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Address: No.36, Road S5, Tay Thanh Ward, Tan Phu Dist., Ho Chi Minh City
Tel:(84-28) 0987721247 - 0932485166
- Producing and supplying mesh fabric, tricot fabric, adidas fabric, ..
- Main product:
+ Mesh Fabric.
+ Striped Mesh Fabric.
+ Tricot fabric.
+ 3 Layer Mesh Fabric.
+ Dyeed Mesh Fabric.
+ Tricot mesh fabric.
+ Polyester mesh fabric.
+ Black Tricot Mesh Fabric.
+ Tricot Scratch Cloth.
+ Pink Tricot Mesh Fabric.
+ Blue Tricot Mesh Fabric.
+ Mesh Fabric For Mask Lining.
+ Mesh Fabric for Sportswear.
+ Tricot Fabric Activated Charcoal Mask.
+ Tunic Fabric.
+ Plain Cotton.
+ Fish Scale Elastic Fabric.
+ Shark Spandex.
+ Colored Stripe Fabric.
+ Poly Elastic Fabric 2 Leather.
+ Feather Scratching Fabric.
+ 4-Way Poly Elastic Fabric.
+ Round Knitted Elastic Shoulder.
+ Elastic Fabric On Demand.
+ 4-Way Crocodile Elastic Fabric.
+ 4-Way Cotton Elastic Fabric.
+ 2-Way Cotton Elastic Fabric.
+ Cloth
+ Sesame fabric
+ Chiffon fabric
+ Borip fabric
+ Khaki . fabric
+ Linen fabric
+ Backpack Liner
+ Bag Liner
+ Sports Fabric
+ Interlock fabric
+ Poly 2 Leather fabric,...
Update:Friday, July 16,2021

Address: No.29. Tran Huu Trang Road, Ward 11, Phu Nhuan Dist., Ho Chi Minh City
Tel:(84-28) 39977990-39977992-0906522092
Fax:(84-28) 39977992
* Producing and supplying all kinds of fabrics around the world such as:
- For main fabric:
+ Outwear: Cotton blends (Cotton/Nylon, Cotton/Polyester), Polyester, Nylon, Nylon/Polyester, Cotton.
+ Casual wear: Cotton/Spandex, Cupra, Rayon, Rayon/Cupra, Silk, Wool, ..v.v
- For Lining fabric:
+ Polyester: Taffeta 180T, 190T, 210T, 230T, 260T, 290T (Down Bag), 300T.., Micro Plain, Poly
+ Satin, Poly Twill, Poly Chiffon, Poly Pongee, Poly Ribstop, Poly Padded,...
+ Acetate Taffeta, Acetate Twill, Nylon/ Acetate, Poly/Viscose, 100% Viscose,...
+ Nylon: Taffeta 190T, 210T, Twill,...
+ T/C : 65/35, 80/20, 85/15…
+ Single Jersey, Interlock, Spandex Mesh,…
+ Stripe yarn dye , Dobby lining with many patterns available.
* Main fabric products:
+ Cotton 100.
+ Cotton Nylon.
+ Cotton Spandex.
+ Faked Wool.
+ Nylon 100.
+ Nylon Spandex.
+ Poly 100.
+ Poly Spandex.
+ Quilting Jarquard And Lace.
+ Tencel, Modal, Visscose.
Update:Wednesday, June 30,2021

Address: No.22C, Road 16A, Binh Hung Hoa A, Binh Tan Dist., Ho Chi Minh City
Tel:(84-28) 775355588-0968883799-0965689354
- Producing and supplying non-woven fabrics for the production of medical masks, supermarket bags, eco-friendly gift bags, baby diapers, wet wipes,...
- Supplying raw materials for sewing medical masks and woven straps,...
- Main product:
+ Non-Woven Fabric For Wet Towel
+ Nonwoven Fabrics for Masks.
+ Non-woven fabric for making medical masks.
+ Nonwoven Fabric for Diapers.
+ Non-Woven Fabric for Gift Bags.
+ Non Woven Fabrics for Supermarket Bags.
+ Non-woven fabric for self-destructing bags.
+ Elastic Band for Mask.
+ Face Mask Strap Nose Splint.
+ Plastic Nose Splint.
+ Non-woven Fabric Mask.
+ Plastic Strap.
+ Polyester Plastic Strap.
+ Polyester Strap.
+ Polyester Strap.
Update:Thursday, May 20,2021

Address: 175/1 Tan Thoi Nhat 17 St., Tan Thoi Nhat Ward, Dist.12, Ho Chi Minh City
Tel:(84-28) 38908289-0909482267
Fax:(84-28) 35926757
- Manufacturing specialized in garment materials and accessories: Fabric glue, Paper glue - Specializes in manufacturing materials for garment industry: Fabric Adhesive, Paper Adhesive, Cloth Mex, Paper Mex, Nonwoven, and Lining Fabrics.
The composition of Mexican types include: 100% cotton, cotton polly, polly, doble dot, weft - insert stretch fusible interlining, Twill weave woven, Fusible Interlining, Hair interlining, Fell. Used for Shirts, Pants, Veston, Hats, Fashionable Clothing, Uniforms, Skirts, Bags, Underwear, Upholstery and other types ...
- Main product:
+ Dust Filter Cloth.
+ SS Nonwoven Fabric.
+ Small Ball Non Woven Fabric.
+ Nonwoven Materials.
+ Large Non Woven Fabric.
+ Bi Trung Non-Woven Fabric.
+ Non-Woven Fabric as Mattress.
+ Nonwoven Fabrics In Sheets.
+ Non-Woven Fabric in Mesh.
+ Non Woven Fabric in Roll.
+ Non-Woven Fabric for Fire Retardant.
+ Non-Woven Fabric as Filter Bags.
+ Nonwoven Fabrics For Wet Towels.
+ Non-woven as a mask.
+ Mex Vai.
+ Mex Giay.
+ Fabric Construction.
+ Mex Embroidery.
+ Paper Construction.
+ Mex Construction.
+ Fabric Construction Adhesive.
+ Paper Construction Adhesive.
+ Mex Construction Paper.
+ Mex Construction Cloth.
+ Mex Non Woven Fabric.
+ Mex Constructs Interlining.
Update:Friday, April 30,2021

Address: 947 Huynh Tan Phat St., Phu Nhuan Ward, Dist.7, Ho Chi Minh City
Tel:(84-28) 62989960
- Supplying curtain, wallpaper, carpet products for housing projects as well as buildings, restaurants, hotels, apartments, hospitals,...
Update:Tuesday, February 23,2021

Address: Gia Khe Industrial Zone, Tien Hung Commune, Luc Nam Dist., Bac Giang Province
Tel:(84-204) 3866866-0902061258-0904818100
Fax:(84-204) 3866888
- Manufacturing and trading all kinds of packaging, plastic bags, canvas.
Update:Tuesday, December 1,2020

Address: 307-309 Hong Bang Street, - Ward 11 - District 5 - Ho Chi Minh City.
 Wholesale fabrics, readymade garments, shoes
Update:Monday, November 16,2020

Address: Dong Lang Industrial Group, Phu Ninh Dist., Phu Tho Province
Tel:(84-210) 3860570-3860571-3860572
Fax:(84-210) 3860574-3860575
- Manufacturing and trading in PE Tarpaulin canvas.
Update:Tuesday, September 1,2020

Address: St.1, Long Thanh Industrial Zone, Tam An Hamlet, Long Thanh Dist., Dong Nai Province
Tel:(84-251) 3514050
Fax:(84-251) 3514051
- Manufacturing clothes.
Update:Tuesday, June 16,2020

Address: Tan My Hamlet, Thai Hoa Commune, Tan Uyen District, Binh Duong Province
Tel:(84-274) 3658805-3658806-3658853
Fax:(84-274) 3658810
- Producing PE canvas.
Update:Thursday, April 9,2020

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