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Address: 87-89 Ha Dinh St., Thanh Xuan Trung Ward, Thanh Xuan Dist., Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) 38584310-38584165
Fax:(84-24) 38585038
- Producing and trading in light bulbs, electric equipment materials, lighting equipment, glass products and all kinds of thermos.
- Services of technical science and technology transfer.
- Direct export and import.
- Consulting and designing civil and industrial lighting systems (excluding word design).
- Repair and installation of lighting equipment in civil and industrial.
- Commercial advertising services.
- Cargo transportation service.
- Real estate business, land use rights belonging to the owner, user or leased land.
- Consulting, brokerage, real estate auction, land use right auction.
Update:Monday, April 1,2024

Address: Lot NM5, Phu Thi small And medium Industrial park, Gia Lam Dist., Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) 36787956
Fax:(84-24) 3678957
* Production and sales of products:
- Kitchen appliances: CH Cook pan, stainless steel pan,...
- Mold manufacturing: Processing and designing molds for pans, speaker bones,...
- Casting aluminum alloy products and processing aluminum products after casting.
- Processing industrial plastic products as required.
- Production and distribution of products:
- Super durable non-stick pots and pans.
- Decorative lights of all kinds.
- Electric fans of all kinds.
- Motobike accessories.
* Main product:
- Kitchen appliances.
+ Oval pan.
+ CH Cook pan.
+ Stainless steel pan.
+ Stone-patterned frying pan.
+ Deep stone-patterned pan.
+ Square pan.
- Manufacturing molds.
+ Processing and designing pan molds.
+ Loa bone.
Update:Monday, March 25,2024

Address: Floor 5th, Ocean Park Building, No.1 Dao Duy Anh S.,, Dong Da Dist., Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) 6281698-6281699
- Providing products: water purifiers, household electrical appliances, kitchen electrical appliances, household appliances, freezers, refrigerators,...
* Main product:
- Water purifier.
+ RO water purifier.
+ Household water purifier.
+ Hydrogen water purifier.
+ Large capacity water purifier.
+ Kitchen electrical appliances.
- Gas stove.
+ Oven.
+ Grill.
+ Induction cooker.
+ Electric kettle.
+ Electric hot pot.
+ Hood.
+ Rice cooker.
+ Slow juicer.
+ Blender.
- Home electric.
+ Electric fan.
+ Hair dryer.
+ Robot vacuum cleaner.
+ Clothes dryer.
+ Steam iron.
+ Air purifier.
+ Bathroom heating lamp.
+ Halogen heating lamp.
+ Hot and cold water dispenser.
+ Air cooler.
- Houseware.
+ Stainless steel pot set.
+ Aluminum pan.
+ Aluminum pot set.
+ Non-stick pot set.
+ Kangaroo aluminum soup pot.
+ Kangaroo stainless steel stirring pot.
+ Kangaroo stone-patterned non-stick aluminum pan.
- Refrigeration.
+ Cooler.
+ Ice cream cabinet.
+ Freezer.
+ Kangaroo antibacterial refrigerator.
+ Kangaroo antibacterial cream cabinet.
+ Kangaroo antibacterial freezer.
Update:Monday, March 25,2024

Address: No.9A, 9B, 9/207 Bui Xuong Trach St., Khuong Dinh Ward, Thanh Xuan Dist., Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) 35502066-Hotline: 0904698858-0986797992
Fax:(84-24) 35502066
* Manufacture:
+ Medical mask Dr. Mask.
+ Cloth mask.
+ Cotton towels: Face towels, bath towels, Viethope baby towels,...
+ Kitchen utensils: Towels, universal kitchen utensils.
+ Happiness sun protection clothing.
* Main product:
- Medical mask Dr. Mask.
+ Dr. mask Mask.
+ Medical mask box Dr. Mask.
+ 3-layer medical mask.
+ Medical mask bag Dr. Mask.
+ 3DS3 mask Dr. Mask.
+ Anti-droplet medical mask.
+ SMS 1-layer rain mask.
+ Adult 3D cloth mask.
+ Antibacterial medical mask.
+ 3-layer medical mask Dr. Mask.
+ Dr.Mask 3-layer children's mask.
+ 3DKIDS children's mask Dr. Mask.
+ 4-layer antibacterial medical mask Dr. Mask.
+ 4-layer activated carbon mask Dr. Mask.
+ 4-layer activated carbon mask for export.
+ Adult 3D fabric mask with breathing valve Dr. Mask.
- Face towels, bath towels, shampoo towels.
+ Shampoo towel.
+ Viethope towel.
+ Wipes.
+ Face towel.
+ Bath towels.
+ Cotton face towel.
+ Bamboo fiber bath towels.
+ Cotton face towels.
+ Bamboo fiber towel.
+ Children's face towels.
+ Bath towels made in Japan.
+ Shampoo towels made in Japan.
+ Adult face towels.
- Baby products.
+ Paper socks.
+ Milk towel.
+ Lucky fabric bib.
+ 2-layer milk towel.
+ 3-layer milk towel.
+ 4-layer milk towel.
+ 5-layer milk towel.
+ Lucky plastic bibs.
+ Lucky rubber mat.
+ Net blanket for Lucky baby.
+ Screenshot for baby Lucky.
+ Multi-purpose towels for export.
- Other garment products.
+ Hotel towels.
+ Hotel towels.
+ Hand towel.
+ Kitchen towels.
+ Northern kitchen.
+ Apron.
+ Pot lining.
+ Gloves.
+ Fabric apron.
+ Plastic apron.
+ Multi-purpose towel.
+ 2-layer sun protection dress.
+ Children's sun protection shirt.
+ 2-layer sun protection shirt.
+ Denim sun protection shirt.
+ Khaki fabric sun protection shirt.
Update:Monday, March 25,2024

Address: 41 House, 79 Thanh Dam Lane, Thanh Dam st., Thanh Tri Ward, Hoang Mai Dist., Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) Hotline: 0904694588
- Manufacturing, supplying and OEM Rechargeable fans - Bathroom heating lamps: Rechargeable fans, heating fans, solar fans,...
* Main products and services:
- Electric fan.
+ Electric fan.
+ Heating fan.
+ Electric fan.
+ Energy fan.
+ Rechargeable fan.
+ Electric fans of all kinds.
+ Swonsan electric fan.
+ Residential electric fans.
+Industrial electric fans.
+ Battery clamp fan.
+ Solar fan.
+ Swonsan BSC 40TD rechargeable fan.
+ Swonsan BSC 40NL solar fan.
- Heating lamp.
+ Ceiling heating lamp.
+ Bathroom heating lamp.
+ Wall-mounted heating lamp.
+ Wall-mounted heating lamp with 2 bulbs.
+ 3-bulb wall-mounted heating lamp.
+ 4-bulb bathroom ceiling heating lamp.
+ Other household appliances.
+ Sun gel heater.
+ Plug-in lunch box.
+ 360 degree mop.
+ Food containers.
+ Swonsan food warmer box.
+ Swonsan mushroom-shaped mosquito lamp.
Update:Monday, March 25,2024

Address: Lot TTCN1 - Phu Nghia Industrial Park, Phu Nghia Commune, Chuong My Dist., Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) 66823238-0986799790
- Manufacturing and assembling all kinds of medium - low voltage switchboards such as RMU cabinets, Compact substations, MSB, MDB general electrical cabinets, DB distribution cabinets, capacitor cabinets, ATS cabinets, synchronous cabinets, .. manufactured according to IEC 61439 – 1,2 and according to forms 1,2,3,4
- Producing all kinds of cable ladders (Cable Ladder), cable trays (Cable Tray, Trunking).
- Producing RMU integrated supports for 3-phase transformers from 75 - 800 KVA.
- Producing fire protection cabinets and accessories for fire fighting industry
- Producing and processing precision mechanical products in the form of plates
- Design and manufacture of electrical cabinets.
+ General electrical cabinet MSB.
+ Control and protection cabinets.
+ Engine control cabinet.
+ Intermediate connection cabinet.
+ ATS cabinet.
+ Combined transformer station.
+ Capacitor cabinet.
+ Contact cabinet.
* Main product:
- Medium voltage electricity.
+ Kios-type transformer station.
+ Single-column substation.
+ Medium voltage cabinets.
+ Medium voltage grid protection cabinet system.
- Low voltage.
+ General electrical cabinet MSB.
+ Synchronized cabinet.
+ DB distribution cabinet.
+ Electrical meter cabinet.
+ Outdoor electrical cabinet - Electricity.
+ Central control cabinet.
+ Control cabinet for wastewater treatment.
+ PLC control cabinet, inverter.
+ ATS switch cabinet.
+ Capacity compensation cabinet.
- Electric cable tray.
+ Electric cable ladder.
+ Cable tray.
+ Power cable tray.
+ Grid.
+ Support bar.
- Fire cabinet.
+ Wall fire cabinet.
+ Built-in rescue cabinet.
+ Fire extinguisher tray.
+ Cabinet of fire prevention tools.
Update:Wednesday, July 26,2023

Address: No.163 Dai La St., Dong Tam Ward, Hai Ba Trung Dist., Ha Noi
Tel:(84-24) 38694491
Fax:(84-24) 38699245
- Producing home electrical appliances and electrical equipment.
- Trading in iron and steel, pumps, handicrafts, agricultural products.
- Trading bicycle, electric bike.
- Trading in plastic resin.
- Lease of warehouses, yards.
Update:Friday, January 7,2022

Address: 78/7E Ba Trieu St., Quarter 1, Hoc Mon Town, Ho Chi Minh City
Tel:(84-28) 62828392-62828.398-62828399-090372056
- Distributing civil electrical equipment products of Sino, Vanlock, Panasonic brands, including: Switches, sockets, circuit breakers, electrical cabinets, electric fans, ceiling fans,...
- Main product:
+ Sino Electrical Cabinet.
+ MCB, MCCB Sino.
+ Sino Electrical Equipment.
+ Sino Extension Socket.
+ Sino Telephone Cord.
+ Sino Socket Switch.
+ Sino Automatic Knife.
+ Panasonic Electric Fan.
+ Panasonic Ceiling Fan.
+ Panasonic Exhaust Fan.
+ Panasonic Pump.
+ MCB, MCCB Panasonic.
+ Panasonic Electrical Equipment.
+ Panasonic Lighting.
+ Panasonic Socket Switch.
+ Panasonic Automatic Knife.
+ Cable TV SP.
+ Electrical Equipment.
+ Distribution Box.
+ Nano Electrical Cabinet.
+ Cadivi Power Cable.
+ Waterproof Light Trough.
+ SP Power Conduit.
+ Daphaco Power Cable.
+ Accessories Conduit Conduit.
+ Vanlock Electrical Conduit.
+ Plugs, Industrial Sockets.
+ Civil Electrical Equipment.
+ Fireproof, Anti-Stamping PVC Conduit.
+ Water tank - Water heater.
+ Son Ha Water Tank.
+ Dai Thanh Water Tank.
+ Son Ha Solar Energy Machine.
+ Dai Thanh Solar Power Machine.
Update:Monday, December 20,2021

Address: No.38, Road8, Binh Hung Hoa A Ward, Binh Tan Dist., Ho Chi Minh City
Tel:(84-28) 22141022-0909837737-0986996383-0937703010
- Consulting, designing and installing cold storage systems, cold storage, cool storage, freezing, fast freezing, industrial and civil air-conditioning systems.
- Consulting, designing, installing and manufacturing indoor units, outdoor units, protective frames for freezing storage systems, cold storage, cool storage, cooling systems ...
Update:Monday, February 1,2021

Address: No.9A, Alley 76, Lac Long Quan Str., Buoi Ward, Tay Ho Dist., HaNoi
Tel:(84-24) 37535167-37578699-38334046
Fax:(84-24) 37671109
- Manufacture of civil and industrial electrical appliances.
Update:Tuesday, January 5,2021

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