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Ministry of Finance 

 Monday, December 20,2021

AsemconnectVietnam - Ministry of Finance (MOF) is a government agency.

Ministry of Finance exercises the function of state management of finance, state budget, taxes, fees and other revenues of state budget, national reserve, state financial funds, financial investment, corporate finance and financial services (hereinafter referred to as the fields of finance and budget), customs, accounting, independent auditing, pricing, stocks and stock market nationwide, public services in the fields of finance and budget, customs, accounting, independent auditing, pricing, stocks and stock market. In addition, the MOF acts as a legal owner of state stakes in enterprises according to legal regulations.  
MOF’s responsibilities and powers
1. To submit to the Government and the Prime Minister bills, draft ordinances and normative legal documents, strategies, development planning, long-term, five-year and annual plans with regard to the fields within the MOF’s authority;
2. To issue legal documents within the MOF’s authority;
3. To direct, guide, supervise, and be responsible for implementing normative legal documents, strategies, planning and schemes; to propagandize, educate, and disseminate legal information on the fields within the MOF’s authority;
4. To manage the state budget;
5. To manage the collection of taxes, fees and other fees for the state budget;
6. To manage budget fund, the state reserve fund and other state financial funds;
7. To manage national reserves;
8. To manage state properties;
9. To manage corporate finances and state capital invested in enterprises;
10. To manage domestic and foreign borrowings and debt servicing of the Government and international aids;
11. To conduct state management of accounting and auditing;
12. To administer finances of banks and non-banking financial institutions and financial services;
13. To control customs activities;
14. To exercise state management of prices;
15. To issue government bonds according to legal regulations;
16. To manage and supervise stocks and stock market;
17. To arrange and direct the implementation of statistics in the fields within the MOF’s powers;
18. To develop international cooperation and economic integration in the fields within the MOF’s powers;
19. To conduct scientific researches, application of sciences and technologies in the fields within the MOF’s authority; 20. To decide on lines and measures, and direct the implementation of operating mechanism of public service providers in the fields within the MOF’s authority in accordance with legal regulations; to manage and direct operations of MOF’s public service institutions;
21. To exercise state management of activities conducted by associations and non-government organizations in the fields within the MOF’s powers;
22. To inspect, control, and address complaints and denouncements, fight against corruption and negative phenomena, and deal with violations of Regulations on Finance and Budget Administration according to the MOF’s competence or recommend the competent authorities for settlement;
23. To carry out administrative reform under the Government’s program;
24. To administer organizational structure, staff; direct the compliance with regulations on salary and other polices on preferential treatment, praise and reward, and disciplines for MOF’s staffs. To deliver training in professional knowledge and expertise to MOF’s staffs;
25. To manage the allotted capital and properties and arrange the utilization of appropriated budget according to legal regulations.
 Leaders of Ministry of Finance
Minister: Ho Duc Phoc
Vice Minister: Tran Xuan Ha
Vice Minister: Vu Thi Mai
Vice Minister: Ta Anh Tuan
Vice Minister: Nguyen Duc Chi
Vice Minister: Vo Thanh Hung
Add: No. 28 Tran Hung Dao street, Hoan Kiem district, Ha noi
Tel: 04 22202828
Fax: 04 22208010 - 04 22208020 - 04 22208021



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