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Master plan on development of Xuan Dai Bay national tourism zone, Phu Yen province to 2030 

 Wednesday, January 31,2018

AsemconnectVietnam - Development of Xuan Dai bay national tourism zone is based on the advantage of the bay water surface, value of Ganh Da Dia landscape to form specific tourist products, creating a unique brand for Xuan Dai Bay

1. Location, boundary, scale of Vinh Xuan Dai national tourism zone
Xuan Dai bay national tourism zone is located in Song Cau town and Tuy An district; Its boundary is defined: The North covers the entire peninsula of Xuan Thinh, Song Cau town; the sea borders the east; bordering the national highway 1A to the west, from Ganh Do area (Xuan Dai ward) to Xuan Yen ward of Song Cau town; In the south, coastal roads are used as boundaries, including An Ninh and An Ninh Tay communes (Tuy An district) adjacent to Song Cau town. An area of ​​core zone for development of the national tourism zone is 1,200 ha (excluding water surface area).
2. Development viewpoint
a) Development of Xuan Dai bay national tourism zone is based on the advantage of the bay water surface, value of Ganh Da Dia landscape to form specific tourist products, creating a unique brand for Xuan Dai Bay.
b) To focus investment on Xuan Dai bay national tourism zone to become a spearhead of Phu Yen tourism and become a valuable tourism zone in tourism system of the South Central Coastal region.
c) Development of Xuan Dai Bay national tourism zone is in the space which connects with Tuy Hoa city and other tourism destinations of Phu Yen province and closely link with tourism sites and resorts in the South Central Coastal region.
d/ To develop sustainable tourism on basis of harmony with protection of scenic spots of Xuan Dai Bay scenery, environmental protection, adaptation to climate change, security and national defense and benefit local community. To develop tourism in direction of attracting both international and domestic tourists, high-end tourists and mass tourists, at the same time, focusing on high-end market.
3. Development objectives
a) General objective
By 2025, Xuan Dai Bay will become a tourism center for sea recreation of the province and the South Central Coastal region; It is an important destination on the national tourism route and forms an additional link with other destinations in the region such as Da Nang, Quy Nhon, Nha Trang and the Central Highlands. By the year 2030, Xuan Dai Bay zone basically meets criteria and becomes national tourism zone.
b) Specific objectives
- Tourists: By 2025, there will be about 850,000 tourist arrivals, out of which, about 25,000 international tourists. Strive to receive about 1.2 million visitors by 2030, out of which, about 35,000 international visitors.
- Total revenues from tourists (at current prices): By 2025, it will reach over VND 400 billion. Striving to reaches about VND 900 billion by 2030.
- Demand for accommodation: By 2025 there will be about 500 rooms. By 2030, there are about 950 rooms.
- Employment norms: By 2025, it will create jobs for about 2,500 laborers, including about 1,000 direct laborers. By 2030, it will create jobs for over 4,000 laborers with about 1,500 direct laborers.
4. Main development directions
a/ to develop tourist market
- Domestic tourists: To concentrate on exploiting tourist market from Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, northern cities, provinces in the South Central Coastal region, Central Region and inner provinces; To step by step expand to provinces in eastern South Vietnam and the Mekong river delta; It focuses on segment of the weekend tourist market, travel experiences on the bay, entertainment, ecotourism, tourism resorts.
- International visitors: Focus on attracting Western European, North American and Eastern European tourists; Focus on exploiting and attracting markets in Northeast Asia (Korea, Taiwan, Japan); to access and exploit Southeast Asian markets (Thailand, Laos and Cambodia) through the Central Highlands provinces; It focuses on segment of resort tourist market, sports tourism, exploring, learning culture and history.
b) Product development
- Major tourism products:
  Resort travel: Cruise on the bay such as yachts, floating houses (bungalow); Specific resort associates with stone: stone resort, meditation resort ...; Isolated, high-class resorts on the shore: luxury resorts, luxury hotels, high-class spa.
  Sightseeing tours, experience on the bay: sightseeing cruise; explore, bathe, enjoy cuisine on the islands; visit, experience at the aquaculture; enjoy sunset on the bay ...
  Sports and entertainment tourism: Sport activities, entertainment and entertainment associates with water surface such as kayak, water motor, parachute, windsurfing ...; sports activities, entertainment on the shore as: horse racing, golf training ground, climbing ...; Leisure park under theme park such as: marine park, rock wonder park ..., hi-tech synthesis entertainment...
  Ecotourism: Scuba diving, coral reefs, marine ecosystems ... with high quality services and strict regulations; sightseeing, taking photos of near shore reefs, sea creatures ...; walking, picnicking, camping, watching animals, plants in the forest.
  Cultural and historical tourism: Visit national landscape of Ganh Da Dia, explore stone culture space; visiting historical, cultural, spiritual, religious, archaeological relics, historical relics.
  Travel with culinary culture: Enjoy culinary culture and seafood specialties such as: Tuna eye, blood cockle, king crab, oyster, jumping snail, crab, lobster, jellyfish, fish sauce and traditional cake.
- Additional tourism products:
  Community-based tourism: linking with traditional villages, coastal fishing villages (Tien Chau, Binh Thanh, Tan Thanh ...), tourism activities with local people such as: fish sauce processing, netting, aquaculture and fishing.
  Tourism associates with the event, traditional cultural festivals: Xuan Dai Bay festival, fishery festival, horse racing festival...
  Trade and tourism: Experience tourism activities, night services: night market, walking street culture tourism ...
  Tourism is associated with the purchase of specialties, souvenirs in commercial centers, traditional markets, which focus on the products: fish sauce, seafood (crabs, crabs, shrimp, blood cockroach, seaweed ...), rice paper, Quang Duc ceramic products, souvenirs from coconut ...
c) Organizing space for tourism development
To rationally exploit the advantages of natural tourism resources and water surface of Xuan Dai Bay to form links among subdivisions and tourism sites; minimizing relocation of people, do not pollute gulf; minimize impact on environment, life and production of communities in Xuan Dai Bay area and its vicinity.
- To concentrate on developing tourism space on the bay and 9 tourism zones, including:
  Traveling on the bay: It is a central area to organize development of tourism activities associated with water in heart of Xuan Dai Bay (sightseeing, entertainment, sports, exploring, eating. ..).
  North Tu Nham tourism area (Vinh Hoa hamlet, Xuan Thinh commune, Song Cau town): To develop resort tourism, sea bathing, amusement and sport on the bay, sports on sand.
  South Tu Nham tourism area (Tu Nham village, Xuan Thinh commune, Song Cau town): To develop tourism resorts, entertainment and high-class sports.
  Ecological forest (Xuan Thinh peninsula, Song Cau town): Develop into a landscape, organizing activities such as mountain climbing, camping, picnic...
  Bai Om resort (Tu Nham village, Xuan Thinh commune, Song Cau town): develop high-quality resort tourism and diving.
  North Song Cau tourism area (Xuan Yen ward, Xuan Phu ward, Song Cau town): To form a reception center and distribution center for Xuan Dai Bay tourism area; To develop trade in tourism services, entertainment and sport activities in association with Song Cau urban center.
  Nam Song Cau tourism area (Xuan Thanh ward, Song Cau town): To develop cultural, sports, exploration parks.
  Division of Dong Bo mountain (Xuan Dai ward, Song Cau town): To develop a high-tech entertainment park.
  Ganh Do - Binh Sa integrated tourism complex (Xuan Dai ward, Song Cau town): To develop integrated marine tourism in combination with visiting traditional craft villages.
  Ganh Da Dia tourism area (An Ninh Dong commune, Tuy An district): Developing sightseeing tourism, cultural tourism, experience and community resort.
- Development of auxiliary tourism sites:
  Community attractions: Binh Thanh fishing village, Tien Chau, dry seafood processing villages and Ganh Do fish sauce.
  Scenic spots: Nhat Tu Son island (Song Cau town); Ong Xa island (Song Cau town); Hon Yen, Mang Lang church, Tu Quang pagoda, Mai house (Tuy An district); Con Dam Ca (Song Cau town).
d/ Development of major tourism routes
- Local tourism routes:
  Tourism routes on the bay connect to tourist sites: Nhat Tu Son Island, Ong Xa Island, Hon Yen, Mui Ne Islet, aquaculture farms ...
  Road tourism route: To establish a tourism route linking to Ganh Do; Ganh Da Dia tourism area and Tu Nham tourism zone alongside National Highway 1A.
- Provincial route:
  By waterway: connecting Xuan Dai Bay area to Cu Mong lagoon, O Loan lagoon, Vung Ro Bay; Tourism routes along Da Rang river, Hinh river ...
  By road: connecting with coastal areas of Tuy Hoa city, Tuy An district and mountainous districts in the west of Phu Yen province.
- Inter-provincial tourist route: To the north, connecting with Binh Dinh, Quang Ngai, Quang Nam provinces, Da Nang city, Hue province; to the south connecting with Khanh Hoa, Ninh Thuan, Binh Thuan provinces; to connect with the provinces in the Central Highlands (Gia Lai, Kon Tum, Dak Lak provinces).
- National route: North-South tourism route along national highway 1A; Sea route connecting to Hai Phong, Da Nang, Nha Trang, Vung Tau provinces...
e/ Orientations for development of material and technical foundations in service of tourism
- Accommodation establishments: To develop high-grade accommodation establishments (4-5 star hotels, high-grade and isolated resorts) in Nam Tu Nham sub-zone, Om beach and Bai Bang beach; Cruise on the bay. To invest in development of general accommodation establishments (1-3 star hotels and guest houses) in northern bridge of Cau river, Cau river bridge, Ganh Do district, Bac Tu Nham.
- Food establishments: To develop food service establishments under model of high-class restaurants in Bac Tu Nham, Nam Tu Nham and Om beach; restaurant, food and drink outlets in center of Song Cau town, Ganh Do district - Binh Sa, Ganh Da Dia.
- Entertainment system: To develop high-class entertainment areas in Bac Tu Nham, Nam Tu Nham, Mu U mountain (south Cau river) and Bo Bo mountains; entertainment center in town of Song Cau; camping, picnic at Xuan Thinh peninsula ecological forest, Nhat Tu Son island, Ong Xa island.
- Stopover, sightseeing: A stop (Xuan Yen ward); Xuan Dai bay icon area (Xuan Dai ward); Ong Cop (Ong Ho) bridge connects Tuy An district and Song Cau town; Gang slope, Ganh Do slope.
5. Investment orientation
- To mobilize all resources to invest in development of Xuan Dai bay national tourism zone, including support from the State budget, tourism development fund, capital of organizations, enterprises and cities, domestic economic sector and other legitimate sources of mobilization. Priority should be given to investment in functional areas as planned to develop specific tourism products and high quality tourism facilities.
- Basing itself on annual capital-balancing capability, the State budget shall give priority to investment in development of technical infrastructure framework; boosting promotion, trademark of the national tourism zone, developing human resources; preserving and promoting cultural heritage values; environmental protection and response to climate change.
6. Solutions on implementing the plan
a/ Plans on management of the plan:
- To announce and implement investment plans and projects in Xuan Dai Bay national tourism park on basis of reviewing and adjusting investment projects which already registers at Xuan Dai Bay national tourism park.
- To propose management model of Xuan Dai Bay national tourism park for management of construction investment, activities of exploiting, developing and operating tourism site under the approved plan; promulgating regulation on management of Xuan Dai bay national tourism zone.
- To study and plan construction of the national tourism park, detailed plan of functional zones in the national tourism park. Reviewing approved projects in the national economic zone to ensure compliance with the guidelines of this plan. Investing in construction and management of construction investment within Xuan Dai bay national tourism park shall comply with provisions of the construction law, the approved construction plan, management regulation of Xuan Dai bay national tourism zone and other relevant legal provisions.
- To convert agricultural land into non-agricultural land to serve tourism development within the plan must comply with provisions of the land law. Conversion of forest land (if any) must comply with Directive No. 13-CT/ TW dated January 12, 2017 of the Party Secretariat on enhancing the leadership of the Party with regard to forest management, protection and development and current regulations. Transfer of defense land to localities for management and use within scope of this plan shall comply with provisions of Article 148 of the land law.
- To carry out inspection and supervision every two years to promptly remove difficulties and problems in course of implementation in order to raise efficiency of the plan.
b/ Mechanism and policy solutions:
- Tax mechanisms and policies:
- To allow organizations and individuals to contribute land funds to investment projects in form of joint venture capital.
To consider land rent exemption for construction investment projects in national tourism park according to the provisions of Decree No. 46/2014/NĐ-CP dated 15 May 2014 of the Government on regulating land rent, water surface rent.
To have policies on import tax exemption, personal income tax and enterprise income tax for enterprises and individuals which invest in Xuan Dai Bay national tourism park.
- Mechanisms and policies on investment and mobilization of investment capital:
To facilitate and simplify administrative procedures, especially dealing with investment, land and construction procedures; To solve problems for investors and tourism enterprises in order to attract investors.
For investment projects on the construction of new works on the land fund without assets on land, Phu Yen province supports liberation and handover of clean premises according to regulations. With regard to land subleasing projects, land funds currently have assets on land, Phu Yen province partly supports cost of asset valuation on existing land.
To support investment in technical infrastructure works on traffic, water supply and communication to fence of the project as prescribed.
To set up investment hotlines between governments at all levels with investors to catch up and solve urgent problems of investors.
- Community tourism development policy:
To set aside State budget funds for implementation of cultural and local identity conservation projects, development assistance projects for local communities.
To adopt policies to encourage training and use of local human resources to serve tourism development activities
Tax breaks and financial incentives for community-based tourism development projects.
To directly support organizations, individuals and households to invest in construction of accommodation (Homestay).
c) Solutions on development of tourism infrastructure system
To complete infrastructure linking Xuan Dai national tourism zone and inner Xuan Dai areas, focusing on some specific contents as follows:
- To propose to upgrade Tuy Hoa airport, encourage airlines to increase number of flights; sale off; At the same time, it encourages to open new routes from Da Nang and Can Tho.
- To propose immediate expansion of Chi Thanh railway station (Tuy An district), in long term to open a north – south railway station in Song Cau town.
- To propose organization of specialized bus routes, fast buses connecting Tuy Hoa airport, Phu Cat airport (Binh Dinh province) to Xuan Dai bay national tourism park; organizing all kinds of electric vehicles to connect tourism sites within Xuan Dai bay national tourism zone, in long term, building a free pick up network from Tuy Hoa airport, north - south railway station to Xuan Dai bay national tourism zone.
- To promote opening of tourism boat stations, bringing watersurface into exploitation for tourism. At the same time, to build a map of waterway traffic connecting tourism sites and areas in Xuan Dai bay national tourism park.
d/ Solutions on human resource development
- To formulate a policy for training tourism human resources for the whole province (focusing on Xuan Dai bay national tourism park) with mechanism of human resource training for managers and tourism agencies, tourism services, transportation of tourism, community tourism.
- To create conditions for universities and colleges in Phu Yen province to cooperate with reputable training schools at home and abroad to organize training courses for managers and service staff, such as receptionist, tour guide, hotel manager...
- To implement policies to attract qualified and professional human resources.
e/ Solutions on ensuring national security and defense
- Do not plan area in terrain area of ​​special importance in defensive posture of the Fatherland, priority should be given to defense tasks which have been already approved by the Prime Minister in Decision No. 2412/QĐ-TTg December 19, 2011 into area of Xuan Dai bay national tourism park.
- In process of elaboration of detailed plan projects, specific investment projects in Xuan Dai bay national tourism zone shall have comments of Ministry of Defense, Border Guard Command, Military Zone Command 5 in accordance with provisions of Decision No 13/2012/QĐ-TTg dated 23 February 2012 of the Prime Minister on promulgating regulation on combining socio-economic and national defense in defense sector, ensuring neither overlapping nor affecting position of the army or national construction works in the area and eliminate danger of harm to national security.
- On boats transporting tourists, yachts and tourism accommodation establishments in the bay must be equipped with safety equipment for tourists such as life jackets, floating tools.
- To study and set up a quick-response rescue team with adequate equipment for rescue work; to train professional forces in search and rescue work, ensuring rescue activities as quickly as possible.
- To deploy and effectively implement the Prime Minister’s Directive No.18/CT-TTg dated September 4, 2013 on enhancing management of tourism environment, ensuring security and safety for tourists.
- Defense and police sectors actively participate in process of elaborating detailed plan on functional zones and plans on development of tourism resorts.
e) Solutions on development of tourism products:
- For cruise resorts on the bay, it is necessary to develop in direction of serving high-class tourists with strict regulations on schedule, sightseeing routes and anchorage areas in order to limit the number of ships operating at the same time, avoiding negative pressure, impact on landscape and environment. Constructing tourism routes, anchoring on the bay with specific regulations on a number of yachts on each route. Simultaneously zoning area for daily cruise ships and overnight cruise ships.
- For souvenir products: Organizing souvenir design contest for Xuan Dai bay national tourism zone.
- Building tourism guide boards in different languages ​​in major tourism destinations and areas, thus facilitating visitors' visits and cultural experiences; High-speed wireless internet access is free at the zone.
g) Solutions on developing tourism market:
- To develop and promote calendar of events, tourism programs, especially tourism products bearing local and regional characteristics which are suitable to weather and seasonal conditions in the year.
- To study characteristics of traditional tourist markets of Phu Yen and Xuan Dai bay national tourism zone for promotion, construction of appropriate tourism products.
- To build demand stimulus programs such as discount of travel programs, promotion of tourism services ... in each tourism season, which are suitable for different markets and actual conditions.
- To improve quality of complementary services such as medical and health care services, transportation services, public hygiene, information support services and utilities to ensure quality of environment, security and safety for tourists.
h/ Scientific and technological application solutions:
- To research and apply measures to save energy and water in tourism services.
- To improve capacity of managers, enterprises, local communities through short-term training courses on information technology such as: e-marketing, social networking in business travel...
- To build automatic statistical management and reporting software to manage tourism business.
i) Solutions on promoting and advertising trademark of tourism zones:
- To build trademark and brand identification for Xuan Dai bay national tourism zone; Organizing promotion activities which are suitable to each specific market segment.
- To develop promotional tools such as tourism photo books, guide books, introductory brochures, short films introducing tourism ... for Xuan Dai bay in different languages.
- To promote propaganda through the press, radio and television at home and abroad; on websites of provincial departments, branches and provincial websites, websites of travel agencies; via social networking sites (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter ...), through travel agencies...
j/ Measures on protecting natural resources, environment and responding to climate change,  natural calamities:
- To publicly announce norms and regulations on environmental protection for means of transporting tourists and aquaculture zones in the gulf. To attach importance to protection of marine environment, regularly inspect, propagate, mobilize and remedy the sea-related matters. Establishing management team, marine environment protection, tourism environment.
- To protect coral reef areas, prohibit illegal exploitation of coral in any form.
- To strengthen propaganda and education to mobilize people and tourists to raise awareness about environmental protection and response to climate change.
- To prioritize application of science and technology and clean food in tourism business activities.
- To deduct part of revenue from tourism activities to pay for forest environment services of the province; At the same time, it is necessary to combine with other sources to carry out afforestation projects in order to limit direct impacts of extreme weather events (storms, cyclones, etc.), floods, landslides, etc.
- To strictly implement replanting forests when changing forest use purposes to other purposes in order to maintain forest cover, landscape, biodiversity conservation, soil and water conservation and environment.
- To strengthen system of monitoring, surveillance and early warning of extreme weather phenomena, including information systems on basis of modern equipment and technical level.
- To make a map of the risk of flash floods, coastal erosion, storms, sea level rise and flood inundation. Develop a database of information and databases for mitigation and adaptation.
7. Organizing implementation
7.1. Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism
a/ To function as the main implementer and coordinate with Phu Yen provincial People's Committee in announcing the plan and guiding implementation thereof in strict accordance with contents of the plan with relevant ministries and agencies to appraise investment projects under the plan of the national tourism zone or other projects that have an impact on Xuan Dai bay national tourism zone. Projects on list of priority investment issued together with this Decision must have opinion of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism which are based on scale and nature of each project and provisions of law.
b) To coordinate with Ministry of Planning and Investment and the State Bank of Vietnam in supporting the People's Committee of Phu Yen province to socialize investment in tourism development and call for investment capital for development of Xuan Dai bay national tourism zone.
c/ To function as the main implementer and in collaboration with concerned ministries and branches in inspecting and supervising implementation of the master plan.
7.2. Ministry of Planning and Investment and the Ministry of Finance shall have to synthesize and balance part-funded supports from the State budget for implementation of the plan according to provisions of the State Budget law and involved documents therein.
7.3. Concerned ministries and branches: Within ambit of their assigned functions and tasks, to function as the main implementer and in collaboration with Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the People's Committee of Phu Yen province and concerned agencies in implementing this plan
7.4. People's Committee of Phu Yen province
To coordinate with Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism in organizing announcement of the master plan; To elaborate plans for implementation of the plan; To regularly inspect and supervise implementation of the master plan for five years and 10 years.
b) To propose management model of  Xuan Dai bay national tourism zone to meet role and responsibility of management of the national tourism zone in accordance with the law; To formulate and promulgate regulation on management of national tourism park, including regulations on development investment, tourism business activities and activities of tourists and communities in protecting natural resources and environment and in line with task of ensuring national defense and security of sea islands.
c/ To review and perfect mechanisms and policies on investment incentives and preferences; This will give priority to strategic investors investing in development of Xuan Dai bay national tourism zone.
d / To function as the main implementer and in collaboration with Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and Ministry of Planning and Investment in organizing investment promotion activities in Xuan Dai bay national tourism zone in accordance with the approved plan. Basing on actual situation, the People's Committee of Phu Yen Province and the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism can agree on adjustment of name, decision on addition or reduction of the project.
e/ To take initiative in allocating local budget capital for technical infrastructure development, urban infrastructure and environmental infrastructure of tourism zone; Integrate tourism investment with other investment fields, promote tourism development investment.
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Source: Vitic/ thuvienphapluat.vn

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