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Address: No. 2, Alley 145E, Yen Phu St., Yen Phu Ward, Tay Ho Dist., Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) 39937143-32383555
Fax:(84-24) 37153141-32484555
- Producing and manufacturing high quality products with Vietnamese brands, providing comprehensive solutions for:
+ Equipment to filter dust and industrial exhaust gas:
- Serving for the industries of ceramics, cement, ceramic tiles, mining, furniture production, plastic, paper, paint, sandblasting, laser cutting, engraving,...
- Including products: filter cloth, filter bag, filter mesh, dust filter basket, filter core. Cartridge, activated carbon, differential pressure gauge, dust control circuit, exhaust fan,...
* Main product:
- Dust and exhaust filter equipment.
+ Dust Removal Valve.
+ Smoker Hand.
+ Dust Collector Bag.
+ Diaphragm Dust Removal Valve.
+ Cartridge Filter.
+ Oil Mist Filter.
+ Electrostatic Filtration System.
+ Cloth Bag Dust Filter.
+ Cloth Bag Dust Filter System.
+ Cyclon Dust Filter System.
+ Portable Dust Collector.
+ Activated Carbon Filter.
+ Control circuit of Dust Cleaning Valve.
+ Filter Activated Carbon Deodorizing.
- Dust treatment equipment by industry.
+ Wood Industry Dust Treatment Equipment.
+ Equipment for Dust Treatment of Paint Industry.
+ Paper Industry Dust Treatment Equipment.
+ Equipment for Dust Treatment of Plastic Industry.
+ Equipment for Dust Treatment of Cement Industry.
+ Dust Treatment Equipment for Thermal Power Industry.
+ Food Industry Dust Treatment Equipment.
+ Equipment for Dust Treatment of Pharmaceutical Industry.
+ Equipment for Dust Treatment of Mining Industry.
+ Chemical Industry Dust Treatment Equipment.
- Roller conveyors.
+ Stainless Steel Roller.
+ Cone Roller.
+ Plastic Roller.
+ HDPE Roller.
+ Self-Selection Roller.
+ Top Roller.
+ Roller Conveyor.
+ Sprocket Roller.
+ Ice Blocking Roller.
+ Roller Slider.
+ Seamless Roller Conveyor.
+ 1 Leg Ball Roller.
+ Twisted Steel Return Roller.
+ Twisted Rubber Roller.
+ Round Rubber Return Roller.
+ Shock Absorber Rubber Roller.
- Conveyor belts of all kinds.
+ Beo Conveyor Belt.
+ Weighing Conveyor.
+ PVC Conveyor Belt.
+ Conveyor Belt.
+ Material Conveyor.
+ Hanging Chain Conveyor.
- Conveyor accessories.
+ Bearings.
+ Chain Disc.
+ Screw Loader.
+ Remove Conveyor Belt.
+ Chain Conveyor.
+ Ice Blade.
+ Conveyor Belt.
+ Roller Stand.
+ Roller Ball Cup.
+ Cup Bi Top Top.
+ Conveyor Frame.
+ Roller Support Ears.
+ PVC Conveyor Belt.
+ Rubber Conveyor Belt.
+ Beo Rubber Conveyor Belt.
- Machines and other mechanical equipment.
+ Cylinder.
+ Rotary Valve.
+ Bep Phun.
+ Stirring Machine.
+ Propeller.
+ Wind Gate Valve.
+ Stainless Steel Loading Screws.
+ Cargo Trolley.
+ Mechanical Equipment.
+ Shock Absorber Cluster.
+ Roller Bucket Rack Forklift.
+ Spray booth.
+ Drive Cluster.
+ Aerodynamic Trough Fabric.
+ Paint Bucket Mixer.
+ Tightness Testing Machine.
+ Flow Meter Tester.
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Address: Group No. 2, An Hoa St., Mo Lao Ward, Ha Dong Dist., Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) 62904588-Hotline: 0982968786
- Supplying electrical panel cabinets, cable trays with Son Ha brand name.
- Design consulting service, equipment supply for M&E system.
- Construction services, installation of civil and industrial M&E systems.
- Maintenance service, on-site maintenance, dedicated.
- Design service and production of mechanical products.
- Automation system design and installation service.
- Cooperation services and technology transfer.
+ Design, manufacture and install:
+ Ladder and cable tray.
+ BTS, ATS electrical cabinets, industrial and civil electrical panel cabinets, file cabinets, tool cabinets.
+ Network cabinets, Rack cabinets, Open Rack.
+ Other products: medical trolleys, iron shelves, CNC machining, ..
* Main product:
- Cable Trunking.
+ Cable tray.
+ Cable LadderCable Ladder.
+ Cable T-trough.
+ Quang Treo Manger.
+ Shrink Cable Trough.
+ Cable Trough L.
+ Cable Ladder.
+ Cable T-Extend.
+ Connecting Cable Trough Ladder.
+ Shrink Down Cable Trough.
+ Galvanized Cable Ladder.
+ Cheap Cable Tray Ladder.
+ Powder coated cable tray.
+ Quotation of Cable Tray Ladder.
+ Rod V3 Supports Cable Tray Ladder.
+ Elevator Cable Tray Powder Coated.
+ Hot Dip Galvanized Cable Trays.
+ Orange Powder Coated Cable Ladder.
+ Orange Powder Coated Cable Trough.
- Network cabinets, rack cabinets.
+ Rack cabinet.
+ Network Cabinet.
+ 36U Rack Cabinet.
+ 27U Rack Cabinet.
+ 12U Rack Cabinet.
+ 6U Rack Cabinet.
+ 32U Rack Cabinet.
+ Rack cabinet 42U.
+ 20U Rack Cabinet.
+ 15U Rack Cabinet.
+ 10U Rack Cabinet.
+ Rack Accessories.
- Electrical cabinets.
+ Low Voltage Cabinet.
+ Electrical Cabinet.
+ Fire Cabinet.
+ ATS electrical cabinet.
+ Stainless steel electrical cabinets.
+ Open Rack cabinet.
+ Kiosk Station Cover.
+ Medium Voltage Electrical Cabinet.
+ Civil Electrical Cabinet.
+ Electrical Cabinet Accessories.
+ Industrial Electrical Cabinet.
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Address: No.6, Lot 5, Lai Xa Industrial Park, Kim Chung commune, Hoai Duc Dist., Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) 32004509-0971307899
- Machining precision mechanics, industrial mechanics (cargo racks, conveyors, tool cabinets, hydraulics, ..), jigs, design and manufacture of components, machines.
- Main products and services:
- Fixtures
+ Control Jigsaw.
+ Display Fixtures.
+ Assemble Jigsaw.
- Precision mechanical processing.
+ Precision Mechanics.
+ Precision Mechanical Machining.
+ CNC Milling Machining.
+ CNC Turning Machining.
- Other mechanical products.
+ Conveyor Belt.
+ Hydraulic Table.
+ Mechanical Manufacturing on Demand.
+ Manufacturing Packing Machine.
+ Shelves.
+ Storage Shelves.
+ Bucket Feeder.
+ Roll Flip Machine Tool Cabinet.
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Address: 105 Xuan La Alley, Xuan Tao Ward, Bac Tu Liem Dist., Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) 0984227567-Hotline: 0984227567
* Processing and manufacturing fields:
- Processing: Jigs, Jigs, Molds, high-precision mechanical devices.
- Supply of mechanical equipment, bolts and screws: Helicoil. Implant tool, tapping, spiral, spacer screw, retractor, ... with all sizes, colors, specifications.
* Main products and services:
- Processing jigs.
+ Machining Jigsaw, Jig Check.
+ Processing All Kinds of Jigsaws.
+ Processing Aluminum Jig Jigsaw.
- Machining gears.
+ Bevel Gear Processing.
+ Tilt Gear Machining.
+ Machining of Gears.
- Producing and distributing bolts and screws.
+ PEM.
+ Canopy.
+ Snail Rack M6.
+ Clin Rivets.
+ Mo Head Screws.
+ Fake Helicoil Gene.
+ Screws for ceiling plaster.
+ Hexagonal Head Bolt Screws of all kinds.
- Other mechanical processing.
+ Machining Chan Ton Knife.
+ Machining Machine Detail.
+ Processing Waste Plastic Chopper.
+ Mechanical Processing Company in Hanoi.
+ Processing Industrial Knives.
+ Machining CNC Precision Mechanical Equipment.
+ Precision Machining Service in Hanoi.
+ Machining Turning Milling Micro Mechanical Equipment.
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Address: Lot 2, Lai Xa Industrial Park, Kim Chung, Hoai Duc Dist., Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) 33861293
Fax:(84-24) 33861294
- Mechanical OEM + ODM processing, our products focus mainly on molds, jigs, jigs, precision mechanical processing on demand, batch detailing, CNC turning , CNC milling to serve the production process of enterprises.
- Main products and services:
+ Making molds.
Machine details.
+ Precision mechanical processing service.
+ Jigsaw.
+ Machining jigs.
+ JIG processing.
+ CNC milling.
+ Deep stroke stamping mold.
+ Punching mold.
+ Pressure die casting.
+ Plastic injection mold.
+ Bottle blowing mold.
+ Punching products.
+ CNC lathe.
Update:Thursday, July 27,2023

Address: Song Cung Industrial Park, Dong Thap Commune, Dan Phuong District, Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) 0915744664-0915740 880
Fax:(84-24) 37805007
- Manufacturing automatic machines and providing automation solutions, automatic production, assembly and packaging lines. Design and manufacture jigs, jigs, machines, auxiliary lines for the automotive, motorcycle, electronic, mechanical, medical, and garment industries.
- Design and manufacture automated machinery systems for the food industry, automobiles, motorcycles, apparel, electronics,...
- Design and manufacture automatic production line systems, packaging, assembly and inspection lines, automatic product picking and stacking lines,...
- Manufacturing welding robots, industrial welding robots, 3-axis robots, integrated robots,...
- CNC precision machining, design and manufacture jigs,...
* Main products and services:
- Automatic machines for industries.
+ Automatic Machines for Mechanical Industry.
+ Automatic Machines In Garment Industry.
+ Automatic Machines In Medical Industry.
+ Automatic Machines Automobile and Motorcycle Industry.
+ Automatic Machines In Electronics Industry.
+ Automatic Machines In Food Industry.
- Robots.
+ Robocar.
+ Robot welding.
+ 3 Axis Robot.
+ Industrial Robots.
+ Industrial Welding Robot.
+ Automatic Industrial Robot.
+ Robot Integrated Image Processing Technology.
- Line automation.
+ Paint Line.
+ Assembly Line.
+ Automatic Production Line.
+ Assembly and Inspection Line
+ Product Packing Line.
+ Automotive Components Assembly Line..
+ Sorting And Packing Line.
+ Automatic Line Integrated Robot.
+ Medical Mask Production Line.
+ Automatic Product Picking and Sorting Line.
+ Automatic Production Line With Robot Arm.
- CNC machining, jigs.
+ Crafting Jig.
+ CNC Machining.
+ Jigsaw Machining.
+ CNC Turning Machining.
+ CNC Machining.
+ Machining Jig Jigsaw Details.
+ Design and Fabrication of Jigsaws.
+ CNC Machining Water Jet Cutting.
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Address: No.14, Alley 162A, Ton Duc Thang St., Dong Da Dist., Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) 66846555
Fax:(84-24) 66846555
* Specialized in researching and manufacturing products for the information and telecommunications industry.
- Telecommunications equipment.
+ Research and manufacture products for the information and telecommunications industry.
+ Provide continuous armor mounting antenna columns (lightweight, convenient to use) Continuos Antenna assembly.
+ Producing, buying, selling and assembling post and telecommunications equipment, electronics and informatics.
+ Install, maintain, repair and assist in the operation and exploitation of telecommunications and electronic equipment.
+ Technology transfer, survey and design of telecommunications works.
+ Technical consulting specialized in telecommunications, electronics, informatics.
+ Import and export of materials, equipment, telecommunications, electronics, and informatics technologies for production and business activities.
+ Producing mechanical products such as network cabinets, cable tray ladders, electrical cabinets, shelters for BTS, distribution cabinets, control cabinets, electronic equipment for the telecommunications industry.
- Application materials.
+ Producing and supplying 3-layer sandwich panel, PU, EPS . sandwich panel
+ Design consultancy, construction of prefab houses, factory partitions, removable containers, clean rooms, cold storage, ceiling panels ... with 3-layer sandwich panel PU, EPS panel.
+ Producing and supplying lightweight concrete bricks, prefabricated wall panels…
- Producing and manufacturing specialized machines.
+ Producing and supplying specialized machines for the production of products from PU, lightweight concrete.
+ PU mixing machine; Production line of PU and EPS corrugated iron; Light concrete making machine ; Foaming machine for light concrete production; foam concrete pump; 2 in 1 folding machine; Rolling machine.
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Address: Km3, National Highway 3, Dong Dau Village, Duc Tu Commune, Dong Anh District, Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) 39616619-0923256668
- Producing mechanical products for single girder crane, steel truss structure, steel structure, prefabricated steel frame,...
- Consulting, supervision, design and construction services.
* Main products and services:
+ Single Girder Gantry Crane
+ Mechanical Crafting
+ Pre-engineered Steel Building Steel Frame
+ Steel Truss Column Structure
+ Steel Beam Structure
+ Steel Structure
+ Metal Supplies
+ Galvanized Purlin
- Consulting, supervision, design and construction.
+ Supervision of Industrial Works.
+ Supervision of Traffic Works.
+ Construction Planning.
+ Construction Supervision.
+ Construction of Industrial House.
+ Factory Construction.
+ Design of Traffic Works.
+ Industrial House Design.
+ Factory Design.
+ Design and Construction of Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings.
Update:Wednesday, July 26,2023

Address: Floor 5th, Dai Kim Post Office Building, Lot 14 Nguyen Canh Di, Hoang Mai Dist., Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) 35400800-Hotline: 0364065448
* Working in the following areas:
- Construction contractor for Mechanical - Electrical systems
- Construction of technical infrastructure for electric car charging stations
- Building Telcos infrastructure: BTS station, inbuilding information system….
- Supplying materials and equipment for Telcos network development
* Main product:
- Electromechanical system of works.
+ Uninterruptible Power Supply System.
+ Installation of Air Conditioners.
+ Installation of Air Conditioning Ventilation.
+ Installation of Lighting System.
+ Construction of Automatic Fire Alarm System.
+ Construction of Fire Protection System.
- Electric light system.
+ Building Light System.
+ Construction Notification Sound.
+ Construction of CCTV System.
+ Construction of Telephone Switchboard System.
+ Construction and Installation of Video Doorbell System.
+ Construction and Installation of Cable TV System.
- Mechanical production.
+ Standard bolt.
+ Processing of Export Belt Details.
+ Machining Cable Tray Ladder.
Update:Wednesday, July 26,2023

Address: No. 6,7, Floor 8th, Gold Tower, 275 Nguyen Trai St., Thanh Xuan Trung, Thanh Xuan Dist., Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) 66862220-0989667589-0962255330-0981530939-0985814939-0964245188
- Provide lifting products: cranes, gantry cranes, hoists, grabs and many related accessories.
- Supply, manufacture, we also specialize in installation, repair and maintenance of lifting equipment: cranes, gantry cranes, ...
- Main products and services:
- Crane and Gantry Crane.
+ Sell Axle Gate.
+ Remote Crane Controller.
+ Spindle Bridge.
+ Axle Accessories.
+ Axis Gate.
+ Double Girder Gantry Gate.
+ Single Girder Gantry Gate.
+ Axle.
+ Single Axle.
+ Harbor Bridge.
+ Double girder overhead crane.
- Lifting equipment.
+ Lifting Table.
+ Hand Chain Hoist.
+ Fortune.
+ Truck Crane.
+ Lifting Table.
+ Electric Chain Hoist.
+ Electric Cable Hoist.
- Service.
+ Gantry Crane Installation Service.
+ Upgrading and Renovating the Gantry Crane.
+ Repair and Maintenance of Gantry Crane.
+ Design Consultancy for Gantry Crane.
Update:Wednesday, July 26,2023

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