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Address: No. 304, Co Loa St., Thuong Hamlet, Co Loa Commune, Dong Anh Dist., Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) 0368745888-0973951558
- Producing, trading and exporting:
+ Wood pulp, incense powder, pulp, wood plastic powder with a capacity of 600 tons/month (80 mesh size).
+ Wood pellets with a capacity of 1500 tons/month.
* Main product:
- Wood flour.
+ Paper Powder.
+ Flavoring Powder.
+ Wood Pulp for Paper Making.
+ Wood Plastic Powder.
+ Wood Powder for making incense.
- Wood pellets.
+ Wood Pellets of all kinds.
+ Wood Chips Pellets.
+ Sawdust Wood Tablets.
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Address: No. 6, Lane 9/14 Luong Dinh Cua St.., Kim Lien Ward, Dong Da Dist., Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) 36781888-Hotline: 0969878998
Fax:(84-24) 36781888
- Asphalt: Iran 60/70; Sell 154 Singapore; Asphalt Sinagapore 200kg; Asphalt MC 70; Hot solid plastic; Petrolimex asphalt; Puma asphalt, ict liquid asphalt, best liquid asphalt, tratimex liquid asphalt.
+ Asphalt: Iran 60/70 asphalt, Shell 154 Singapore asphalt, 200kg Sinagapore asphalt, MC 70 asphalt, hot solid asphalt, Petrolimex asphalt, Puma asphalt, ict liquid asphalt, best liquid asphalt, asphalt tratimex liquid sugar.
+ Emulsions: CRS1, CRS2, CSS1.
+ Petrol, FO oil.
* Main product:
- Asphalt.
+ Hot Solid Plastic.
+ Asphalt MC 70.
+ Puma Asphalt.
+ Asphalt Liquid Ict.
+ Asphalt Iran 60/70.
+ Best Liquid Asphalt.
+ Tratimex Liquid Asphalt.
+ Petrolimex Asphalt.
+ Asphalt Singapore 200kg.
+ Asphalt 154 Shell Singapore.
- Emulsion.
+ CRS1 Emulsion.
+ CRS2 Emulsion.
+ CSS1 Emulsions.
+ Asphalt Emulsion.
- Petroleum.
+ FO oil.
+ Mazut oil.
+ Gasoline 83.
+ Mogas 92 gasoline.
+ Mogas 95 petrol.
+ Biofuel E5.
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Address: No.29, Alley 90 Khuat Duy Tien St., Nhan Chinh Ward, Thanh Xuan Dist., Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) 0357618674
- Importing and distributing industrial dyes for the textile and fashion industry.
* Main product:
- Fabric dye.
+ Fabric Dye.
+ Liquid Dye.
+ Raw Fabric Dye.
+ Khaki Fabric Dye.
+ Active Dye.
+ Jeans Fabric Dye.
+ Cotton Fabric Dye.
- Dye.
+ Purple Dye.
+ Pearl Dye.
+ Natural Fabric Dye.
+ Yellow Dye.
+ Blue Dye.
+ Artificial Fabric Dye.
- Other textile chemicals.
- Stabilizers.
+ Chemicals for Textile Industry.
+ Optical Whitening Pills.
+ Wastewater Treatment After Dyeing.
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Address: 20B8 Offiice, Floor 20th, Hanoi Aqua Central Building, 44 Yen Phu St., Truc Bach Ward, Ba Dinh Dist., Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) 85886655-85883355-0903416028
Fax:(84-24) 38489027
- Supply of dyes, floristry, chemicals, auxiliaries for textile, dyeing, flower printing, industrial washing.
* Products and services:
- Dyes for fabrics and fibers such as Cotton, Polyester, Nylon, Wool, Non-woven fabrics, ...
+ Acid Dye.
+ Fabric Dye.
+ Acid Dye.
+ Indigo Dye.
+ Raw Fabric Dye.
+ Cationic Dye.
+ Sulfur Dye.
+ Khaki Fabric Dye.
+ Disperse Dye.
+ Direct Dye.
+ Jeans Fabric Dye.
+ Cationic Dye.
+ Active Dye.
+ Cotton Fabric Dye.
+ Hoan Nguyen Dye.
+ High Fastness Dye.
+ Optical Whitening Pills.
- Printing agent for fabrics and fibers such as Cotton, Polyester, Nylon, Wool, + Non-woven fabrics,...
+ Drugs In Acid.
+ Drugs In Pigment.
+ Disperse Printing Drugs.
+ Active Drugs.
+ Digital Printing Drugs.
+ Medicines in Hoan Nguyen.
- Chemicals for fabrics and fibers such as Cotton, Polyester, Nylon, Wool, + Non-woven fabrics, ..
+ Paper Industry Chemicals.
+ Leather and Footwear Industry Chemicals.
+ Chemicals for Textile Industry.
+ Metal Industry Chemicals.
+ Process Aids Chemicals.
+ Chemicals for Handicraft Industry.
+ Optical Brightener for Fibers.
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Address: 302 Khuong Dinh St., Thanh Xuan Dist., Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) 32216826-0988507688
Fax:(84-24) 32216817
- Producing and trading in chemicals, biological products, industrial supplies and equipment, specializing in water treatment, including: water supply, wastewater, technological water, boilers, refrigeration systems , pure & ultra-pure, etc.
* Main product:
- Chemicals - Microbiological wastewater treatment.
+ Anti-Scale Chemicals.
+ Chemicals RO System.
+ Chemical Disinfection Cooling System.
+ Chemicals for Water Treatment Cold System.
+ Chemicals for Water Treatment RO Water Purification System.
+ Chemicals for Boiler Water Treatment.
+ Microbiology of sludge treatment SA.
+ Microbiology of Pipe Grease Treatment.
+ Microbiology of Odor Treatment OC.
+ Microbiology of Wastewater Treatment.
+ Microbiology Treating Nitrogen N1.
- System - Equipment - Materials for water treatment.
+ Dosing Pump.
+ RO membrane.
+ Pure Salt.
+ Activated Charcoal.
+ Water Softener.
+ Water Purification Equipment.
+ RO Filter Equipment.
+ Water Treatment Materials.
- Cleaning chemicals.
+ Chemical Knows Rust.
+ Chemical Cleaning Bearing RO Reverse Osmosis Filter.
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Address: Room P907, Building 418 FLC, Quang Trung St., Ha Dong Dist, Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) 0795156616-0974213289
- Producing, trading, importing and exporting chemicals, composite plastic and composite plastic additives, technical plastic sheets for industries.
- We specialize in providing raw materials and additives in large quantities, meeting all requirements of customers, with the business motto, quality, prestige, competitive price, best service needs. of cutomer.
* Main product:
- Plastic additives.
+ Composite Plastic Filler.
+ Surface Coating and Color Additives.
+ Composite Resin Curing Catalyst.
+ Silicon Gel Materials for Composite Molding.
+ Polyester Resin Plastic Vinylester Resin.
+ Gia Cuong yarn Gia Cuong Core yarn.
+ Fiberglass Mat Rovin.
- Technical plastic sheet.
+ PE plastic POM plastic.
+ PP plastic PVC plastic.
- Chemistry.
+ Industrial Chemicals.
+ Basic Chemicals.
+ Pure Chemicals.
Update:Wednesday, April 26,2023

Address: Floor 5th, Tomeco Building, No.53 Nguyen Xien St., Thanh Xuan Dist., Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) 33113998
Fax:(84-24) 33113996
- Producing, trading, importing and exporting industrial machinery, components and equipment, providing installation, repair and maintenance services for industrial machinery systems. Provide solutions to install smart factories, automate production.
* Main product:
- Auxiliary equipment for plastic industry.
+ Jigsaw.
+ Precision Mold Plastic Industry.
+ Precision Mechanical Components Auxiliary Plastic Industry.
+ Technical Plastic Components Cylinder Screw.
- Chemicals & industrial greases.
+ Mold Separator.
+ Industrial Grease.
+ Lubricant for Sumico Plastic Mold.
+ Chemicals For Sumico Plastic Mold.
- Technical services for plastic industry.
+ Screw Testing Service.
+ Console And Board Repair Service.
+ Service of Fixing Thread Hole of Plastic Molding Machine.
+ Service of Dismantling and Repairing Engines.
+ Automated Testing System.
+ Industrial Robots.
+ Pickup Robot.
+ Auxiliary Equipment for Plastic Industry.
+ Automation Lines In Production.
Update:Wednesday, April 26,2023

Address: S202.0822 Vinhomes, Ocean Park Urban Area, Da Ton Commune, Gia Lam Dist., Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) 66526611-0969564756-0909876567
* Provide:
- Powder coating chemicals (dipping and spraying): Alkali degreasing, liquid degreasing, nano phosphates, zinc phosphates, surface shaping, acceleration, ..
- Stainless steel chemicals: Alkaline degreasing, liquid degreasing, acid degreasing, electrolytic polishing, post-electrolyte passivation,...
- Corrugated iron: Corrugated chromate (Cr6+), corrugated iron chromate (Cr3+), corrugated iron remover.
- Aluminum industry chemicals: Aluminum degreasing, Aluminum chromate (Cr6+), Aluminum chromate (Free chromium), Chloric acid,...
- Hot dip galvanizing chemicals: Alkali degreasing, liquid degreasing, odor blocking and corrosion inhibitor, flux, passivation, ..
* Provide services:
- Design consultancy for electrostatic painting line.
- Design consultancy for hot-dip galvanizing system.
- Construction of lakes and composite tanks.
* Main product:
- Powder coating chemicals (Spray):
+ Spray oil removal.
+ Nano Phosphate.
- Powder coating chemicals (Dip):
+ Alkaline degreasing.
+ Liquid degreaser.
+ Acid degreasing.
+ Surface shaping.
+ Zinc phosphate.
+ Acceleration.
+ Sulfuric acid.
+ Soda.
- Aluminum industry chemicals:
+ Aluminum degreasing.
+ Chromium aluminum (Cr6+).
+ Chromium aluminum (Free chromium).
+ Chloric acid.
- Chemical industry Hot dip galvanizing:
+ Alkaline degreasing.
+ Liquid degreaser.
+ Acid degreasing.
+ Deodorizes and inhibits corrosion.
+ Assistant.
+ Passive (Cr6+).
+ Passive (Cr3+).
- Stainless steel industry chemicals.
+ Alkaline degreasing.
+ Liquid degreaser.
+ Acid degreasing.
+ Electrolytic polishing.
+ Passive after electrolytes.
- Steel industry chemicals:
+ Chromium aluminum (Cr6+).
+ Aluminum chromate (Cr3+).
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Address: Group 15, Yen Nghia Ward, Ha Dong Dist., Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) 0888088158
- Supplying the main products is processed turpentine to supply glue, paint companies...
* Main product:
- turpentine
+ Pine resin.
+ Maleic M2000A.
+ Resin Glue.
+ Maleic Resin 1305.
+ Liquid Pine.
+ Processed Pine Resin.
+ Tin soldering resin.
+ All kinds of pine resin.
+ Processed Pine Resin.
+ Resin As Detergent.
+ Resin For Glue Industry.
+ Resin For Paint Industry.
- Pine essential oil.
Update:Wednesday, April 26,2023

Address: VP6 Linh Dam Building , Hoang Liet Ward, Hoang Mai Dist., Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) 0829542222
- Supplying pigments, additives for the Plastic, Paint, Ink industry, ..
Currently, we are distributors of high quality products from the following leading manufacturers:
+ Sudarshan - India (Top 3 largest pigment brands in the world)
+ Double Bon - Taiwan (Top 4 largest additive brands in the world)
- Supplying the top prestigious brands of pigments and additives from China, India, Korea, France, Germany,...
+ Pigment: Blue, Yellow, Red, Green, Pink, Violet, Black, (Organic, Inorganic, Cadmium, Chrome, Iron Oxide), Gold Emulsion Powder, Mica Emulsion Powder, ...
+ Additives: Antioxidant, UV, Antimony Trioxide 99.8%, PE Wax, Amide Wax, OB, OB-1, FT127,...
* Main product:
- Industrial pigments
+ Green Powder.
+ Red Iron Oxide Pigment.
+ Blue Powder.
+ Black Iron Oxide Pigment.
+ Yellow Yellow Powder.
+ Yellow Iron Oxide Pigment.
+ Red Powder.
+ Gold Gold Emulsion Powder.
+ Orange Orange Powder.
+ Mica Silver Emulsion Powder.
+ Pink Powder.
+ Color Aluminum Emulsion.
+ Violet Powder.
- Pigments by industry.
+ Pigment For Paint Industry.
+ Pigment For Ink Industry.
+ Pigment For Plastic Industry.
+ Construction Pigment.
- Plastic additives.
+ OB Brightening Additive.
+ Additive Support Dispersion.
+ Brightening Additive OB1.
+ Brightening Additive FT127.
+ Anti-Aging Plastic Additives.
+ UV Resistant and Absorbent Additives.
+ Lubricant Additive Increase Ball PE Wax.
+ Flame Retardant Additive Antimony Trioxide.
+ Antioxidant and Aging Antioxidant.
Update:Wednesday, April 26,2023

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