• Nam Dinh province
  • 4/21/2017
  • To mobilize all resources to reach highest speed growth and improve economic growth; promote economic restructure in direction of decreasing proportion of agriculture and increase proportion of industry and services in GDP
  • Binh Thuan province
  • 4/20/2017
  • The province is 200 km of Ho Chi Minh City, 250 km of Nha Trang City. The National Highway 1, and the North - South Railways are running through, connecting the province with the Northern and Southern provinces. The provincial road No28 connects Phan Thiet City with Southern provinces of Tay Nguyen. The provincial road No55 joins the province with Vung Tau center of petroleum and tourism services.
    • Ha Nam province
    • 4/19/2017
    • To promote internal resources and use effectively all resources to develop socio-economic rapidly and sustainably; building synchronous infrastructure system to be a foundation of socio-economic development toward industrialization and modernization.
      • Ha Noi city
      • 4/18/2017
      • To develop post and telecommunication towards modern automation, computerization to keep pace with advanced countries in the region, providing diversified services under international standards.
        • Khanh Hoa province
        • 4/17/2017
        • Khanh Hoa is situated from 11042’50’’ to 12052’15’’ northern latitude, from 108040’33’’ to 109027’55’’ eastern longitude. It is bounded on the north by Phu Yen Province, on the south by Ninh Thuan Province, on the west by the provinces of Dak Lak, and Lam Dong, and on the east by the East Sea
          • Quang Ngai province
          • 4/13/2017
          • To promote all of potential and advantages of the province; using effectively all resources to focus on key sectors for socio-economic development.
            • Son La province
            • 4/12/2017
            • To exploit, mobilize all resources, potentials and advantages of human resources, land, water and other natural resources through suitable mechanisms and policies to perform investment restructure, renovate growth model to make a breakthrough on socio-economic development.
              • Yen Bai province
              • 4/11/2017
              • To associate closely socio-economic development with ensuring national defense and security, maintaining social order and safety.
                • Kien Giang province
                • 4/10/2017
                • To promote internal resources, using effectively all of resources for socio-economic development to promote economic structure transformation towards positive and sustainable manner; improving growth quality and competitiveness of the economy.
                  • Tay Ninh province
                  • 4/7/2017
                  • To continue to develop socialist-oriented market economy, encourage and facilitate economic sectors to develop equally, creating suitable business environment to attract domestic and foreign investors to invest in the province.
                    • Bac Ninh province
                    • 4/4/2017
                    • To continue to develop Bac Ninh province with high speed but sustainable, efficient and economic restructuring in direction of modern to promote comparative advantage of geographical location and human resources of the province
                      • Nghe An province
                      • 4/3/2017
                      • Nghe An Province is situated in the heart of North-Central Vietnam, about 300 km south of Hanoi and 1,400 km north of Ho Chi Minh City. It is bounded on the north by Thanh Hoa Province with 196.13 km, on the south by Ha Tinh Province with 92.6 km...
                        • Binh Dinh province
                        • 3/27/2017
                        • Binh Dinh is a province in the South-Central Coast of Vietnam, adjoining Quang Ngai province to the north, Phu Yen province the south, Gia Lai to the west and the East Sea to the east.
                          • Daknong province
                          • 3/22/2017
                          • Overall socio - economic development plan of Dak Nong province to 2020 must be consistent with the overall strategy of national socio - economic development.
                            • Phu Yen province
                            • 3/21/2017
                            • To accelerate economic restructure in direction of increasing proportion of industry and services; mobilize all resources of economic sectors; mining industry has advantage of labor and resources.
                              • Bac Giang province
                              • 3/20/2017
                              • AsemconnectVietnam - Bac Giang province is a mountainous province with high potential of land, mineral resources.
                                • Lao Cai province
                                • 3/16/2017
                                • Lao Cai is a mountainous province of Northern Vietnam. It borders China to the north, Yen Bai Province to the south, Ha Giang Province to the east, and the provinces of Son La and Lai Chau to the west. The provincial capital of Lao Cai is close to the borderline between Vietnam, China.
                                  • Dong Nai province
                                  • 3/15/2017
                                  • Dong Nai province has an advantage traffic system with many backbone national roads crossing such as: National route 1A, national route 20, National route 51, north - south railway lines.
                                    • Cao Bang province
                                    • 3/14/2017
                                    • Economic development associates with implementation of social progress and justice, reducing poverty rapidly and sustainably, creating jobs and improving material and spiritual living of the people and protecting environment. To combine closely socio-economic development with ensuring defense, maintaining firmly security, political stability and social order and safety.
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