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Vietnam contributes initiatives to developing ASOSAI 

 Thursday, December 3,2020

AsemconnectVietnam - As Chair of the Asian Organisation of Supreme Audit Institutions (ASOSAI), the State Audit Office of Vietnam (SAV) has proactively coordinated with other members in the ASOSAI executive board to implement initiatives designed to develop ASOSAI in the new period.

Following the successful 14th Congress of ASOSAI in 2018, at which the SAV was elected as ASOSAI Chair for the 2018-2021 tenure, the SAV issued a plan of actions to carry out tasks of ASOSAI Chair. A secretariat was set up to assist with the work.

The SAV held discussions with the ASOSAI Secretary General (the National State Audit of China) on a close cooperation mechanism between the Chair and the Secretary General of ASOSAI, towards the goal of effectively handling affairs of the organization. The discussions also highlighted the importance and the ways to implement the ASOSAI’s strategic plans for 2019-2021 and the Hanoi Declaration.

One of the activities prioritized by the SAV was communication work. The SAV issued a plan to popularize the role, responsibility and position of the SAV in and outside the country as Chair of ASOSAI in the 2018-2021 tenure.

The SAV also launched a website of ASOSAI Chair, providing official information on the activities of the Chair.

Aware of the importance of human resources in performing the task, the SAV built and carried out a plan on training its staff members. Besides holding training courses in the country, the SAV also sent many staff members to attend training courses abroad in the framework of the ASOSAI’s capacity building programme.

The year 2019 marked the first year in the SAV’s tenure as Chair of ASOSAI, during which the SAV fulfilled all the targets set for the year in its plan of action.

The SAV proved itself as an active member in multi-lateral and international forums, particularly the ASOSAI. It successfully organized the 55th meeting of the ASOSAI Governing Board in the form of video conferencing in July 2020.

The SAV also coordinated effectively with the ASOSAI Secretary General, the Chair of the Task Force on ASOSAI Strategic Plan Management - SPTF, the Chairman of the ASOSAI Working Group on Environmental Auditing – ASOSAI WGEA, and other ASOSAI members to successfully implement the ASOSAI Strategic Plan in 2020, and initiatives to implement the Hanoi Declaration.

The SAV’s initiative to set up a special committee, which is responsible for studying the establishment of an ASOSAI’s working group to carry out sustainable development goals of the state audits, was said as a pioneer recommendation in the INTOSAI.

Its documentary film “ASOSAI for sustainable development”, to be screened at the 15th Assembly of ASOSAI in Thailand next year, received enthusiastic support from members of the ASOSAI’s Governing Board. The film aims to popularise and acknowledge ASOSAI’s contributions to promoting and realising sustainable development goals under the Hanoi Declaration.

The ASOSAI, founded in 1979, pursues a common mission like other working groups of the INTOSAI, that is “Professional supreme audit institutions promote good State governance” and with the core values of “Professionalism, Cooperation, Equality, Creativity”.

The ASOSAI’s goal is to promote mutual understanding and cooperation among member SAIs through the exchange of ideas and experience in public auditing, creating favourable conditions for the training of State auditors to improve working quality and efficiency.

The State Audit Office of Vietnam (SAV) became a member of ASOSAI in 1997. In the first period of the membership, the SAV mainly sent auditors to attend training courses and workshops sponsored by ASOSAI to enhance professional capacity. Since 2010, the SAV has undertaken a more active role in professional activities of ASOSAI./



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