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Address: Floor 3rd, No. 1, Alley 120 Truong Chinh St., Phuong Mai Ward, Dong Da Dist., Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) 0972841166-0965891166-0972168821
- Providing all kinds of electronic components and accessories. All of our products are imported directly, committed to the best quality at competitive prices.
* Main products and services:
- Circuit board.
+ Bridge circuit.
+ Charging circuit.
+ Low voltage circuit.
+ Hanging fan circuit.
+ Heart LED circuit.
+ Perpetual calendar circuit.
+ Air conditioning fan circuit.
+ LED control circuit.
+ Control fan circuit.
- Electronic components.
+ LED.
+ Battery.
+ Source.
+ Relay.
+ Resistor.
+ Switch.
+ Fuses.
+ Cables.
+ Heat dissipation.
+ Engine.
+ Inductor.
+ Functional ICs.
+ Development kit.
+ Solenoid valve.
+ Radiator fan.
+ Microcontroller.
+ Connection components.
+ Control circuit.
+ Heating equipment.
+ Semiconductor components.
+ Alarm equipment.
+ Passive components.
- Service.
+ Assemble machine parts.
+ Assembling printed circuit boards.
+ Install electronic components.
+ Assembling electronic circuits.
+ Check electronic components.
+ Assembling machinery components.
+ Repair electronic components.
+ Repair electronic circuit boards.
Update:Monday, June 24,2024

Address: No. 48, Hoa Bang Lang St., Long Viet Urban Area, Quang Minh Town, Me Linh Dist., Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) 38182223-0962023893
- Providing discrete electronic components such as capacitors, resistors, ICs, mosfet, quartz, ... batteries, LED lights.
- Trading and distributing all kinds of electronic components, such as: passive components and passive components, semiconductor components.
* Main product:
- Electronic components:
+ Resistor (Plug-in Type).
+ Resistor (Paste Form).
+ Inductor.
+ Capacitor (Plug-in Type).
+ Capacitor (Paste Form).
+ Terminal.
+ Quartz.
+ Switch.
+ Fuse.
+ Diodes.
+ Osram Led Chips.
+ Connectors.
+ Transistor.
- Long battery - Lelong.
- LED lights.
+ Flood Light - Flood Light.
+ Yard and Garden Column Lights - Yard Lamp Series.
+ Panel Light - Ceiling Light.
+ Street Light - LED Street Light.
+ Factory Lights - LED High Bay.
+ LED Tube Lights.
+ LED Bulb.
Update:Monday, June 24,2024

Address: Room 12.03, CT2 A10 Nam Trung Yen, Nguyen Chanh Ward, Cau Giay Dist., Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) 0904066465-0972834880
- Consulting, design, implementation, and distribution of security and audio notification equipment for large projects and buildings and overall integrated solutions.
- Official distributor of famous brands: BOSCH, MICRO DIGITAL, AMPERESS, JABRA,...
* Main products and services:
- Other products.
+ IT services.
+ Telecommunications equipment components.
+ Computers.
+ Programming software.
+ Network security equipment.
+ IP devices.
+ IBM Server network equipment.
+ Peripheral devices.
+ Wifi device.
- Audio equipments.
+ Bosch amplifier.
+ Power amplifier.
+ Audio mixer.
+ Announcement speaker.
+ Microphone.
+ Bosch audio equipment.
- Security devices.
+ Video recorder.
+ Analog cameras.
+ Bosch surveillance cameras.
+ IP cameras.
+ Monitoring screen.
Update:Friday, June 21,2024

Address: No.17C2, 178 Thai Ha Lane, Dong Da Dist., Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) 0901775188
- Design consulting, supply, installation and maintenance of air conditioning - ventilation systems and consulting and construction of IT and telecommunications infrastructure systems.
- Construction of general and local air conditioning systems for large projects nationwide
- Distributing Air Conditioning projects of famous brands such as LG, Toshiba - Carrier, Trane, Panasonic, Sumikura, Daikin,.. including:
- Ceiling and ceiling air conditioning.
- Standing cabinet air conditioner.
- Wall mounted air conditioner.
- 1-way, 2-way air conditioning,...
* Main product:
- Air conditioner.
+ LG air conditioner.
+ Trane air conditioner.
+ Ceiling air conditioner.
+ 1-way air conditioning.
+ 2-way air conditioning.
+ Standing cabinet air conditioner.
+ Daikin air conditioner.
+ Toshiba air conditioner.
+ Panasonic air conditioner.
+ Sumikura air conditioner.
+ Wall-mounted air conditioner.
+ Cassette ceiling air conditioner.
+ Energy-saving air conditioning.
+ Ducted ceiling mounted air conditioner.
+ Central air conditioning.
+ Air conditioner with 1-way duct connection.
- Air conditioning contractor.
+ Install air conditioning and ventilation systems.
+ Install ventilation system.
+ Repair air conditioning.
+ Repair and maintenance of air conditioners.
+ Construction and installation of air conditioning systems.
+ Home air conditioning maintenance service.
+ Consulting on installation of air conditioning and ventilation.
+ Consulting on air conditioning and ventilation design.
+ Construction of central air conditioning system.
+ Residential air conditioning repair and maintenance services.
+ Maintain and repair air conditioning and ventilation systems.
+ Construction of general and local air conditioning systems for the project.
- Other services.
+ Solutions to optimize IT systems.
+ Building IT and telecommunications infrastructure systems.
Update:Friday, June 21,2024

Address: Lot 19, Lot 1C, Trung Yen St., 11D, Trung Yen Urban Area, Cau Giay Dist., Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) 62854021
* Products and services provided:
Banking and supermarket equipment and solutions
– Money bundle machine, money counting machine, money checking machine, money cart: Balion, Xuidun…
– Supermarket equipment – ​​receipt printers, card printers, electronic cash registers, barcode label printing equipment: Metrologic, Epson, HP, Magic Card Tempo, Avalon, Casio, Godex….
Telecommunications equipment and solutions
– Supply and installation of switchboard systems and wireless radio equipment. Installation of telecommunications stations and transceiver equipment from brands such as Panasonic, Alcatel, Siemens
– Supply and installation of conference rooms, online meeting rooms, video conferencing solutions from brands such as Pocom, Toa...
Security, alarm and anti-theft equipment
– Security monitoring equipment includes surveillance cameras, alarms, smoke alarms... from Panasonic, Avtech, Kocom...
– Professional supermarket security equipment from Checkpoint, Promatic...
Network equipment, computers and office machines
– Servers and workstations from HP, ComPaq, IBM, Dell, Acer, Elead, CMS, Fujisu...
– Personal computers: Laptops, PDAs from IBM, HP, Toshiba, Dell, Sony, Acer, Compaq...
– Laser, Inkjet, Needle printers from HP, Efson, Canon, Brother, Konica Minolta... Olivety specialized printers.
Equipment in the education industry
– Multi-function projectors, object projectors and presentation equipment from Sony, Panasonic, V-plus, Viewsoic...
– Smart boards, magnetic boards, Korean anti-glare boards.
– Multi-purpose classroom products, foreign language classrooms.
Industrial equipment
– Aluminum telescopic ladders, multi-purpose retractable ladders, sliding ladders of leading brands: Nikawa Japan, Poongsan Korea, Pal Taiwan, Tungshing Taiwan...
– 4-wheel carts, 2-wheel carts, supermarket carts, Prestar, Jumbo, Advindeq carts... 
Update:Friday, June 21,2024

Address: No.118, Hoang Quoc Viet St., Nghia Tan Ward, Cau Giay Dist., Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) 0988803283
- Supply and sales of camera products and telecommunications equipment systems.
* Main product:
- Camera - camera video recorder.
+ Camera video recorder.
+ IP Camera video recorder.
+ Analog cameras.
+ IP cameras.
- Security - safety equipment.
+ Video doorbell.
+ Access control.
+ Timekeeping machine.
- Telecommunications equipment.
+ Telephone switchboard.
+ Network equipment.
- Smart home devices.
+ Smart socket.
+ Central controller.
+ Touch switch.
+ Door sensor.
+ Install smart home.
+ Smart curtains.
Update:Friday, June 21,2024

Address: Floor 3rd, 21T1 Building, No.83 Vu Trong Phung St., Thanh Xuan Dist., Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) 37734926-37734926-0986966789
- Trading materials, consumables (mainly machinery, electrical equipment, electronics);
- Providing electrical, electronic, telecommunication and information technology equipment;
- Scientific and technical services in the field of electricity, electronics, information;
- Installation of lightning arrests, physical and mechanical measuring devices;
- Warranty and maintenance services for the products sold by the company;
- Sales, installation, maintenance, warranty of security equipment, safety equipment (fire alarm equipment, smoke detectors), medical equipment, environmental equipment, automation equipment educated;
- Transfer of technology in the field of biotechnology (for agriculture and health, environment and education);
- Purchase mechanical equipment and mechanical measurement and industrial production line
* Main product:
+ Products.
+ Device supports ADSS cable.
+ Cables and cable construction accessories.
+ Optical welding machine.
+ Measuring equipment.
+ OTDR meter.
+ Energy products.
Update:Friday, June 21,2024

Address: Floor 1st, Building N02, Lane 259, Yen Hoa Ward, Cau Giay Dist., Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) 32363999-0869192122
Fax:(84-24) 37824290
- Sales, installation, and service provision of equipment and supplies in the fields of network systems, telephone, telecommunications, CCTV systems, and light electrical systems.
* Main product;
- Optical equipment.
+ Photoelectric converter.
+ POE Photoelectric Converter.
+ Video to optical converter.
+ 3G-SDI to optical converter.
+ Audio to optical converter.
+ USB to optical converter.
+ Optical phone converter.
+ RS485 converter | RS232 | RS422.
+ E1 converter | FE1 | V.35 | Ethernet | Quang | Can Bus.
+ Optical Switch.
+ Optical module.
- Industrial SWITCH optical equipment.
+ Industrial network switch.
+ Industrial optical switch.
+ Industrial POE switch.
+ Managed industrial switch L2/L3.
+ Gnetcom industrial switch.
+ Ho-Link industrial switch.
+ 3onedata industrial switch.
- Optical accessories.
+ Optical distribution box (ODF).
+ Optical patch cord, Solder wire.
+ Hang fiber optic cables.
+ Optical bamboo shoots.
+ Optical construction tools.
+ Light pen.
+ Optical connector (ADAPTER).
+ Centralized source framework.
+ Field optical cable.
- CAMERA accessories.
+ Lightning surge protection device.
+ Elevator solutions.
+ Camera accessories.
+ Patch panel - Patch Cord.
+ Module Jack - Network Seed.
+ Network tester.
+ Network click tool.
+ Network pliers.
- Network equipment.
+ Gnetcom network equipment.
+ Cisco Network Equipment.
+ 3Onedata network equipment.
+ Planet network equipment.
+ TP-Link network equipment.
+ Wireles transmitter.
+ Rack Cabinets, Network Cabinets.
+ Phone supplies.
Update:Thursday, May 30,2024

Address: No.16, Geleximco Urban Area, Thang Long Avenue, An Khanh Ward, Hoai Duc Dist., Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) 0902685695
- Production and Trade operates in the fields of: Production, Sales, and supply of mechanical, electrical and telecommunications products:
+ Production of network cabinets - rack cabinets, server cabinets according to industrial standards EIA 310.
+ Production and installation of fireproof steel doors, industrial steel doors, emergency exit doors and supply of synchronized accessories.
+ Low voltage electrical cabinets: MSB, ATS, MCC, DB electrical cabinets, synchronous electrical cabinets, control electrical cabinets, condenser electrical cabinets, wastewater treatment electrical cabinets, control cabinets of all kinds, fire protection electrical cabinets, cabinets lighting, stainless steel electrical cabinets, complete substation cabinets, electrical cabinets of all kinds.
+ Manufacturing & supplying all types of electrical outlets - PDU power bars.
+ Production and installation of BTS transceiver stations (shelters), telecommunications equipment.
+ Production and supply of cable ladders - cable trays for electric cable systems.
+ Production of mechanical construction products and construction of industrial and civil construction projects.
* Main product.
- Fireproof door.
+ EI fireproof door 60 minutes.
+ EI fireproof door 70 minutes.
+ EI fireproof door 90 minutes.
+ Fire door EI120 minutes.
+ Wood grain fireproof doors, apartments.
+ Safety steel door.
+ Fireproof door accessories.
+ 3CElectric rack cabinet.
- RACK cabinet.
+ C-Rack Cabinet.
+ Wall mounted rack cabinet.
+ Open Rack.
+ Outdoor Rack Cabinet.
+ Rack cabinet accessories.
+ Cable ladder and cable tray.
- Cable ladder - Cable tray.
+ Cable ladder.
+ Cable tray.
+ Cable tray ladder accessories.
- Electrical cabinets - Control cabinets.
+ Low voltage electrical cabinet.
+ BTS shelter station.
- BTS station house.
+ BTS Shelter.
+ Shelter with Antena attached.
+ Shelter HUB.
+ Mini Shelter.
+ Shelter Enclosure.
+ Generator housing.
+ Station accessories.
+ Outdoor power cabinet.
- OUTDOOR power cabinet.
+ Outdoor Mini power cabinet.
+ 1-compartment Outdoor power cabinet.
+ Power cabinet.
Update:Thursday, May 30,2024

Address: No.108 Nguyen Viet Xuan St., Quang Trung Ward, Ha Dong District, Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) 33262728-Hotline: 0948407080
- Providing information technology - telecommunications products and solutions including: Network System, Data - Server System, Rack System, UPS System, Network Cable System, Signal Cable, Cable Fireproof, TOA Sound System.
* Main product:
+ Telecommunications equipment.
+ UPS power supply.
+ Cisco optical module.
+ Juniper optical module.
+ Netapp optical module.
+ Cisco network equipment.
+ HPE network equipment.
+ Planet network equipment.
+ Upcom network equipment.
+ Network cabinet.
+ Comrack network cabinet.
+ Unirack network cabinet.
+ VietRach network cabinet.
+ Rack cabinet.
+ Cheap rack cabinets.
- Telecommunications cables.
+ Alantek cables.
+ Belden cables.
+ Lappkabel cable.
- Servers.
+ Server components.
+ Dell servers.
+ HP servers.
+ IBM server.
Update:Thursday, May 30,2024

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