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AsemconnectVietnam - To mobilize all resources to reach highest speed growth and improve economic growth; promote economic restructure in direction of decreasing proportion of agriculture and increase proportion of industry and services in GDP


 I. Development viewpoints
1. To mobilize all resources to reach highest speed growth and improve economic growth; promote economic restructure in direction of decreasing proportion of agriculture and increase proportion of industry and  services in GDP.
2. To develop Nam Dinh province to play more important role in south Sub-red River delta, contributing more to overall growth of the region.
3. To add economic development with social development, poverty alleviation, job creation, reducing disparities in living standards between regions; continuously improve  material and spiritual life of the people.
4. Economic development associated closely exploitation and use of natural resources and protect ecological environment, ensuring sustainable development, creating landscapes for tourism development.
5. To combine economic development with national security and defense, maintaining a stable security and political order and social safety.
II. Development goals
1. Overall objectives
To strive to develop economy of Nam Dinh province quickly and stably, shifting economic structure towards industry - services and agriculture; modern network of socio-economic infrastructure ; develop advanced social-culture , people's living are improved;
2. Objectives
2.1. Economic development
- Growth rate of GDP in 2020 reaches about 12% per year; in period of 2010-2020 is 13% per year and in period of 2020-2030 is 12.5% per year;
- To promote economic restructure, by 2020 proportion of agriculture - forestry - fishery is around 25%, industry - construction accounts for 39% and services account for about 36%, and by 2025 corresponding average rates are 19%, 44% and 37%, 2030, proportion of agriculture - forestry - fishery reduces to about 8%, industry - construction reaches about 54% and services at about 38%;
- In 2020, value of exports reaches an average growth rate of 20% per year, in period of 2020-2030 reaches 18% per year;
- To increase budget revenue. To 2020, striving to raise budget revenues 17% a year, over 16% a year period from 2020 - 2025 and over 15% in 2025 - 2030;
- GDP per capita reaches about VND 12.5 million in 2020, VND 26 million in 2025 and VND 50 million in 2030 (actual price).
2.2. Social development
- Rate of population growth on average 0.95% per year in 2020, 0.92% per year in a period of 2020- 2025 and about 0.9% per year in a period of 2025 - 2030.
- By 2020, lower rate of malnourished children under 5 years old around 15%, on an average 10,000 people has 16 beds, 6.5 doctors and in 2030 average 10,000 people have 20-22 beds and 8 doctors.
- To strive to 2020 over 50% of workers are trained each year and create 35,000 -40,000 new jobs and  by 2030, more than 75% of workers through training and create 45,000 – 50,000 new jobs. Rate of unemployment in urban area reduce to 4% in 2020 and stabilize at 3-4% in 2030;
- To improve rate of urbanization, striving to reach urbanization rate of  22.8% in 2020 and 45% in 2030. In 2020, 100% of urban population and about 80% of rural population use clean water;  by 2030 100% of rural population use clean water;
- To transfer promptly labor structure from areas with low labor productivity to areas with high labor productivity, reduce rate of agricultural labor in total number of employees to about 65% in 2020 and about 35% 2030. Improving working time in rural areas by 2020 over 85% and 90% over 2030;
- To reduce poverty rate to below 6% in 2020 (according to new criteria in 2005).
2.3. Regarding environmental protection
- To strive to 2020, reaches  50% of production bases to apply new technology standard to  environment, ensure waste treatment and in 2030, 100% of production and business bases meet environmental standards;
- In 2020 over 80% of solid waste, 60% of hazardous waste and medical waste 100% are collected and processed; 40% of new urban area and 70% of industrial zone have system of concentrated wastewater treatment; in 2030, over 95% of solid waste, 90% of hazardous waste are collected and processed, 100% of urban and industrial zones have concentrated wastewater treatment systems .
III. Development of fields
1. Developing agriculture, forestry, fisheries
To construct agricultural commodity production towards clean, sustainable , quality and high competitiveness. Support construction of infrastructure and application of scientific, technical achievements in accordance with ecological and natural conditions of the locality.
Focus on accelerating restructure of agriculture, forestry and fisheries; transfer area of to inefficient paddy land to production of vegetables, aquaculture; develop livestock become one of main manufacturing industry in agriculture; promote exploitation, aquaculture has contributed significantly to economic growth.
1.1. Crops:
- To continue strong conversion of plant structure towards seasonal crop diversification, multi-time service, expand areas of plant having high economic efficiency;
- To focus on promoting specialty rice production in southern districts, expand high-quality rice production in northern districts
- To expand service area in eastern  area to 20-25,000 ha by 2020 and 30-40,000 ha in 2030 in direction of commodity production, plant diversity, multi-time service, focusing on trees have high export value high such as potatoes, vegetables, squash, cucumbers, tomatoes ...
- To restore high value garden, form fruit farms in small and medium highlands. Develop plants of  flowers and aromatic in city of Nam Dinh, districts of  Nam Truc, Hai Hau ... to serve  domestic market and can be exported.
1.2. Breeding:
To expand model of small and medium livestock farm. Strengthen animal health, prevent disease for poultry, cattle.
1.3. Fisheries:
- To concentrate to exploit better potential of water resources, marine resources, land and labor to develop fisheries sector. Develop logistics services for  processing and exporting aquatic products;
- To develop aquaculture in direction of commodity production; form aquaculture on a large scale to create raw materials industry for processing and exporting. Successful implementation of socialization in  fields of aquaculture, aquatic product processing. Expand scale  of production facilities like fisheries, encourage all economic sectors for investment and development of seed production facilities;
- To continue to promote aquaculture in salt, brackish water ; increase transfer area of  less effective salt , cultivate paddy in waterlogged,  low productivity land. In particular, investors focuses on a number of high seafood species which have high economic efficiency such as prawn, crab, clam, fish ball odorant, crayfish and tilapia. Propose to increase aquaculture area to 17,000 ha in 2020 and about 18,400 ha in 2030;
- To continue to enhance capacity to exploit seafood, organize effective production, management and use of fleet of offshore exploitation. Develop fisheries in both quantity and capacity coupling with innovating, improving fishing technology. Invest in building a harbor in Giao Thuy.
It is estimated that value of agricultural, forestry and fishery increase on average 5.1% per year until 2020 , an increase of 4.1% per year a period of 2020 - 2025 and 2.9% / year in a period of 2025 - 2030. Strive to reduce proportion of agriculture, increasing proportion of  fisheries sector in production structure.
2. Development of industry and handicraft
- To exploit well potential, advantages for industrial development with high pace; improve  quality of investment promotion,  investment environment to attract more projects (especially large scale high-tech projects) to create a breakthrough in developing and restructuring  provincial economy.
- To concentrate investment in developing a number of branches, main products of high economic efficiency, competitive market such as shipbuilding, mechanical manufacture, automobile, car ,computer, electronics - informatics ...
- To prioritize development of industries that its products have relatively stable market and high efficiency; industries have strength of materials source (processing industry, agricultural products, textile, leather shoes ...).
- To develop engineering industry, electronics and metal processing industry become key contributors to provincial budget, with key products such as building and repairing ships, boat, automobile production and assembly of all types, production of gas , engineering for agriculture, mechanical construction.
- To invest in shipbuilding enterprises, enterprises of producing and assembling cars to have enough capacity to build river and sea ships of large tonnage to 15,000 DWT, various passengers automobile , cars of less than 5 tons with high quality, establishment of small and medium production line.
- To promote construction of Thinh Long shipyard with design load capacity of 6500-15000 DWT.
- To develop and expand  new shipyard in districts of Xuan Truong, Truc Ninh and Nam Dinh.
- To develop textile industry towards production for export and increase added value in  products. Concentrate on producing products with particular characteristics basing on advantages of labor, technology, high quality garment. Increase localization rate of materials of textiles and garments. Develop textile industry in districts, rural areas to create jobs for workers.
- To develop processing industries of food, beverages associating with development of material resources towards product diversification, attaching importance to export products. Make joint venture to integrate foreign market, innovate technology, increase large –scale production.
- To develop industry of producing construction materials with available potential resources, labor, contributing to create jobs, improves living of people.
- To develop chemical industry of the province with high speed, going straight into modern and advanced technologies (especially pharmaceutical products) to create products with high quality, low cost, competitive . Give priority in developing medicinal production , pharmaceutical materials, Nam Dinh serves as a center of medicinal industry in  south Red river delta.
- To consolidate and develop professional and traditional villages, gradually expand production scale to surrounding area. Focus resources on new technologies, improve their production, quality and competitiveness of products on domestic and foreign market. Pay attention to build concentrated production facilities , which are scattered in household. Increase rapidly quantity and quality of small and medium-sized enterprises to plat an important role in development of rural industries in the locality. Solve well step by step problem of environment, people's living in the villages. Increase budget for building infrastructure, help the villages develop.
- Improve infrastructure and attract investment to fill two industrial parks: Hoa Xa and Trung My; continue to implement industrial zones which were approved as: Bao Minh, Thanh An, Hong Tien, China Thanh, Nghia An.
- To form shipbuilding industry in Nam Dinh, Xuan Kien, Thinh Long, My Loc, Nghia Binh.
Build a number of industrial parks along new coastal route from Thanh Hoa - Ninh Binh - Nam Dinh - Quang Ninh to reallocate industries in the province, but restrict from using rice-growing land for industrial zones, urban and services area.
- To construct small-scale industrial groups to solve local laborers, promoting industrialization and modernization of agriculture, rural areas.
- To strive to reach average growth rate of industrial production value of 25% per year in a period of 2010 - 2015, in a period of 2015 - 2020 increases 17% per year, in a period of  2020 - 2030 increases 15% per year.
3. Development of services
- To complete trading system in the province, combine development of trade in urban areas with developing rural markets, developing markets to purchase products of farmers, facilitate favorable conditions for development of supermarkets, trade centers in city of Nam Dinh and center of districts, towns ... planning and upgrading rural markets. Focus on food safety and hygiene. Construct of concentrated slaughter in Nam Dinh city.
- To form clusters of  trade - service in areas with favorable exchange position, can be connected with production of agricultural goods or in combination with concentrated industrial zones in locations: Nam Dinh city, Thinh Long, Lam, Yen Dinh, Cho Con,  Vu Dong, My Loc town.
- To develop tourism become an important economic sector of Nam Dinh province, promote economic restructure and facilitate development of other economic sectors.
- To pay attention to develop eco-tourism and beach resorts to attract tourists associating with tourism development in Xuan Thuy National Park, beaches: Thinh Long, Quat Lam. Research to build Rang Dong beach resorts.
- To promote cultural tourism  festivals, spiritual cultural tourism; focus on construction of tourist areas: Tran Temple, Phu Day pagoda, memorial zone General Secretary Truong Chinh. ..
- To develop tour to traditional villages known as: copper casting village Tong Xa, wood carvings village La Xuyen, lacquer village Cat Dang, ornamental village Vi Khe ...
- To research to develop new forms of tourism such as conferences tourism, seminars (MICE) and tourism associating with sport ...
- To focus on development of financial, banking  services, consulting to attract good investment of economic sectors.
- To develop vessels with large tonnage quantities and meet  needs of transportation in  process of international economic integration.
- To develop postal – telecommunications services, type of service production, industrial zones, urban areas.
- To step by step develop stock market, construct Nam Dinh province  become stock service centers in Red River Delta of Vietnam to mobilize capital for  social - economic development.
- It is expected that average growth rate of total flow of retail goods and service revenue in year of 2020  is  13.5% per year, in a period 2020 - 2030 is 14% per year.
- Average growth rate of export turnover in year of 2020 of 20% per year, in a period of 2020-2030 is 18% per year.
4. Field of culture - society
- To implement program of family- population planning. It is estimated that population of Nam Dinh province in 2015 is 2,060,000 people; in 2020 is 2,157,000 people and in 2025 is about 2,255,000.
- To strive in a period of 2015 - 2020 to create jobs for 35-40,000 workers, in a period of  2020 - 2025 45-50,000 employees.
- To promote export of labor, struggle in 2015 over 14,000 people and in 2020, about 80-100,000 workers going abroad.
- In 2020, 100% of primary schools meet national standard, universal education high school in whole province.
- To strive to 2015, 60% and in 2020 over 80% of middle schools meets national standards.
- Base on teachers' College to establish University of Nam Dinh, upgrade Nam Dinh School of agriculture economics techniques to college.
- To upgrade Nam Dinh School of Cultural Arts to Nam Dinh College of Cultural Arts.
- To establish more vocational training centers in districts and Nam Dinh city.
- To form  vocational colleges to meet demand for workers with high level technical expertise for local and for export labor. Construct vocational training for Nam Dinh province and neighboring provinces. Strive to 2015 with more than 50% and in 2020 over 75% of trained workers.
- To plan hospital network in direction of reducing provincial hubs, focus on high-tech. Complete construction of hospital - class I, scale of 700 beds.
- To develop provincial and districts centers of  preventive medicine to have full capacity of staff and equipment to monitor, analyze and report promptly epidemic area.
- To develop and upgrade eye hospital, hospital of maternity, mental hospital, tuberculosis and lung disease hospital, traditional medicine hospital.
- To strive to 2015, reaches an average rate of 16 beds/10.000 people, by 2020, 20-22 beds/10.000 people.
- To strengthen health bases of communes, wards, struggle to 2020, 100% of health bases of commune, wards meet  national standard of health.

- To continue to implement campaign "all people unite to build cultural life".
- To focus on constructing, promoting cultural values of  Tran sanctuaries in district of My Loc, Nam Dinh province.
- To complete construction of memorial zone General Secretary Truong Chinh (in Xuan Truong), Nam Dinh Province, provincial museum, exhibition center.
- Investment in infrastructure of Viet market.
- To build entertainment at Tuc Mac cultural park.
- To increase investment in sport construction works for district and the city, struggling to 2015 all 10 districts, the city have a stadium, swimming pool. By 2020 communes and towns have stadiums and sports works.
- To construct training center of high sport achievements in southern Red river delta and athletes training center in Nam Dinh province.
- To focus on researching and actively applying achievements of science and technology, especially information technology, biotechnology in production and life, improving performance of science and technology. Promote scientific research, cooperating with research institutions at home and abroad, linking research with production. Complete and put into use Information Technology Center. Gradually develop software industry. Also, build mechanisms and policies to support  innovation and technology business .
5. Infrastructure

To develop synchronous transport, ensuring uninterrupted, link between  transport modes, forming a smooth traffic network .
5.1. Highway network:
- To accelerate progress of building highway Cau Gie - Ninh Binh over a length of about 21 km, then continue to upgrade entire highway from Phap Van - Ninh Binh to six lanes;
- To build new road Phu Ly - Nam Dinh delta standard -level I (4 motor vehicle lanes, two rudimentary lanes) before 2015;
- To accelerate progress to upgrade and expand national highway 21 Nam Dinh - Hai Thinh 60 km long, plain level III and IV ;
- To build coastal plain highway level II, Thanh Hoa - Ninh Binh - Nam Dinh - Thai Binh - Hai Phong - Quang Ninh after 2020;
- To construct new roads from city of Nam Dinh to town of Rang Dong (Nghia Hung district);
- To research to transfer provincial road 487 (38 A), provincial road 490 (55) into highway.
- To upgrade provincial road 482 (56) into highway from Ha Nam, Nam Dinh to port of Diem Dien (Thai Binh province), via Nam Dinh province about 73 km length.
5.2. Provincial roads:
- To upgrade and expand provincial road 490 (old 55 TL), provincial road 489 (old 54 TL), provincial road 481(including old road 51A, 51B ), provincial road 486 (TL 12 old) to meet standard of delta road level III . Expand road through towns;
- To upgrade provincial road 480 (TL 53A, 53B old), provincial road 484 (old 64 TL), provincial road 485 (old 57A TL) to meet standard level IV of plain road.
- To build a new provincial road 488
- To build roads connecting coastal ecotourism dyke in Xuan Thuy district with wetland forest areas through tourism resorts of Quat Lam, Thinh Long and Rang Dong.
5.3. Urban traffic:
To complete two ring roads and research, construct three ring roads to Nam Dinh. -select-  main arteries road and important intersections in city to match with modern urban type II and advanced to urban type I. Upgrade and expand transportation network in town.
5.4. Rural roads:
To strive to 2020, plastic or concrete 90% of rural roads in the province.
5.5. Railways:
- To plan and build high-speed railway North - South, which has run through  Nam Dinh province, international standard rail;
- To construct Dang Xa station become modern passenger services center ;
- To research to open railway Nam Dinh - Thai Binh - Hai Phong - Quang Ninh.
5.6. Waterway:
- To invest in improving and upgrading flow of four major rivers: Red river, Dao river, Day river and Ninh Co River with a total length of 251 km to reach technical regulations.
- To invest in renovating, upgrading and building new system of seaports, river ports, beach 
- To expand and upgrade Hai Thinh port. Organize transportation to port of maritime in Southeast Asia region and the world
- To move river port out of Nam Dinh city center, renovate and upgrade  old river port of Nam Dinh to become port of  passengers, tourism. Invest in building new modern ports with scale of 1 million tons / year;
- To invest in construction of coal thermal power plant at Lach Giang river in Ninh Co (Hai Hau district), capacity of 1200 MW, complete in a period of 2011 - 2015;
- To develop power supply, post and telecommunications, water supply, waste treatment to meet increasing requirements of people's life and service of production. Focus on providing services to new urban areas, and industrial clusters, villages ...;
- To regularly renovate, upgrade and solidify sea dyke system. Early complete project of renovating and upgrading of sea dike program Quang Ninh - Nam Dinh with 91.5 km long. Ensure safety for sea dyke system when storm level 10, frequency of 5%.
To continue to invest in building water systems for agriculture, changing structure of production. Give priority to upgrade, dredge and solidify system of canals; solidly channels and pumping stations Nam Ha, western channel checkers, Hai Hau irrigation systems, irrigation systems in east Giao Thuy district , south Nghia Hung district...
IV. Territory development orientation
1. Develop sub-region

Base on  characteristics of natural conditions and conditions for socio-economic development and development orientation of specific sectors of the province, conducting classified into sub-regional social-economic development as follows:
- Sea economic region: including districts of Giao Thuy, Hai Hau and communes, towns located in south Nghia Hung district (from line 56 into the sea);
- Regional industrial – service economy: including Nam Dinh city and surrounding area;
- Regional agricultural production, combining with industry and handicraft: including Xuan Truong, Truc Ninh, Nam Truc, Y Yen, Vu Ban, Nghia Hung and My Loc districts.
Development orientation of sub-regions:
1.1. Maritime economic zone 
- To prioritize investment in develop fisheries; construct facilities of processing seafood products;
- To invest in forming Ninh Co General Economic Zone associating with shipbuilding center, Thinh Long beach, Hai Hau thermal power plant, port cluster , petroleum storage and processing of aquatic products and pharmaceutical production. ..;
- To upgrade transportation infrastructure, build strategic coastal route; new route from Nam Dinh to town of Rang Dong. Upgrade two tourist resorts: Quat Lam, Thinh Long and  Xuan Thuy national ecotourism park.
- Step by step construct and upgrade  infrastructure in town of Thinh Long, forming service- tourist center in coastal areas.
1.2. Regional industrial services - Nam Dinh city
To develop Nam Dinh city become a center of economic, cultural in  south Red river delta
1.3 Agricultural production with small industry:
- To promote agricultural development in direction of commodity production and ensure food security. To develop agricultural processing units, food, industrial clusters - villages to create more jobs, increased income for farmers;
- To accelerate speed of urbanization, invest in development of industrial parks: Hong Tien, Bao Minh, Nghia An, Y Yen II.
2. Urban development
- To promote speed of urbanization, expand existing urban and built a number of new city. New urban areas must be associated with development of industrial parks, transportation hubs, commercial and service centers.
- To develop Nam Dinh city become a center of economic, cultural in south Red river delta; review establishment of  a number of wards of city of Nam Dinh if they meet prescribed criteria .
- To focus resources, especially resources of major economic groups, domestic and foreign investment to build  technical facilities and  upgrade Thinh Long town (Hai Hau) to city before 2015.
- To build Ninh Co Economic Zone in direction of  general economy, including: general port, built ships of oil filter, high-tech zone, production of  medicines, seafood processing and other projects.
- To develop town of Quat Lam (Giao Thuy district) and town of Lam (Y Yen district) to town in later stage 2015. If meeting criteria of a town, can consider recognizing before 2015.
- To upgrade network of infrastructure for the town. Proposed formation of new towns, develop industrial production and services, trade at inter-communal scale.
V. Major Development Solutions
1. Mobilize capital

Project’s demand for capital in 2025 is about VND 296,000 billion (current price), in which period to 2015 is VND 35,967 billion.
To meet investment needs to implement above measures, to mobilize more capital and research to build specific mechanisms and policies, to promote positive socialization of investment for many forms of different investment, which promote mainly internal resources; better mobilize capital from land fund for investment in urban infrastructure, small industry development. Continue to improve investment environment, attract investment from foreign-owned enterprise, residential and capital of foreign direct investment.
Continue to enlist ODA funding, soon develop strategies to attract and use ODA to focus on areas of infrastructure construction in  center of technical and economic areas, protect environment, poverty reduction ...
2. Implementing policies

- To allow making a number of specific mechanisms and policies to have high proportion of agriculture, forestry and fisheries in economic structure to ensure food security of the region.
 - To continue to promote administrative reform, environment information system, reducing problems for business and people and create the best conditions for economic sectors to participate in development.
- To develop and implement mechanisms and policies to encourage  accumulation of land to produce goods at large scale. Research, promulgate policies to support construction of infrastructure in villages, promoting village development.
3. Coordinating with other province in the region
To develop detailed plan, combining with other provinces and cities in Red river delta, to develop infrastructure, construct tourism routes; implement trade promotion activities, exploit aquatic systems, transfer agricultural technology ...
4. Developing human resources
- To promote training human resources to meet demand of labor market and in accordance with socio-economic structure of the province.
- To improve work environment, with policies to attract talent, skilled labor to highly technical work and work long term in Nam Dinh province.
- To strengthen and  foster  business management, restructure and improve their management staff . Emphasis on building technical qualified human resource for production and business.
- To increase investment in education - training, especially professional education and vocational training. Building mechanisms to encourage development of vocational schools, expand vocational education in many appropriate ways. Have policies of vocational training for farmers to switch to non-agricultural industries.
5. Development of science - technology and environmental protection
- To create policies to develop science and technology and  speed up application of  achievements of science and technology, information technology into production, management .. .
- To apply advanced technologies in agriculture. Have preferential policies for enterprises to apply new advanced  in production and business.
- To build and expand production models, good business, with high economic efficiency, especially in agriculture, fishery and handicraft.
- There are strict measures to manage waste in production facilities, village with mechanisms to encourage businesses and villages to construct facilities of handling solid waste, liquid, and gas before being discharged into environment.
VI. Implement plan
- After the plan is approved, promptly publicize and disseminate to agencies, units and people know it. Also, concretize content of the plan in accordance with actual situation of social- economic development plan of five years and every year.
- To implement measures to better monitor and evaluate implementation of  investment and development plan. Strengthen responsibility of all levels, sectors and localities in implementation the plan. Last years (2015, 2020, and 2025) organize to evaluate implementation the plan, supplement and adjust  target of the plan to suit practical situation.
- To develop action plans and development programs in each period
- To develop plans for development of specific sectors, detailed plans.

List of priority investment projects of Nam Dinh province to 2025

I. Technical infrastructure  
1. Traffic

- Coastal road project (Hai Hau - Giao Thuy), length 68 km.
- Project of highway  Cau Gie - Ninh Binh, on Y Yen territory 21 km long.

- Project of highway 21 Nam Dinh city- Thinh Long, length 60 km.
- Project of building three bridges over river of Dao (Nam Dinh), H30-XB80.
- Project of building a new road Phu Ly - Nam Dinh city.
- Project of building a new road connecting city of Nam Dinh - Rang Dong town.

- Projects of road 490
- Project of road 56 ( Y Yen - Giao Thuy), length of  47 km.
- Projects  of road 481 (Xuan Truong - Giao Thuy), length 14 km.
- Projects of road 481 (Xuan Truong - Hai Hau), 7 km.
- Projects of road 487 (38A), 5 km long.
- Projects of road 480 (53A, B), in Truc Ninh, 18 km long.
- Projects of  road 485 (57A), Y Yen, 15 km long.
- Project of road 486 (TL 12), Vu Ban - Y Yen, 10 km long.
- Project of road 482 (TL 56), Vu Ban - Y Yen.
- Projects of road 488, Truc Ninh - Hai Hau, 45 km long.
- Project of road 64 (Y Yen), 7 km.
- Project of road connecting Tran Hung Dao street with Highway 21.
- Project of moving port out of Nam Dinh city center.
- Project of upgrading Lach Giang and Hai Thinh port.
2. Urban infrastructure, water supply
- Project of water supply of Nam Dinh province with a capacity 75,000 m3/day.
- Project of building infrastructure of low-income residential area in Nam Dinh city.

- Project of Dao river embankment, length of 6 km.
- Project of building infrastructure of new urban areas in city of Nam Dinh.
- Project of  upgrading infrastructure of  Thinh Long town.
- Project of building and upgrading infrastructure of towns.
3. Infrastructure of industrial zones

- Project of  building infrastructure in Hoa Xa Industrial Zone (Nam Dinh city ), area 327 ha.
- Project of  building infrastructure in An Xa Industrial Zone (Nam Dinh city), area 51 ha.
- Project of  building infrastructure in Trung My Industrial Park ( My Loc district).
- Project of  building infrastructure in new industrial parks.
4. Irrigation and dyke
- Xuan Ha sea dike (Hai Hau district).
- Project of  Red river dike embankment Friendship Equipment ( My Loc).
- Project of renovating irrigation systems in Giao Thuy district.
- Project of  building pumping stations in Nam Ha commune (Nam Truc district).
- Upgrade irrigation system in Hai Hau district.
- Project of expanding and upgrading channel of Con Nhat (Giao Thuy district).
- Project of upgrade sea dikes in Nam Dinh province combining with tourism.
- Project of upgrading system of  river embankment in Nam Dinh province.
- Project of upgrading irrigation system in south Nghia Hung district.
II. Agriculture, forestry and fishery
- Project of Xuan Thuy National Park (Giao Thuy).
- Project of  building aquaculture farms of Bach Long (Giao Thuy district), area of 100 ha.
- Projects of building  shrimp farm of  Bach Long (Giao Phong commune, Giao Thuy district), area of 150 ha.
- Project of  buffer zone of Xuan Thuy National Park (Giao Thuy  district).
- Project of converting aquaculture (Hai Hau district), area 140 ha.
III. Service
 - Project of building infrastructure in area of Vieng market.
- Project of building area of general service , area of 120 hectares.
- Projects of building resort of Thinh Long (Giao Thuy - Hai Hau), area 315 ha.
- Projects of building resort of  Rang Dong (Nghia Hung district).
- Project of building infrastructure of village of ecotourism Nhap Xa, phase I (Nam Truc district).
- Project of building commercial and general service clusters in Nam Dinh province.
- Project of building trade – service center  in Yen Bang commune, Y Yen district).
- Project of upgrading market system.
IV. Social – culture and science – technology
- Project of Tran cultural area.
- Project of 700 beds hospital (Nam Dinh).
- Project of Hoang Van Thu Junior High School,  area of 3950 m2.
- Projects of secondary school of Luong The Vinh with an area of 4017 m2.
- Tran Dang Ninh Junior High School (Nam Dinh), area 4552 m2
- Project of school of Nguyen Duc Thuan.
- Projects of tuberculosis hospital (Nam Dinh), scale of 150 beds.

- Expand project of Professional College of Nam Dinh.
- Expand High School of Electrical Engineering (Nam Dinh city).
- Project of upgrading College of Economics - Agricultural Engineering (Nam Dinh city).
- Project of upgrading medical equipment industry.
- Project of upgrading  radio and television station of Nam Dinh province, antenna of 180 meters height
- Project of  Museum of Nam Dinh province.
- Project of center of student cinema in Nam Dinh province, area of 1380 m2.
- Project of  martyr memory of Nam Dinh province.

- Project of education, labor center in Xuan Truong district, area 2.2 ha.
- Project of detoxification management center, area of 3.5 ha.
- Project of detoxification center in Nam Dinh city.

- Project of a commemoration zone General Secretary Truong Chinh (Xuan Truong district).
- Project of exhibition center of province of Nam Dinh .
- Project of moving school of cultural arts.

- Project of center for information technology of province of Nam Dinh, area of 50,000 m2.
V. National security
- Project of fishing ports for boats to avoid storms in estuary of Ninh Co (Hai Hau), scale of 256 m wharf.
- Project of professional training camps of  police force (Nam Dinh), an area of 3,000 m2.
- Project of fire prevention in Hoa Xa Industrial Zone.
VI. Industry
1. Shipbuilding and automotive industry
- New investment projects of Thinh Long shipyard, building ocean transports payload -15,000 DWT.
- Project of build a new shipyard of Changchun Shipbuilding Company, building sea river ships, in Xuan Tan, Xuan Truong.
- Upgrade and expand Hoang Anh Shipbuilding Company, building and repairing river and sea ship - 3,000 DWT in Xuan Hung, Xuan Truong.
- Project of building new factory of Hoang Anh shipbuilding company
- Upgrade shipyard of Nam Ha, build river and sea transports ferry-boat of high load of 3,000 DWT or less, in city of Nam Dinh.
- Upgrade  and invest in  JSC Shipbuilding Industry Training Center, building 1,000 DWT  sea river ship.
- Project of new investment in factories of  producing electrical cabinet of  ships at Trung My Industrial Park.

- Project of expanding assembles line of passenger car and manufacturing components for automobile in Trung My Industrial Park.
- Project of building factories of  producing electrical equipment for automobiles, industrial zone in Trung My industrial park.
- Project of investing in building factories of assembling light trucks and mini bus vehicles of Red river, phase I capacity: 5,000 vehicles per year, in Hoa Xa Industrial Zone.

- Project of plant of producing parts and assembling automobile of company of HONLEI Vietnam, capacity of  light trucks of 5,000 vehicles per year, in Hoa Xa Industrial Zone.
- Project of building production plant for automobile seat with a capacity of 150,000 seats per year, in Trung My Industrial Park - My Loc district.
- Project of investing in building factories of producing all kinds of details starting tight of automobile , shipbuilding, motor capacity: 500 T / year, in Trung My Industrial Park.

- Invest in projects of manufacturing mechanical equipment plant for auxiliary ships in Trung My Industrial Park.
- Project of investing in building factories for producing of anchor chain ship, capacity of 300 km / year, in Trung My Industrial Park.
- Project of  investment in building and manufacturing valves for ships with a capacity of 5,000 per year, in Trung My Industrial Park.

- Invest in new factory of manufacturing equipment and machinery for auxiliary mechanical Shipbuilding (to anchor device driver, gearbox for lifting equipment of all kinds of propeller shaft, transmission shaft ... ) in Trung My Industrial Park.
- Project of investing and constructing gearboxes and clutches for cars, each with capacity of 50,000 per year, in Trung My Industrial Park.

2. Industry of  textiles - leather shoes
- Project of moving Nam Dinh Textile Company to Hoa Xa Industrial Zone.
- Project of moving Nam Dinh Silk Textile Company to Hoa Xa Industrial Zone.
- Project of constructing textile development center; vocational textile exhibitions and fashion show, fashion design, trading center, manufacturing auxiliary materials for garment industry in Nam Dinh city.
- Invest in modern spinning machines having a high degree of automation to produce fibers, brush with a  capacity of 3,000 tons per year.
- Invest in factory of weaving with a capacity of 12 million meters per year.
- Invest in plants of knitting - dyeing, capacity 1,500 tons per year.
- Invest in factories of producing garment accessories: zipper, woven labels, cotton underwear, chrysanthemum types ....

- Invest in intensive plants of silk,  develop capacity, and improve quality of mulberry and silk processing.
- Invest in garment factory with a capacity of two million products per year in conditional district.
- Invest in plant of completed dyed woven, capacity of 20 million meters per year.
- Plant of quality fiber, capacity of 3,000 tons per year.
- Weaving factory with a capacity of 12 million meters per year.
- Knitting Factory with a capacity of  1,500 tons per year.
3. Agricultural-forestry-fishery processing industry
- Invest in processing line of export frozen meat with a capacity of  4,000 tons per year
- Invest in new facilities of slaughtering cattle, producing smoked meat, sausage with a capacity 4,000-6,000 tons per year.
- Invest in new processing facilities of canned pork, poultry with a capacity of 2,000-3,000 tons / year in Nam Dinh city.
- Invest in factories, frozen preliminary processing of pork, chicken, duck ... in the southern provinces, capacity of 2,000-3,000 tons per year.
- Invest in constructing and processing of rice in three clusters Giao Thuy, Hai Hau, Nghia Hung, capacity of each cluster of 3,000-4,000 tons per year.
- Construct plant of processing of marine products in Thinh Long town (fish meal processing line with a capacity of 2,000 tons / year, workshops of  preliminary processing seafood of 50-100 tons / days, production lines for animal feed, poultry and shrimp with a capacity of 5,000 tons per year, seafood processing plants of  3,000-5,000 tons / year).
- Invest, expand production of fish sauce, dried fish and dried fish meal at Hai Hau coastal communes, Giao Thuy.

- Construct feed production line at JSC Hai Hau with a capacity of 4,000-5,000 tons per year.
- Develop Changchun animal food processing company in Changchun in Thinh Lam industry.
- Invest in production of fish sauce Sa Chau (Giao Thuy district) with a capacity of 1 million liters per year.
- Develop workshops  of  processing fish sauce, dried fish in industrial clusters of Rang Dong.
- Expand enterprises of  processing aquatic products for export in Xuan Thuy district with a capacity of 2,000 tons per year.
- Invest  in expand capacity of brewery NADA to 50-60 million liters per year ..
- Invest in expanding and improving capacity of  Polish beer brewery to 10 million liters per year.

- Invest in producing wine from rice, capacity of 1 million liters per year.
- Invest in brewery production in Hai Hau mineral water capacity 15 million liters per year.

- Construct vegetable processing line, capacity of 10,000 tons per year.
- Invest in expanding capacity of nutrient powder plant to 18,000 tones per year.
- Investment in production lines of wheat noodle, rice noodle vermicelli, porridge capacity of 3000 tons / year in Nam Dinh.
- Invest in industrial salt production line with a capacity of 5,000 tons per year in Hai Hau district.
- Develop plant of processing salt and salt products in industrial park of Thinh Lam.
- Invest in  improving production capacity, expand export markets for forest products
- Invest, expand production units, fine art wood processing companies Hoa Phuong, Le Phuong, 27-7 ...

- Invest in artificial wood boards line of Nam Dinh construction materials company with a capacity of  5,000 m3/ year.
- Invest in production line of export garment with a capacity of 300 tons per year in city of Nam Dinh.
- Invest in construction of a factory of producing export furniture export in large scale in Nam Dinh (joint venture or 100% foreign capital).
4. Materials industry

- Construct a new brick production line in Y Yen, Vu Ban, and Truc Ninh with a capacity of 50-10 million brick / year.
- Restore a factory of producing granite with a capacity of 1 million m2/year.

- Invest in expanding and improving capacity of enamel tiles enterprises in Nam Dinh province with a capacity of 0.51 - 1 million m2/year.
- Invest in fresh concrete construction company with a capacity of 15 million m3.
- Invest in production line of fabric glass, capacity 100,000 m2/year.

5. Chemical
- Invest depth equipment in Nam Dinh pharmaceutical Corporation Nam Dinh to produce material of antibiotics.
- Investment in new painting, detergent production line for textile and other industries,  capacity of 3000 tons per year in Nam Dinh city.
- Investment to expand production of Nam Ha Gas Company.

- Investment in production facilities of PET bottles and other packaging products for mineral water plants, fish sauce ... processing capacity of 20 million bottles per year.
- Building production line of high technology plastic products , capacity 500 tons / year.

- Building production line of pipe fittings and other plastic, capacity 3000 tons per year.
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