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Address : No.9, Alley No.84 Ngoc Khanh St., Giang Vo Ward, Ba Dinh Dist., Hanoi
Tel : (84-24) 38343654-3771957
Fax : (84-24) 37718661
Sector :  - Trade, import and export of materials, equipment and petroleum and petroleum.
- Production, repair and installation of materials, equipment and means to store, transport and pumping of the oil industry.
- Building, repair and renovation of vehicles transporting petroleum, chemicals, liquefied gas.
- Construction and installation of oil and gas.
- Consultancy and technical services in the field of manufacturing and trading company.
- Lease of office, warehouse and factory equipment.
- Total petroleum business agent.
- Sales of lubricants products, chemicals (except chemicals banned by the State), Gas, liquefied.
- Construction and installation of industrial and consumer products.
- Sales of transport, petrol and goods.
- Real estate business.
- Import and export of industrial equipment.
- Manufacturing and trading all kinds of alcohol to dry and paint.
- Sales of automobiles, motorcycles and spare parts.
- Trading in metals of all kinds.
- Consulting, training and labor brokers (excluding brokerage and referral, employment and labor supply to enterprises with labor export function).
Detail :  - General Director: Mr. Hoang Van Canh
- Chairman of Management Board: Mr. Do Huu Tao
- Decision of establishment No.1551/2004/QÐ-BTM dated October 27, 2004
Signed by the Ministry of Trade.
- Business Registration Lisence No.0100107349 dated April 4, 2004
Issued by the Department of Planning and Investment of Hanoi.
- Business Tax Code: 0100108102
- Fixed capital: VND 109 billion
- Trading capital: VND 78 billion
- VND Account No. 61339179 at A Chau Joint Stock Bank - Hanoi branch
- Number of employees: 155
- Turnover: (million)
+ In 2014: VND 469,947
+ In 2015: VND 426,992
+ In 2016: VND 450,000
- Technological lines which are being applied at the company made in Japan and Vietnam
+ Type: SKD, IKD
- Import turnover:
+ In 2014: US$ 3 million
+ In 2015: US$ 3 million
+ In 2016: US$ 3 million
- Export turnover:
+ In 2014: US$ 134,000
+ In 2015: US$   52,000
+ In 2016: US$ 428,500
- Main products:
1. Types of petrol pump column Tatsuno (Japan), and Peco
2. Equipment Warehouse petrol tank.
3. Equipment and tools to equip automated petrol stations.
- The automatic test equipment.
- Device Drivers.
- Tape-measure oil, gas cutting drugs, reagent water, thermometer, hydrometer, the standard average, gun oiler.
4. Equipment for petrochemical laboratories.
5. Firefighting Supplies: foaming, Projector, fire fighting foam, fire extinguishers
6. Supplies
- Steel Plate size, stainless steel SUS.
- Steel pipes: Seamless pipe API-5L standard Grade B, twisted steel tubes welded, stainless steel pipe SUS.
- Asphalt 4, No. 10.
- Insulation glass fabrics.
- Main Import-Export Market/products:
- Supplies of petroleum specialized equipment such as electronic fuel pumps, fuel pumps of all kinds, steel plates, pipes and other petroleum supplies specialized equipment gasoline.
- The needs of the enterprise:
+ Development orientations: Peco began focusing on industrial-scale production. BOT oriented high-tech industry in service assembly, production, and there are many kinds of electronic fuel pumps of high quality. Development of the company to be both producer and trading system has promoted service providers, especially technical services to satisfy all customer needs.
+ Along with the expansion of the scale and development of production, business - Peco also focused on creating a close relationship with clients in the areas of provision of specialized equipment used for petroleum and petrochemical industries .
+ The company is willing to cooperate with all agencies, organizations and individuals, the joint-venture facility in the country and internationally. Receive construction works petroleum, civil works and supply of products and equipment for the petroleum industry, oil and gas.

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