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  Industry development plan of southern key economic area to 2020 (Friday, July 7,2017)

To promote the leader role of the region for the country, rapidly developing towards gradually shifting into the industries with high technology and engineering, high value; promote the development of other regions...

  National program on constructing a new countryside to 2020 (Tuesday, July 4,2017)

To construct a new countryside with gradually modem socio-economic infrastructure, rational economic structure and forms of production organization.

  Strategic orientation of cooperative economic development (Part I,II) (Thursday, June 29,2017)

Since the Sixth Party Congress in 1986, the innovative thinking of the Party on socio-economic development has been grasped throughly in research process of planning and directing plan implementation. Vietnam's economy has been gradually operating under market mechanism, developing multi-component economic, having management of the State through legislation, plans, policies and other tools.

  Milk industry development plan of Vietnam (Wednesday, June 28,2017)

To improve the competitive capacity of the milk industry and apply advanced technologies and techniques; to develop the industry in an open direction and flexible manner with diversified milk products.

  Schem on development of Vietnamese rice trademark to 2020, vision to 2030 (Tuesday, June 27,2017)

Trademark of Vietnamese rice is built under form of certified trademark protection and commercial trademark protection in order to promote, manage and protect intellectual property in import countries.

  Scheme on restructuring of construction sector in combination with growth model innnovation toward improving quality, efficiency and competitiveness in a period of 2015 - 2020 (Monday, June 26,2017)

To improve effectiveness of managing and using public investment capital source, while increasing proportion of non-budgetary investment, out of which, paying special attention on promoting investment model in form of public - private partnership (PPP).

  Automobile industry development plan of Vietnam (Friday, June 23,2017)

Development of the auto industry must be in line with approved master plan on the country’s industry and development strategies of concerning sectors, so as to mobilize full resources of all economic sectors, with State owned enterprises acting as key players.

  Plan on developing production and trade of Tra catfish in Mekong river delta to 2025 (Monday, June 19,2017)

To arrange and reorganize processing and sale establishments linked with raw-material production zones; to adopt the principle that processing mills must have raw-material zones.

  Plan on development of inland waterway transport fleet in a period of 2015 - 2020 and orientation to 2030 (Friday, June 16,2017)

To plan development of inland waterway transport fleet in order to orient and guide enterprises, organizations and individuals to implement investment and exploitation of inland waterway transport means in an effective manner, in accordance with fairway and conditions of waterway transport exploitation of each region.

  National strategy for integrated solid waste management to 2025, vision to 2050 (Tuesday, June 13,2017)

Integrated solid waste management is a common responsibility of the entire society in which the State plays a key role, boosts socialization of, mobilizes utmost all resources for and increases investment in this work

  Cement industry development plan of Vietnam to 2020 (Monday, June 12,2017)

Cement industry aims to fully meet domestic demand in terms of quantity and quality, moving towards exports and to develop into an efficient industry equipped with high technology.

  Target program on development of information technology industry to 2020, vision to 2025 (Friday, June 9,2017)

To promote development of fields of information technology industry, giving priority to development of software industry, digital content production, designing and manufacturing microchips.

  Scheme on strengthening transport connection within ASEAN to 2020, vision to 2030 (Thursday, June 8,2017)

To ensure consistency between content of scheme of transportation connections within ASEAN with subregional cooperation programs, especially Greater Mekong Subregion (GMS).

  Plan on developing production of rubber products of Vietnam to 2025, vision to 2035 (Wednesday, June 7,2017)

To develop production of rubber products on basis of mobilizing all domestic and foreign resources, strengthening and using effectively domestic raw materials.

  Master plan on high technology applied agricultural zones and regions to 2020, vision to 2030 (Tuesday, June 6,2017)

To exploit comparative advantages of natural conditions, resources and socio-economic of each ecological region to develop high-tech applications in agriculture.

  Import management scheme by 2020 in comformity with international commitments (Monday, June 5,2017)

To develop series of measures of managing import in next time in accordance with international commitments in order to create a legal environment open, transparent, stable and predictable for enterprises, contributing to control imports and ensure objective of sustainable socio-economic development.

  Master plan on development of national tourism zone of Con Dao, Ba Ria - Vung Tau province 2030 (Friday, June 2,2017)

Development of Con Dao national tourism zone creates premise and motive power to boost development of other production and service fields, attracting participation of local communities on the island

  Scheme on rural trade development orientation toward 2020 (Thursday, May 11,2017)

To develop rural trade steadily and strongly toward civilization and modernity with the participation of different economic sectors and diversified forms of distribution, services and business modes; to contribute to orienting and boosting agricultural production development; to fully and promptly meet production and consumption demands in rural areas as a basis to restructure the rural economy, eliminate hunger, reduce poverty and create a premise for proactive and successful international economic and trade integration in rural areas.

  Sustainable development strategy of Vietnam to 2020 (Wednesday, May 10,2017)

To create favorable conditions for every individual and community to have equal opportunity to develop talents, access to joint resources and participate in building of, contribute to and benefit from knowledge, material and cultural backgrounds for the next generations.

  Master plan on socio-economic development of north central and central coastal region to 2020 (Sunday, January 29,2017)

To focus on training and development of human resources, especially high quality human resources to meet market demand

  Strategy for development of Vietnam's seaport system and service (Tuesday, January 10,2017)

Vietnam boasts a coastline of over 3,200 kilometers, thousands of small and large islands, and numerous locations for building seaports along the coast.

  National program on urban development to 2020 (Friday, December 30,2016)

Urban development meets requirements of transferring labor structure, population distribution between urban and rural areas, among different socio- economic region; use of agricultural land for urban development must ensure food security requirements.

  Overall plan on development of shipbuilding industry of Vietnam to 2020 and vision to 2030 (Thursday, December 29,2016)

Overall plan on development of shipbuilding industry of Vietnam must meets requirements of implementation of Vietnam’s marine strategy to 2020, contributing to socio-economic development; taking advantage of existing conditions of marine resources, labor and development trend of shipbuilding industry in the world.

  Irrigation development strategy of Vietnam to 2020, vision to 2050 (Tuesday, December 27,2016)

Irrigation development to meet the goals of economic, society and environment development by 2020, with a vision to 2050, as the basis for sustainable agricultural development in the direction of modern, highly intensive, contributing economic development, improving people*s lives, ensuring food security and exports, national interests and harmony of interests between regions and sectors.

  Scheme on development of hi-tech agriculture to 2020 (Monday, December 26,2016)

Development of hi-tech agriculture must be associated with the process of industrialization and modernization in agriculture and rural areas and in accordance with the sector's and localities policies and strategies on agricultural development

  Construction plan of the Central Highlands to 2030 (Wednesday, December 21,2016)

The Central Highland has a special important strategic location for national security of the country.

  General plan on construction of border gate economic zone of Hoanh Mo - Dong Van, Quang Ninh province to 2030 (Tuesday, December 20,2016)

Border gate economic zone of Hoanh Mo - Dong Van is a center of economic, culture, services, travel in north border region of Quang Ninh province.

  Master plan on supporting industry development to 2020, vision to 2030 (Monday, December 19,2016)

To develop supporting industry on basis of mobilizing resources from all economic sectors, especially from foreign invested enterprise and domestic small and medium-sized enterprises system.

  Plan of industrial explosive material industry of Vietnam up to 2020 with orientation to 2030 (Friday, December 16,2016)

Plan on development of industrial explosive material industry must conform with strategy, master plans on socio-economic development, being consistent with requirements of national defense - security and social order and safety; meeting requirements of national economy on industrial explosive material

  Master plan on socio-economic development of Red river delta region to 2020 (Thursday, December 15,2016)

To ensure harmonization of economic development with conservation, restoration and promotion of traditional cultural values, natural heritage, demand of living and ensuring social order and safety.

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