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Address: New Market Area, Group 5, Alley 159, Tay Son St., Phung Town, Dan Phuong Dist., Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) 62542836-0902155436
- Precision mechanical design:
+ The main product is a mold for casting rubber components.
+ Design of precision mechanical processing: Jigs, jigs, automation machines.
- Processing molds as required.
+ Our main products are all kinds of molds for rubber and silicone products: electronic rubber molds, suction rubber molds, instant rubber molds, rubber molds for auto and vehicle components. machine,...
* Main product:
+ Mold Processing.
+ Machining Details.
+ Mold Core Processing.
+ Mold Milling Machining.
+ Polishing Mold Heart.
+ Electronic Rubber Mold.
+ Rubber Mold.
+ Injection Molding Rubber.
+ Instant Rubber Mold.
+ Household Rubber Mold.
+ Suction Rubber Mold.
+ Air Pipe Rubber Mold.
+ Air Filter Rubber Mold.
+ Rubber Mold Air Filter Tube.
+ Exhaust Pipe Rubber Mold.
+ Products Molded From H2T Mold.
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Address: No.9, Lane 6/99, Mieu Nha 3, Tay Mo Ward, Nam Tu Liem Dist., Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) 0848670000-Hotline: 0912269636
* Construction Laser cutting and mechanical processing with main services including:
- Laser cutting on sheet metal (Iron, thickness 0.2 to 20mm, copper from 0.2 to 12mm, stainless steel 0.2 to 12mm, aluminum 0.2 to 12mm)
- Manufacturing lifting equipment (factory cranes, cable winches, lifting platforms, ..)
- Structural processing (Stainless steel 304, 316, steel)
- Manufacturing industrial tanks (Inox 304, 316, steel), shaft plates of all kinds, ..
- Manufacturing wastewater treatment equipment
- Manufacturing hydraulic lifting equipment
* Main products and services:
- Welding and laser cutting services.
+ Metal Laser Cutting.
+ Plastic Laser Cutting.
+ Iron Laser Cutting.
+ Laser Cutting Service.
+ Metal Laser Cutting.
+ Welding and Cutting Stainless Steel.
+ Laser cutting stainless steel.
+ Welding and Cutting Aluminum.
+ Sheet Metal Cutting.
+ Welding and Cutting Metal.
+ Laser Cutting.
+ Welding and Cutting Aluminum Stainless Steel.
+ Laser Cutting Sheet Metal.
+ Steel Laser Cutting.
- CNC cutting service, Plasma.
+ CNC Metal Cutting.
+ Sheet Metal Cutting.
+ Sheet Metal Processing.
+ CNC Sheet Cutting.
+ CNC stainless steel cutting.
+ CNC Steel Cutting.
+ CNC Cutting Service.
+ CNC Machining.
+ Plasma Cutting Service.
+ Plasma Cutting.
+ CNC Machining.
+ CNC Plasma Cutting Machining.
+ CNC Machining On Demand.
- Other mechanical processing.
+ CNC Machining.
+ Processing Tanks.
+ Processing Tank.
+ CNC Machining.
+ CNC Detail Machining.
+ Stainless Steel Structure Processing.
+ Steel Structure Processing.
+ Manufacturing Lifting Equipment.
+ Precision CNC Machining.
+ Manufacturing Factory Cranes.
+ Fabrication of Water Treatment Equipment.
+ Manufacturing Hydraulic Lifting Equipment.
+ Processing Industrial Tanks.
+ Manufacturing Hydraulic Lifting Equipment.
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Address: Hamlet 2, Vinh Thanh Hamlet, Vinh Ngoc Commune, Dong Anh Dist., Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) 0904296899-0936851115
- Design and process high-class molds such as plastic injection molds, rubber molds, stamping molds... according to high quality and durability standards. We always have a team of engineers and workers to meet the needs of:
- Mold processing: rubber molds, stamping molds, plastic injection molds, precision molds,...
- Processing details and components: Processing industrial machine parts, processing plastic machine parts, EDM wire cutting, ...
- Plastic injection processing: Plastic injection molding for chairs, plastic injection on demand, plastic injection of household appliances, injection of plastic bottles,...
* Main product:
- Mold processing.
+ Stamping Mold.
+ Rubber Mold.
+ PET Bottle Mold.
+ Hot Stamping Mold.
+ Mold Manufacturing.
+ Blow Mold Processing.
+ Rubber Mold Processing.
+ Vacuum Mold.
+ Machining of Pressure Casting Mold.
+ Cold Stamping Mold Processing.
+ Shaped Plastic Injection Mold.
+ Processing Plastic Injection Mold.
+ Continuous Stamping Mold Processing.
+ Precision Mold Machining.
+ Processing Plastic Injection Mold.
+ Processing and Manufacturing Plastic Molds.
- Processing details and components.
+ EDM Wire Cutting Processing.
+ Detail Industrial Machine.
+ Processing Plastic Machine Detail.
+ Machining of Industrial Machine Parts.
+ Machining Precision Mechanical Machine Parts.
- Plastic injection processing.
+ Chair Plastic Injection Processing.
+ Civil Plastic Injection Processing.
+ Plastic Injection Molding for Household Appliances.
+ Plastic Injection Molding Processing.
+ Plastic Extrusion of Shampoo Bottle.
+ Plastic Injection Molding Cosmetic Bottle.
+ Plastic Injection Processing On Demand.
+ Plastic Injection Molding of Kitchenware.
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Address: House No. 24, Lien Thon St., Rua Ha Hamlet 1, Thanh Thuy Commune, Thanh Oai Dist., Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) 0973882056
- Processing curtain accessories: Wooden curtain accessories, automatic blinds, rainbow blinds.
- Processing aluminum ceiling accessories and aluminum bars: C38 hook, 85C holder hook, triangle hook, cell checker ceiling hook, diamond bar head cover, willow leaf, ...
- Sanitary equipment processing: Double basin rack, negative basin rack, shower accessories.
- Processing interior accessories: Shoe cabinet hinges, sofa legs, RO water purifier legs.
- Processing punching products: Wind keg, stainless steel punching, stainless steel cages, welded mesh products, ...
- Other mechanical processing: Electrical boxes, trash cans, bed rails, faucets, molds, car racks, solar energy accessories,...
* Main product:
- Processing curtain accessories.
+ Wooden Curtain Accessories.
+ Blinds Accessories.
+ Automatic Curtain Accessories.
+ Rainbow Curtain Accessories.
- Processing aluminum ceiling accessories and aluminum profiles.
+ C38 hook.
+ Hook Holder 85C.
+ Triangle Hook.
+ Xuong Lam 85C.
+ Blue Willow Leaves Cover.
+ Checkered Cell Ceiling Hook.
+ Blue Rhombic Headdress.
+ Aluminum Lamination Accessories.
+ Aluminum Ceiling Accessories.
+ Accessories for Automatic Threaded Aluminum Slabs.
- Processing sanitary equipment.
+ Double Pot Price.
+ Sanitary Equipment.
+ Acoustic Pot Holder.
+ Faucet Accessories.
- Processing furniture accessories.
+ Shoe Cabinet Hinge.
+ Sofa legs.
+ Interior Accessories.
+ Foot RO Water Purifier.
- Processing punched products.
+ Ke Gio.
+ Stainless steel cage.
+ Stainless Steel Punching.
+ Assorted Black Dragons.
+ Stamping Products.
+ Welding Mesh Products.
+ Non-ferrous Metal Stamping.
- Other mechanical processing.
+ Electrical Box.
+ Trash Bin.
+ Clothes Hangers.
+ Bowl of Folding Beds.
+ Sand Bin.
+ RO Water Faucet.
+ Stamping Products.
+ Golf Course Trash.
+ Stamping Mold.
+ Price of Vehicles Combined Tractor.
+ Export Door Lock Case.
+ Folding Bed Accessories Folding Table.
+ Solar Accessories.
Update:Wednesday, May 31,2023

Address: Team 11, Dong Chua Village, Duong Lieu Commune, Hoai Duc dist., Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) 0985874396-0986684502
- Producing and supplying quality products for Vietnamese industry. Contributing to the development of industry 4.0 and the country's economy.
Main service:
+ Machining jigs - jig.
+ Grinding.
+ Milling, CNC turning.
+ Processing and manufacturing molds.
+ Machining machine details.
+ Processed products: Rollers, conveyors, industrial trolleys, industrial trolleys, ice cream machines, industrial machinery, pipelines, operating tables, industrial shelves, ...
* Main product:
- Machining jigs - jig.
+ Jig Jigsaw Machining.
+ Machining Jigsaw Assembly.
+ Machining Test Jigsaw.
+ Fabrication of Jigsaws.
+ Machining Jig Grip Clamp.
+ Design and Fabrication of Jigsaws.
- Grinding processing.
+ Machining.
+ Flat Grinding Machining.
+ Shaping Machining.
+ Outer Round Grinding.
+ Inner Round Grinding.
- CNC milling.
+ Milling Machining.
+ CNC Milling Machining.
+ Inox CNC Milling.
+ Copper CNC Milling.
+ CNC Milling Cast Iron.
+ Aluminum CNC Milling.
+ Plastic CNC Milling.
+ CNC Milling of Mold Shell.
- CNC turning machining.
+ Copper CNC Lathe.
+ Aluminum CNC Turning.
+ Plastic CNC Turning.
+ Turning Machining After Heat Treatment.
+ CNC Turning Stainless Steel Materials.
- Processing and manufacturing molds.
+ Mold Manufacturing.
+ Extrusion Mold Processing.
+ Blow Mold Processing.
+ Manufacturing Plastic Injection Mold.
+ Processing Injection Mold.
+ Hot Stamping Mold Processing.
+ Cold Stamping Mold Processing.
- Machining machine details.
+ Copper Detail Processing.
+ Machining Service for Machine Detail.
+ Hanger Wheel Detail Processing.
+ Processing Steel Machine Detail.
+ Machining Machine Details On Demand.
+ Detail Processing of Liquid Filling Kit.
- Handmade product.
+ Roller.
+ Accumulator tank.
+ Chain Conveyor.
+ Operation Table.
+ PVC Belt Conveyor.
+ Roller Conveyor.
+ Wastewater Settling Tank.
+ Plastic Bottle Cutting Machine.
+ Industrial Trolley.
+ Super Fine Ice Cream Crusher.
+ Automatic Bottle Cap Screwing Machine.
+ Industrial Shelves of all kinds.
+ Industrial Pipeline System.
Update:Wednesday, May 31,2023

Address: Room 4, Building A1, Group 63, Trung Tu Ward, Dong Da Dist., Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) 0913593353-0977593353
- Sheet metal processing: CNC Laser metal cutting processing by Laser cutting machine.
- Processing on all materials: stainless steel, iron, copper, aluminum, ...
- Machines operate automatically, creating precise cutting lines as required.
- Processing of different thicknesses, complex details, curves, small details.
- The processed product has a perfectly beautiful cut, without jagged or burr, with high sharpness.
+ Manufacture of electrical cabinets, electrical cabinet covers, cable tray ladders, spare parts for cable tray ladders.
+ Machining: PU mixing machine, coffee peeling machine,...
+ Processing other products: Shelves for goods, display cabinets, multi-storey stainless steel trolleys, ...
* Main product:
- Sheet metal processing.
+ Machining Punching.
+ CNC Machining.
+ Laser Cutting.
+ Stainless steel welding processing.
+ Metal Cutting.
+ Metal Breaking Processing.
+ Sheet Metal Processing.
+ Aluminum Laser Cutting.
+ Metal Laser Cutting.
+ Stainless Steel Processing On Demand.
+ Precision Machining On Demand.
+ Machining Sheet Metal by CNC Machine.
+ Processing Sheet Metal by Laser Cutting Machine.
- Cable Trunking.
+ Electric Cable Ladder.
+ Shrink Cable Trough.
+ Climb the Cable Ladder.
+ Cable T-trough.
+ Shrink Down Cable Trough.
+ Down the Cable Ladder.
+ Cable Tray Ladder Clamp Bowl.
+ Cable Trough Cross.
+ 90 Degree Corner Cable Trough.
+ Cable Tray Ladder Bracket.
+ Powder coated cable tray.
+ Cable Trough Racking System.
+ Cable Ladder Racking System.
+ Connector to the Right of the Cable Ladder.
- Electrical panels.
+ Rack cabinet.
+ Electrical Cabinet.
+ Electrical Panel Cabinet.
+ Kiosk Station Cabinet.
+ Engine Control Cabinet.
+ Outdoor Control Cabinet.
- Processing other products.
+ Processing Storage Shelves.
+ Processing Trolleys.
+ Processing stainless steel trolley 3 floors.
+ Processing of Multi-Compartment Wardrobe.
+ Processing Shelves for Medium Loads.
- Manufacturing.
+ Coffee Peeler.
+ PU Foam Mixing Machine.
+ High Pressure PU Mixing Machine.
+ Low Pressure PU Mixing Machine.
Update:Tuesday, May 30,2023

Address: 162 De La Thanh St., O Cho Dua Ward, Dong Da Dist., Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) 3.5110305-35990999-35991999 -0853550588
- Casting copper, aluminum, cast iron, turning, CNC milling
- Mechanical processing of special products such as pulleys (pulleys) for engines, detonators, reducers, bearings in transmission systems, lead screws, cranks (steering wheels), silver copper, cast iron and other mechanical details…
- Producing, trading, importing and distributing mechanical products, trolleys, special wheels for cranes, mining (trailers) and other industries...
- Importing and distributing non-ferrous metals and related products.
- Distribution and construction of lightning protection grounding systems for elevators, high-rise buildings, BTS stations, television broadcasting stations, factories, offices, schools, gas stations...
+ Material depending on the purpose of use: Rubber, PU, PA, PP, thermos, cast iron, stainless steel, ..
- Design to operate different wheel features: shock absorber wheel, conductive wheel, anti-static wheel, tripod height adjustment wheel, ..
- Distributor of ISO 9001 - 2008 quality handcarts with Phong Thanh brand with products: 2-wheel, 4-wheel, multi-storey handcart...
Update:Tuesday, May 30,2023

Address: No.42, Phan Trong Tue St., Thanh Tri Dist., Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) 0973226388
- Processing and bending products used in the fields of boilers, gas, oil and gas, pre-engineered steel buildings, mechanics, construction works, decoration, beam frames for cars and motorcycles....
+ Processing and bending all kinds of stainless steel, aluminum and steel pipes from the smallest size to size #630, thickness from 1 cup to 30 cups.
+ Processing and bending all kinds of stainless steel, aluminum, zinc, square and rectangular box steel (size from 10x10 to 100x200mm)
+ Processing and bending stainless steel and other profiled steels such as V (from small to V250), U I (from small to I630), H (from small to H400), flange bending, .. with degrees Unlimited thickness.
+ Bend I vertically and horizontally, V bends upside down (wing turns in) - bends back (wing turns out), H and rectangular box can be bent in two directions, ..
+ Machining, bending and bending angles (applicable to pipes, boxes and U) according to radius (R) and angle (how many degrees: 45 degrees or 90 degrees, ..). The thickness of the material for bending is also not limited.
+ Squeeze (squeeze) the tip of the pipe for boiler technology and shipbuilding technology, and expand the end of the pipe to serve in industrial electrical works.
+ Producing hydraulic steel bending machines of all kinds according to customer orders.
* Main product:
+ Bending without heating.
+ High frequency heating bending.
+ Processing and manufacturing chassis, accessories for cars, motorbikes, electric bicycles.
+ Processing - bending for industrial works.
+ Processing - bending serving civil works.
+ Producing hydraulic hose machines.
Update:Tuesday, May 30,2023

Address: Rua Ha Hamlet, Thanh Thuy Commune, Thanh Oai Dist., Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) 0982888896
- Processing mechanical products:
+ Precision mechanics: Jigs, molds, gears and other machine parts.
+ Industrial mechanics: Hydraulic lifting table, conveyor table, pallet rack, etc.
+ Mechanics of manufacture: BIKE Cups, SPRAYS, conveyors, conveyor rollers, carts, product packaging machines, etc.
* Main product:
- Mechanical processing services.
+ Machining Punching.
+ Mechanical Processing.
+ Mechanical Machining Punching.
+ Precision Mechanical Machining.
+ Mechanical Processing.
+ Mechanical Parts Processing.
+ Mechanical Product Processing.
+ Mechanical Breaking Outsourcing Service.
+ Mechanical Processing On Demand.
+ Machining of Mechanical Accessories.
+ Mechanical Stamping Processing Service.
+ Mechanical Detail Processing Service.
+ Processing Punching On Demand.
+ Machining Precision Mechanical Detail.
+ Machining of Auxiliary Mechanical Detail.
+ Precision Mechanical Machining Service.
+ Machining Mechanical Details On Demand.
- Exact mechanics.
+ Jigsaw.
+ Gears.
+ Machine Detail.
+ Mold.
+ Assembly Details.
+ Mold Detail.
- Industrial mechanics.
+ Operation Table.
+ Shelves.
+ Conveyor Table.
+ Hydraulic Lifting Table.
- Mechanical engineering.
+ Coc Bi.
+ Indent Swipe.
+ Conveyor Belt.
+ Roller.
+ Rolling Pan.
+ Preaching Course.
+ Chainless.
+ Goong car.
+ Wire Hook.
+ Cup Welding Pipe.
+ Tray Lock the Door.
+ Indented Kettle Beer.
+ Handles Pots and Pots.
+ Conveyor Roller Ball Cup.
+ Product Packing Machine.
Update:Tuesday, May 30,2023

Address: Group 3, Mo Lao Block, Mo Lao Ward, Ha Dong Dist., Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) 66568955-0977188089
- Manufacturing & processing: Cable trays, cable ladders, network cabinets, sound cabinets, electrical cabinets, iron shelves, fire cabinets, office cabinets, telecommunication cabinets,...
* Main product:
- Cable Trunking.
+ Cable tray.
+ Stainless Steel Cable Ladder.
+ Cable Tray Ladder.
+ Powder coated cable tray.
+ Powder Coated Cable Ladder.
+ Cable Tray Ladders.
+ Cable Tray Ladder System.
+ Galvanized Steel Cable Trough Ladder.
+ Elevator Cable Tray Powder Coated.
+ Electrolytic Galvanized Steel Cable Ladder.
+ Machining Cable Trough Ladders On Demand.
- Cable tray accessories.
+ X-Cut.
+ Quail Reduce (Co Thu).
+ Squat Up (Co In).
+ Shrink Cable Trough.
+ Quit Crossroads (Cut X).
+ Horizontal Cable Trough.
+ Shrink Down Cable Trough.
+ Cable Ladder T-Clutch.
+ Fork Cover (Co Tee Cap).
+ Squeeze Cover (External Shrink Cover).
+ Square Elbow (Horizontal Shrink Cap).
- Composite electrical panel cabinet.
+ Composite cabinets..
+ Composite Electrical Cabinet.
+ Low Voltage Composite Cabinet.
+ Composite Capacitor Cabinet.
+ Composite Fishing Cabinet.
+ Composite Electrical Cabinet.
+ Composite Panel Cabinet.
+ Composite Lighting Cabinet.
+ Composite Power Distribution Cabinet.
- Rack cabinets, network cabinets.
+ Rack cabinet.
+ Network Cabinet.
+ Electrical Panel Cabinet.
+ Electrical Meter Cabinet.
+ Closed Electrical Cabinet.
+ Civil Electrical Cabinet.
+ Distribution Cabinet.
+ Industrial Electrical Cabinet.
+ Wall Mounted Rack.
+ Rack for Outdoor.
Update:Tuesday, May 30,2023

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