List of Doanh nghiệp giới thiệu

Address: No.257, Giai Phong St., Phuong Mai Ward, Dong Da Dist., Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) 38694939-Hotline: 0943226168
Fax:(84-24) 38694717
- Largest supplier in the field of construction and energy development with main products: Civil electrical wires and low voltage cables, medium voltage cables, high voltage cables, PVC, XLPE insulated cables, DSTA, rubber cable, control cable, anti-interference control cable, fire-resistant cable, fire-retardant cable, etc.
- Distribution of civil electrical wires and low voltage cables; insulated PVC, XLPE, DSTA, fire retardant cables... of CADI-SUN with sales reaching 40-50 billion/year.
- Distribution of civil electrical wires and low voltage cables; PVC, XLPE, DSTA insulation, control... of SH-Vina with sales reaching 25-30 billion/year.
- Dealer of high voltage cables, medium voltage cables, low voltage cables of LS-Vina and all kinds of civil wires and low voltage cables; insulated PVC, XLPE, DSTA, network cables... from GoldCup, Tran Phu... with sales reaching 15 billion/year.
- Importing and distributing civil electrical wires, low voltage cables, medium voltage cables, high voltage cables, PVC cables, XLPE cables, DSTA underground cables, rubber cables, control cables, anti-interference control cables, cables Fire retardant, fire retardant cable... Types of switching equipment: air circuit breaker, circuit breaker, contactor, thermal relay, socket, industrial plug... And all kinds of lighting equipment.
- Distributor of all types of circuit breaker: MCB, MCCB, anti-leakage circuit breaker, magnetic starter, thermal relay, motor protector, ACB air circuit breaker, socket, industrial plug, push button, phase indicator, torch circuit breaker, Himel's lightning protection device... is a joint venture of the world's leading electrical equipment manufacturer - Schneider and imports products from the LS brand (Korea).
- Direct distribution of ladders, cable trays, sockets, switches and accessories, pipes, chicken intestines.... from the Sino - Vanlock brand.
Distributed from other big brands such as Dien Quang, Rang Dong, Duhal,....
- Trading in electrical materials.
- Production and sales of electric wires and cables of all kinds.
- Manufacturing & trading of electrical, electronic, refrigeration, and civil electrical products.
- Production & sales of fiber optic cables.
- Import and export of products traded by the company.
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Address: Tru 2 Residential Group, Co Nhue 2 Ward, Bac Tu Liem Dist., Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) 73016618 - 73016619
* Distributing industrial products, specifically as follows:
- Electrical equipment: Transformer station, Switchgear, Measurement and protection equipment, Backup source: Inverter, UPS, battery, solar battery.
- Mechanical equipment: Stainless steel pipes, carbon steel, cast iron, valves used in gas, oil, water environments, lifting equipment, pneumatic and hydraulic systems, mechanical processing machine tools: lathes, milling machine, planer, saw, drill...
- Construction machinery: Tower cranes, threading machines, head turning machines and threading machines.
* Main product:
- Electrical equipment.
+ Transformer station.
+ Switching equipment.
+ Measurement and protection equipment.
+ Backup power: Inverter, UPS, battery, solar battery.
- Mechanical equipment.
+ Stainless steel, carbon, cast iron pipes.
+ Valves used in gas, oil and water environments.
- Lifting equipment.
+ Pneumatic and hydraulic systems.
+ Mechanical processing machine tools: lathe, milling machine, planer, saw, drill...
- Construction machinery.
+ Tower crane.
+ Threading machine, head turning machine and threading machine.
Update:Thursday, June 27,2024

Address: No.33, 85 Duc Dien Alley, Phuc Dien Ward, Bac Tu Liem Dist., Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) 0981953356-0983019761
- Providing lights and electrical equipment, cold storage systems, and tiles.
* Main products and services:
- Air conditioning
+ Daikin air conditioner.
+ Casper air conditioner.
+ Fujitsu air conditioner.
+ Midea air conditioner.
+ General air conditioning.
+ Aqua air conditioner.
+ Funiki air conditioner.
- Lighting equipment.
+ Rang Dong LED lights.
+ Paragon lamp.
+ Roman LED lights.
+ Comet LED lights.
+ Kingled lights.
- Electrical equipment.
+ Panasonic electrical equipment.
+ Sino electrical equipment.
- Freezer.
+ Darling freezer.
+ Sanaky freezer.
- Fridge.
+ Casper refrigerator.
+ Aqua refrigerator.
- Washing machine.
+ Aqua washing machine.
- Other products.
+ Cold storage system.
+ SOLAR – Solar energy equipment.
+ Water Heater.
+ Heat lamp.
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Address: No.106, Lane 84, Ngoc Khanh St., Giang Vo Ward, Ba Dinh Dist., Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) 37763021-Hotline: 0974876389-0976598899-0869396588-0865393588
Fax:(84-24) 37763022
- Providing high quality electrical equipment and accessories in industry such as: Cable Lugs, color cap, Cable Ties (Stainless steel drawstring - Plastic drawstring - Resistant drawstring UV), Heat shrink tube, Spiral Wrapping Bands, Terminal Block, Cable Markers, Busbar Insulator, Nylon Cable Glands (plastic screws) , Brass Cable Glands (metal tightening screws), Tools (cosse pliers), MHD solar equipment, electrical cabinets,...
- Authorized distributor in Vietnam of segment accessories with brands from Korea and India such as: JEONO, SEOUNG JEON, HIVERO, DAEYANG, DONGWOO, CTE TECH, GALA - India,.. and other manufacturers Other electrical suppliers in the field of accessories industry such as: KPF - Korea (Specializing in bolts and screws for electrical cabinets).
* Main product:
- Electrical equipment
+ The core.
+ Terminals and accessories.
+ Current transformer for low voltage measurement.
+ Transform medium voltage current.
+ EDMI multi-price meter.
+ Industrial meters.
+ Household meters.
+ Types of heat shrinkable materials.
+ Insulated cable.
+ Heat sensor head cover.
+ Braided Copper Wire.
+ Electrical wire.
+ PVC coated electrical wire.
+ Fireproof wire.
+ Low voltage heat shrink tube.
+ Medium voltage heat shrink tube.
+ Wireless thermal sensor.
- Lightning protection electrical equipment.
+ Tyco Electronics lightning counter.
+ Cooper valve lightning protection device.
Update:Thursday, June 27,2024

Address: Floor 5th, Nam Hai Building, Lot 1 - 9A Vinh Hoang Industrial Park, Hoang Van Thu St., Hoang Mai Dist., Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) 62843529-0983179023-0339206206
- Highest distributor of lighting and electrical equipment products of GE Group (General Electric-USA) in Vietnam, and also a distributor of industrial electrical products under the Hyundai brand, etc. The company's main products include:
+ Led lights: Hibay LED house lights, LED headlights, LED ceiling lights, LED street lights,...
+ Lighting equipment: light bulbs, headlights, street lights, stage lights,...
+ Light troughs and reflectors: T5 and T8 light troughs, 2-bulb type, 3-bulb type.
+ Other equipment: Hyundai electrical equipment, smart home equipment,...
* Main product:
+ LED waterproof and dustproof.
+ LED Linear light.
+ LED string.
+ LED Downlight.
+ Street LED.
+ LED emergency.
+ Mirror LED.
+ LED highbay.
+ LED Magnetic tracklight 48V.
+ LED ceiling tiles.
+ LED panels.
+ Phase LED.
+ LED tracklight.
+ LED tubes.
+ LED wall light.
+ LED decoration.
+ Switch.
+ Socket.
- Solution.
+ Advertising sign lighting.
+ Landscape lighting.
+ Lighting for hospitals.
+ Lighting for farm stay & home stay.
+ Lighting for the wharf.
+ Lighting for hotels/resorts.
+ Lighting for cold storage.
+ Lighting for mini soccer field.
+ Lighting for tennis courts.
+ Lighting for mini mart supermarket.
+ Lighting for fishing boats.
+ Lighting for brooding chickens.
+ Lighting for villas/apartments.
+ Street lighting.
+ Facade lighting.
+ Restaurant lighting.
+ Lighting for construction sites.
+ Coffee shop lighting.
+ Lighting flower shops, art galleries, museums.
+ Dragon fruit lighting.
+ Flower growing lighting.
+ Commercial center lighting.
+ School lighting.
+ Office lighting.
Update:Thursday, June 27,2024

Address: 312 Tran Khat Chan St., Hai Ba Trung Dist., Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) 39780472-Hotline: 0914356507
Fax:(84-24) 39761088
- Distributing electrical equipment from leading brands in the world such as: LS, Idec,.. and LED lights
* Main product:
+ Electrical cabinet system.
+ Electric cable ladder.
+ Idec electrical equipment.
+ Autonic automation equipment.
+ Electrical cabinet.
+ Electrical control cabinet.
+ Electrical panel cabinets.
+ LED chandeliers.
+ LED Downlight.
+ LED ceiling lights.
+ LED garden lights.
+ Switch.
+ Sensors.
+ Tournament.
+ Switching.
+ Plastic trough.
+ LS electrical equipment.
+ Schneider electrical equipment.
Update:Thursday, June 27,2024

Address: Floor 8th, No.89B, Den Lu Lake S.t, Hoang Mai Dist., Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) 0962076138-0932279296-0981304388
Fax:(84-24) 36620691
- Supply and distribute automation equipment, inverters OMRON, INVT, LS, ABB, Autonics,...
- Consulting, design, installation, maintenance and repair of automation equipment systems, equipment supply, repair, maintenance and maintenance of construction machines such as:
+ Repair inverter.
+ Repair tower crane.
+ Crane repair.
+ Repairing Excavators and Digging machines.
+ Repair concrete mixing plant.
+ Repairing plastic solving machines.
+ Repairing lifting machines...
* Main product:
- Inverter
+ Thinkvert inverter.
+ Delixi inverter.
+ KCLY inverter.
+ INVT inverter.
- MITSUBISHI switchgear.
+ Mitsubishi Aptomat.
+ Mitsubshi Contactor – Starter from Mitsubishi.
+ Mitsubishi thermal relay.
+ Mitsubishi cutting machine (ACB).
- Electrical cabinets, installing electrical cabinets.
+ Electrical distribution cabinets.
+ ATS cabinet.
+ Control Cabinet.
+ Power cabinet.
+ Synchronized electrical cabinet.
+ Low voltage distribution cabinet.
+ Capacitor cabinet.
- Electric motor.
+ Single phase electric motor.
+ 3 phase electric motor.
- Omron .
+ Limit switch.
+ Relay.
+ Timer.
+ Water level controller.
+ Temperature controller.
+ Temperature sensor.
+ Optical sensor.
+ Proximity sensor.
+ Ultrasonic sensor.
+ Counter.
+ Digital display unit.
+ Power supply.
+ PLC programming controller.
+ Pressure sensor.
+ Image sensor.
+ Zen programmable controller.
+ Humidity sensor.
- Autonics .
+ Time relay – Timer.
+ Autonics temperature controller.
+ Autonics optical sensor.
+ Autonics proximity sensor.
+ Multi-function watch.
+ Speedometer.
+ Encoder Autonics.
+ Stepper motor and controller.
Update:Thursday, June 27,2024

Address: No.55, 295 Lane, Bach Mai Ward, Hai Ba Trung Dist., Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) 36228757-36228758-Hotline: 0904218695-0906861079
- Main coordination of electrical equipment and lighting products under the brands Schneider, Duhal, Paragon, MPE...
* Main product:
+ Electric cables.
+ Duhal Lighting.
+ Elink lighting.
+ Paragon lighting.
+ Philips lighting.
+ Light & Life decorative lights.
+ Lioa electrical equipment.
+ MPE electrical equipment.
+ Panasonic electrical equipment.
+ Schneider electrical equipment.
+ Simon electrical equipment.
+ Sino Electrical Equipment.
+ LS switchgear.
+ Electrical cabinet - Cable ladder.
+ Supplies and accessories for electrical cabinets.
Update:Thursday, June 27,2024

Address: No.70 TT9, Van Phu Urban Area, Phu La Ward, Ha Dong Dist., Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) 66522506-Hot line: 0917916628-66662381/82/83/84
Fax:(84-24) 66662384
- Providing genuine non-incandescent high-frequency lamp products under the GBN brand.
- Factory LED lights: 100W-120W-150W-180W-200W.
- LED street lights: 100W-150W-200W.
- LED headlights: 100W-150W-200W.
* Main product:
+ Industrial LED lights.
+ LED street lights.
+ LED anti-humidity lamp.
+ Anti-explosion lights.
+ LED waterproof lights.
+ Factory LED lights.
+ Solar lights.
+ LED headlights.
+ LED tube light.
- Non-incandescent high frequency lamp.
+ Non-incandescent high-frequency street lights.
+ Non-incandescent high-frequency factory lights.
+ Non-incandescent high-frequency headlights.
- Electrical equipment.
+ Socket.
+ Attomat.
+ Switch.
+ Electric wire.
+ Plug.
+ Electrical cabinet.
Update:Thursday, June 27,2024

Address: No.16, Alley 553 Giai Phong St., Giap Bat Ward, Hoang Mai Dist., Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) 35409147-0912290680-0968095221-0968095220
Fax:(84-24) 335409146
* Official distributor of SCHNEIDER electrical and automation equipment and medium voltage electrical equipment:
- RELAY MICOM P series, RELAY SEPAM, VCB Evolis, starters and other medium voltage accessories from SCHNEIDER.
- Low voltage equipment: Aptomat (MCB, MCCB), ACB air circuit breaker, Inverter, Soft starter, Magnetic starter (Contactor), LRD Thermal Relay, Intermediate Relay, Button, Indicator Light,...
- KORITSU/JAPAN measuring equipment such as: Multimeter, clamp meter, insulation resistance megometer, earth resistance meter, temperature meter, speed meter, light meter.
* Main product:
- Electric automation equipment.
+ Limit switch.
+ Sensors.
+ PLC automation equipment.
+ Zelio automation equipment.
+ Resistance meter.
+ Light meter.
+ Speedometer.
+ Clamp meter.
+ Schneider circuit breaker.
+ Inverter.
+ Air circuit breaker.
+ Megameter measures insulation resistance.
- Electrical equipment.
+ Civil socket.
+ Indicator light.
+ Switch.
+ Low voltage fuse.
+ Circuit breaker.
+ Soft start.
+ Start from.
+ Button.
+ LRD thermal relay.
+ Intermediate relay.
Update:Thursday, June 27,2024

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