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Australian Ambassador optimistic about cooperation potential with Vietnam 

 Wednesday, January 10,2024

AsemconnectVietnam - 2023 marked the 50th anniversary of Vietnam-Australia diplomatic ties (1973-2023). In the past half a century, the two countries have cooperated in an increasingly extensive, intensive, and effective manner in multiple spheres. They will continue to expand cooperative ties through various projects in the future.

On the opening days of 2024, Vietnam News Agency conducted an interview with Australian Ambassador to Vietnam Andrew Goledzinowski on the opportunities and potential to advance bilateral cooperation in fields of the countries’ respective strengths.
Ambassador Goledzinowski also shared his views on Vietnam’s diplomatic achievements over the past year, saying that 2023 was a “big year” for the country.
“It’s been particularly because the 50th anniversary, there has been a huge number of visitors to Vietnam, which also reflects the importance of Vietnam. Vietnam is emerging as one of the most important countries in Asia and in the world,” he noted.
The Ambassador cited visits by high-ranking Australian officials to Vietnam last year, including the Governor-General, Prime Minister, Foreign Minister, Trade Minister, and Defence Minister.
“We also know that Vietnam elevated its bilateral relationship with some very important countries, Korea, Japan and the United States, which I think was an important statement of Vietnam’s perspective on the world,” said the Ambassador.
He went to mention the visit by Chinese President to Vietnam, saying that China will always be an important country for Vietnam due to economic, cultural, historical, and geographical reasons.
He spoke highly of Vietnam’s foreign policy of diversifying its relationships and building resilience in the national interest. The Ambassador also expressed optimism about the prospects for Vietnam-Australia diplomatic ties to be elevated to a comprehensive strategic partnership in 2024.
According to Ambassador Goledzinowski, one year after the two countries forged bilateral relations in 1973, the first Vietnamese students came to Australia on scholarships, and Australia became one of the earliest investors in Vietnam.
“We built the first bridges over the Mekong, the first university was RMIT, the first law firm, the first bank, the first ATMs, the first telecommunications links were put in place by Australian companies. So that was really good. We’re looking forward to strengthening our investment profile here even more,” the Ambassador said.
He also revealed that the Embassy will recruit five new staff members in Ho Chi Minh City and two new staff members in Hanoi with the specific aim of increasing Australian investment in Vietnam.
“That’s new and it’s very important. And there are a few areas where we particularly want to focus,” he continued.
“I’m speaking with the Education Minister about making some adjustments to ensure that Vietnam is an attractive place for education investment. Because I would like to see more Australian universities come to Vietnam to establish themselves,” the Ambassador added.
Ambassador Goledzinowski told VNA about two more potential fields of cooperation - mining and telecommunications.
The Australian side has been working with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment to share its knowledge and support Vietnam in reviewing its mining law, as mining is a major industry in Australia and boasts “incredible potential for wealth to be created” in Vietnam. Australia also expects to help Vietnam in building “trusted cables that connect Vietnam to the world,” he said.
Another pillar of cooperation in bilateral ties he mentioned was “green energy transition”, a field that has been increasingly intensified between Australia and Vietnam in recent times.
“When my Prime Minister was here in Vietnam in June, he announced a new partnership worth 105 million AUD, which we’re calling ‘Aus for growth’. But it will largely be around the green energy transition to assist in Vietnam’s efforts to make sure that your supply chains green, because that’s what will be necessary to trade in the future economy,” said Ambassador Goledzinowski.
He also cited the Australian Foreign Minister Penny Wong’s trip to Vietnam in August, where she announced 95 million AUD for climate change adaptation and particularly for the Mekong Delta region.
“I was down there a week or two ago and the Mekong faces very particular challenges. And so we hope that that project will help to ease the transition to sustainable economic models in the Mekong area,” the Ambassador said.
According to him, Australian companies are interested in working with Vietnam in this field. Specifically, he mentioned one Australian company that is “very keen to build offshore wind farms” because “Vietnam is very prospective for offshore wind in particular.”
“There’s a lot that’s going on, and Australia will be playing a small but we hope an important role in Vietnam transition,” the Ambassador affirmed./.


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