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Address: G10 Block, No.491 Nguyen Trai Road, Thanh Xuan Nam Ward, Thanh Xuan Dist., Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) 38545841-38547674
Fax:(84-24) 35523528
- Housing and infrastructure business in urban and industrial areas.
- Designing electrical systems up to 35KV for transport, civil and industrial works.
- Surveying geological hydrography; experimentation of all kinds criterion, parametric of soil, rock, foundation work, endurance, stability of concrete structures, reinforced concrete structures metals and other construction materials.
- Designing industrial zones, urban, residential concentration and layout of infrastructure systems, hydro-electric designing.
- Quality control of construction work, the semi-concrete, reinforced concrete, structural metal and other construction components.
- Management of projects.
- Construction of civil, industrial, transportation, irrigation, hydropower, airports, ports, transmission lines and transformer stations up to 35 kV,  urban infrastructure and industrial areas, the public water supply and sanitation, foundation work, interior and exterior work.
- Producing construction materials: bricks, tiles, cement, lime, gypsum.
- Producing concrete.
Update:Wednesday, November 11,2020

Address: No.27 To Hien Thanh Road, Tan Lap Ward, Nha Trang City, Khanh Hoa Province
Tel:(84-258) 3510273-3870836
Fax:(84-258) 3870835-3515665
- Designing architecture civil and industrial works.
- Designing civil and industrial works structure.
- Planning urban, rural and industry. 
Update:Wednesday, October 7,2020

Address: No.120 Nguyen Van Cu St., Ninh Xa Ward, Bac Ninh City, Bac Ninh Province
Tel:(84-222) 3822664
Fax:(84-222) 3824881
- Consulting on, designing and making plant investment projects, surveying, consulting on contract files, geology and terrain for agricultural & rural development branches.
- Printing services.
- Construction of civil works.
Update:Thursday, August 20,2020

Address: No.169, Tran Quoc Thao St., Ward 9, Dist.3, Hochiminh City
Tel:(84-28) 39316753
Fax:(84-28) 39316958
- Setting up projects for hydraulic and hydro-electric engineering investment.
- Topographical, geological, hydrographic and environmental surveys.
- Experimentation of soil, stone, foundation and materials.
- Planning; technical design; general estimation and drawing up blueprints.
- Cement drilling, treatment of works foundation and body.
- Appraisal of construction investment projects; supervision of construction engineering and construction technology transfer.
Update:Wednesday, July 15,2020

Address: Le Quang Dao Road, Dong Ngan Ward, Tu Son Town, Bac Ninh Province
Tel:(84-222) 3760156 - 3743660
Fax:(84-222) 3760726
- Trading in water.
- Drilling and exploiting ground water.
- Construction and installation of equipment for water supply, drainage and wastewater treatment works.
- Construction of civil, industrial, urban infrastructure and industrial parks.
- Surveying geological, topographical works, hydrology.
- Exploiting, processing and trading in minerals.
Update:Tuesday, June 16,2020

Address: Km 10, National Highway 1A, Thanh Tri Dist., Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) 66742798
Fax:(84-24) 38615706
+ Mechanical engineering:
- Design, manufacture, and trade in machinery, equipment, and spare parts used for agriculture, forestry, irrigation, salt industry, processing industry, hydropower generation, construction, and traffic vehicles.
- Design, manufacture and installation of lifting equipment.
- Repair, maintenance, and restoration of equipment, motorbikes, machine tools and spare parts.
+ Electricity trade:
- Electrical engineering in service of agriculture, forestry, salt industry, irrigation and rural development.
- Electricity production and trade.
+ Construction:
- Investment, construction of agriculture, forestry, salt, irrigation, civil, industrial, transport works and rural infrastructure.
- Plan, research and investigation; preparation of investment projects for construction and design of agriculture, forestry, salt industry, irrigation, hydropower, civil, clean water, environment hygiene, water supply and drainage works.
- Management of construction investment projects; project inspection; appraisal of technical designs and overall estimate of construction projects invested and administered by the AGRIMECO.
- Building materials production and trade.
+ Advising on:
- Irrigation engineering.
- Water supply and drainage.
- Equipment investment.
- Technology transfer in the fields of agriculture, irrigation and forestry mechanization, electrification, construction and salt industry.
+ Research & Training:
- Science and technology research
- Training technical workers in agriculture, forestry, irrigation mechanization, electrification, construction and salt production.
+ Finance business and participation in stock markets
- Transport and transport agent
- Housing development
- Hotel and tourist trade
- Direct import and export of items to meet the corporation’s needs
- Labor export
- Customs procedure clearance service
- Undertaking and implementing projects for development investment assistance
Entering into joint ventures and integrating with domestic and foreign economic organizations to develop production operations of the corporation.
Update:Thursday, April 16,2020

Address: Km 9, Nguyen Trai Road, Thanh Xuan Nam Ward, Ha Noi (Now: 71 Chien Thang Road, Ha Dong City, Ha Noi
Tel:(84-24) 38542561
Fax:(84-24) 35520606
- Assembling, repairing and maintaining geophysical equipment, water drainage and supply systems.
- Construction of small and medium-sized civil, industrial works.
- Geophysical and geotechnics application services.
- Producing and trading in all kinds of materials, electronic and electric equipment.
Update:Wednesday, April 15,2020

Address: Floor 29, Trung Hoa-Nhan Chinh New Urban Area, Building 34T, Thanh Xuan Dist., Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) 22428379-22373255
Fax:(84-24) 22210028
- Real estate development.
- Exploited and trading in mineral.
Update:Tuesday, April 14,2020

Address: Unit Resources A, The B15 Dai Kim Urban Area, Dai Kim Ward, Hoang Mai Dist., Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) 62842542
Fax:(84-24) 62842546
- Information technology, electronics - automation: Research, investment consultancy, technology transfer, investment, construction, installation, operation, maintenance information system, computer, control and supervision. , Measurement and other electronic systems; Researching, designing, supplying and transferring Informatics software and application solutions;
- Environmental protection, new materials: Research, investment consultancy, technology transfer, investment, construction, installation, operation and maintenance of environmental protection works, production of new materials and works. Other related submission; Monitoring, preparation of reports on environmental impact assessment, strategic environmental assessment report;
- Geology - geodesy: Research, investment consultancy, technology transfer, planning, reporting, construction of mineral resources exploration; Geological survey of works, hydrogeology, surveying; Construction of geological, terrain and similar databases;
- Mining and building materials industry: Research, investment consultancy, technology transfer, investment, exploitation, transportation, processing and consumption of coal, minerals, building materials and resources. Other minerals;
- Power industry: Research, investment consultancy, technology transfer, investment, construction, installation, operation and maintenance in the field of electricity production, distribution and use;
- Structural design for civil and industrial construction works; Design of mining industry; Designing the network of information technology works, post and telecommunication;
- Business: Direct import, export, trading, assembly, production, maintenance of equipment, materials, materials and products in the fields of information technology, electronics-automation; Environmental protection, new materials; Geology - geodesy; Mining industry and building materials; Electrical industry.
- Technical examination and analysis;
- Management of construction investment projects;
- Monitoring the work of construction and finishing works: civil engineering, industry, transportation and technical infrastructure. 
Update:Monday, April 6,2020

Address: 193 Nguyen Huy Tuong Road, Thanh Xuan Trung Ward, Thanh Xuan Dist., Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) 62876666-62856519
Fax:(84-24) 62883333
- Producing nonferrous metals, precious metals, iron, steel, cast iron; Production of coke, basic chemicals (excluding banned chemicals); Manufacture of fertilizer and nitrogen compounds, refractory products;
- Casting non-ferrous metals.
- Manufacture of metal structures; Forging, pressing and rolling metal; Powder metallurgy; Machining, processing and coating metal; Manufacture of ball bearings, gears, gearboxes, actuators and transmissions; Manufacture of other specialized machines; Manufacture of jewelery and related details (manufacture and processing gold jewelry, fine arts, precious stones, semi-precious stones).
- Exploiting iron ore, non-ferrous metal ore, precious metal ore; Exploitation of stone, sand, gravel and clay; Mining chemicals and mineral fertilizers.
- Support services for mining and ore mining; Repair of machinery, equipment, repair of electrical equipment; Maintenance and repair of cars and other motor vehicles.
- Construction of railway, road; Constructing other civil engineering works.
- Wholesale gold jewelry, fine arts, precious stones and semi-precious stones; Wholesale of machinery, equipment and other spare parts; Wholesale of metals and metal ores (excluding uranium and thorium ores); Wholesale synthesis.
- Retail jewelry gold, fine arts, precious stones, semi precious stones.
- Short-stay services; Restaurants and mobile catering services; Real estate business, land use rights owned, leased or leased by the owner.
- Technical consultancy activities; Research and experimental development of natural sciences and technology; Tour operator.
Update:Monday, April 6,2020

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