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Address: No. 13/14 Cam Hoi St., Dong Mac Ward, Hai Ba Trung Dist., Hanoi City
Tel:(84-24) 62931877-0916022899-0976621842
Website:;; htt[://
- Provide auxiliary materials and equipment to meet the strict requirements of customers. Our main product lines include:
+ Packaging of all kinds of plastic bags: Single and complex films in bags and rolls.
+ Double-sided adhesive tape to stick nylon bags: PE adhesive tape, OPP adhesive tape, sealing tape.
+ OPP adhesive tape to paste cartons and other technical adhesive tapes.
+ Foil film of all kinds: BOPP (Glossy-Matte), CPP, PET, Jade film, Thermal laminating film (Glossy-Matte).
+ Membranes of all kinds: PP; PE; PP/PE.
+ POF shrink film (Printed and unprinted, bags and rolls), PE film wrapped pallets.
+ Knife for gravure printing ink.
+ Packaging machinery and equipment: Gravure printing machine, film laminating machine, film dividing machine, bag cutting machine, ...
* Main product:
+ Double-sided adhesive tape for nylon bags.
+ Packing tape.
+ Technical adhesive tape.
+ Plastic films of all kinds.
+ BOPP film.
+ CPP membrane.
+ PET film.
+ Pearl membrane.
+ Wrapping film PALLET.
+ POF shrink film.
+ Heat laminating BOPP film.
+ Packaging of all kinds of nylon bags.
+ Knife for gravure printer ink.
+ Packaging machinery and equipment.
+ Accessories for packaging machines.
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Address: Ngoc Dong Hamlet, Da Ton Commune, Gia Lam Dist., Hanoi City
Tel:(84-24) 0988827237-0904592386
- Producing - trading in Packaging products such as: PP woven packaging, Pineapple sacks, Complex film packaging, Kraft paper lamination, LDPE, HDPE single film packaging, .. Jumbo bags, Plastic box trays, Cardboard box - Dulpex paper,...
- Products are effectively served in the following industries: Animal feed, Fertilizer, Food, Confectionery, Seafood, Veterinary medicine, Plant protection, Pharmaceutical, agro-pharmaceutical, Cosmetic chemistry, garment wear,...
* Main product:
- PP Woven bag.
+ Pineapple sack.
+ New Pineapple Bag.
+ Green Pineapple Bag.
+ Inner Pineapple Bag.
+ Printed Pineapple sack.
+ Color Printed Pineapple sack.
+ PP Woven Bags Coated.
+ Pineapple Bags for Rice.
+ Uncoated PP Woven Bag.
+ PP Woven Bags for Fertilizer.
+ PP Woven Bag with Kraft Paper.
+ PP Woven Bags for Plant Seeds.
+ PP Woven Bags for Rice - Food.
+ PP Woven Bags for Animal Feed.
+ PP Woven Bags for Minerals - Stone Powder.
- Laminated Film Packaging.
+ Heat Cut Packaging.
+ Vacuum Packaging.
+ Packaging of Laminated Veterinary Medicines.
+ Laminated Film Packaging Garment Industry.
+ Multi-Layer Composite Film Packaging.
+ OPP+CPP Composite Film Packaging.
+ OPP+PE Composite Film Packaging.
+ PET+AL+PE Composite Laminated Film Packaging.
+ PET+PE Composite Film Packaging.
+ Printing Complex Lamination Film Packaging.
+ Printing Complex Lamination Film Packaging.
- Composite Membrane.
+ Plant Protection Bags Using Composite Film.
+ Composite Membrane Bag.
+ Composite Membrane Zipper Bag.
+ Composite Film Packaging.
+ Fragrance Packaging.
+ Laminated Film Packaging for Wet Paper.
+ Laminated Film Packaging Confectionery.
+ Composite Film Packaging for Fertilizer.
+ Laminated Film Packaging for Food.
+ Laminated Film Packaging for Agricultural Pharmaceuticals.
+ Laminated Film Packaging for Animal Feed.
- Jumbo bags.
+ Jumbo bags, Big bags.
+ Zipper bag, Ziplock.
+ Silver Zipper Bag Printed Zipper Bag.
+ Non-Printed Zipper Bag.
+ Stand Zipper Bag.
+ Transparent Zipper Bag.
+ Zipper Bag for Medical Medicine.
+ Zipper Bags for Food.
+ Zipper bag for Electronic Components.
- Trash Bag.
+ Black Trash Bag.
+ Colored Garbage Bag.
+ Rolled Garbage Bag.
+ Medical Trash Bag.
+ Household Garbage Bag.
+ Industrial Garbage Bag.
+ Nylon bag - Styrofoam bag.
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Address: Lot 5 Vinh Tuy Industrial Park, Linh Nam Ward, Hoang Mai Dist., Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) 36444187-0936437386-0978205863-0969668118
Fax:(84-24) 36444338
- Producing Plastic Packaging, Paper Packaging, Printing Packaging.
+ Print and produce plastic packaging products on all materials such as: BOPP - PET - LDPE - HD - Al - MPET - CPP - KOP - MCPP - PVC - PP - AL + LDPE + Paper.
+ Printing of high-grade complex films, Offset, Duplex, Couche packaging printing
+ Print publications: Catalog, flyers, cards, namecards,...
+ Trading in printing materials: All kinds of glues, all kinds of films.
- Main product:
+ Plastic packaging.
+ Zipper bag.
+ Complex membrane bag.
+ HD, PE, PP bags.
+ Paper packaging.
+ Cards.
+ Paper bag.
+ Paper box.
+ Catalog, Profile.
+ Calendar.
+ Non-woven fabric.
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Address: 14B, St.169, Hamlet 5, Binh My Commune, Cu Chi Dist., Ho Chi Minh City
Tel:(84-28) 37350678-37350789
Fax:(84-28) 37350567
- Producing and supplying High-class Paper Box Packaging products on all materials, such as: Carton packaging, Carton box, Duplex paper box, Carton box, Paper bag, ...
* Main product:
- Paper box.
+ Box Packaging.
+ Tea Box Packaging.
+ Carton box.
+ Duplex Paper Box.
+ Paper Box Packaging.
+ Offset Printing Paper Box.
+ Cartons.
+ Carton Paper Packaging.
+ Offset Printed Carrying Box.
+ Carton Paper Box.
+ Cosmetic Box.
+ Gift Paper Box.
+ Fashion Paper Box.
+ Food Container.
+ Paper Box for Gloves.
+ Paper Box for Gifts.
+ Battery Packs.
+ Electronic Equipment Box.
+ Paper Box with 2 layers of Wave B.
+ Paper Box with 2 layers of Wave E.
- Paper packaging printing service.
+ Printing Packaging.
+ Print Carton Packaging.
+ Paper Packaging Printing.
+ Print Paper Box Packaging.
+ Print Kraft Paper Packaging.
+ Print Carton Box Packaging.
+ Carton Packaging Printing.
+ Printing Cartons.
+ Print Duplex Paper Packaging.
+ Paper Packaging Printing Service.
+ Print Packaging On Demand.
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Address: 247/27-29 (New number 158/39-41) Phan Anh, Tan Thoi Hoa Ward, Tan Phu District, Ho Chi Minh City
Tel:(84-28) 39642018-0983928122
Fax:(84-28) 39615084
- Producing and trading in iron foil of all kinds, supplying materials for tin packaging industry.
- Producing and trading in tin packaging for food and non-food industries such as:
+ Fish cans, canned goods, milk cans, food cans of all kinds.
+ Tea cans, coffee cans, alcohol cans, ink cans, viscous cans, chemical cans,...
- Supply of packaging materials: tin foil, TFS iron, can lids,...
* Main product:
- Packaging Cans.
+ Tin Box Packaging.
+ Metal Packaging.
+ Cans of Cans.
+ Can of 2 Pieces.
+ Can of 3 Pieces.
+ Coffee Cans.
+ Can of Sardines.
+ Lon Con.
+ Can of Squid.
+ Can of Bird's Nest.
+ Lid Cans.
+ Lon Son.
+ Milk Can.
+ Can Tra.
- Can lid.
+ Lid To Open No Picture.
+ Trust Lid.
+ Pictured Easy Open Lid.
+ Ribbed can lid.
+ Deep Cap Without Letters.
+ Tea, Coffee lid.
- Metal Packaging Materials.
+ Tin-coated Iron.
+ Iron TFS Roll.
+ Iron TFS Plate.
+ Iron TPE Roll.
+ Iron TPE Plate.
+ Iron TPE Varnished.
Update:Tuesday, May 31,2022

Address: NN4 Bach Ma St., Ward 15, Dist.10, Ho Chi Minh City
Tel:(84-28) 37949999-22121279-0912808679-0911308118
Fax:(84-28) 37948888
- Producing all kinds of PP/PE woven bags, Jumbo bags, supermarket bags, geotextiles. Our company's products have been present in many industries of producing rice, flour, refined sugar, animal feed, fertilizer, and construction.
- Supplying all kinds of PP, LLDPE, LDPE, HDPE plastic granules...
* Main product.
- Plastic beads.
+ HDPE Plastic Granules.
+ LDPE Plastic Beads.
+ LLDPE Plastic Beads.
+ PP Plastic Beads.
- Packaging.
+ BOPP Packaging.
+ PE Woven Packaging.
+ PP Woven Packaging.
+ Jumbo bags.
+ Supermarket Bag.
- Woven fabric.
+ Geotextile.
+ PE Woven Fabric.
+ PP Woven Fabric.
Update:Tuesday, May 31,2022

Address: No.368/811 Cach Mang Thang 8, Ward 4, Tan Binh Dist., Ho Chi Minh City
Tel:(84-28) 0903013357-0922063615-6296.5779
- Producing paper box packaging.
- Provide packaging design and printing services.
- Producing folding boxes, paper bags, catalogs, decals, advertising leaflets, ...
- Supply all kinds of high quality art paper and design - print - process products after printing.
* Main product:
+ Premium wine box.
+ High-class cosmetic box.
+ High quality tea box.
+ High-class coffee (coffee) box.
+ High quality watch box.
+ Premium gift box.
+ Jewelry box, high-class jewelry.
+ High quality confectionery box.
+ High-class mooncake box.
+ High quality shoe box.
+ Container for functional pharmaceuticals (drugs, pharmaceuticals).
+ Food containers.
+ Pen holder.
+ Equipment box.
+ Box of fried oats.
+ High-class Tet (spring) gift box.
+ High quality perfume box.
+ Labels.
Update:Tuesday, May 31,2022

Address: 25/7 An Phu Dong 25, Quarter 3, An Phu Dong Ward, Dist.12, Ho Chi Minh City
Tel:(84-28) 36206168-0908665008-0982579739-0983900877
Fax:(84-28) 36206169
- Producing all kinds of food packaging, packaging, confectionery, seafood, household and garment.
* Main product:
- Packaging.
+ 4 Side Bag Packaging.
+ Stand Bottom Pouch.
+ Hold Stationery.
+ Backpack.
+ 3 Borders Matching Bag.
+ Zipper bag.
- PE film.
+ Household Closure.
+ 2 Layer Lamination Membrane.
+ PE Lamination Film.
+ PE Film Roll.
+ Agricultural mulch.
Update:Tuesday, May 31,2022

Address: B2/7Z4, Hamlet 2, Vinh Loc A Commune, Binh Chanh Dist., Ho Chi Minh City
Tel:(84-28) 0703011860-0969601373
- Producing all kinds of plastic trays and profiles from PET, PP, PS and PVC plastic films. Our products can be used in electronic components manufacturing, agriculture, agricultural product processing, food, confectionery and frozen seafood industries.
* Main product:
- Plastic tray shaped according to the material.
+ PS Plastic Tray.
+ PP Plastic Tray.
+ PET Plastic Tray.
+ PVC Plastic Tray.
+ Shaped Plastic Tray.
+ Anti-Static Tray.
- Plastic tray shaped according to the application.
+ Planting Tray.
+ Plastic Tray Electronic Industry.
+ Plastic Tray Planting Industry.
+ Plastic Tray Industry.
+ Plastic Tray for Stationery.
+ Plastic Tray Frozen Food Industry.
+ Plastic Tray Shaped Confectionery Food.
+ Plastic Tray Shaped Frozen Seafood.
- Shaped plastic blisters of all kinds.
+ PVC Blister.
+ Shaped Plastic Blister.
+ PP Shaped Plastic Blister.
+ Plastic Blister Shaped PS.
+ PET Shaped Plastic Blister.
+ Plastic Cup.
+ Plastic Plate.
+ Plastic Box.
+ Plastic lid.
+ Plastic Bowl.
Update:Tuesday, May 31,2022

Address: 56/1 Nam Lan 5, Ba Diem Commune, Hoc Mon Dist., Ho Chi Minh City
Tel:(84-28) 62594998 - Hotline: 0938811304
- Producing and printing packaging. We are committed to providing customers with quality products and competitive prices. With a variety of products such as: market foam bags, Zin foam bags, black foam bags, PP, PE, PE bubble bags, cup bags, mango seed bags, foam gloves, T-bags, Zipper, silver zip bags , garbage bags...
* Main product:
- Sponge bag.
+ Zin foam bag.
+ Lubricated PE bag.
+ PE nylon bag, PP glass bag.
+ Cup holder.
+ Biodegradable garbage bags.
+ Black foam bag.
+ A1 foam bag, A2 foam bag.
+ OPP bag with glue.
+ Nylon foam gloves.
- Premium packaging.
+ Zip paper bag.
+ Zipper bag.
+ Vacuum bag PA.
+ Silver Zip bag.
+ Zip pocket on 2 sides.
+ Seal bag.
+ 3-side pocket.
+ Coffee bag.
+ Plant nursery bag.
- Mango box bag.
+ Patterned mango seed bag.
+ Color HD mango seed bag.
+ Flexible PE mango seed bag.
+ PP mango seed bag inside.
+ PP printed mango seed bag.
+ Strap bag.
- Bandage.
+ PE film.
+ Inner tape.
+ Opaque tape.
+ Colored tape.
+ Nano electrical tape.
+ Paper tape.
+ Double-sided tape.
+ Adhesive Tape.
Update:Tuesday, May 31,2022

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