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Address: 155-157 An Duong Vuong St., Ward 8, Dist.5, Hochiminh City
Tel:(84-28) 38539011-38539012-38539013
Fax:(84-28) 38539014

- Mining of metal ores.
- Manufacturing chemicals; Wholesale chemicals (except chemicals of high toxicity); Construction of railways and road projects.
- Develop public utility, wholesale petroleum and related products.
- Insurance agent.
- Investment consulting.
- Assemble mopeds and motorcycles.
- Producing consumer electronics.
- Retail sale of cars.
- Trading in motorcycles, motorcycle.
- Retail sale of spare parts and auxiliary parts of cars.
- Wholesale spare parts and accessories of motorcycles and motorcycle.
- Maintenance and repair of motorcycles and motorcycle.
- Wholesale of household electrical appliances, electric lamps and lighting fittings ...
- Industrial production.
- Investment in the real estate business, tourism
- Financial investment.
- Mining & Mineral Processing.
- Trading, export and import services

Update:Friday, November 9,2018

Address: No.18, Tan Giang Group, Tuan Giao Town, Tuan Giao Dist., Dien Bien Province
Tel:(84-230) 3867228
Fax:(84-230) 3867228
- Mining, processing and trading in iron ore.
- Mining and processing of uranium and thorium.
- Mining, processing, trading in and exporting of lead zinc ore, other non-ferrous metals (excluding those prohibited by the State).
- Mining, processing and trading in stone, sand, gravel and clay.
- Producing non-ferrous and precious metals (excluding those prohibited by the State).
- Activity support services, mining and ore (search, surveys, exploration and ore mines).
- Geological exploration activities and exploration of water resources.
- Environmental impact assessment.
- Trading in machinery, equipment and spare parts for mining and construction.
- Construction of houses, offices, hotels, commercial centers, supermarkets, new urban areas.
- Construction of industrial, transport, irrigation, urban infrastructure, economic zones and hi-tech parks.
- Cotourism parks business and amusement parks.
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Address: No.256, Group 4, Thanh Binh Ward, Dien Bien Phu City, Dien Bien Province
Tel:(84-230) 3826906
Fax:(84-230) 3826906
- Exploitation and processing minerals.
Update:Friday, November 2,2018

Address: Song Bang Ward, Cao Bang City, Cao Bang Province
Tel:(84-206) 6290068
- Exploitation , export and import manganese and other minerals .
- Trading in , importing and exporting mineral processing machines and equipment .
Update:Thursday, November 1,2018

Address: Km7, Chu Trinh Commune, Cao Bang City, Cao Bang Province
Tel:(84-206) 3953369
Fax:(84-206) 3953268

- The survey, exploration, exploitation, recruitment training, processing and trading in minerals.
- Consult the mine design, mining consultancy, recruitment training, processing of minerals.
- Consulting and technology transfer in the field of geology, mining and metallurgy.
- Design, fabrication, machining, repair, import and export of commodities, supplies and equipment for exploration, mining, mineral processing and metallurgy.
- Producing and trading in, import and export all kinds of iron and steel and construction materials.
- Transportation services, cargo forwarding.
- Manufacturing and trading other industries but not prohibited by law.

Update:Wednesday, October 31,2018

Address: Tinh Tuc Town, Nguyen Binh Dist., Cao Bang Province
Tel:(84-206) 3852390
Fax:(84-206) 3871106
+ Mining, processing and trading in tin and iron ores and various of kind of ferro such as:manganese,silicic...
Update:Wednesday, October 31,2018

Address: Km 6, Dong Khe St., Duyet Trung Hamlet, Cao Bang City, Cao Bang Province
Tel:(84-206) 3852010-3854090
Fax:(84-206) 3852010-3854090
- Producing PCB30 - PCB40 cement.
- Mining , processing , trading in , importing and exporting minerals .
- Construction of civil, industrial and hydraulic , electric lines up to 35 KV , transformer station .
Update:Wednesday, October 31,2018

Address: Pac Po Road, Ngoc Xuan Commune, Cao Bang City, Cao Bang Province
Tel:(84-206) 3855530-3858822
Fax:(84-206) 3858822
- Producing building materials.
- Construction of civil and industrial.
- Construction of irrigation and 35KV electric works.
- Mining minerals.
- Exploring, designing and projecting construction works.
Update:Wednesday, October 31,2018

Address: Le Loi Road., Song Bang Ward, Cao Bang City, Cao Bang Province
Tel:(84-206) 3759886-3854671
Fax:(84-206) 3759886
- Exploiting and processing manganese.
Update:Wednesday, October 31,2018

Address: 52 Kim Dong St., Hop Giang Ward, Cao Bang City, Cao Bang Province
Tel:(84-206) 3505505
Fax:(84-206) 3852579

- Mining iron ore mining:
- Survey and geological exploration of minerals (including gems and gold).
- Mining, recruit training, during manufacturing, processing, trading, importing and exporting of minerals, gold, silver, precious stones, metals, non-metals, mineral water and building materials.
- Construction of other civil engineering.
- Construction of civil works, industrial, irrigation, transport and infrastructure.
- Producing ydropower, construction and installation of medium voltage lines and substations, low voltage.
- Trading supplies, equipment and mining and mineral processing.
- Transportation service business unit and transport services under economic contracts with the economic contract.
- Consulting survey, design and supervise the construction works mining, metallurgy, industry and civil.
- Growing, processing and consumption: bitter tea, tea line, some other specialty products.
- The services of scientific and technical activities.
- Importing and exporting: the products produced by the Company, the supplies of machinery and equipment for production and business activities of the Company.
- General business.
- Production of pure water, bitter tea, tea cord and soft drinks.
- Refractive index bitter tea essences, tea and herbs cord.
- Producing and trading in alcohol, beer.
- Sales of other professions as stipulated by law.

Update:Wednesday, October 31,2018

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