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Address: Lot No.28-29-30 Dien Bien Phu Road, Qui Nhon City, Binh Dinh Province
Tel:(84-256) 3946878-2211705
Fax:(84-256) 3946877
- Investment in the construction of hydroelectric projects.
- Manufacturing and trading of electricity.
- Advising, construction and installation to 22KV electricity.
- Construction of irrigation, hydropower, lines and the 22KV transformer station.
- Construction of civil and industry.
Update:Friday, June 29,2018

Address: No.506 Tran Hung Dao St., Quy Nhon City, Binh Dinh Province
Tel:(84-256) 3812888-3812999
Fax:(84-256) 3823374
- Producing, trading in and distributing electricity.
Update:Thursday, June 28,2018

Address: 662 Tran Phu St., Binh Dinh Ward, An Nhon Dist., Binh Dinh Province
Tel:(84-256) 3835256
Fax:(84-256) 3836177
- Constructing and installing electricity transmission lines, transformer station and electric works.
- Manufacturing electric materials and equipment, concrete and building materials.
- Construction of civil, industrial.

Update:Monday, June 25,2018

Address: No.153, Nguyen Suy Road, Tan Quy Ward, Tan Phu Dist., Hochiminh City
Tel:(84-28) 38471140-38474958
Fax:(84-28) 54083909
- Construction of civil and industrial engineering.
- Construction of road, bridges, electricity lines and transformers to 35 KV.
- Installing machines, equipment, technological assembly.
- Trading in electrical equipment, consumer electronics.
Update:Monday, June 25,2018

Address: National Road No.80, Vam Cong Industrial Group, An Thanh Hamlet, Binh Thanh Commune, Lap Vo Dist., Dong Thap Province
Tel:(84-277) 3680383
Fax:(84-277) 3680382

- Aquaculture.
- Trading in and processing seafood.
- Producing and canning plant and animal grease.
- Producing and processing of aquatic food.
- Producing plastic packaging, paper, bottled water.
- Real estate business.
- Construction of civil, industrial and transportation.
- Housing business, hotel business.
- Buying and selling of building materials, interior decoration.
- Producing, transmission and distribution of electricity.
- Exploit of stone, sand, gravel and clay.
- Warehousing and storage of goods.
- Loading and unloading of cargo seaports.

Update:Wednesday, June 13,2018

Address: Group 1, Ward 9, Tra Vinh City, Tra Vinh Province
Tel:(84-294) 3850015-3850017
Fax:(84-294) 3850017
- Construction of electric works, transformer stations.
- Trading in electric equipment and materials.
Update:Tuesday, June 12,2018

Address: 162 Ha Huy Tap St., Ha Tinh City, Ha Tinh Province
Tel:(84-239) 3858619-3855568-3859331
Fax:(84-239) 3858136

- Construction of transport works, bridges, culverts.
- Construction of irrigation works, dikes, dams, canals.
- Construction of civil, industrial.
- Construction works of high voltage, low voltage, transformer stations.
- Producing building materials.
- Repair and overhaul of automobile, motorcycle and mechanical processing.
- Importing and exporting consumer goods and building motorcycles.
- Restaurants and hotels business.
- Organizing Vietnam laborers to work overseas for a definite time.
- Vocational training, foreign languages and vocational education for the export of labor.
- Travel international travel and domestic.
- Studying abroad.

Update:Monday, June 11,2018

Address: Km 70, National Road No.8A, Kim Son 1 Commune, Huong Son Dist., Ha Tinh Province.
Tel:(84-239) 3876017
Fax:(84-239) 3876017
- Producing and supplying electricity.
Update:Friday, June 8,2018

Address: 405/4 Dien Bien Phu St., An Khe Ward, Thanh Khe Dist., Da Nang City
Tel:(84-236) 3719101 - 3723844
Fax:(84-236) 3723197
- Construction of transmission lines & substations to 500 kV .
- Construction of industrial electrical works , civil and public lighting .
- Works telecommunications .
- Investing in development of power plants ; Bidding.
- Trading in electricity.
- Building industrial , civil, rural roads , water supply .
- Trading in and export of materials and electrical equipment ; supplies and technical equipment industries .
- Trading in and technical services , transportation services , freight forwarding and warehousing .
- Manufacturing, assembly, assemblies, electrical cabinets and electrical equipment of all kinds.
- Producing and manufacturing reinforced concrete products (all kinds of reinforced concrete pillars, precast concrete structures).
- Producing mechanical products, accessories, mechanical components.
- Producing electric poles, telecommunications antenna poles (steel); construction electrical accessories for power transmission lines and substations to 500 kV.
- Fabrication and installation of hydropower penstock.
- Pot galvanizing, zinc electroplating, copper, chrome, nickel.
- Powder coating of mechanical products and accessories catering to the industry, power, transport and telecommunications.
- Consulting works construction, project management electricity works up to 35 kV.
- Surveying, feasibility reports, investment reports, design of power projects, transmission lines and substations up to 220kV, electrodynamics, civil, public lighting, traffic signal lights , the civil construction and telecommunications projects.
- Appraisal of investment projects; technical evaluation of construction design, total cost estimate.
- Setting up construction bidding documents, procurement of equipment and evaluation of tenders.
- To supervise the construction of power projects up to 220kV, civil construction; monitoring equipment installation.
Update:Wednesday, June 6,2018

Address: No.573 Nui Thanh St., Hoa Cuong Nam Dist., Hai Chau Dist., Da Nang City
Tel:(84-236) 3653592-2215592
Fax:(84-236) 3653593

- Investment in construction of hydropower projects.
- Manufacturing and trading in power.
- Consultancy for investment projects in construction; survey, designed to build hydro power capacity to 30 MW, power lines and transformer station to 110 KV.
- Consult construction supervision, project management and hydro power small and power lines and transformer station to 110 KV.
- Exploiting minerals and lake dredging.
- Vocational Training Consultants ( management and operation of hydroelectric plants ) .
- Consulting Environmental Monitoring , resettlement and resettlement .
- To supervise the construction of irrigation works , hydroelectric .
- Slippy equipment for construction work .
- Repair and maintenance of hydropower plants .
- Trading in building materials .
- Business supplies electromechanical equipment .

Update:Wednesday, June 6,2018

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