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Address : No.11B, Co Nhue Ward, Tu Liem Dist., Hanoi City
Tel : (84-24) 0968438517
Sector :  + Security control equipment for shops and supermarkets: Magnetic stamps, magnetic cards, magnetic scanners, magnetic removal machines
+ Wipes for oil for machines, for electronic components.
+ Gloves, masks, dusty carpets, protective gear for companies
+ Diamond cutting blade for semiconductor industry, electronic components, stone powder mining industry.
+ Optical glass for electronic companies.
+ Types of thread used for embroidery, garment industry, packaging: Cotton thread, Nylon thread, Polyester thread.
+ Adhesive for clothes, bedding, bags...
+ Buckle, key, lock size: #3, #5, #8, #10.
+ Plastic buttons, plastic buttons, Metal buttons, four-component buttons, buttons, buttons.
+ Plastic hooks, iron hooks for bags and clothes.
+ Hanging rope for cards, bullets, bullets, bullets, tag pins.
+ Glowing reflective fabric, ribbons of all kinds.
+ Oze stamping machine or manually for clothes, shoes, bags.
+ Positioning spray: in the embroidery and garment industry.
+ Packing accessories: Adhesive tape, wrapping film, moisture-proof beads, moisture-proof paper, moisture measurement card.
* Main product:
+ Security equipment.
+ Clean room utensils.
+ Garment accessories.
+ Packaging materials.
+ Office equipment.
+ IT equipment.
+ Monitor Glass.
+ Blade - cutting knife.
Detail :  - Tax code: 0108334657
- Tax management agency: Tax Department of Bac Tu Liem District
- Business License: 0108334657 - 23/06/2018
- Ower/Lagal representative: Tran Dinh Tuong
- Activity status: Operating

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