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  Master plan on supporting industry development to 2020, vision to 2030 (Monday, December 19,2016)

To develop supporting industry on basis of mobilizing resources from all economic sectors, especially from foreign invested enterprise and domestic small and medium-sized enterprises system.

  Plan of industrial explosive material industry of Vietnam up to 2020 with orientation to 2030 (Friday, December 16,2016)

Plan on development of industrial explosive material industry must conform with strategy, master plans on socio-economic development, being consistent with requirements of national defense - security and social order and safety; meeting requirements of national economy on industrial explosive material

  Master plan on socio-economic development of Red river delta region to 2020 (Thursday, December 15,2016)

To ensure harmonization of economic development with conservation, restoration and promotion of traditional cultural values, natural heritage, demand of living and ensuring social order and safety.

  Master plan of Bac Ninh urban to 2030 with a vision to 2050 (Wednesday, December 14,2016)

Being a political, administrative, economic, cultural, science and technology, education - training center of Bac Ninh province

  Adjusted master plan on development of railway transport of Vietnam to 2020 with a vision to 2030 (Tuesday, December 13,2016)

Master plan on development of railway transportation must be in line with strategy of transportation development of Vietnam, strategy of railway transportation development of Vietnam; closely linking with development plans of other transport fields and other related plans.

  Master plan on development of national tourism zone of Dien Bien Phu - Pa Khoang, Dien Bien province to 2020 with a vision to 2030 (Monday, December 12,2016)

National tourism zone of Dien Bien Phu - Pa Khoang locates in city of Dien Bien Phu and 02 communes of Pa Khoang and Muong Phang, Dien Bien district, Dien Bien province with a total area of 15,585 ha.

  Scheme on promoting Vietnamese enterprises to join directly foreign distribution network in a period to 2020 (Friday, December 9,2016)

To contribute to build and strengthen cooperation among producers, exporters of Vietnam with foreign distribution system, creating a stable, strong distribution channels and close links between production and consumption for export goods of Vietnam.

  Strategy of using clean technology to 2020, vision to 2030 (Thursday, December 8,2016)

To encourage organizations and individuals to research, apply, own, transfer and use clean technologies in production, business and living

  Construction plan of Hon La economic zone (Wednesday, December 7,2016)

Being an economic center of Quang Binh province with modern and synchronous urban infrastructure

  Overall plan on agricultural production development to 2020, vision to 2030 (Tuesday, December 6,2016)

Development plan of agricultural production must be based on innovation thinking, marketing, combining rapid application of scientific and technology achievements, efficient use of land resources, water, trained human resource.

  Overall plan on economic restructuring in combination with growth model renovation in a period of 2013-2020 (Friday, December 2,2016)

Forming and developing a proper economic structure on the basis of improving, upgrading development level of sectors, fields and economic zones; developing hi-tech and high added value industries and fields which can gradually replace low ones to become key economic sectors.

  Overall plan on socio-economic development of northern key economic zone to 2020, vision to 2030 (Thursday, December 1,2016)

Socio-economic development of the zone is suitable with socio-economic development strategy of the wholly country, overall plan on socio-economic development of Red river delta region to 2020, in consistent with development plans of sectors and fields of the wholly country.

  Development plan of garment and textiles industry of Vietnam to 2020, vision to 2030 (Wednesday, November 30,2016)

To develop garment and textile industry to become one of key, export-oriented industries and have ability to meet increasingly domestic consumption demand; to create more jobs for society; to enhance competitiveness, integrating firmly into regional economy and the world

  Tourism development strategy of Viet Nam to 2020, vision to 2030 (Tuesday, November 29,2016)

To promote social engagement in and mobilize all domestic and foreign resources for investment in tourism development; to make full use of the national potentials and advantages in terms of natural factors, national culture and characteristic strong points of each and every region throughout the country, to strengthen the connections for tourism development.

  Marine transport development plan of Vietnam to 2020, vision to 2030 (Wednesday, November 23,2016)

To invest in developing fleet reasonable, modern structure with a strong competitiveness on international markets, focusing on investment in deepwater port, transit port and international gateway ports.

  Vietnam's plan on beer, wine and beverage to 2025 with a vision to 2035 (Thursday, October 27,2016)

- To build beer, wine, beverage industry of Vietnam to become a modern industry, being worthy of position and role in the economy, with strong brands in the market, products has high quality, diversification of types and designs.

  Master plan on socio-economic development of the Central key economic region to 2020, vision to 2030 (Wednesday, October 26,2016)

The Central key economic region (including 5 provinces and cities: Thua Thien - Hue, Da Nang, Quang Nam, Quang Ngai and Binh Dinh) has a special important role in strategy of socio-economic development and ensuring national defense and security for the Central coast region and the Central Highlands.

  Strategy on cultural industry development of Vietnam to 2020, vision to 2030 (Tuesday, October 25,2016)

To develop cultural industry that bases on innovation, science and technology and intellectual property rights; maximizing economic factors of cultural values.

  Master plan on tourism development of South Central Coast region to 2020, vision to 2030 (Saturday, September 24,2016)

To promote socialization of tourism development, raising domestic and foreign legal capital to invest in tourism development.

  Vietnam's industrialization strategy within Vietnam - Japan cooperation framework to 2020, vision to 2030 (Friday, September 23,2016)

The strategy of industrialization contributes to implementation of overall policies on industrial development of Vietnam.

  Master plan on tourism development of southeast region to 2020, vision to 2030 (Friday, September 16,2016)

To invest in key tourism products; mobilizing all resources for sustainable tourism development

  Master plan on tourism development of north central region to 2020, vision to 2030 (Thursday, September 15,2016)

To focus on developing tourism of world heritage and culture – history sightseeing

  National master plan for power development for the 2011 - 2020 period with the vision to 2030 (Wednesday, August 24,2016)

To develop the electricity sector in conjunction with the national socio-economic development strategies, ensure adequate supply of electricity for the national economy and social life.

  PM approves national target program on new rural development (Monday, August 22,2016)

PM Nguyen Xuan Phuc has signed Decision 1600/QD-TTg approving the National Target Program on new rural development for 2016-2020 period.

  Administrative reform under review (Thursday, August 18,2016)

PM Nguyen Xuan Phuc asked relevant agencies to make practical assessment of the implementation of the administrative procedure reform.

  Adjusted master plan on development of Vietnam's coal industry through 2020, with respect toward 2030 (Thursday, August 18,2016)

To step up baseline survey, exploration and assessment of coal resources and reserves so as to prepare reliable resources for sustainable development of the coal industry.

  PM sets tasks for the rest of 2016 (Thursday, August 4,2016)

PM Nguyen Xuan Phuc said the Government resolutely tackles difficulties, effectively mobilizes and uses external and internal resources to achieve set tasks and plans at the Government monthly meeting on August 2.

  National strategy on climate change (Wednesday, July 27,2016)

According to a report of the Intergovernmental Committee for Climate Change, the global mean temperature and the sea level have sharply increased for the past 100 years, especially in recent 25 years. In Viet Nam, over 50 years, the mean temperature has increased by 0.5-0.70C, and the sea level has risen by 20 cm. El Nino and La Nina cause more and more impacts. Climate change has really made natural disasters, especially storms, floods and droughts, increasingly violent.

  Key directions, objectives and tasks of science and technology for the 2016-2020 period (Friday, July 22,2016)

Investing properly and with focus on basic research, research for theoretical development, research for defining development directions and policies, ensuring national defense, security and environmental protection; Prioritizing resources to implement national S&T programs, develop national products, renovate technologies, develop high technologies; Promoting applied research, linking S&T development tasks with social and economic development tasks at all levels and branches.

  Strategy on public debts and national foreign debt in the period of 2011-2020 and visions to 2030 (Wednesday, July 13,2016)

The mobilization of loans and clearance of debts must be within the standards of safety relating to the country’s public debts, governmental debts and foreign debts in order to guarantee the national financial security.

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