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Address: No.533, Vu Tong Phan St., Khuong Dinh Ward, Thanh Xuan Dist., Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) 38583599-0982251174
Fax:(84-24) 35500733
- Producing rubber products for industries, manufacturing and trading mechanical machinery products for technical rubber production, trading in semi-finished products from rubber and import-export company products.
Typical products: Mechanical industrial rubber, metal adhesion rubber, oil-resistant rubber, heat-resistant rubber, chemical-resistant rubber, etc.
* Main product:
- Rubber adhesion to metal:
+ Smooth iron-coated rubber roller
+ Iron-covered rubber roller with grooves.
+ Rubber-coated wheels, PU-coated wheels.
+ Cover the conveyor belt.
+ Road roller dampers,
- Oil-resistant rubber:
+ Oil-resistant rubber gasket.
+ Oil resistant seal.
+ Oil-resistant rubber membrane.
+ Oil-resistant rubber sheet.
+ The ball is resistant to gasoline and oil.
- Chemical resistant rubber:
+ Rubber roller.
+ Rubber gasket.
+ Rubber sheet.
- Pressure and torsion resistant rubber.
+ Shock absorbers for all types of cranes.
+ Ship shock absorbers.
+ Wharf dampers.
+ Star fruit damper.
+ Screening machine dampers.
- Hydropower and irrigation rubber.
+ Rubber gaskets P60, P50, P40, P30, P20.
+ Bottom gasket 20 x 160 x L.
+ Hydroelectric bow gasket.
- Heat-resistant rubber gasket.
+ Types of boiler gaskets.
+ Types of steamer gaskets..
+ Blast furnace gasket.
- Wear-resistant rubber.
+ Rubber sheet lining the grinding jar.
+ Rubber lid to cover the grinding jar.
+ Grinding discs for tile edges of all kinds.
+ One-way valve, Piton pump valve, pool pump membrane.
+ Piton pump gasket,
+ Roller bearing ring.
+ Butterfly valve.
- Ozone resistant rubber.
+ Bridge and road expansion joints.
+ Pillow.
+ Ship shock absorbers, ship gaskets...
- Food and medical rubber.
+ Rubber gaskets in the food industry.
+ Medical cork.
+ Gaskets for wine and beer pipes...
+ Hospital autoclave gasket.
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Address: House.393, 68.Lane, Phu Dien St., Phu Dien Ward, Bac Tu Liem Dist., Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) 38372717-Hotline: 0968822568
Fax:(84-24) 37633110
- Providing materials and equipment for domestic automobile manufacturing and assembly factories such as: An Thai Coneno Automobile Joint Stock Company, Truong Giang Company, Thanh Cong Group Joint Stock Company, etc....
- Producing technical rubber products to serve many different fields such as:
+ Technical rubber.
+ Hydropower and irrigation rubber.
+ Construction rubber.
+ Marine rubber.
+ Rubber mechanics.
* Main product:
+ Technical rubber.
+ Air intake neck.
+ Rubber sheet.
+ Bottle cup.
+ Rubber wheels.
+ Shock-reducing rubber.
+ Round rubber gasket.
+ Oring gasket.
+ Car fenders.
+ Oil-resistant rubber sheet.
+ Heat-resistant rubber sheet.
+ Turbine neck gasket.
+ Soft rubber joints.
+ Rubber shaft insert tube.
+ Rubber coated wheels.
+ Flange rubber gasket.
+ Pressure tank rubber inner tube.
+ O-ring round rubber gasket.
+ Vacuum valve rubber membrane.
+ Heat-resistant shock-absorbing rubber.
+ Oil-resistant recoil-reducing rubber.
+ Specialized wheels for vacuum cleaners.
- Hydraulic rubber.
+ P60 rubber.
+ Corner rubber.
+ Salt-resistant rubber.
+ Corner P60 rubber.
+ Hydroelectric rubber.
+ Irrigation rubber.
+ Hydroelectric rubber.
+ Hydraulic rubber.
+ Irrigation rubber.
+ Omega rubber gasket.
+ Turbine shaft insert tube.
+ Rubber insert for turbine shaft.
+ Sewer pipe rubber gasket.
+ Omega water seal.
+ Air gasket inserts the turbine shaft.
+ Oil-resistant rubber gasket.
+ Heat-resistant rubber gasket.
+ Corner P30 rubber gasket.
+ P60 rubber gasket with hole fi 20.
- Other rubber products.
+ Marine rubber.
+ Construction rubber.
+ Speed bumps.
+ Rubber mold.
+ Marine rubber.
+ Anti-collision cushion.
+ Construction rubber.
+ I-shaped anti-collision cushion.
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Address: No.11, Lane 137, Ngoc Dai TDP, Dai Mo Ward, Nam Tu Liem Dist., Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) 0912932358-0912557 993-Hotline: 0968405676
* Production and sales of technical rubber products to serve industries, including:
- Rubber conveyor belts are resistant to oil, heat, and chemical environments, ribbed conveyor belts, and corrugated conveyor belts.
- Plain rubber rollers, grooved rubber rollers as required, rubber rollers.
- Technical rubber seals for water, construction, transportation, chemical, and mineral exploitation industries.
- Rubber bridge bearings have steel plates, no steel plates, and expansion joints.
- Composite, Silicon, PU materials are produced on advanced machinery and equipment imported from abroad (Japan, Korea, etc.).
* Main product:
- Rubber conveyor belts.
+ Ribbed conveyor belt.
+ Smooth conveyor belt.
+ Rubber conveyor belt.
+ Circular conveyor belt.
+ V-ribbed rubber conveyor belt.
+ Heat-resistant rubber conveyor belt.
- Rubber roller.
+ Rubber roller cover.
+ Spiral groove roller.
+ Rubber dampers.
+ Damping rubber.
+ Roller dampers.
+ Axle head damper.
+ Soundproofing dampers.
+ Vibration damper.
+ Bucket roller friction plate.
+ Bucket lift active friction plate.
- Rubber sheet.
+ Thick rubber sheet.
+ Rubber bearing plate.
+ Rubber machine support plate.
+ Flat rubber sheet.
+ Oil-resistant rubber sheet.
+ Anti-slip rubber sheet.
+ Heat-resistant rubber sheet.
+ Anti-impact rubber plate.
+ Chemical resistant rubber sheet.
+ Wear-resistant rubber sheet.
+ Rubber sheet for machine damping.
+ Anti-vibration grooved rubber.
- Gaskets, rubber seals.
+ Bottom gasket.
+ Rubber seal.
+ Hydroelectric gaskets.
+ Rubber glass gasket.
+ Garlic rubber gasket P30.
+ Garlic rubber gasket P40.
+ Garlic rubber gasket P60.
* Other technical rubber.
+ Technical rubber.
+ Rubber bridge pillow.
+ Airport wheels.
+ Rubber stopper.
+ Rubber chain shoes.
+ Pressure joints.
+ Forklift wheels.
+ Technical rubber hose.
+ Heavy-duty technical rubber hose.
+ Rubber hose adheres to metal.
+ Oil-resistant technical rubber hose.
+ Precision technical rubber hose.
+ Heat-resistant technical rubber hose.
+ Extruded rubber hose upon request.
+ Chemical resistant technical rubber hose.
+ Technical rubber pipes for the mechanical industry.
+ Technical rubber hoses for the automobile industry.
+ Steel reinforced rubber expansion joints.
+ Elastic technical rubber hose.
+ Technical rubber pipes for the refrigeration industry.
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Address: No. 292 Phuc Dien St., Xuan Phuong Ward, Nam Tu Liem Dist., Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) 0916222618-Hotline: 0888919555
- Production and sales of main products: rubber speed bumps, rubber shock absorbers, rubber coating, rubber conveyor belts,...
* Main product;
- Rubber sheet.
+ Steel core rubber sheet.
+ Rubber floor covering.
+ Fabric rubber sheet.
+ Rubber sheets of all kinds.
+ Oil-resistant rubber sheet.
+ Anti-fatigue rubber sheet.
+ Anti-vibration rubber sheet.
+ Anti-slip rubber sheet.
+ Continuous heat rubber sheet.
+ Chemical resistant rubber sheet.
- Speed ​​humps.
+ Speed bumps.
+ Car speed humps.
+ Motorbike speed humps.
+ Rubber speed bump.
+ Speed humps for light trucks.
+ Speed humps for cars.
- Technical rubber.
+ Rubber gasket.
+ Technical rubber.
+ Rubber pump membrane.
+ Stone protection cushion.
+ Rubber expansion joints.
+ P-shaped rubber gasket.
+ Rubber water barrier.
- Rubber dampers.
+ Cushion and wharf.
+ Damping rubber.
+ Rubber dampers.
+ D-shaped shock absorbers.
- Rubber coating service.
+ Rubber wheel cover.
+ Rubber tank cover.
+ Rubber coated.
+ Rubber shaft cover.
- Technical silicone.
+ Glass suction bowl.
+ Silicone handle sleeve.
+ Silicone tube.
+ Silicone gasket.
+ Boiler silicone gasket.
+ Silicone heat-resistant rubber sheet.
+ Heat-resistant red foam silicone sheet.
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Address: Trieu Khuc Village, Doi Binh Commune, Ung Hoa Dist., Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) 33774493-Hotline: 0988706321
- Production and processing of rubber products, such as irrigation rubber, hydropower rubber, rubber sheets - rubber mats, technical rubber gaskets, anti-vibration damping rubber, plastic rubber, rubber rubber rollers, and many other types of rubber products.
+ Rubber for irrigation and hydropower industry: P-shaped rubber, gaskets, bottom gaskets,...
+ Technical rubber: Made to order with quantities of 1 piece or more (coupling rubber, damping rubber, rubber stopper, suction membrane, etc.).
+ Rubber rollers: Tapered rollers, shaft rollers, rollers without steel core,...
* Main product:
- Roller rubber.
+ Taper roller.
+ Cylindrical roller.
+ Roller with blank.
+ Rubber roller.
+ Roller has steel core.
+ Rollers do not have steel cores.
+ Rollers used for cement factories.
+ Rollers used for mineral exploitation factories.
- Rubber sheet.
+ Rubber sheet.
+ Flat rubber sheet.
+ Oil-resistant rubber sheet.
+ Heat-resistant rubber sheet.
+ Shock-absorbing rubber sheet.
+ Chemical resistant rubber sheet.
+ Wear-resistant rubber sheet.
- Gaskets, rubber seals.
+ Rubber seal.
+ Rubber gasket.
+ Rubber bottom gasket.
+ Rubber gasket.
+ P-shaped rubber gasket.
+ Garlic rubber gasket.
+ Rubber gasket.
Technical rubber gasket.
+ Irrigation rubber gaskets.
+ Heat-resistant rubber gasket.
+ Non-standard gaskets.
+ Chemical resistant rubber gasket.
- Rubber pump membrane.
+ Rubber pump membrane.
+ Rubber pump diaphragm has fabric lining.
+ Oil-resistant rubber pump membrane.
+ Heat-resistant rubber pump membrane.
+ Wear-resistant rubber pump membrane.
+ Chemical resistant rubber pump membrane.
+ High pressure rubber pump diaphragm.
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Address: Group 17, Yen So Ward, Hoang Mai Dist., Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) 35728589-0913564312
Fax:(84-24) 35728589
- Production of rubber products, rubber gaskets for water industry supplies, rubber gaskets for sanitary equipment, rubber gaskets for electrical equipment, rubber feet for equipment machinery, all kinds of shock absorbers for cars and motorbikes, all kinds of heat-resistant rubber gaskets {cilicone}, all kinds of oil-resistant rubber gaskets on automated machines, fast delivery speed, beautiful high quality products , cheapest product price.
* Main product:
- Gaskets, rubber seals.
+ Rubber seal.
+ Rubber gasket.
+ Rubber gasket.
+ Oil-resistant rubber gasket.
+ Heat-resistant rubber gasket.
+ Water industry rubber gaskets.
+ Rubber gaskets for electrical equipment industry.
+ Rubber gaskets for sanitary equipment industry.
- Other rubber products.
+ Rubber cushion.
+ Rubber hose.
+ Rubber punching.
+ Rubber shaft.
+ Tripod cushion.
+ Technical rubber.
+ Anti-vibration cushion.
+ Heat-resistant rubber.
+ Rubber products.
+ Damping rubber.
+ Rubber shock absorbers for cars.
+ Rubber shock absorbers for motorbikes.
+ Rubber feet for machinery equipment.
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Address: Lot 2, Yen Nghia Industrial Cluster, Ha Dong Dist., Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) 0886626999
- Production and sales of technical rubber, heat-resistant rubber, rubber cushions, gaskets, rubber seals, EPDM rubber,...
* Main product:
+ Technical rubber.
+ Technical rubber.
+ High-tech rubber.
+ Precision technical rubber.
+ Acid-resistant technical rubber.
+ Oil-resistant technical rubber.
+ Heavy-duty technical rubber.
+ Heat-resistant technical rubber.
+ Technical rubber and silicon.
+ Chemical resistant technical rubber.
+ Wear-resistant technical rubber.
- Gaskets, rubber seals.
+ Rubber gasket.
+ Oil resistant gasket.
+ Heat resistant gasket..
+ Drain rubber gasket.
+ Rubber gasket prevents water.
+ Centrifugal drain rubber gasket.
+ Wear-resistant rubber gasket.
+ Heat Resistant Rubber Gasket.
+ Technical rubber gaskets.
+ Sewer rubber gasket.
- Other rubber products.
+ Rubber cushion.
+ EPDM rubber.
+ Silicone rubber.
+ Round rubber cushion.
+ Rubber gasket.
+ Square rubber cushion.
+ Anti-collision rubber cushion.
+ Shock absorbing rubber cushion. 
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Address: No.13, A2 Dam Trau Row, Hai Ba Trung Dist., Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) 39715987 – 0902129499
Fax:(84-24) 39721538
* Production of rollers and rubber shafts
- Roller resistant to oil, solvents, and chemicals for offset printing and gravure printing.
- Chemical resistant, temperature resistant, pressure resistant, anti-static rollers for the textile industry, thin film production, and packaging.
- Oil-resistant, high-tear-resistant, abrasion-resistant rollers serve the steel industry, color-coated corrugated iron,...
- Rollers are wear-resistant and weather-resistant in industrial conveyor lines.
- Heat resistant roller, non-toxic, safe for health in the food industry.
- UV roller is resistant to UV ink and UV light.
- CORONA roller in membrane production.
- Plastic rollers, copper and chromium-plated iron rollers in industries.
* Main product:
+ Rubber shafts and rollers
+ Axle.
+ Roller shaft.
+ Plastic roller.
+ Plastic roller.
+ Plastic roller.
+ Rubber roller.
+ Rubber coated lot.
+ Rubber roller.
+ Rubber roller.
+ CORONA roller.
+ Roller pulls the conveyor belt.
+ Polyurethane roller.
+ Rollers for industry.
+ Roller for industry.
+ Roller shaft for industry.
- Industry roller shafts.
+ Rubber roller for wood industry.
+ Rubber roller for printing industry.
+ Rubber roller for textile industry.
+ Rubber roller for paper industry.
- Roller shaft according to properties.
+ Oil-resistant roller.
+ Roller is under pressure.
+ Temperature resistant roller.
+ Chemical resistant roller.
+ Wear-resistant roller.
+ Heat-resistant rubber roller.
+ Anti-static roller.
- Rubber wheels.
+ Rubber wheels.
+ PU coated wheels.
+ Bearing wheels.
+ Oil-resistant wheels.
+ Forklift wheels.
+ Wear-resistant wheels.
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Address: Hoang Van Thu Residential Group, Duong Noi Ward, Ha Dong Dist., Hanoi City
Tel:(84-24) 0906289277-0906289277
- Production and trading of technical rubber products.
+ Producing and retreading all kinds of car tires, road rollers, and construction machines.
+ Production of all kinds of rubber conveyor belts resistant to oil, heat, chemical environment, regular conveyor belts, ribbed conveyor belts, rubber conveyor belts, etc. rubber bearings with steel plates, without steel plates, expansion joints , rubber rollers and technical rubber products for waterways, railways, etc. products made of rubber materials.
+ Production of Composite materials, PolyUrethane and Silicon rubber.
+ Trading, importing and exporting raw materials and equipment to serve the production of rubber and plastic products.
* Main product:
+ Technical Silicon Rubber.
+ Speed Bump.
+ Hydropower gaskets.
+ Bridge Pillow.
+ Glass Gasket.
+ Conveyor belt.
+ Harbor Bridge Mattress.
+ Technical Rubber.
+ Auto Parts Products.
+ Composite Products.
+ Polyurethane Rubber and Plastic.
+ Block Back.
+ Manufacturing All Kinds of Rubber Gaskets.
+ Rubber Coating Processing.
+ Silicone Block Coating Processing.
+ PU Wrapping Processing.
+ Rubber Sheet.
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Address: Lot A2-CN5, CN1 St., Tu Liem Industrial Cluster, Phuong Canh Ward, Nam Tu Liem Dist., Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) 32006259-Hotline: 0988886844
* Producing silicone and rubber components with 6 years of professional operation according to customer requirements.
- Key services:
+ Production of rubber and silicone components: Rubber buttons, silicone, spare parts, rubber components for cars, electronics, motorbikes,...
+ Consulting on rubber component production technology.
+ Supply of machinery, equipment and rubber materials: Rubber presses, mixers, rubber cutting machines,...
* Main product:
- Production of rubber and silicone components
+ Rubber stopper.
+ Silicone button.
+ Rubber gasket.
+ Silicone rubber.
+ Technical rubber.
+ Rubber spare parts.
+ Civil rubber.
+ Silicone components.
+ Industrial rubber.
+ Components according to drawings.
+ Rubber components for cars.
+ Rubber components for motorbikes.
+ Rubber components for electronics.
+ Components according to required designs.
+ Silicone toy products.
+ Rubber components for automation.
+ Colored rubber toys.
+ Rubber components for the construction industry.
+ Rubber components for household appliances.
+ Rubber components for food packaging.
- Consulting on rubber component production technology.
+ Consulting on rubber materials.
+ Consulting on rubber injection molds.
+ Consulting on rubber component production equipment lines.
- Providing machinery, equipment and rubber materials.
+ Rubber pressing machine.
+ Raw rubber cutting machine.
+ Raw rubber mixing machine.
+ Synthetic rubber materials.
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