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Action plan on implementing Nghe An province's tourism development strategy to 2030, vision to 2035 

 Tuesday, October 31,2023

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Action plan on implementing Nghe An province's tourism development strategy to 2030, vision to 2035
I. Purpose and requirements
1. Purpose
- In order to concretize the goals, tasks and solutions of the Nghe An Tourism Development Strategy to 2030, vision to 2035 approved by the Provincial People's Committee in Decision No. 1439/QD.UBND dated December 23, 2020. May 2023.
- Create high consensus in awareness and action of all levels, sectors, localities and people throughout the province, determined to gradually build tourism into a key economic sector.
- Implement specific tasks and solutions, suitable to the development situation of Nghe An tourism to effectively deploy the Strategy content.
2. Requirements
- Clearly assign responsibilities to Departments, branches and People's Committees of districts, towns and related agencies to focus on directing and organizing the implementation of assigned tasks in a synchronous, and focused manner to ensure feasibility and effectiveness; At the same time, regularly urge, inspect and supervise implementation.
- The implementation ensures proactive and close coordination, in accordance with the functions and tasks of local departments and branches to support and create favorable conditions for sustainable tourism development.
II. Target
1. General goal
Promoting the potential and advantages of geographical - cultural location, natural resources and rich cultural heritage to create a breakthrough development for Nghe An tourism, gradually turning tourism into a basic economic sector, spearhead economy, positively contributing to growth and economic restructuring of the province.
2. Specific goals
By 2030, Nghe An will become one of the tourism centers of the North Central region and an attractive destination of Vietnam with unique tourism products bearing the imprint of Nghe An culture. Tourism has basically become a key economic sector of the Province, creating a driving force to promote the development of other industries and fields.
By 2035, Nghe An will become a destination for Asian and world tourism, a bright spot, a leader in Vietnam's heritage and tourism economic development, and strong development of value-added services, high to increase the proportion of the service industry in the economic structure.
3. Nghe An tourism development targets
Target by 2025: Attract 8.0-8.5 million visitors; including about 250,000 international visitors; Revenue from tourism services reached about 11,000 billion VND; The average daily spending of visitors is about 1.7-1.9 million VND; The total number of workers working in the industry is about 12,430 people.
Target by 2030: Total tourists are about 12.0-13.0 million; Of which, international visitors are about 0.8-1.0 million; domestic visitors about 11.2-12.0 million; Revenue from tourism services is about 25-30 trillion VND; The average daily spending of guests is about 2.0-2.5 million VND; Total number of workers in the tourism industry: 20-22 thousand people.
Target by 2035: Total tourists are about 18.0-20.0 million; Of which, international visitors are about 1.0-1.2 million; domestic visitors about 17.0-18.8 million; Revenue from tourism services is about 40-45 trillion VND; The average daily spending of guests is about 3.0-3.5 million VND; Total number of workers in the tourism industry: 22-25 thousand people.
III. Tasks and implementation solutions
1. Organize and thoroughly implement the Strategy; Propagating and raising awareness about Nghe An tourism development
- Organize the announcement, thorough understanding and implementation of the content of the Tourism Development Strategy to 2030, vision to 2035 to departments, branches, localities, unions and businesses in the province.
- Propagate and educate to raise awareness and innovate the thinking of officials, party members and people about tourism development, especially about the position and driving role of the tourism industry in promoting development of other industries and fields; Identifying tourism as a comprehensive economic sector, interdisciplinary, inter-regional, highly socialized, with profound cultural content, bringing many economic, cultural, social and political effects, foreign affairs, security and defense.
- Propagate and raise awareness and awareness of people, businesses and tourists about protecting resources and the tourism environment; Develop a plan to propagate and educate about tourism in extracurricular programs of schools in the province.
- Organize the summary, dissemination and replication of unique and effective tourism development models in the area; Reward and encourage timely support of new and creative models to create motivation to promote tourism development aspirations.
2. Develop tourism space
- Update the content of Nghe An tourism development strategy to 2030, vision to 2035 into the Provincial planning period 2021-2030, vision to 2050, urban and rural planning, functional area planning specific characteristics, sector planning and district planning.
- Review proposals for implementing general planning to build Kim Lien national tourist area; Implement and adjust planning for tourist destinations, tourist center areas... in the province.
3. Develop tourism products suitable to the potential and advantages of the province
a. Building unique, high-class tourism products with the Nghe An tourism brand
Focus on building Kim Lien tourist area with a focus on Kim Lien Relic Area to become a national tourist area and a specific tourism product of Nghe An, including:
- Proactively propose and coordinate with the Ministry of Construction and other central ministries and branches to develop a master plan to build Kim Lien National Tourist Area, on that basis to attract investment: standard accommodation facilities 4 stars, 5 stars; Food and beverage, shopping, sports, entertainment, and health care businesses meet standards to serve tourists. Accelerate the progress of the Cultural Tourism Area project under the "Special National Monument Area of President Ho Chi Minh Memorial" in Kim Lien commune, Nam Dan district and other projects being proposed by investors for research. Timely implementation and putting into operation after 2025.
- Strengthen the connection of Kim Lien destination with relics related to President Ho Chi Minh domestically and internationally through thematic tourism programs (Journey in Uncle Ho's footsteps, Back to the source, Back to Famous places), events, conferences, seminars and cultural and artistic activities.
- Continue to plan and arrange reasonable and scientific layouts of rest stops combined with service kiosks and display of local products to ensure compatibility with the landscape space of the relic site; Actively diversifying tours and experiential activities for tourists associated with innovating and improving the quality of reception and tour guiding, applying science and technology in guiding and providing information for tourists. Initially, it will be implemented within the President Ho Chi Minh Memorial Area, then gradually expand to the entire tourist area space.
b. Develop unique and attractive mainstream tourism products
- Sea and island resort tourism: focus on renewing and improving the quality of tourism products and services, including:
+ Attract investors according to the approved detailed planning for construction at a scale of 1/500 for the forest park east of Binh Minh street, Cua Lo town, associated with promoting the project of building an embankment infrastructure system along the sea. Form and exploit models of walking streets, night streets, night markets, and develop cultural and entertainment services to gradually create the image of a modern, classy and lively Cua Lo coastal tourism urban area. . Soon complete and put into operation the cable car route to Ngu Island and Vinpearl Cua Hoi beach entertainment area, Bai Lu villa, hotel and eco-tourism area. Focus on calling for tourism investment projects in Quynh beach area (Hoang Mai and Quynh Luu), Nghi Tien beach area (Nghi Loc), resort and sports area south of N2 road in Dien An commune (Dien Chau)…
+ Invest in upgrading the quality of existing accommodation facilities in coastal districts and towns to meet the national and regional standard system. Develop marine tourism products, helping to increase the value of the experience of tourists from traditional craft villages and fishing villages.
- Cultural - historical tourism
+ Invest in completing infrastructure, arranging and re-planning service points, improving the quality of human resources, building typical souvenir products of the province to serve service activities at relics with outstanding tourism resource value in the province; Invest in renovating and upgrading relics at the following locations: Hoang Muoi Temple, Quang Trung Temple, Nghe Tinh Xo Viet Square, Phan Boi Chau Memorial Area, Ru Gam Ecological and Spiritual Cultural Area, Hoanh Son Communal House , Dai Tue Pagoda, De Con, Qua Son Temple, Cuong Temple, Km0 Ho Chi Minh Trail... to ensure conditions to serve tourists. Investing in upgrading Quy Chau Museum to become the Museum of Western Ethnic Groups in Nghe An; new investment in Military Region 4 Museum; Upgrading and renovating items of the Nghe Tinh Soviet Museum and Nghe An Museum, focusing on investing in the application of science and technology to make the museum truly an attractive destination for tourists.
+ Innovate the way of organizing festivals in the province to ensure both the preservation of traditional cultural values and the creation of conditions for tourism development. Maintain and exploit pedestrian street activities in Vinh city effectively.
+ Coordinate and promote tourism programs to visit and experience museums, historical and cultural relics, and scenic spots in Nghe An for students.
- Ecotourism, discovery, exploration
+ Complete and improve the quality of ecotourism products, focusing on tourist destinations recognized by the Provincial People's Committee, such as: Pha Lai ecotourism area, Khe Kem waterfall (Con Cuong), Nong HDT general camp (Thanh Chuong), Eo Gio (Nam Dan), Hon Mat tourist area (Nghia Dan)... combining eco-tourism with discovering the cultural identity of local people, exploring on foot Sang Le forest (Tuong Duong).
+ Coordinate to complete the adventure tourism product "Conquering Pu Xai Lai Leng peak" in a safe and professional way, and gradually test and put into operation a number of new tours: Conquering the peak of Waterfall Khe Kem, watching animals at night... at Pu Mat National Park, as well as exploring the majestic natural landscape and breathtaking steep passes of the Western Road of Nghe An.
+ Speed up the progress of projects: Muong Thanh, Dien Lam Green land ecological area (zone B), Pha Lai - Giang River eco-tourism area (phase 2), Mixed service tourism and resort area in Cau Cau dam (Thanh Chuong), Hon Nhan ecological zoo - phase 2 (Dien Chau) to soon be put into operation; Actively promote investment attraction activities for projects: Khe Ban waterfall eco-tourism area (Quy Chau), Khe Kem waterfall eco-tourism area (Con Cuong), Giang Son hot spring complex (Do Luong )...
+ Gradually build, complete and put into operation river tourism products: Upstream of Giang river (from Pha Lai dam to Ban Co Phat), Cruise on Lam river listening to Vi and Giam folk songs (Ben Thuy - Cua Hoi, Ben Thuy - Hoang Muoi Temple); Qua Son Temple - Ba But Pagoda..., at the same time, forming more river tours in Nam Dan (Phan Boi Chau - Mai Hac De), experiential tourism on lakes and hydroelectric dams: Ban Ve, Khe Bo ( Tuong Duong).
- Community tourism, experience
+ Improve the quality of community tourism models currently serving tourists in Ban Xieng, Ban Nua, Ban Khe Ran (Con Cuong); Quang Phuc village (Tuong Duong), Yen Hoa village (Ky Son); Co Muong Village, Long Thang Village (Que Phong), Hoa Tien Village (Quy Chau) on the basis of increasing the content of exploration activities, experiencing local cultural identities, natural landscapes, and agricultural production activities industries, traditional craft villages, cuisine... Strengthen the mobilization of resources from businesses and people for community tourism development in Muong Long (Ky Son)...
+ Promote the exploitation of experiential tourism at: Flower gardens in Nghia Dan, Thai Hoa (Grape Garden, Truong Gia Trang, Phu Quy Flower Valley, TH Farm,...), Rose Garden (Nam Dan), Garden Nghi An bonsai (Vinh city), Western strawberry garden (Hung Nguyen), Salt fields (Quynh Luu)... Gradually build a model of community tourism, experiential and rural services associated with regional characteristics regions, cultural history, scenic spots...
c. Diversify and improve the quality of complementary tourism products to meet the needs of tourists
- MICE tourism, Golf tourism: Continue to promote the development of MICE tourism, Golf tourism in Vinh city, Cua Lo, Dien Chau and some other areas with favorable conditions for accommodation facilities , providing high quality tourism services; Strengthen coordination between the organizing unit and businesses in travel, transportation, accommodation, attractions, shopping, entertainment... to best meet the needs of high-spending tourists. This high target thereby increases tourism service revenue.
- Urban tourism, shopping, entertainment, transit travel
+ Focus on developing urban tourism in Vinh city with its position as the center of the economic and cultural region of the North Central region with tourism products such as: (Vinh ancient citadel, Quang Trung temple, Repository Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Memorial...), Ho Chi Minh Square and Uncle Ho Monument, parks and urban chains (Ecopark, Vingroup, Vinh River Side...), high quality accommodation facilities, shopping and entertainment centers, and nightlife tourism activities (walking streets, food streets), especially associated with beach resort tourism.
+ Coordinate to promote and exploit the source of third-country international tourists from key tourist destinations of Laos (Luang Prabang, Plain of Jars) transiting through Nam Can Border Gate (Ky Son) to Nghe An. At the same time, gradually research and exploit sea tourists transiting at Cua Lo Port and transiting by road through Thanh Thuy Border Gate (after the Hanoi - Vientiane Expressway is invested).
d. Promote cooperation and linkages to build thematic tourism products
- Deploy the construction of high-tech Agriculture thematic tourism products on the basis of connecting destinations: Phu Quy Hoa Valley (Nghia Dan); Bac Nghia Dan High-tech Agricultural Tourism Area; Herbal Medicine Tourism Area of Thao Duoc Hoa (Nghia Dan); High-tech Agricultural tourism area in Nghia Dan center.
- Combine selection and gradually build a number of thematic tourism products such as: Topic on Nghe An rivers: focus on construction at Lam River (Ben Thuy section - Ong Hoang Muoi Temple and develop additional sections). Mai Hac De Temple - Tam Soa Wharf, Giang River (Pha Lai Wharf - Co Phat Village); Topic on conquering high mountain peaks; Topic on fishing village tourism...
- Research and invest in additional thematic tourism products: Topics on Ho Chi Minh and revolutionary history, topics on hydroelectric lake ecology, topics on the Kings in Nghe An (Emperor Quang Trung Temple - Kim Lien Relics - Mai Hac De Relics)…
4. Develop the tourism market
a. Develop the domestic tourist market
Maintaining stable growth of the domestic tourist market is a key factor, prioritizing domestic tourists from Nghe An and intra-provincial tourists.
- Before 2025: restore and maintain the growth momentum of the domestic tourist market. Continue to prioritize exploiting tourist sources from Hanoi and northern provinces; major provinces/cities and have flight connections to Vinh international airport.
- Period 2026 - 2030: continue to promote exploitation of the domestic tourist market, diversify target market segments including families, youth, students, business visitors, MICE visitors, Golf. Focus on promoting the number of guests using accommodation services and tourists traveling in the low season. Regarding tourist sources, focus on exploiting tourist sources from Eastern and Southwestern provinces/cities; South Central and Central Highlands provinces.
- Period 2031 - 2035: maintain the growth momentum of the domestic customer market as in the period 2026 - 2030, continue to diversify customer market segments, continue to focus on prioritizing promoting the number of customers using services accommodation and tourists during the low season.
b. Develop international tourist market
Focus on rapidly increasing the attraction of international tourists, prioritizing groups of tourists of Nghe An origin abroad and groups of tourists in countries that were places of activity and visits of President Ho Chi Minh.
- Before 2025: completely restore traditional markets (Laos, Thailand...) and promote growth in target markets of countries: ASEAN region, Northeast Asia (China, Taiwan, Japan , Korea), Europe (Russia, France, Netherlands, UK, Germany), Oceania (Australia), North America (USA, Canada).
- Period 2026 - 2030: maintain the growth momentum of traditional markets, expand the scale of target markets in countries: ASEAN region, Northeast Asia (China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea), Europe (Russia, France, Netherlands, UK, Germany), Oceania (Australia), North America (USA, Canada); increase market share of customers with high spending ability; Combined with attracting emerging markets: India, Middle Eastern countries.
- Period 2031 - 2035: promote strong growth in target markets, promote exploitation of emerging markets; Focus on increasing market share of customers with high spending ability; diversify markets towards sustainable development.
5. Mobilize investment resources to build infrastructure for tourism
- Invest in construction, upgrading and expansion of national highways, provincial roads, and important routes: Nghi Son - Cua Lo coastal road, traffic road connecting Vinh - Cua Lo, road connecting QL7C to Ho Chi Minh road ,... Coordinate with ministries, branches, and investors to implement projects: North - South Expressway (section through Nghe An province), upgrading and expanding National Highway 7, National Highway 46 (section) Vinh - Nam Dan section), National Highway 15, road connecting National Highway 48 with National Highway 45, Hanoi - Vientiane Expressway (section through Nghe An), High-speed railway on the North - South axis. Attracting investment to upgrade and expand Vinh International Airport in the form of socialization to reach the scale of a 4E airport, attracting investment in general wharves at Cua Lo Port, Dong Hoi wharf,...
- Regarding commercial infrastructure: Implement the project to develop commercial infrastructure in Nghe An province for the period 2022-2025 in Decision No. 1998/QD.UBND dated July 8, 2022; Plan No. 508/KH-UBND dated September 1, 2021 of the Provincial People's Committee implementing Decision No. 259/QD-TTg dated February 25, 2021 of the Prime Minister approving the Border Trade Infrastructure Development Program Vietnam to 2025, vision to 2030 in Nghe An province.
- Develop digital infrastructure on the basis of combining specialized data transmission networks, internet networks, and data centers of state agencies to connect seamlessly from provincial to commune level, promoting transformation and digital economic development.
- Attract investment in large-scale, high-quality tourism projects; community tourism project in western districts of Nghe An.
6. Develop and improve the quality of tourism human resources
a. Improve the quality of staff and civil servants to meet the requirements of organizing and managing tourism activities in a professional, modern and effective manner.
- Every year, organize training courses and foster appropriate human resources; At the same time, exploit long-term, medium-term, and short-term training programs at home and abroad from central agencies, localities, and international organizations.
- Review the training needs of officials in charge of the local tourism sector, then organize and support officials and civil servants to participate in training programs according to the 2nd degree system, specialized transfer in tourism.
- Cooperate and associate with provinces and cities in exchanging experiences and training and developing tourism human resources.
b. Develop and improve the quality of human resources in the tourism industry
- Develop an effective plan to develop tourism human resources, focusing on improving the training quality of tourism vocational training establishments in the province, especially on practical skills according to the System national and international Tourism Occupation Standards (VTOS) and international standards.
- Promote training to improve the capacity of hotel, restaurant and travel management leaders; Training to improve qualifications, professional skills, foreign languages for tour guides, food processing techniques, housekeeping, desk, reception... Striving to 2030, the proportion of workers working in Tourism industry is trained and fostered tourism skills reaching 80-90%.
- Diversify training and fostering forms to suit the province's tourism human resource development needs, strengthen the connection between training facilities and businesses, especially businesses in the tourism industry; Integrate resources from the funding source of vocational training programs for rural workers, vocational education and employment programs, encourage artisans and skilled workers to continue vocational training, and mobilize the formation of cooperatives, cooperatives and enterprises specializing in the production and supply of souvenir products.
- Periodically every 3-5 years, organize a survey of human resources for tourism service business in Nghe An province in order to promptly have solutions to improve service quality and human resource quality of tourism.
- Focus on training and fostering tourism skills and forming an on-site tourism team.
7. Promotion, advertising and cooperation and association activities for tourism development
a. Improve the effectiveness of tourism advertising and promotion
- Participate in national and international tourism events; Organize cultural, tourism and culinary tourism events at provincial and regional levels. Hosting the National Tourism Year 2030 associated with the 1000th anniversary of the name Nghe An.
- Promote and innovate forms of propaganda and promotion of Nghe An tourism on domestic and foreign newspapers, radio stations and specialized magazines using digital platforms.
- Gradually change large billboards to LED screens and install some signs at tourist attractions, places with a large number of tourists passing through, and at border gates and main roads.
- Organize the production of publications and souvenirs to serve advertising, propaganda and tourism promotion.
- Participate in tourism promotion events in international markets such as Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, Japan, Korea, China, France, Germany, UK, Russia, USA, Canada, India...
- Organize research and surveys to collect information about tourists' needs to orient the goals of building tourism products and services and promotion methods and building appropriate tourism products.
- Enlist the support and assistance of organizations, individuals, and businesses to promote socialization of tourism advertising and promotion activities. Research to establish a fund to support provincial tourism promotion.
b. Build and develop Nghe An tourism brand
- Promote and position Nghe An as the leading attractive destination of the North Central region and an attractive destination of Vietnam with a destination brand of unique tourism products imbued with Nghe An cultural imprints. By 2035, Nghe An will be a domestic and world tourism destination, with sustainable development with unique tourism products, imbued with Nghe An's cultural imprint, and a safe, green tourism environment, hospitable, friendly and intelligent.
- Refresh and synchronously perfect Nghe An tourism symbols and slogans to promote to domestic and international tourist markets in accordance with new development trends.
c. Developing smart tourism associated with digital transformation and creative start-up programs
- By 2030, develop a smart tourism ecosystem to ensure unity and synchronization in sustainable smart urban development, contributing to making Nghe An an attractive destination. By 2035, a smart and synchronized tourism ecosystem will be formed based on access to the world's leading advanced technologies.
- Building and digitizing the Nghe An tourism industry database system; Integrate, exploit, and share with the national tourism industry data connection axis.
- Develop secure technology infrastructure and high-speed internet connection to serve systems, applications and services in the smart tourism ecosystem to meet the needs of connection, sharing and processing, big data, improving the ability of people and tourists to access tourism service information in the digital environment. Invest and build a synchronous and modern information infrastructure system; Build a system to ensure network safety and security in the tourism sector. Focus on investing in building free wireless internet infrastructure in Vinh city, Cua Lo town and a number of tourist areas and attractions that attract many tourists.
d. Promote linkages and cooperation in tourism development
- Prioritize promoting links and cooperation with tourism centers, places with large jobs, people of Nghe An origin, provinces/cities with air connections and through Vietnamese diplomatic agencies in foreign. Organize a tourism development cooperation conference in Nghe An.
- Expand cooperation with airlines in developing domestic and international routes to and from Vinh International Airport; Tourism Corporations and Corporations in investing in facilities, tourism products and exploiting and expanding the tourist market.
- Enlist the support of Vietnamese diplomatic agencies abroad to promote Nghe An tourism to international visitors.
8. Actively apply science and technology to tourism activities
- For state management of tourism: Promote digital transformation in tourism industry management, develop electronic government towards sustainable tourism, taking into account the needs of tourists, People and businesses are at the center. Apply digital media technology (promotion on social networks, famous TV channels...) in the industry's general tourism promotion activities. It is necessary to identify and prioritize investment in important technology items that support smart tourism development, including: building an industry database; investment in technology infrastructure development; Invest in the production of software, systems, programs, applications, and smart utilities for the tourism industry; Research and apply advanced technologies to produce modern tourism products and services; Research and apply advanced technologies for destination management and development; applying technology for tourism statistics; Applying technology to preserve and restore heritage values and relics for tourism.
- For tourism business activities: Encourage tourism businesses to proactively invest and apply digital technology in tourism business activities, such as: deploying and applying in advertising, promotion, exploit the tourism market, promote online marketing; Use technology solutions to serve customers, provide, sell and advertise products and services; (technology applications on mobile devices, online websites, booking...); Focus on service trade channels, social networking sites, online travel product sales sites, search for new technology access solutions to introduce business products,... Step by step participate Join an online travel trading platform (allowing transactions for package tours, hotels, and airline tickets, bringing positive experiences to users).
9. Develop and improve tourism development policies
- Review, adjust, supplement and promulgate mechanisms and policies in the direction of creating maximum convenience and attracting businesses, organizations, individuals and communities to participate in tourism development. In which, research and develop policies to support the development of tourism models, support for recognized tourist areas and destinations, star-rated accommodation establishments (period 2026-2030), and policies to attract International visitors to Nghe An…
- Deploy central tourism development policies and related documents. Review and simplify procedures for foreign tourists traveling in border areas.
10. Strengthen state management of tourism
a. Protect the environment, tourism resources, improve the ability to adapt to climate change and prevent natural disasters
- Strengthen coordination between sectors, levels, subjects involved in tourism business, tourists, and residential communities in common efforts to ensure the environment for tourism development. Encourage businesses and tourism establishments to apply low energy consumption and environmentally friendly technologies in investment and operations.
- Focus on building waste and wastewater treatment infrastructure in tourist areas, destinations, accommodation and dining establishments serving tourism. Strictly control the impact of economic activities in other fields (construction, transportation, industry, agriculture, shipping (especially seaports)) on the environment in tourist areas and destinations .
b. Strengthen inspection and handling of violations in the tourism sector; Ensuring tourist safety, coordinating work to ensure security, defense, order and safety in tourism development
- Strengthen inspection and examination of compliance with legal regulations in the field of tourism, promptly detect and strictly handle violations. Advise on promulgating, amending and supplementing regulations and regulations in the field of tourism, associated with the work of ensuring security and safety of tourists.
- Propagate and disseminate laws in the field of tourism, and at the same time have plans to train, foster, and improve professional qualifications, service capacity, legal knowledge, and skills to ensure safety. Ensure security and safety for officials, civil servants, managers and workers in the tourism sector.
- Coordinate with the Provincial Police, relevant branches, People's Committees of districts, cities, and visas to perform the task of ensuring security and safety in the tourism sector. Coordinate with the Provincial Military Command and relevant agencies to get opinions and evaluate tourism development projects related to national defense and security, especially in coastal areas and border areas.
- Advise on planning and accurate assessment of areas and locations that can be exploited for tourism development in border areas and islands to advise competent authorities to make decisions. Research and develop a cooperation strategy for tourism development in border districts with Laos to promote tourism strengths between Nghe An and border provinces.
c. Improve the capacity and efficiency of the state management apparatus for tourism
Every 2 years, organize a Survey and evaluate tourist information as a basis for serving statistical tasks to calculate GRDP, build and develop appropriate types of tourism. Improve the capacity of cadres and civil servants in state management at provincial and local levels. Research and strengthen the state management apparatus for tourism in a synchronous, professional, effective and efficient manner, meeting the requirements of inter-sectoral and inter-regional management of tourism activities. Strengthen and strengthen the specialized tourism inspection force to ensure suitability to meet the requirements of current state management tasks on tourism.
IV. Implementation organization
1. Department of Tourism
- Is a standing agency assisting the Provincial Steering Committee in tourism development, helping the Provincial People's Committee monitor and urge departments, branches, and People's Committees of districts and cities according to assigned functions and tasks. Implement the contents in the Plan; Periodically report on the results of the Plan's implementation; Recommend to competent authorities the contents that need to be adjusted, modified and supplemented during the implementation of the Plan.
- Based on the content of the Plan, implement programs and tasks within the functions and tasks of the sector. Every year, based on the sector's tasks, preside over and coordinate with the Department of Finance to develop estimates and submit them to competent authorities to allocate estimates and supplement budget estimates from non-business capital sources and regular expenditure sources to meet the needs of state management tasks of the industry and tourism development tasks to 2030, with a vision to 2035.
2. Department of Culture and Sports
- Preside and coordinate with departments and localities to manage, preserve and promote the value of cultural heritage associated with tourism development. Advise on organizing festivals, cultural and sports events to attract tourists. Coordinate with the Department of Tourism to develop tourism products and cultural tourism development programs. Direct affiliated units that have been recognized as tourist destinations to apply science and technology in tourism exploitation and development.
- Promote the construction of a healthy cultural environment to create motivation for economic and social development and international integration according to the Cultural Development Strategy to 2030 approved by the Prime Minister in Decision 1909/QD- TTg on November 12, 2021, focusing on building Nghe An's human culture in general and tourism culture in particular.
3. Department of Planning and Investment
- Take charge, based on the ability to balance capital sources, to advise on capital allocation for infrastructure projects serving tourism development in the medium-term and annual public investment plans according to the provisions of the Law on Public Investment and guiding documents; Coordinate with the Center for Investment, Trade and Tourism Promotion and relevant Departments and branches to call for and attract investment in projects to effectively implement the Strategy.
- Preside and coordinate with relevant units to promote the implementation progress of off-budget investment projects, especially key projects to promote tourism development. Review and evaluate effectiveness, advise on handling tourism projects that have been approved for investment policies that are slow or not implemented at all.
4. Department of Finance
Based on budget capacity, the Department of Finance takes the lead in advising the Provincial People's Committee to allocate funds to implement the Action Plan to implement the Strategy under the responsibility of ensuring from the budget according to current regulations.
5. Department of Transport
- Accelerate the construction progress of roads invested by the Department of Transport; Have a plan to renovate and upgrade degraded traffic routes under its management, especially traffic routes connecting tourist areas and destinations. Advise the Provincial People's Committee to develop appropriate transport infrastructure, meeting the requirements of socio-economic and tourism development until 2030 and the following years.
- Advise on opening new flight routes from Vinh international airport to airports of provinces and cities nationwide; especially international flights from Vinh international airport to promote tourism development; Supplementing the planning of a number of inland waterway ports on rivers and lakes of Vinh city and districts; Proposing additional planning and attracting investment in a number of rest stops on national highways passing through Nghe An. Strengthen state management of passenger transport businesses by car in the province; Encourage businesses to invest in purchasing new vehicles to improve service quality, including tourist transport activities.
6. Department of Natural Resources and Environment
- Advise the Provincial People's Committee in the management, exploitation and effective use of land and resources for tourism development.
- Preside and coordinate with the Department of Tourism and People's Committees of districts, cities and towns to manage and supervise resource exploitation activities for tourism development; protect the environment and respond to climate change. Appraise the environmental impact assessment report and submit it to the Provincial People's Committee for approval; grant, renew, adjust, reissue, revoke use rights, and revoke environmental permits for tourism projects/facilities.
- Inter-sectoral coordination to organize inspection and supervision of tourism activities, promptly detect, handle, and advise competent authorities to handle cases of violation of laws on natural resources and environment.
7. Department of Agriculture and Rural Development
- Integrate tourism development contents into the implementation plan of the province's "National target program for new rural construction and OCOP Program".
- Combine clean agriculture and high-tech agriculture projects in the province with tourism development; There is a mechanism to support and encourage farmers to develop garden models associated with community tourism development.
8. Department of Construction
- Based on assigned functions and tasks, preside over and coordinate with relevant departments, branches and localities to advise the Provincial People's Committee to approve general planning and zoning planning of tourist areas and destinations; Guide localities and units to prepare, appraise and approve detailed planning of tourist areas in the province.
- Coordinate with relevant departments, branches, branches and localities to inspect and handle violations in construction activities at tourist areas and destinations in the area.
9. Department of Information and Communications
- Directing press agencies, district-level radio and television stations, and grassroots information systems to propagate and promote Nghe An tourism brands and products.
- Coordinate with the Department of Tourism to implement digital transformation of the tourism industry.
10. Department of Health
- Propagate and raise awareness and awareness of people, businesses, and communities participating in tourism in the production, consumption, and use of clean food, food of clear origin, to serve tourist service; Absolutely do not use poor quality food, food with toxic chemicals, or additives outside the permitted list of the Ministry of Health.
- Strengthen coordination, training, and guidance on ensuring safety and epidemic prevention to improve medical capacity to prevent and control epidemics in areas, locations, businesses, organizations, and individuals doing business.
- Focus on directing and inspecting the work of ensuring food hygiene and safety, organizing training classes, and issuing certificates of food hygiene and safety assurance to organizations and individuals producing and trading food products. Culinary products according to the provisions of law and management decentralization of the Provincial People's Committee. Ready to receive and promptly handle cases of food poisoning and other cases related to the health safety of tourists.
- Develop a plan to implement the Project to develop traditional medical and pharmaceutical services and products to serve tourists by 2030 in Nghe An province.
11. Department of Science and Technology
- Prioritize and allocate appropriate resources from the province's science and technology budget for research and application of science and technology to tourism development. There is a mechanism to support and encourage organizations, businesses, and individuals to research and apply science and technology to tourism development.
- Preside and coordinate with the Department of Tourism to advise the Provincial People's Committee to order scientific and technological tasks to develop tourism.
12. Department of Industry and Trade
- Coordinate with the Department of Planning and Investment and relevant agencies and units to strengthen promotion, call for investment, upgrade and develop commercial infrastructure, focusing on developing commercial centers , large-scale, modern supermarket... guaranteed to meet the shopping requirements of tourists.
- Preside and coordinate with relevant agencies to support establishments producing souvenir goods to serve tourists, building and developing product brands, typical rural industrial products at all levels, typical products of the province through industrial and trade promotion programs. Effectively deploy the project to develop a number of souvenir products and goods to serve tourists in Nghe An province.
- Coordinate with relevant departments, branches, branches and localities to advise and implement electricity infrastructure projects in accordance with the National Electricity Development Plan for the period 2021-2030, vision to the year 2050 (Power Plan VIII) and Nghe An Provincial Planning for the period 2021 - 2030, with a vision to 2050 to ensure energy sources to serve the socio-economic development of the province in general and tourism in particular.
13. Department of Education and Training
- Integrate into educational programs at all levels practical programs, sightseeing, experiencing, and learning about the cultural heritage values and revolutionary historical relics of the province to educate students in patriotic traditions, National pride.
- Coordinate with the Department of Tourism to integrate extracurricular activities into programs to visit cultural, historical and ecological tourist attractions to enhance understanding, raise awareness and educate love for the homeland, Cultural history of the people of Nghe An.
14. Department of Home Affairs
Coordinate with the Department of Tourism and People's Committees of districts, towns and cities to continue advising, arranging and consolidating the apparatus of state management advisory agencies on tourism of the province, and participating public service units. tourism activities; Supplement and strengthen the team of state management officials in charge of tourism at the provincial and district levels, especially officials in charge of tourism for the Department of Culture and Information in some localities with developed tourism.
15. Department of Foreign Affairs
Coordinate with the Department of Tourism to advise the Provincial People's Committee on linkage and cooperation programs with foreign partners to promote cultural exchanges and tourism development; Strengthen promotion and promotion of Nghe An tourism in the region and the world.
16. Department of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs
Preside over and coordinate with the Department of Tourism, relevant sectors and localities to implement programs, plans and projects to train human resources with vocational skills, in which, focusing on training in the fields and occupations of tourism sector to meet the province's tourism development requirements.
17. Center for Investment, Trade and Tourism Promotion
- Preside and coordinate with the Department of Tourism and relevant units to implement programs to promote and promote Nghe An tourism domestically and internationally.
- Call for attracting large-scale, high-quality tourism investment projects.
18. Provincial Police, Provincial Military Command, Provincial Border Guard Command
- Preside in advising and implementing the Plan to ensure security and safety for tourists in tourism activities, ensuring compliance with legal regulations and respect for Vietnamese cultural traditions from foreign tourists. Simplify administrative procedures related to tourists.
- The Provincial Military Command presides over and coordinates with relevant departments and branches to develop plans to coordinate disaster response in festivals, major sporting events, and tourist attractions in the province; Preside over and coordinate with relevant agencies to evaluate tourism development projects related to national defense and security.
- The Provincial Police continue to urge and guide Departments, branches and localities to effectively carry out the tasks assigned in the Strategy to ensure security and safety in the tourism sector in Nghe An province. Continue to urge and guide departments, branches and localities to effectively implement Directive No. 10/CT-TTg dated March 31, 2021 of the Prime Minister on protecting national security, ensuring social order and safety in the field of tourism in the new situation; The tasks assigned in the "Project to ensure security and safety in the field of tourism in Nghe An province for the period 2021 - 2025, orientation to 2030".
- The Provincial Border Guard Command presides over the effective implementation of guidelines and policies of the Party, state and locality on ensuring safety and developing tourism in border areas and coastal areas. ; Coordinate with functional forces to develop and implement plans to ensure security and order in tourist areas, destinations and places where tourism events take place in border areas and coastal areas; create favorable conditions for tourism activities through land border gates and seaports.
19. Provincial Market Management Department
Strengthen market inspection and control; promptly detect and strictly handle according to the provisions of law for violations of trading in smuggled goods, counterfeit goods, poor quality goods, goods infringing intellectual property rights, and goods of unknown origin. , origin circulated on the market.
20. Relevant departments, branches and branches
Based on assigned functions and tasks, coordinate with the Department of Tourism to carry out tasks under the Action Plan to implement the Nghe An Tourism Development Strategy to 2030, with a vision to 2035.
21. People's Committees of districts, towns and cities
- Based on the content of the Strategy and the actual situation and specific conditions in the locality, proactively develop tourism development plans for both periods and annually; effectively exploit resource values to develop tourism products; Strengthen socialization work, attract investment projects to develop tourist areas and destinations in the area; create favorable conditions and encourage the community to participate in tourism. Organize festivals to attract tourists: Cua Lo tourism festival, Quynh beach tourism festival...
- Strengthen propaganda and raise awareness of people and businesses about the position and role of tourism. Raise awareness and responsibility of the entire society in protecting natural resources and the environment; preserving security and order; Build a civilized lifestyle and a culture of friendly behavior towards tourists.
22. Nghe An Provincial Tourism Association
Promoting the role of the Association to strengthen links, cooperation, and support for members in tourism business activities; Linking with the Association of localities in the North Central region and throughout the country to expand and connect tours to bring tourists to Nghe An.
Bridging and connecting businesses and the tourism business community with the Department of Tourism and relevant agencies to promote promotion, product development, and market expansion. Propagate to members how to conduct tourism business in accordance with the law.
Above is the Action Plan to implement the Nghe An Tourism Development Strategy to 2030, with a vision to 2035. The Provincial People's Committee requires Departments, branches, branches, People's Committees of districts, cities, towns and units to , relevant organizations, based on assigned tasks, organize implementation to ensure timely, effective and in accordance with regulations.

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