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Dong Xuan knitting sole member limited liability Company 

 Tuesday, June 4,2019

AsemconnectVietnam - Founded on April 13, 1959, Dong Xuan knitting sole member limited liability Company was one of the first circular knitting in Vietnam.

After the 55-year establishment and development, under The Vietnam National Textile and Garment Group’s guidance, Dong Xuan is proud to be a leader of Vietnam knitting industry. Dong Xuan has fully fashioned manufacturing process, including: Knitting, finishing, cutting, sewing, printing, using modern production line imported from Europe and Japan; Our products, especially 100 % cotton knitting and lower ratio poly-cotton blend ones have always been in favor by domestic and foreign customers.

In the first years, Dong Xuan factory’s goods (also known as predecessor of Dong Xuan knitting company) were exported to the Soviet Union, Hungary, and Germany following state planning and served in the army. In 1989, when Eastern Europe market fluctuated, based on market-directed strategy, Dong Xuan singed 10- year cooperative agreement (1989-1999) with Sanshin trading joint-stock company and Katakura industries limited company. Annually, Dong Xuan produces knitting goods that will be exported to Japanese market which requires fierce quality. Besides, the company will continue to be a fellow trader of EU and some ASEAN nations. Specifically, in 2001, the US-Vietnam Bilateral Trade Agreement has been validated, going through hard time of export quota, Dong Xuan’s products have to penetrate into American market.
Now, over 80% of Dong Xuan’s total production are exported to Japanese market consisting of leading brand such as Aeon’s Top Valu, Triumph,Tutuanna, Cecile,etc. Similarly, domestic consumers believe and like Dong Xuan’s goods. To prove its point, Dong Xuan’s products has been archived the Vietnamese High Quality Goods award, voted by consumers besides children and infant clothing won Golden Product and Service for Baby certificate, the top 10 Vietnam Typical Entrepreneur awards.
Our mission: To improve the quality of community life through the provision of product and service quality, safety for health is of real value to not only meet the customer’s need but also spur economic and society development
Our vision: To become a leading manufacturer of Vietnam in producing and providing  the best knitting goods that are safe for health and environmental friendly business system based on knitting, dyeing and finishing technology.
Developing goals and objectives:
With careful long-term investments, applying modern technology and high responsibility of leading knitting enterprise in raising awareness about safe fashion and consumer health protection, Dong Xuan knitting sole member limited liability company determines to be one of the five SPA entrepreneurs (Specialty StoreRetailer of Private Label Apparel) of Vietnam in 2020 and successfully buildthe leading luxury next-to-skin menswear in 2025.
Dong Xuan built Hung Yen textile manufacturing model, in particular:
-         Yarn factory: scale of 30000 yarn spins, capacity of 4700 tons per year
-         Knitting factory: capacity of 3000 tons per year.
-         Finishing factory:capacity of 3000 tons per year.
-         The second garment factory:capacity of 35 million products per year.
-          Knitting product testing laboratory: capacity of 10 million products per year.
Developing processes
Dong Xuan has been affirming that the company is more and more developing with high improvement and innovation.
Exported products (million products)
Turnover (billion VND)
Development chart of Dong Xuan from 1959 to 2014
Page 6: Research and development Lab
Dong Xuan is equipped with lab equipmentsfor research, new product development, testing and product optimization purposes.
-         Testing and researching new cloths and dye colors.
-         Checking output raw materials consisting of testing quality of yarn, thread and other ones.
-         Quality control of knitted processing.
-         Quality control of bleaching- dyeing- finishing process
-         Quality control of cutting- sewing- packaging process
-         Quality control of complete product according to international standards
 Production lines
Knitting-> Finishing-> Sewing-> Quality assurance
-         Capacity: 1500 tons per year
-         Equipment: Circular knitting consists of :
+SingleUnitex, Fukuharawith gauges from 20G to 28G, 18 ~ 24 inches in diameter.
+ Rib Fukuhara, Fukuhama and JingMeiwith gauges from 18G to 18.5G, 11 ~ 30 inches in diameter.
+ Interlock Fukuhara, Fukuhama and Pailungwith gauges from 21G to 24G, 12 ~ 30 inches in diameter.
-         Products: Fabric(knitting types)
+ Single
+ Derivative of the above cloths
Page 9: Finishing
-         Capacity: 1800 tons per year.
-         Equipment:
+ Bleaching and dyeing machine: Then and Thies’shigh pressure dyeing, Fongs dyeing.
+ Finishing machine: Corinotubular rope opening squeezing line, Santexdryer machine, Ferraro compact, Hsingcheng automatic slitting and opening machine, Brücknerstenter frame.
+Printing machine: Schenk variprint screen printing machine
+Others:  Sanger Hansen squeeze machine, Gibi Able dryer machine, Gibi Able washing machine
-         Pure cotton fabric has antibacterial, deodorant and sterilization functions.
-         Cotton blend fabrics:
+ Fabric’s cotton blended with Aerocool has antibacterial, deodorant, and fast-drying functions.
+Fabric’s cotton blended with Aerowarmhas higher heat retention, antibacterial, deodorant, fast-absorbent, and light weight roles.
+Cotton modal mix is light weight and deodorant.
+Cotton lycra fabric is lasting elasticity.
+ And other cotton mix cloths.
-         Types of fabrics:
+ Acrylic fiber and Acrylic blend Rayon and Lycra has light weight, softening, and wrinkle free functions.
+ Fabrics from Merino wool have a soft, elasticity and natural stretch..
-         Single
-         Rib
-         Interlock
-         Single Merino wool
-         Rib Merino wool
-         Interlock Merino wool yarns.
-         Capacity: 15.000.000 products per year, including:
+ Hanoi garment with a capacity of 3 million goods per annum consisting of 9 sewing lines.
+ Hung Yen garment with an annual capacity of 12 million products including 14 sewing lines.
-         Equipment:
+ Sewing machine: balancing machine, quilting machine, shearer, selvage machine, zigzag industrial sewing machine, and other specialize tools of Japan, Germany and Italy.
+Supplementary machine: cutting machine, band knife cutting machine, combing machine, perching machine.
-         Products:underwear, T-shirt, polo shirt, swimsuit, active wear, casual wear for men, women, and babies, and newborn babies.
Main products:
Dong Xuan has been using modern and eco-friendly production line from Japan. Besides,textile finishing chemicals is not listed in banned toxic ones. Dong Xuan’s clothes are produced from 100 % cotton fiber and PE that are tested formaldehyde concentration on Japanese standard. In addition, Dong Xuan has been applying SEEN wastewater treatment of America so as to guarantee keeping our waters safe and healthy after finishing wastewater treatment work according to Vietnam government regulations. We affirm that our products are safe for consumer’s health.
 80% of the total product exports to Japan market.


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