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Address: Floor 2nd, Goldenwest Building, No.2 Le Van Thiem St., Nhan Chinh Ward, Thanh Xuan Dist., Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) 0913539390
- Provide cargo, industrial and marine inspection services and are well received by both domestic and international customers.
+ Inspection of quantity, volume, volume, condition, type, quality, loss of goods.
+ Supervising the process of installing machinery and equipment lines.
+ Marine inspection: Assessing draft, inspecting the ship before leasing or receiving it back, inspecting the cleanliness and tightness of the cargo hold, assessing the volume of fuel on board the ship, ..
+ Sampling and analyzing the quality of goods.
+ Trading in tools, machinery and equipment for inspection and analysis.
* Main product:
- Marine inspection services.
+ Sealing the Cargo.
+ Marine Inspection Service.
+ Inspection of Cargo Cellar Hygiene.
+ Container Condition Inspection.
+ Fuel Inspection on board ROB.
+ Inspection of Fuel Supply on board BQS.
+ Vessel's Seaworthiness Assessment.
+ Supervising the process of loading and unloading goods on board.
+ Vessel Condition Inspection Before Lease and Return.
+ Assessing the Volume of Cargo Carried by Sea Over the Draft.
- Cargo inspection service.
+ Goods Inspection.
+ Supervising the Production Process.
+ Supervision of Loading and Unloading.
+ Goods Damage Assessment.
+ Inspecting the Volume of Goods.
+ Quality Inspection of Goods.
+ Inspecting the Volume of Liquid Cargo at Ship.
+ Inspecting Goods Before Shipment.
+ Assessing the Volume of Liquid Cargo at the Tank.
- Industrial inspection services.
+ Industrial Inspection.
+ Vehicle Condition Inspection.
+ Equipment Inspection.
+ Check Origin of Goods.
+ Equipment Line Inspection.
+ Industrial Machine Condition Inspection.
+ Inventory Condition Before Lease.
+ Supervision of Machine Assembly Line Assembly Process.
- Analysis service.
+ Analyzing Consumer Goods Quality Indicators.
+ Sampling Analysis of Indicators .
+ Quality of Goods.
+ Analysis Only.
+ Quality of Import and Export Goods.
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Address: Floor 7th, Machinco Building, No.10 Tran Phu, Ha Dong Dist., Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) 62853088-62853086
- Consultancy and survey of construction and chemical materials for plastic and rubber industry.
+ PVC plastic chemicals: Titanium Dioxide, Stearic Acid, stabilizers, processing aids, stabilizers, impact aids,...
+ Chemical rubber: DCP cross-linking agent.
+ Stone powder chemicals: APP spray, PE lubricant.
+ Additives for plastic industry: toughening agent, anti-UV agent.
+ In addition, providing HDPE, LDPE, PP plastic beads.
* Main product:
- PVC plastic chemicals.
+ Titanium Dioxide.
+ Stearic Acid.
+ Desiccant.
+ PE Wax Lotte.
+ Titanium LR 108.
+ PE Wax ALBA.
+ Plastic Pigments.
+ PVC Plastic Chemicals.
+ Korean Pe Wax.
+ PVC powder H58.
+ Ca/Zn System Stabilizer.
+ PVC Heat Stabilizer.
+ Machining Auxiliary P551.
+ Machining Auxiliary P770.
+ Bleach For Plastic.
+ Heat Stabilizer HL604.
+ Hardener For UPVC.
+ ACR 401 Machining Auxiliary.
+ Impact Aid CPE 135A.
+ Processing Auxiliary CPE 135A.
+ Processing Auxiliary CPE 6325.
+ MSB Arkema Impact Agent.
- Rubber chemicals.
+ DCP Crosslinking Agent.
- Rubber Industry Chemicals.
+ Chemical stone powder.
+ Additives APP.
+ Stone Powder Chemical.
+ PE Wax Lubricant.
- Plastic additives.
+ Toughness Booster.
+ Anti-UV agent.
+ Tafmer Daikin Booster.
+ Elvaloy AC Rejuvenator.
- Plastic beads.
+ PP Plastic Beads.
+ HDPE Plastic Granules.
+ LDPE Plastic Beads.
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Address: No. 01 - TT29, Van Phu New Urban Area, Phu La Ward, Ha Dong Dist., Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) 0966694823
- Supply of industrial chemicals.
- Distribution of basic chemicals.
- Chemicals for industrial production in large quantities for industrial zones.
- Trading in food preservatives & food additives.
- Sale of agricultural chemicals.
- Supply of cosmetic chemicals.
- Laboratory chemicals.
- Chemicals ecolab.
- Printing chemicals.
- Chemical oxygen.
- Provide cleaning chemicals.
- Selling chemicals for wastewater treatment.
- Medical chemicals & medical testing chemicals.
- Car cleaning chemicals.
- Textile dyeing chemicals.
- Medical chemicals.
- Industrial laundry chemicals.
- Chemical emulsion.
- Chemicals, laboratory instruments.
- Paint chemicals.
- Plastic chemicals.
- Chemical plating.
- Chemicals for the textile and dyeing industry.
- Pharmaceutical chemicals.
- Chemical solvents.
- Construction chemicals.
- Medical chemicals.
- Selling rubber chemicals.
- Pure chemicals.
- Sell emulsifier.
- Chemical tanning.
- Aquatic chemicals.
- Chemical swimming pool, made in cheap aquarium water.
- Selling sigma chemicals.
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Address: No. 13A26, Alley 367, Hoang Quoc Viet St., Nghia Tan Ward, Cau Giay Dist., Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) 39503568-0944012188
Fax:(84-24) 39503568
- Processing, manufacturing & installing industrial tanks of all kinds VIETTANK brand, including:
- By material: Stainless steel tank, steel tank.
- By structure: High pressure tanks, horizontal tanks, vertical tanks,...
- By function: Oil tank, liquid tank, gas tank,...
- Various tank capacity: From 1m3 to 1500m3.
* Main product:
- Industrial tanks and pressure vessels.
+ Pressure tank.
+ Accumulator tank.
+ Oil Tank.
+ Stainless steel tank.
+ Fabrication of Steel Tanks.
+ Processing Steel Tanks.
+ Construction of Steel Tank.
+ Compressed Air Container.
+ Tanks of all kinds.
+ LGP Gas Tank.
+ Horizontal Tank.
+ Filter Tower Tank.
+ Liquidation Tank.
+ Steel Oil Tank.
+ Chemical Tank.
+ Industrial Tanks.
+ Industrial Tanks.
+ Solution Tank.
+ Petroleum Tank.
+ High Pressure Tank.
+ Liquefied Gas Tank.
+ Industrial Stainless Steel Tank.
- Treatment tanks of all kinds.
+ Drying tube.
+ Exhaust Gas Treatment Tank..
+ Wastewater Treatment Tank.
+ Wastewater Treatment Tower Tank.
+ Environmental Treatment Equipment.
+ Industrial Wastewater Treatment Tank.
- Other tank products.
+ Bathtub.
+ LPG tank.
+ Storage Tank.
+ Cement silo.
+ Oil Tank.
+ Industrial Tank.
+ Processing Tank.
+ Chemical Containers.
+ Used Tents.
+ Processing and Installing Storage Tanks.
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Address: Floor 2-A2-IA20, Nam Thang Long Urban Area, Pham Van Dong St., Dong Ngac Ward, Bac Tu Liem Dist., Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) 37589089-37589098-0971023523-Hotline: 1800577728
- Trading in chemicals, supplying raw materials for the industry: Paint, Plastic and Rubber in Vietnam market.
+ Plastic for paint: Acrylic, epoxy, alkyd, fireproof paint, ...
+ Solvents of all kinds.
+ Raw rubber, additives, rubber fillers.
+ Raw materials for plastic industry.
+ Raw materials for printing ink industry.
+ In addition, it also provides quick composite chemicals and other industrial chemicals.
* Main product:
- Paint chemicals.
+ Organic Pigments
+ Inorganic Pigment..
+ Foaming Additive.
+ Anti-Ha Additive.
+ Flame Retardant Additives.
+ Anti-Settling Additive.
+ Alkyd Plastic Chemicals.
+ Epoxy Resin Chemicals.
+ Maleic Plastic Chemicals.
+ Petro Plastic Chemicals.
+ Rosin Plastic Chemicals.
+ Powder For Paint Silica.
+ Industrial Solvents.
+ Green Solvent For Paint.
+ Anti-Corrosion Additives.
+ Kaolin Filling Powder Cho Son.
+ Powder For Paint Barium Sulphate.
+ Curing Chemicals For PU Paint.
+ Chemical Acrylic Polyol.
+ Acrylic Thermoplastic Chemicals.
+ Acrylic Thermosetting Plastic Chemicals.
+ Curing Chemicals For Epoxy Paints.
+ Plastic Chemicals For Fire Resistant Paint.
+ Plastic Chemicals For Heat Resistant Paint.
+ Plastic Chemicals For Paint On Zinc.
- Rubber industry chemicals.
+ Isolator.
+ Plasticizer.
+ Vulcanizing Chemicals.
+ BR Rubber Chemicals.
+ Chemical Rubber SBR.
+ Vulcanization Accelerator.
+ Oil Resistant Rubber Chemicals.
+ Black Charcoal For Rubber.
+ Silicon Rubber Chemicals.
+ Chemicals of Recycled Rubber.
+ Chemicals of Natural Rubber.
+ Anti-Aging Agent For Rubber.
+ Chemical Additives Circuit Cutting.
+ Chemical Vulcanization Accelerator.
+ Gia Cuong Filling Powder For Rubber.
+ Chemical Homogenizing Agent.
+ Flame Retardant Additives For Rubber.
- Chemicals for plastic industry.
+ Eva Plastic Chemicals.
+ PVC Plastic Chemicals.
+ LDPE Plastic Chemicals.
+ Plasticizers Plastic Industry.
+ Chemical PU Foam.
+ Flame Retardant Additives For Plastics.
- Other chemical industry.
+ Caustic soda NaOH.
+ Ink Industry Chemicals
+ Chemical Composite..
+ Industrial Cleaning Chemicals.
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Address: No. A24 TT7, Van Quan Urban Area, Phuc La Ward, Ha Dong Dist., Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) 73002368-0975913868-0987481339
- Importing and distributing all kinds of additives and chemicals for the Plastic, Paint, Rubber & PVC industries..
- Heat stabilizer for PVC.
+ PVC Heat Stabilizer.
+ Heat Stabilizer.
+ Single Heat Stabilizer.
+ Ca-Zn Heat Stabilizer TC-N5H.
+ Calcium-Zinc Heat Stabilizer TC-N3H.
+ Calcium-Zinc Heat Stabilizer TC-N6H.
+ Lead Heat Stabilizer TS-500.
+ Lead Heat Stabilizer TS-600.
+ Lead Heat Stabilizer TS-810.
- Zinc salt - Zinc Stearate (Zn-st).
+ Zinc Stearate.
+ Zinc Salt.
+ Zinc Stearate (Zn-St).
+ Zinc Stearate TS-36.
+ Zinc Stearate TS-38.
+ Zinc Stearate TS-68H.
- Calcium Salt - Calcium Stearate (Ca-st).
+ Calcium Stearate Ca-St.
+ Calcium Stearate TSC-55.
+ Calcium Stearate TSC-56.
+ Calcium Stearate TSC-58.
+ Calcium Stearate TSC-68.
- Calcium Stearate.
+ Calcium Salt.
+ Toughening agent, processing aid for PVC.
+ Thickener For PVC.
+ Booster CPE135AH.
+ Booster CPE135AN.
+ Booster M-51.
+ Sustainer TS551.
+ ACR401 Machining Assistant.
- Pe-Wax lubricant.
- Talc powder.
+ Talc powder.
+ Talc powder SD- - 400.
+ Talc powder SD- - 600.
+ Talc powder SD-600W.
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Address: No. 24, Block C40, Area C Geleximco Le Trong Tan, Duong Noi, Ha Dong Dist., Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) 0912678553-0912678553
- Producing and distributing plastic additives: Increase slip, anti-stick, UV absorber.
- Supplying Polymer Additives and consulting industrial chemicals imported from Korea, Malaysia, China, India,...
+ Additives to increase clarity, increase hardness: CP 3988, Talc nucleating,..
+ UV resistant additives:
+ UV absorbers: UV531 (Chimassorb81, songsorb8100..), UV326
+ UV stabilizers: UV622, UV770, UV783, UV791, UV944, UV123, UV type NOR,...
+ Antioxidants: AO1010, AO168, ..
+ Optical brightening additives: OB, OB-1, FP-127, KCB, CBX, ..
+ Anti-adhesive additives, increase slip: Erucamide, stearamide, behenamide, oleamide, EBS.
+ Antistatic additives, anti-slippery particles, solder paste increases, ..
+ Additives to increase smoothness, open ball for the blowing industry of PE, PP, EVA bags: OA98 powder, ball powder, OA98 granules.
+ Stabilizing additives in the production of PE foam, beetle foam: DMG, candle powder, flour, fatty acids.
+ Foaming and foaming additives for EVA, PVC, PE foam industry: AC3000, AC7000, NC, ..
+ Additives in the rubber industry: Carbon black N330, N220, Promotion, fatty acids.
+ In addition, ChemPo JSC also provides a variety of colored plastic beads and pigments.
Update:Tuesday, January 31,2023

Address: No. 971, Ngo Gia Tu, Duc St., Giang Ward, Long Bien Dist., Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) 3772481-Hotline: 0942546831
* Importing and supplying famous chemical products from the US, Japan, France, Malaysia, Israel, China, Taiwan and Vietnam.
- Water treatment chemicals: H3PO4, H2SO4, NaOH 98%, PAC31, Chlorine, Aluminum alum, Soda.
- Cleaning chemicals: HCL, H2O2 (Oxium), NaOH (Flake caustic soda), NaOCL (Javen), Soda.
- Wood industry chemicals: H2O2, NaOH.
- Textile dyeing chemicals: Acetic acid, citric acid, H2O2, Oxalic acid
- Plating chemicals: HNO3 (Nito Acid), ZnSO4 (Zinc Sulfate), Zinc Ingots, H3BO3 (Boric Acid), Na2SO4 (Sodium Sulfate), NH4CL (Amonium Chloride), Soda.
- Other industrial chemicals: ZnO (zinc oxide), Silicate, CrO3 (Chromic acid), Industrial vinegar.
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Address: Room 2B, Floor 2nd, Nice Building, No.467 Dien Bien Phu St., Ward 25, Binh Thanh Dist., Ho Chi Minh City
Tel:(84-28) 38035422-38035424
- Producing and distributing Refrigerated Gas, Industrial Gas and Gas Equipment.
+ Industrial gases (LIQUID and GAS): Oxygen, Nitrogen, Argon, CO2, Acetylene, Ethylene, Helium, Hydrogen, LPG, mixed gas.
+ Nitrogen & CO2 used in food, Medical Oxygen.
+ Gas used in electronics and semiconductor industry: BCl3, BBr3, F2N2;
+ SSB refrigerant: R134a, R404A, R407C, R507, R410A, R600a and R290.
+ Renting tanks (6m3 - 100m3), ISO tanks (20m3), gas bottles, gas cylinders, gas valves, evaporators, pipes.
+ Cleaning services for tanks, pipes as well as gas transportation.
+ Design, Construction and Management of gas pipeline system, gas purification.
- Purge services: Ships, tanks, cargo containers, pipelines, factories and stations.
+ Clean the tank.
+ Inert the tank.
+ Pipeline cooling.
+ Other Refrigeration & Marine Services: Refrigeration Valve Leak Test, Cargo Cooling & Cooling, Cold Recovery, Storage & Refilling, Vessel, Tank & Piping Operations.
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Address: No.142/22, Road TA16, Thoi An Ward, Dist.12, Ho Chi Minh City
Tel:(84-28) 66822999-0912843939
- Providing a variety of types to increase the effective yield of agricultural products after harvest with the following products:
+ Organic fertilizers: Organic fertilizers for elephants, bats, cows, ostriches, ..
+ Intermediate fertilizer: Humic bat phosphate fertilizer, calcium magnesium phosphate, super continental, ..
+ Inorganic fertilizers: NPK FETICO fertilizer with different contents
+ Foliar fertilizer: Ferti - Gold fertilizer.
* Main products:
- Organic fertilizers.
+ Organic Fertilizer Cow 750M.
+ Bat Organic Fertilizer 650M.
+ Bat Organic Fertilizer 680M.
+ Elephant Organic Fertilizer 680M.
+ Organic Fertilizer Ostrich 680M.
+ Organic Fertilizer Lion 750M.
+ Bio-Organic Fertilizer HU-7G.
- Intermediate fertilizer.
+ Intermediate Fertilizer.
+ Calcium Magnesium Phosphorus Fertilizer.
+ Humic Bat Phosphorus Fertilizer
+ Continental Bat Phosphorus Fertilizer.
+ Super Continental Fertilizer.
- Inorganic fertilizers.
+ Apply UREA PLUS NPK fertilizer SF 30-9-9.
+ Fertilizer NPK FETICO 19-9-9
+ Fertilizer NPK FETICO 22-12-8..
+ Fertilizer NPK FETICO 15-5-22.
+ Fertilizer NPK FETICO 15-5-32.
+ Fertilizer NPK FETICO 17-7-19.
+ Fertilizer NPK FETICO 20-10-10.
+ Fertilizer NPK FETICO 20-10-25.
+ Fertilizer NPK FETICO 20-20-15.
+ Fertilizer NPK FETICO 16-16-16.
+ Fertilizer NPK FETICO 16-16-17.
+ Fertilizer NPK FETICO 17-17-17.
+ Fertilizer NPK FETICO 20-4-5+3S.
+ Fertilizer NPK FETICO 19-4-4+3S.
+ Fertilizer NPK FETICO 20-10-15+TE.
- Foliar fertilizer.
+ Foliar Fertilizer.
+ Ferti-Gold fertilizer 10-50-10+TE.
+ Ferti-Gold fertilizer 12-3-43+TE.
+ Ferti-Gold manure 21-21-21+TE.
+ Ferti-Gold manure 29-10-10+TE.
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