• State Bank of Vietnam
  • 3/30/2017
  • The State Bank of Vietnam is a ministerial-level agency of the Government, which functions to perform the State management over monetary and banking activities and acts as the Central Bank of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.
  • Government Office
  • 3/22/2017
  • The Government Office is a ministry-level agency, which works as an aide to the Government and the Prime Minister
    • Vietnam News Agency
    • 3/20/2017
    • Vietnam News Agency is a government-affiliated agency which is authorized, if necessary, to make official statements reflecting viewpoints of the State regarding important national and international issues.
      • Ministry of Defence
      • 3/16/2017
      • The Ministry of Defence of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam is belong to the Government of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, headed by the Minister of Defence. It has the State management function in building the all-people national defence, the People's Army and the Militia and Self-Defence Force.
        • Vietnam Television Station
        • 3/15/2017
        • AsemconnectVietnam - Vietnam Television Station (VTV) is a government-affiliated agency and also a national broadcasting station which shall disseminate information and make public lines and policies of the Party and the State, conducting single management of television technique all over the country.
          • Ministry of Justice
          • 3/14/2017
          • AsemconnectVietnam - The Ministry of Justice is an organ of the Government, which has the function to perform the state management on development and implementation of laws and regulations, post-review of legal normative documents.
            • Voice of Vietnam
            • 3/10/2017
            • The Voice of Vietnam is a national radio broadcasting station attached to the Government, performing the functions of providing information on and propagating Party guidelines and policies and state laws, contributing to raising the people's intellectual standards and serving their spiritual life through radio programs, radio broadcast on the Internet, visual radio broadcast and print.
              • Ministry of Science and Technology
              • 3/9/2017
              • The Ministry of Science and Technology is a governmental agencies which performs the function of state management of science and technology, covering: scientific and technological activities; development of scientific and technological potential; intellectual property; standardization, measurement and quality control; atomic energy, radiation and nuclear safety; and state management of public services in the domains under its management in accordance with law.
                • Ministry of Transport
                • 3/6/2017
                • The Ministry of Transport is a government agency and functions to perform the state management of road, rail, inland waterway, sea and air transport nationwide, and of public services according to law.
                  • Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development
                  • 3/2/2017
                  • Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) is a governmental agency performing state management functions in the fields of agriculture, forestry, salt production, fishery, irrigation/water services and rural development nationwide, including state management functions with regard to delivery of public service in accordance with legal documents.
                    • Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs
                    • 2/28/2017
                    • The Ministry of Labour - Invalids and Social Affairs is a Government Ministry, performs state management function on the following areas of: employment, vocational training, wage and salary, social insurances (compulsory social insurance, voluntary social insurance and un-employment insurance), occupational safety, people with special contribution to the country, social protection, child care and protection, gender equality, social evils control and prevention.
                      • Ministry of Home Affairs
                      • 2/23/2017
                      • The Ministry of Home Affairs is a governmental agency performing the state management of the following branches and domains: state administrative and non-business organizations...
                        • Ministry of Education and Training
                        • 2/20/2017
                        • Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) is an agency of the Government, which performs the functions of State management over education, including: pre­school education, general education, intermediate vocational education, tertiary education, post-graduate education and non-formal education...
                          • Ministry of Information and Communication
                          • 2/16/2017
                          • The Ministry of Information and Communication is a governmental agency, performing the function of state management of the press; publication; post and delivery; telecommunications and Internet; wave transmission; radio frequencies; information and electronic technologies; radio and television broadcasting and national information and communication infrastructures; and state management of public services in the branches or domains falling within the scope of its state management.
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