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Address: No.109 Bo De St., Long Bien Dist., Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) 32161558
Fax:(84-24) 32161559.
- Supplying the domestic agricultural, food, consumer and animal feed markets with high quality products and packaging to create absolute trust for customers.
- Supply of agricultural and food products: beans, corn, flower seeds, .. and raw materials used for animal feed factories such as: soybean meal, DDGS, maize, amino acids, ...
* Main product:
- Packaging.
+ HDPE Bag Packaging .
+ PE Bag Packaging.
+ PP Bag Packaging.
+ BOPP bag.
+ PP Bag for Rice.
+ PP Bag of Fertilizer.
+ PP Bags for Food and Animals.
+ Sandbags.
+ Co membrane.
- Agricultural.
+ Do Tuong.
+ Soybean.
+ Flower Seeds.
+ Dried Soybean Corn.
- Feed additives.
+ Amino Acids.
+ Lysine.
+ Methionine.
+ Theorine.
+ Tryptophan.
+ Whey Permeat.
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Address: No. 66A1 Dai Kim St., Dinh Cong Ward, Hoang Mai Dist., Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) 32055121-0969574589-Hotline 2: 0399402399
- Providing clean room equipment, product packaging materials and consulting services for standard clean room construction, processing shaped foam, ... * Products and services:
- Clean room.
+ Air Shower.
+ Air Filter AHU.
+ Clean Booth.
+ Cleanbench.
+ FFU.
+ Cleanroom Construction Installation.
+ Pass Box.
+ Clean Room Design Consultancy.
+ BFU Equipment.
- Packaging.
+ Processing Shaped Foam According to Request.
+ Co membrane.
+ Co PE film.
+ PET Co film.
+ Foam Membrane.
+ Styrofoam.
+ Cartons.
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Address: Da Hoi Village, Bac Son Commune, Soc Son Dist., Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) 66529293-0948322696
Fax:(84-24) 39687116
- Producing and trading in packaging of all kinds such as: foreign kraft paper packaging, PP (KP) rolled kraft bag, PE cage kraft packaging, complex kraft bag... Wholesale of imported kraft paper and cement paper imported from Russia, USA, Sweden, Japan, Vietnam.
- Supplying all kinds of garment paper such as: diagram paper, perforated paper, canvas paper, pattern cutting paper, abc printing paper, ...
- Our main products include:
+ Producing all kinds of packaging for granular and powdered products with 2, 3, 4 layers of foreign kraft paper, PE cage kraft bags, KP bags, 10kg, 20kg, 25kg, 40kg, 50kg sizes.
+ Products used for industry and construction such as: Packaging of cement, packaging of stone powder, packaging of putty (wall putty), packaging of tile adhesives, packaging of plastic beads, packaging of chemicals, ore packaging, construction additive packaging.
+ Products used for food such as: packaging for tea, sugar, flour, cinnamon powder, milk additives, animal feed additives, bread bags, large paper bags .
+ Wholesale of kraft paper, cement paper, .. imported from Russia, USA, Sweden, Japan and Vietnam.
+ Kraft paper bags, kraft paper used to wrap and wrap products, cut sheets according to the required paper size.
+ PP bags, PE bags.
+ With stable production capacity, abundant human resources with expertise, reasonable business motto, beautiful and environmentally friendly products. We have been and continue to satisfy our customers.
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Address: No. 2N2, Lane 40 Xuan La St., Xuan Tao Ward. Bac Tu Liem Dist., Hanoi City
Tel:(84-24) 0961395789
- Specialized in manufacturing - designing - printing all kinds of plastic packaging: Laminated film packaging, composite film packaging.
* Main product:
- Printing of plastic packaging.
+ Print PET Shrink Film.
+ Print PVC Shrink Film.
+ Printed Styrofoam Bags.
+ Print Silver Bag.
+ Print Zipper Bag.
+ Print Plastic Packaging.
+ Print HD Inner Bag.
+ Print Garment Packaging.
+ Printed Aluminum Film Bag.
+ Printed Inner Plastic Bag.
+ Print Laminated Film Packaging.
+ Print Food Packaging.
+ Printed Milk Tea Bags.
+ Plastic Packaging Printing Service.
+ Print Plastic Packaging On Demand.
- Plastic bags, plastic bags of all kinds.
+ Pouch with Lid.
+ Faucet Bag.
+ ESD bag.
+ Aluminum Bag.
+ Styrofoam bag.
+ Zipper bag.
+ 4-side pocket.
+ Faucet Attachment Bag.
+ HD Plastic Bag.
+ Backpack.
+ Zipper pocket.
+ Aluminum Film Bag.
+ Clear Plastic Bag.
+ Milk Tea Bag.
+ Anti-Static Bag.
+ Vacuum Bag.
+ Vacuum Tea Bags.
+ Composite Membrane Bag.
- Other plastic packaging.
+ Pharmaceutical Packaging.
+ Agricultural Packaging.
+ Retort Packaging.
+ Pasteurized Packaging.
+ Sterilized Packaging.
+ Co PE film.
+ Shaped Faucet Mounting Bag.
+ Aluminum Faucet Bag.
+ Purified Bag.
+ Sterilization Bag.
+ Sanitizing Faucet Bag.
+ Rice Packaging.
+ Garment Packaging.
+ Cosmetic Packaging.
+ Food Packaging.
+ Plastic Banana Leaf Film.
+ Automatic Packing Film Roll.
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Address: No.152 Le Trong Tan St., Khuong Mai Ward, Thanh Xuan Dist., Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) 0866353866
- High-level distribution of Binh Thuan Plastics. Our main product lines include:
+ Industrial plastic, agricultural plastic - fishery: pallets, plastic bins, trash cans, trolleys, feeders, pots, trays,...
+ Packaging: PP woven bag, PP non-woven bag, jumbo bag,...
+ Plastic beads: PP, LDPE, HDPE,...
+ Film faced plywood, commercial plywood, furniture plywood,...
* Main product:
- Plastics of all kinds.
+ Plastic Flower Pot.
+ Plastic Tray.
+ Feeder.
+ Plastic Pallets.
+ Plastic Box.
+ Plastic Trash Bin.
+ Trolley.
+ Packaging.
+ Agricultural Packaging.
+ Jumbo bags.
+ Supermarket PP Woven Bag.
+ PP Non Woven Bag.
- Plastic beads.
+ HDPE Plastic Granules.
+ PP Plastic Beads.
- Plywood.
+ Interior Plywood.
+ Film Coated Plywood.
+ Commercial Plywood.
Update:Tuesday, November 29,2022

Address: Ngoc Chi Village, Vinh Ngoc Commune, Dong Anh Dist., Hanoi City
Tel:(84-24) 0366425262
- Producing pp woven packaging, pp fabric in rolls and pp composite bags with paper.
- Supply of packaging materials - MRO to meet diverse needs of customers.
* Main product:
- Packaging.
+ Composite Film Packaging.
+ Jumbo bags.
+ Woven PP bag.
+ Kraft Fabric Roll.
+ Packaged Pineapple.
- Packaging materials.
+ Industrial Adhesive Tape.
+ PET Straps.
+ Steel Strap.
+ PE film.
+ PVC Film Packing.
+ Industrial Felt.
Update:Tuesday, November 29,2022

Address: No. 40A, Hang Bai, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) 38238268
Fax:(84-24) 38238269
- Producing all kinds of industrial packaging used in packaging: Rice, rice, cement, plastic seeds, soil, sand, fertilizer, .. with full sizes (from 350kg - 2000kg) and printing in large quantities, ensuring ensure continuous supply to customers. Some typical packaging types:
- Bap Jumbo.
- PP woven bag.
- Container Bag.
- Big bag bag.
- Shopping Bags.
* Main product:
- Jumbo bags.
+ Jumbo Bottom Bag.
+ Jumbo Bag Filling Tube.
+ Hooded Jumbo Bag.
+ Jumbo Bag Open Lid 3 Borders.
+ Large Jumbo Bag.
+ Jumbo Bag for Sand.
+ Jumbo Bags with Lime.
+ Jumbo Bag of Rare Earths.
+ Jumbo Bag for Coffee.
+ Jumbo Bags for Goods.
+ Jumbo Bag of Minerals.
+ Jumbo Bags for Rice.
+ Jumbo Bags for Agricultural Products.
+ Jumbo Bag of Fertilizer.
+ Jumbo Bags For Cement.
+ Jumbo Bag of Chemical Powder.
+ Jumbo Bag Contains Construction Additives.
+ Jumbo Bags for Animal Feed.
+ Jumbo Bags For Plastic Additives.
+ Jumbo Bag Load capacity 350kg to 2000kg.
- Other packaging.
+ Woven PP bag.
+ PP Woven bag.
+ Big bag.
+ Shopping Bag.
+ Bulk Bags.
+ Rice Container Bag.
+ Bigbag for Agricultural Products.
+ Container for Coffee for Export.
Update:Tuesday, November 29,2022

Address: No.6 - LK4B, Mo Lao Urban Area, Mo Lao Ward, Ha Dong Dist., Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) 32011543-0912044438
- Producing and supplying high quality packaging with the advantage of being durable, but still very affordable.
- The company's products are manufactured on modern lines and the operation process is strictly managed, ensuring the quality according to the requirements of customers.
- In addition to the domestic market, our company also exports products to fastidious markets in the world such as the US, Japan, EU,...
- In addition, we also provide services: Logistics Services, Freight Forwarding, Customs Services, Customs Clearance,...
* Main products and services:
- Services of Logistics.
- Packing service.
+ Freight Forwarding And Transporting Services By Road.
+ Shipping and Freight Services by Sea.
+ Freight Forwarding Service Customs Declaration Service.
- Mesh packaging.
+ Mesh Packaging Assorted.
+ Mesh Packaging Assorted Colors.
+ Colorful Mesh Packaging.
+ Export Mesh Packaging.
+ Net Bags Carrying Onions.
+ Leno Mesh Bag.
+ Mesh Roll.
Update:Tuesday, November 29,2022

Address: No. 66A1 Dai Kim St., Dinh Cong Ward, Hoang Mai Dist., Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) 88888869-1900999969-0966040288-0916895416
- Prototyping, manufacturing and Printing roll packaging, packaging bags, plastic bags, plastic packaging, composite film packaging with materials: PE, LDPE, HDPE, PP, CPP, PET, MPET, PA, ALU,...
- Producing: food packaging, agricultural product packaging, cosmetic packaging, household packaging, product packaging, seafood, ... with high quality, beautiful products, reasonable prices , on-time delivery and perfect after-sale service.
+ Vertical bottom Zipper bags of all kinds.
+ Food vacuum bags of all kinds.
+ Vacuum tea packaging of all kinds.
+ Aluminum bags, silver bags.
+ Zipper bag in the shape of a glass jar.
* Main product:
+ Tea packaging.
+ High quality plastic packaging.
+ Food wrap.
+ Silver bag.
+ Food packaging bags.
+ Food vacuum bags.
+ Vacuum bag.
+ Aluminum bag.
+ Zipper bag.
Update:Tuesday, November 29,2022

Address: Dai Mo Functional Urban Area, Dai Mo Ward, Nam Tu Liem Dist., Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) 0982756406-0373219487
- Printing and producing paper packaging for domestic and export markets.
- Producing packaging boxes, paper bags, labels, .. high-tech printing off
- Print manuals, leaflets, advertising in bulk.
- Carton box with offset printing.
- Print Flexo cartons of 3, 5,7 layers.
- Card Visit design service.
- Design marketing publications.
- Brand identity design.
- Menu design (menu).
- Packaging design service.
- Catalog design service.
- Logo design service.
- Designing capacity profiles.
- Project implementation.
- Logo design.
- Packaging design.
- Brand identity.
- Connect with us.
* Main product:
- Offset printed carton.
+ Offset Printed Carton Box.
+ Cartons.
+ Offset Printed Carton.
+ Offset Printed Carton with 2 Layers.
+ Offset Printed Carton with 3 Layers.
+ 5 Layers Offset Printed Carton.
- Paper packaging.
+ Box Packaging.
+ Stamp Label.
+ Packaging Design.
+ Design And Printing Stamps Labels.
+ Paper Bag.
- Printing and design.
+ Print FlexoIn Offset.
+ Print Ads.
+ Print User's Manual.
+ Print Flyers.
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