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Address: No. 9 Nam Hoa St., Phuoc Long A Ward, Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh City
Tel:(84-28) 37445409
Fax:(84-28) 37445410
- Distributing products across the industry to provide specific and optimal solutions, to improve efficiency, speed processing, help reduce waste and, in many cases, save costs.
+ Glue: Pretty threaded glue, gasket glue, quick-drying glue, heat glue, Loctite glue,... Quick glue, suitable for even hard-to-glue surfaces, hard-to-stick materials such as plastic, metal, etc. elastomer,...
+ Adhesive tape: Tesa tape, double-sided tape, foam tape, super-adhesive tape, tempered tape,... Tear-resistant, fire-resistant, high-temperature resistant tape, can be used in many environments school.
+ Other industrial supplies: Paint spraying equipment, industrial grease, lubricating oil,...
- Main product:
- Glue.
- Silicone glue.
- Tape.
- Industrial grease.
- Paint spraying equipment.
Update:Monday, January 24,2022

Address: Floor 1st, 99 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai St., Ben Thanh Ward, Dist.1, Ho Chi Minh City
Tel:(84-28) 39260681
Fax:(84-28) 39260682
- Producing and distributing special adhesives and industrial machinery and equipment.
+ Special glues such as: Epoxy glue, Silicone glue, Loctite glue, Electronic component glue, UV glue, SMT board glue, Industrial tape, ...
+ Types of chemicals: lubricants, sealants, surface treatment chemicals, ...
- In addition, we also provide industrial equipment such as: UV projector, Conformal Coating, LPM machine, Low pressure plastic sealing machine, glue spraying equipment, ...
- Main product:
+ Glue.
+ UV glue.
+ Glue solder.
+ Epoxy glue.
+ 3M Glue.
+ Loctite glue.
+ Silicone Glue.
+ Heat Conductive Glue.
+ Glue Sealant.
+ Heatsink Glue.
+ Glue Coating Board.
+ Industrial Tapes.
+ Product Packaging Glue.
+ SMT Board Glue.
+ Glue for Electronic Components.
+ Glue Used In Medical Devices.
+ Chemicals of all kinds.
+ Sealant.
+ Adhesive.
+ Lubricant.
+ Specialty Chemicals.
+ Chemical Surface Treatment.
+ Production machinery and equipment.
+ LPM machine.
+ UV Projector.
+ Glue Spraying Equipment.
+ Ultraviolet Projector.
+ Low Pressure Plastic Sealing Machine.
Update:Monday, January 24,2022

Address: 127 Nguyen Phuc Chu St., Ward 15, Tan Binh Dist., Ho Chi Minh City
Tel:(84-28) 35026491-38152085-0949304079
Fax:(84-28) 38156082
- Production and business:
+ Manoquin.
+ Nylon bag.
+ Printing hang tags, namecards.
+ Paper bag.
+ Labels (woven labels, printed labels).
+ Vest cover bag.
- Main product:
+ Packaging.
+ Paper bags, nylon bags.
+ Transparent nylon bag.
+ OPP bag.
+ Non-Woven Bags.
- Print banderole.
+ Print Profile Cover.
+ Print Letterhead.
+ Print Namecard.
+ Print Flyers.
+ Print Hang Tag.
+ Print Voucher.
+ Labels.
+ Textile Label.
+ 2 Leather Label.
+ Poly Woven Label.
+ Satin Textile Label.
+ Print Label.
+ Mannequin.
+ Half-Body Mannequin.
+ Mannequin Girl.
+ Boy Mannequin.
+ Mannequin Foot Mong.
+ Female mannequin.
+ Southern mannequin. 
Update:Tuesday, June 29,2021

Address: Floor 3rd, No. 9, Pham Phu Thu St., Ward 11, Tan Binh Dist. Ho Chi Minh City
Tel:(84-28) 62775819-0969545629
- Supplying Khaki & Jeans fabric: Affirming that the quality of Khaki & Jeans fabrics is in the top of the market today. Providing unlimited quantity, is a reputable NCC to customers.
- Leather label - label: directly produced in the current market, quickly supplied to garment and processing units. Fashionable and diverse designs.
- Main product:
+ Mac Da.
+ Imitation Leather Marks.
+ Mark Simili.
+ Cotton Label.
+ Leather Label.
+ Decan labels.
+ Textile Label.
+ Textile Label.
+ Satin Textile Label.
+ Printed Labels For Garment Industry.
+ Cotton Printed Label.
+ Silk Print Label.
+ Sattin Printed Label.
+ Labels of all kinds.
+ Label Cotton Size On Request.
+ Garment Labels.
+ Clothing Labels.
+ Heat Transfer Lamination Label.
+ Heat Pressed Label.
+ Denim fabrics of all kinds.
+ Knitted Fabric.
+ High Quality Knitted Fabric.
+ Imported Knitted Fabric.
+ Round Knitted Fabric.
+ Jeans Men's and Women's Jeans.
+ Imported Jean Fabric.
+ Khaki fabrics of all kinds.
+ Imported Khaki fabric.
Update:Tuesday, June 29,2021

Address: No.169/44 Nguyen Tu Gian St., Ward 12, Go Vap Dist., Ho Chi Minh City
Tel:(84-28) 0902854446
- Design and develop new models according to customer requirements.
- Stamps printed on paper, satin, cotton - main label, ribs, size.
- Woven labels of all kinds.
- Hang tag label, high quality offset printing.
- Barcode sticker labels, decal labels, box labels, box labels.
- Main product:
+ Print Cotton Fabric Label.
+ Print Polyester Satin Fabric Label.
+ Print Polyester Taffeta Fabric Label.
+ Print Ruban Fabric Label.
+ Print Stamps Cotton Labels Print Stamps Labels Labels.
+ Print Satin Labels.
+ Weaving Marks.
+ Textile Label.
+ Print paper labels.
+ Offset Printing Paper Box.
+ Print Underwear Box.
+ Paper Print Label.
+ Print Hang Tag Labels.
+ Print Hanging Labels.
+ Print ADA Hang Tag.
+ Print Bluet Hanging Card.
+ Printed Jeans Hanging Tag.
+ Textile Label.
+ Barcode Labels Textile Labels.
+ Print Stickers Decal Stickers Fruit.
+ Print the Specifications Rib Label.
+ Print Barcode Sticker Labels.
+ Print Cotton Labels For Baby Clothes.
+ High Quality Offset Printing Stamps.
Update:Tuesday, June 29,2021

Address: No.3/26/7, Road 1, Binh Hung Hoa Ward, Binh Tan Dist., Ho Chi Minh City
Tel:(84-28) 0909226367-0907870059-0946476059
- Supplying brands such as woven labels of all kinds, satin printed labels, silkscreen printed labels, printed color ribbons, hang tags...
- Main product:
+ Name board.
+ Ribbons.
+ Logo of shirt.
+ Woven label.
+ Satin printed labels.
+ Printed labels.
+ Clothing labels.
+ Labels.
+ Badges.
+ Garment accessories.
+ Hang tag.
Update:Tuesday, June 29,2021

Address: 3H Ba Gia St., Ward 7, Tan Binh Dist., Ho Chi Minh City
Tel:(84-28) 0968479319
- Supplying raw materials for garment industry and printing labels, heat transfer stamps for garment industry.
- With products that are always leading strengths such as decals, heat transfer stamps, garment accessories. Including: sports fabric, labels, packaging for the garment industry.
- Specializing in designing sportswear, brand transfer.
- Specialized in manufacturing FOB - CMT - ODM goods
- Main product:
+ Gym shirt.
+ Men's Polo T-shirt.
+ Women's Coat Jacket.
+ Men's JacketCoat Style.
+ Gym pants.
+ Women's Sports Pants.
+ Men's Sports Pants.
+ Heat press stamps.
+ Label.
+ Label Heat Transfer Press.
+ Mark label.
+ Product Label.
+ Heat Transfer Lamination Label.
+ Heat Pressed Label.
+ UV Led Stamp.
+ Heat Pressed Stamp.
+ Fiber fabric.
+ Interlock fabric.
+ Pique fabric.
+ Pique Polyester fabric.
+ Polyester fabric.
+ Yarn Fabric.
+ Single Jersey fabric.
+ Garment accessories.
Update:Tuesday, June 29,2021

Address: No.91, Bau Cat 6, Ward 14,Tan Binh Dist., Ho Chi Minh City
Tel:(84-28) 38490588
- Producing and trading in products for industries, such as: textile, footwear, food, retail, trade and manufacturing,... specializes in manufacturing and supplying all kinds of woven labels, labels printed, printed plastic logo directly produced in Vietnam by 6-color Decal printer with Japanese technology. The company's main products include:
+ Labels: plastic logo labels, plastic logo labels, heat press labels, satin labels, leather labels, plastic labels, clothing labels,...
+ Woven label: woven label, garment woven label, woven label supply,...
- Main product:
+ Textile Label.
+ Provide Woven Labels.
+ Textile Labels.
+ Hanging rope, cards.
+ Card Hangers.
+ Round Hanger.
+ Hanging Label.
+ Dual Cards.
+ Cards of Clothes.
+ Plastic Logo.
+ Plastic Logo Label.
+ Plastic Logo For Garment Industry.
+ Print Label.
+ Leather Label.
+ Stickers.
+ Satin label.
+ Barcode label.
+ Heat Pressed Label.
+ Clothing Labels.
+ Leather Mark Jeans.
+ Clothing Labels.
+ Ep Kim.
+ Embossing.
+ Stamping.
+ Gold Plated.
+ Sand Sand.
+ Laser Engraving.
+ Hollow out.
+ Matt Lamination.
+ UV Shaping.
Update:Tuesday, June 29,2021

Address: A8 KDC Thoi An St., Le Thi Rieng Road, Thoi An Ward, Dist.12, Ho Chi Minh City
Tel:(84-28) 0912242408-0902844408
- Printing and distribution of printing materials. We are now the official distributor of Toyobo Prints (Japan), Tyvek Plastic Paper (USA). Label printer (HY) and Agent of Ruban, Satin, Cotton, .. of reputable manufacturers in the world.
- Our products:
- PH plastic paper, Tyvek plastic paper.
- Print logos of football clubs.
- Labels, clothing labels of all kinds: woven labels, leather labels, heat press labels, ...
- Student badges.
- Printed fabric labels.
- Products and services
- Main product:
+ Club logo.
+ Skin tags.
+ Weaving mark.
+ Imitation leather.
+ Mark simili.
+ Leather label.
+ High quality woven label.
+ Heat transfer label.
+ Heat press label.
+ Rubane label.
+ Satin label.
+ Student badges.
+ Ruban Satin.
+ Nylon Taffeta fabric labels.
+ Fabric labels.
Update:Tuesday, June 29,2021

Address: No.158/51, Tan Chanh Hiep 05, St.11, Tan Hiep Chanh Ward, Dist.12, Ho Chi Minh City
Tel:(84-28) 62562440-0903624293-0933078043
- Design, print and produce labels of all kinds:
+ Printed fabric labels (Satin, Ruban, Cotton,...).
+ Paper labels (Paper tags for garment industry, hang tags, plastic tags,...).
+ Stickers (Bottles, packaging, variable parameters, barcodes,...).
+ Woven label (For textile industry).
+ Heat transfer label (Heattranfel).
- Main product:
+ Weaving Labels.
+ Textile Label.
+ Textile Label.
+ Neck Woven Marks
+ Textile Label.
+ Rib Clamp Weave Mark.
+ Textile Label.
+ Labels Textile Clothing.
+ Weaving Labels for Garment Labels.
+ Printed labels.
+ Paper Label.
+ Stickers.
+ Logo Print Label.
+ Barcode label.
+ 1 Sided Printed Label.
+ 2-sided Printed Label.
+ Label Print Decal.
+ Paper Decal Label.
+ PVC Decal Label.
+ Plastic Decal Label.
+ Label Print Barcode.
+ Barcode Printed Label.
+ Paper Sticker Sticker.
+ Heat Transfer Label.
+ Leather label.
+ Paper Leather Label.
+ Leather Jeans Label.
+ Decorative Leather Label.
+ Jeans Leather Label.
+ Label.
+ Fabric Label.
+ Collar Label.
+ Rubber Label.
+ Cotton Label.
+ Heat Pressed Label.
+ Back Label.
+ Backpack Label.
+ Collar Label.
+ Label Label.
+ Ingredient Label.
+ Labels Pair of Baskets.
+ Clothing Labels.
+ Clothes Hanging Label.
+ Garment Pressed Label.
+ Garment Labels.
Update:Tuesday, June 29,2021

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