glue.
+ Paints of all kinds.
+ PU paint.
Update:Friday, February 25,2022

Address: Office 02, Floor 8th, Pearl Plaza Building, 561A Dien Bien Phu St., Ward 25, Binh Thanh Dist., Ho Chi Minh City
Tel:(84-28) 0901852828
- Main services provided:
- Transport services: Road transport by tractor, transport by benz, container transport, sea transport, North Central South transport,...
- Other services: Loading and unloading services, customs, customs declaration, warehouse rental, ship rental, port, motor vehicle rental,...
- Customs agent.
- Warehouse Lease.
- Comprehensive supply for the demand for ''Building Materials'' in the South.
Consists of:
+ Fired bricks, red bricks, block bricks, unburnt bricks, heat-resistant bricks, ...
+ Black sand, yellow sand, dried sand, glass sand, molding sand,...
+ Powdered stone, block stone, crushed stone, boulder,...
+ Shape steel, steel plate, rebar, coil steel, construction steel,...
+ Interior and exterior paint Dulux, Lipton, water mist,...
Update:Friday, February 25,2022

Address: 171-171A An Phu Dong St.03, Group 40, Quarter 5, An Phu Dong Ward, Dist.12, Ho Chi Minh City
Tel:(84-28) 36206979-Hotline: 1900636294-0901180094
- Producing construction glue and waterproofing according to a closed technology line with raw materials imported directly from Europe.
* Main product:
- Waterproof paint.
+ Glossy Paint.
+ Waterproof UB Nano.
+ Floor Waterproof Paint.
+ Swimming Pool Waterproof Paint.
+ Oil-Based Waterproof Paint.
+ Mekong Waterproof Paint.
+ Cement Waterproofing Paint.
+ High Gloss Waterproof Paint.
+ Cement Phase Waterproof Paint.
+ Spray Paint Invisible Waterproof Paint.
+ Water-Based Spray Waterproof Paint.
- Construction glue.
+ Glue Hello Ron.
+ Tile Adhesive.
+ Glue Ron Batch.
+ Glue Ron Box.
+ Glue Scrub Ron Swimming Pool.
+ Glue Pool Tiles.
+ Glue Ron Bricon Extra.
+ Bricon Extra Tile Adhesive.
+ Bricon Gray Tile Adhesive.
+ Glue for Exterior Tiles.
+ Glue Ron For Cleaning Area.
+ Bricon White Extra Tile Adhesive.
- Wall putty.
+ Putty Powder.
+ Hand Size Wall Putty.
+ Exterior Wall Putty.
+ Interior Wall Putty.
+ 9 Color Feng Shui Wall Putty.
- Other building materials.
+ Plastering Mortar.
+ Mortar.
+ Plastering Mortar.
+ Pre-mixed Dry Mortar.
+ AAC Aerated Concrete Brick.
- Construction tools.
+ Hand Saw.
+ Bassneo.
+ Rubber Hammer.
+ Tree of Freezing.
+ Sanding Table.
+ Flying Construction.
+ How to Lock Mortar.
Update:Thursday, February 24,2022

Address: No.69/19 Nguyen Trai St., Ward 2, Dist.5, Thanh Pho Ho Chi Minh
Tel:(84-28) 39235379-39246945-Hotline: 0903352661-0938269900
Fax:(84-28) 39244514
- Construction of sports projects, construction of civil and industrial works.
- Construction of waterproofing and troubleshooting of works - concrete cracks.
- Construction of waterproofing and troubleshooting of works - concrete cracks.
- Supplying and constructing epoxy paint, 3D epoxy, decorative epoxy, self-leveling mortar, Spraying hardening concrete ball.
- Distribution of aluminum formwork (aluminum formwork), chemical waterproofing,. . .
Update:Monday, January 11,2021

Address: Sai Dong A Industrial Zone, Sai Dong St., Long Bien Dist., Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) 36740051-36740052
Fax:(84-24) 38755237
- Producing paint.
Update:Tuesday, January 5,2021

Address: 2/251 Nguyen Khang Str., Yen Hoa Ward, Cau Giay Dist., Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) 37847252
Fax:(84-24) 37847252
- Construction paint.
Update:Monday, January 4,2021

Address: No.47 Vu Trong Phung St., Thanh Xuan Trung Ward, Thanh Xuan Dist., Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) 35587979
Fax:(84-24) 35578420
- Trading in electrical equipment and electrical materials.
- Producing mechanical products, mechanical and electrical.
- Manufacturing and installation elevators.
- Trading in food, agriculture and forestry.
- Producing PP, PE and composite.
- Producing paint.
- R eal estate business.
- Construction of civil and industrial.
Update:Wednesday, December 30,2020

Address: 132 Lo Duc St., Hai Ba Trung Dist., Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) 39723533-Hotline: 0903696088
Fax:(84-24) 39723536
- Producing compatible laser cartridges and provide recycle services for the local market.
Update:Tuesday, December 29,2020

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