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Address: Road No.1, Bien Hoa 1 Industrial Zone, An Binh Ward, Bien Hoa City, Dong Nai Province
Tel:(84-251) 3836074-3832629-3836740
Fax:(84-251) 3836093-3832689

- Trading in, importing and exporting: fertilizer, agricultural products, pesticides, plant protection drugs, veterinary drugs and animal husbandry aquatic veterinary medicine; materials, equipment and spare parts of agricultural machinery and aquaculture, animal feed, poultry and fisheries, forest products, crafts, food; seed, stimulant plants and animals.
-  Trading in building materials, steel, cement, plastic granules.
- Producing and processing of synthetic fertilizers, fertilizer, micronutrients, special fertilizer, PP; Sourcing, processing and sales agents buying agricultural products, food, agricultural products and food processing.
- Investment in construction and infrastructure business, agriculture, infrastructure and residential areas, industrial parks and housing; Road freight transport; Segway rental warehouses, workshops, international freight forwarding, domestic and export services.
- Purchase, nursery, cultivation of orchids, bonsai.
- Outsourcing packaging, agents, trading in food.

Update:Friday, July 20,2018

Address: Lot D9-D10, Ea Dar Industrial Group, Ea Dar Commune, Ea Kar Dist., Dak Lak Province
Tel:(84-262) 3611088
Fax:(84-262) 3611089;
- Producing and trading in fertilizer.
Update:Friday, July 13,2018

Address: Hamlet No.2, EamDoal Commune, MDrak Dist., Dak Lak Province
Tel:(84-262) 3720072-3720095
Fax:(84-262) 3720093
- Planting, processing and trading in coffee and rubber.
- Cultivation technical services.
- Trading in fertilizers.
- Transport of goods by automobile.
- Aquaculture.
Update:Friday, July 13,2018

Address: Hamlet No.22, Ea Ning Commune, Cu Kuin Dist., Daklak Province
Tel:(84-262) 3631010-3631008-3631009
Fax:(84-262) 3631012;
- Growing and processing coffee.
- Trading in agricultural machinery and equipment.
- Trading in fertilizers.
- Trading in coffee and agricultural products.
Update:Friday, July 13,2018

Address: Eaknop Town, Eakar Dist., Daklak Province
Tel:(84-262) 3829111-3829112
Fax:(84-262) 3829089
- Producing and processing sugar.
- Processing cashew nuts for export.
- Producing pure water, carbonated and non-carbonated fresh water.
- Producing micro organic fertilizer.
- Trading in petroleum and engine lubricant.
- Planting sugar cane.
- Buying and selling agricultural materials, agricultural products.
- Transport of goods by car.
- Renting warehouse.
Update:Friday, July 13,2018

Address: Km 207, National Road No.14, Quang Tin, Dak RLap Dist., Dak Nong Province
Tel:(84-261) 2245408
Fax:(84-261) 3647009
- Investment and producing coffee, cashew and other crops.
- Collecting, processing and trading in coffee, cashew and other agricultural products.
- Supply of materials, fertilizers and other goods for production and consumption.
- Exploitation of irrigation works, reservoirs and dams; combined with farming, fishing and aquatic products.
- Services eco-tourism, cultural tourism business.
Update:Thursday, July 12,2018

Address: Son Tay Hamlet, Son Thanh Tay Commune, Tay Hoa Dist., Phu Yen Province
Tel:(84-257) 3596119
Fax:(84-257) 3596120
- Producing and planting (pepper, rubber).
- Producing organic fertilizer.
- Buying and selling agricultural products for export.
- Trading in agricultural materials, building materials.
- Trading in petroleum, liquefied gas
- Technical consulting services, seedlings, mechanical services.
- Restaurant and cartering services.
- Leasing property, warehouse.
Update:Thursday, July 12,2018

Address: 3rd Floor, PJICO Tower, No.186, Dien Bien Phu St., Ward 6, Dist.3, Hochiminh City
Tel:(84-28) 62582330-62582331
Fax:(84-28) 62582334
- Passenger transport vehicles using clean fuel LPG/CNG.
- Waste treatment services.
- Industrial hygiene.
- Anti corrosion service.
- Agent petroleum business.
- Sales of real estate, leasing office.
- Business restaurants and hotels.
- Business Domestic travel, International.
- Business parking lot, stop.
- Investment, production, power plant business.
- Transportation of passengers by bus.
- Transporting sea.
- Buying and selling fertilizer.
- Commercial sales, leasing machinery - equipment - spare parts for transport.
- Trading in building materials
- Filling gas for cars.
Update:Thursday, July 12,2018

Address: Area No.5, Hau Loc Town, Hau Loc District, Thanh Hoa Province
Tel:(84-237) 3630216
Fax:(84-237) 3831016

- Trading in petrol, motorcycles, electronics, refrigeration.
- Hotels and restaurants business and tourism.
- Producing and processing of alcohol.
- Importing and exporting fertilizers of all kinds.

Update:Thursday, July 5,2018

Address: Hoang Giang Commune, Nong Cong Dist., Thanh Hoa Province
Tel:(84-237) 3965003
Fax:(84-237) 3965029
- Manufacturing and trading in secpentin ore, fertilizers.
Update:Thursday, July 5,2018

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