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    • Address: 42-44 Vo Thi Sau St., Tan Dinh Ward, Dist.1, Hochiminh city
      Tel:(84-8) 38203737-38208048
      Fax:(84-8) 38296680
      - Clean-up environment services: include hyience and cleaning; collection, transport, treatment and disposal of waste from household, construction, medical, industrial to hazzardous; Septic Tank; destruction of goods and other environmental services.

      Update:Friday, 3/24/2017

      • Address: Unit Resources A, The B15 Dai Kim Urban Area, Dai Kim Ward, Hoang Mai Dist., Hanoi
        Tel:(84-4) 62842542
        Fax:(84-4) 62842546

        - Information technology, electronics - automation: Research, investment consultancy, technology transfer, investment, construction, installation, operation, maintenance information system, computer, control and supervision. , Measurement and other electronic systems; Researching, designing, supplying and transferring Informatics software and application solutions;
        - Environmental protection, new materials: Research, investment consultancy, technology transfer, investment, construction, installation, operation and maintenance of environmental protection works, production of new materials and works. Other related submission; Monitoring, preparation of reports on environmental impact assessment, strategic environmental assessment report;
        - Geology - geodesy: Research, investment consultancy, technology transfer, planning, reporting, construction of mineral resources exploration; Geological survey of works, hydrogeology, surveying; Construction of geological, terrain and similar databases;
        - Mining and building materials industry: Research, investment consultancy, technology transfer, investment, exploitation, transportation, processing and consumption of coal, minerals, building materials and resources. Other minerals;
        - Power industry: Research, investment consultancy, technology transfer, investment, construction, installation, operation and maintenance in the field of electricity production, distribution and use;
        - Structural design for civil and industrial construction works; Design of mining industry; Designing the network of information technology works, post and telecommunication;
        - Business: Direct import, export, trading, assembly, production, maintenance of equipment, materials, materials and products in the fields of information technology, electronics-automation; Environmental protection, new materials; Geology - geodesy; Mining industry and building materials; Electrical industry.
        - Technical examination and analysis;
        - Management of construction investment projects;
        - Monitoring the work of construction and finishing works: civil engineering, industry, transportation and technical infrastructure.

        Update:Thursday, 3/23/2017

        • Address: Group 23, Huu Nghi Ward, Hoa Binh City, Hoa Binh Province
          Tel:(84-218) 3852180
          Fax:(84-218) 3887567
          - Environment hygiene services.
          Update:Tuesday, 3/21/2017

          • Address: Group 16, Tan Phong Ward, Lai Chau City, Lai Chau Province
            Tel:(84-231) 3876806
            Fax:(84-231) 3877950
            - Management and protection of environment.
            - Construction and installation of lighting systems, urban infrastructure.
            - Construction of small and medium-sized civil, industrial, transport and irrigation works.
            Update:Thursday, 3/16/2017

            • Address: No.14, Group 52, Dich Vong Ward, Cau Giay Dist., Hanoi
              Tel:(84-4) 37911187
              - Drain off services.
              Update:Wednesday, 3/8/2017

              • Address: No.111/4, Tran Binh Trong St., Ward 2, Dist.5, Hochiminh City
                Tel:(84-8) 38353524
                - Taking care of ornamental plants.
                - Cleaning houses and offices.
                - Treating water.
                - Domestic and overseas tourism.
                - Advertising, marketing and opening fairs.
                Update:Tuesday, 2/28/2017

                • Address: No.28-30, Nguyen Thai Binh St., Nguyen Thai Binh Ward, Dist.1, Hochiminh City
                  Tel:(84-8) 38215611
                  Fax:(84-8) 38215194

                  - Renovation and maintenance of drainage systems. 
                  - Ground leveling. 
                  - Repairing specialized facilities. 
                  - Collection and transportation of junk. 
                  Update:Tuesday, 2/28/2017

                  • Address: 422 National Road 1A, Group 5, Ward 2, Soc Trang City, Soc Trang Province
                    Tel:(84-79) 3822354
                    Fax:(84-79) 3825900
                    - Environmental services.
                    - Constructing and managing public lighting system.
                    - Construction of small and medium-sized civil works.
                    - Ground leveling.
                    - Transport of public passengers by bus.

                    - Fabrication of steel products.
                    - Production of building materials, brick pavement.

                    Update:Wednesday, 2/8/2017

                    • Address: 606 Binh Duong Boulevard, Hiep Thanh Ward, Thu Dau Mot City, Binh Duong Province
                      Tel:(84-650) 3822864
                      Fax:(84-650) 3831102
                      Email:congtrinhdothibd@yahoo.com.vn; congtrinhdothi@hcm.vnn.vn
                      - Carrying out sanitary activities and clearing drainage systems.
                      - Maintaining public lighting systems, roads and bridges.
                      - Managing parks.
                      - Construction of water supply and drainage systems.
                      Update:Tuesday, 2/7/2017

                      • Address: Dong Xuan Hamlet, Tieu Dong Commune, Binh Luc Dist., Ha Nam Province
                        Tel:(84-351) 3583266
                        Fax:(84-351) 3583266
                        - Specializes in technology research, manufacturing and processing equipment - solid waste recycling (urban waste).
                        Update:Tuesday, 1/17/2017

                        • Address: 71 Pham Ngoc Nhi St., Dong Van Townlet, Duy Tien Dist., Ha Nam Province
                          Tel:(84-351) 3835051
                          - Collecting and processing the garbage.
                          Update:Thursday, 1/12/2017

                          • Address: 40 Phan Boi Chau St., Qui Nhon City, Binh Dinh Province
                            Tel:(84-56) 3822545-3826609-3814600
                            Fax:(84-56) 3826609

                            - Construction of civil, industrial, infrastructure works.
                            - Environmental clearning services.

                            Update:Thursday, 1/12/2017

                            • Address: No.6, Road 3-2, Ward 8, Vung Tau City, Ba Ria - Vung Tau Province
                              Tel:(84-64) 3853125-3511103
                              Fax:(84-64) 3511385
                              - Activity for public interest in the field of urban drainage field.
                              - General consultancy service of construction, environmental and commercial services.
                              - Construction and installation of civil works, industrial and urban infrastructure.
                              - Investment and development of projects in multi-fields.
                              - Research and application of science and technology.

                              Update:Thursday, 1/5/2017

                              • Address: 40 Phan Boi Chau Str., Quy Nhon City, Binh Dinh Province
                                Tel:(84-56) 3822325 - 3822545
                                Fax:(84-56) 3826609
                                - Operating enviromental services. Construction and installation of civil, transport, irrigation and lighting works. Mechanical and automobile services.
                                Update:Wednesday, 1/4/2017

                                • Address: 316/Km9 Nguyen Trai St., Trung Van, Nam Tu Liem Dist., Hanoi
                                  Tel:(84-4) 35541570
                                  Fax:(84-4) 38549852
                                  - Civil and industrial construction.
                                  - Real estate, restaurant and hotel business.

                                  - Environmental sanitation Services.
                                  - Installation of equipment for construction.

                                  Update:Saturday, 12/31/2016

                                  • Address: 36A Hoang Cau St., O Cho Dua Ward, Dong Da Dist., Hanoi
                                    Tel:(84-4) 38513990-38513973-38353155-35371352
                                    Fax:(84-4) 38513973
                                    - Construction of lake and ponds infrastructure .
                                    - Conducting public activities, such as presering of beauty of parks and entertainment resort.
                                    Update:Saturday, 12/31/2016

                                    • Address: 1414 Huynh Tan Phat St., KP1, Phu My Hung Ward, Dist.7, Hochiminh city
                                      Tel:(84-8) 37851441-37851588-37850247
                                      Fax:(84-8) 38731588
                                      - Transport of garbage.
                                      - Houses management.
                                      - Civil engineering.
                                      Update:Saturday, 12/31/2016

                                      • Address: No.7A Mac Thi Buoi St., Vinh Tuy Ward, Hai Ba Trung Dist., Hanoi
                                        Tel:(84-4) 38252498
                                        Fax:(84-4) 38261129

                                        - Manufacture complete equipment for industrial branches as: construction material production; agricultural product and foodstuffs processing; chemical and Petrochemical industry; mineral exploration and exploitation; hydropower station with capacity up to 30MW; especially in manufacturing radial gate lifted by hydaulic cylinder, high press pipe etc.
                                        - Manufacture spare parts and machines as: machine tools including CNC machine tools, engineering and hydraulic squeezer, branding machines, cutting machine; irrigation and industrial pumps, valves, fans; gear reduction box; conveyors and elevators, cranes, constructing equipment and machines; auto and train electronic scale, quantitative scale; moulds and dies for use in plastic, casting and pressure forging industry.
                                        - Manufacture rolled steel, profile steel, welded steel pipe, workshop frame, and heat-insulated roof.
                                        - Manufacture hand tools, fasteners: conventional and specialized bolts and nuts included high-tension ones.
                                        - Manufacture environment protection equipment: Dust bag filter system, waste processing equipment, civil and industrial sewage processing system.
                                        - Design and make automatic control system (using PLC, CNC, PC, etc).
                                        - Provide with and install safe equipment such as anti-fire, antidetonant systems for industrial fields.
                                        - Manufacture and build-up over weights and over size equipment, high-pressure equipment used in industry.
                                        - Export labors and experts for working overseas in limited time.
                                        - Train technicians and high skilled workers for mechanical engineering, and automation.

                                        Update:Wednesday, 12/28/2016

                                        • Address: Room 406, Apartment A1 -17, Ngoc Anh Str., Ngoc Khanh Ward, Ba Dinh Dist., Hanoi
                                          Tel:(84-04) 37261537
                                          Fax:(84-04) 37261538
                                          - Trading in mining flour, treating aquatic envirment.
                                          Update:Tuesday, 12/20/2016

                                          • Address: No.5 Duong Thanh St., Hoan Kiem Dist., Hanoi
                                            Tel:(84-4) 38281429-38256539
                                            Fax:(84-4) 38284760
                                            Website:http://www.viwase.vn; www.viwase.com.vn
                                            - Consulting on, surveying, designing and supervising water supply, drainage and environment sanitation projects.
                                            Update:Monday, 12/5/2016

                                            • Address: 89/189 Hoang Hoa Tham St., Ba Dinh Dist., Hanoi
                                              Tel:(84-4) 38237063-38231918
                                              Fax:(84-4) 35520618
                                              - Printing magazines and newspapers.
                                              - Advertising and environmental hygiene.    

                                              Update:Monday, 11/21/2016

                                              • Address: SEEN Building, Tu Liem Industrial Zone, Cau Giay Dist., Hanoi
                                                Tel:(84-4) 37659660
                                                Fax:(84-4) 37659661
                                                - Providing solutions for Waste Water Treatment and Automation & Electronics.
                                                - Manufacturing electronic fuel dispensers, multi-tariff electronic Power Meter.
                                                Update:Monday, 11/21/2016

                                                • Address: Km No.10, Lang - Hoa Lac Highway, Ha Noi
                                                  Tel:(84-4) 33656986
                                                  Fax:(84-4) 33656998
                                                  Email:info@mvi.com.vn; info@tricontowers.com.
                                                  - Construction management and development of real estate projects.
                                                  - Business consulting, finance and project development.
                                                  - Business consulting and restructuring.
                                                  - Environment.
                                                  - International trade.
                                                  - Manufacturing.

                                                  Update:Wednesday, 11/16/2016

                                                  • Address: No.246 Ton Duc Thang St., Hang Bot Ward, Dong Da Dist., Hanoi
                                                    Tel:(84-4) 62754826
                                                    Fax:(84-4) 62754827

                                                    - Collection, transport and treatment of industrial waste.
                                                    - Manufacturing and trading in goods and products derived from waste, recycling, re-use discarded.
                                                    - Consulting services schemes, environmental impact assessment, environmental monitoring.
                                                     - Investment consulting (not including legal advice, financial) for construction of civils, industrial, and urban environment (not including construction design).
                                                     - Professional training, technology transfer in the field of urban environment (Works only after the competent State agencies permission).
                                                     - Research and development and technology transfer sector urban environment and industrial.
                                                     - Trading, import and export of materials, equipment, materials.
                                                     - Installation of management, operation and maintenance repair electric lighting system.

                                                    Update:Friday, 11/4/2016

                                                    • Address: No.350, Ba Trieu Road, Vinh Trai Ward, Lang Son City, Lang Son Province
                                                      Tel:(84-25) 3871731-0913277031-0915318568-01256465888
                                                      Fax:(84-25) 3874452
                                                      - Operating services of urban environment.
                                                      Update:Tuesday, 11/1/2016

                                                      • Address: 303/9 Quang Trung St., Trung Son Ward, Tam Diep Town, Ninh Binh Province
                                                        Tel:(84-30) 3864084
                                                        Fax:(84-30) 3774435
                                                        - Service of urban projects.
                                                        - Intertainment services and recreation, dining and refreshments.

                                                        Update:Friday, 10/28/2016

                                                        • Address: 2 Nguyen Chi Thanh Road., Hai Duong City, Hai Duong Province
                                                          Tel:(84-320) 3893739
                                                          Fax:(84-320) 3893738
                                                          - Development of irrigation works.
                                                          - Topographical,geological, hydrographic and environmental survey.
                                                          Update:Thursday, 10/27/2016

                                                          • Address: Dai Dong Commune, Van Lam Dist., Hung Yen Province
                                                            Tel:(84-321) 3477178 – 2477087
                                                            Fax:(84-321) 3981489

                                                            - Collection, transport and waste handling, industrial, commercial, medical and construction.
                                                            - Manufacturing and trading in commodity products derived from waste: recycling and reuse of waste.
                                                            - Consulting services make the project environmental impact assessment, environmental monitorin. 
                                                            - Consultation and civil construction and industry (excluding construction design services). 
                                                            - Training services in the areas of urban environment and industry. 
                                                            Update:Wednesday, 10/19/2016

                                                            • Address: 1 Ly Tu Trong St., Minh Khai Ward, Hong Bang Dist., Hai Phong City
                                                              Tel:(84-31) 3823250
                                                              Fax:(84-31) 3823542
                                                              - Collection and treatment of sewage, public hygiene services.
                                                              Update:Tuesday, 10/18/2016

                                                              • Address: 7th Floor, 14 Nguyen Dinh Chieu St., Da Kao Ward, Dist.1, Hochiminh City
                                                                Tel:(84-8) 54042159-54042161-54042162
                                                                Fax:(84-8) 54042160
                                                                - Garden landscaping and construction services.
                                                                - Environmental consultation and services.
                                                                - Clean and healthy farming solutions.
                                                                - Trading in Hi-tech Home Appliance products, Nano technique products, Health care products, Environmental products.
                                                                Update:Tuesday, 9/6/2016

                                                                • Address: No.10, Pho Quang Road, Ward 2, Tan Binh Dist, Hochiminh City
                                                                  Tel:(84-8) 38475164 - 38475165
                                                                  Fax:(84-8) 38475163

                                                                   - Construction consulting services for the works of water supply, sanitation, wastewater treatment, solid waste disposal, air pollution, urban public works, civil and industrial works, urban technical infrastructure, industrial parks, residential areas, include:
                                                                  - Examination of construction works qualities, checking of qualities of equipment /devices and materials.
                                                                  - Performance of researching and application programs and technological transfer;
                                                                  - Manufacturing of equipment/devices, construction execution and installation of water supply and drainage systems, environmental sanitation and urban technical infrastructures.
                                                                  - Construction investment and trading in water supply and drainage systems and, environmental sanitation; civil, industrial, traffic works; urban technical infrastructures, industrial parks and residential areas.
                                                                  - Investment and trading in housing, real properties and renting offices.
                                                                  - And others.

                                                                  Update:Thursday, 9/1/2016

                                                                  • Address: N1 Lot, N8 Road, Nam Tan Uyen Industrial Zone, Tan Uyen Dist., Binh Duong Province
                                                                    Tel:(84-650) 3653076-3653077
                                                                    Fax:(84-650) 3653075

                                                                    - Collection  transportation, store, treatment, recycle, wastes disposal and solid wastes, liquid wastes and other wastes treatment operations.
                                                                    - Provide services to incinerate materials, means of goods, raw materials, finish goods, kinds of health equipments were weak quality and out of date using.
                                                                    - Consultion, establish record to environmental evaluate impacts report and transfer other waste treatment technology.
                                                                    - Trade in wastes, using chemicals for emvironment treatment.
                                                                    - Services about investment environment treatment.
                                                                    - For rent storehouse.
                                                                    - Manufacture incineratiors.

                                                                    Update:Tuesday, 8/16/2016

                                                                    • Address: S34-1 Sky Garden, Tan Phong Ward, Dist.7, Hochiminh City
                                                                      Tel:(84-8) 54101971
                                                                      Fax:(84-8) 54101792

                                                                      - Production and distribution of materials for road traffic technology.
                                                                      - Consulting, design, construction of road works, civil, commercial, technical, industrial ...
                                                                      - Exclusive distribution products soil stabilization additives brand DZ33 ENCHOICE company of environmental Choices, Inc. Hoa States in Vietnam and Indochina.
                                                                      - Distribution of branded products of the Company Environmental Choices.Inc.Hoa ENCHOICE States in Vietnam and Indochina.
                                                                      - Consulting, design and construction of treatment works environmental pollution; installation of wastewater treatment systems.
                                                                      - Exclusive distribution of products of cell activation Abio Taiwanese company in Indochina.

                                                                      Update:Friday, 7/1/2016

                                                                      • Address: No.2/12, C7, Lu Gia Living Quarter, Ward 15, Dist.11, Hochiminh city
                                                                        Tel:(84-8) 38662086-38662085
                                                                        Fax:(84-8) 38662224
                                                                        - Environment hygiene service.
                                                                        - Construction of industrial, small and medium-sized civil works.
                                                                        - Housing business.
                                                                        - Management, maintenance and construction of transport works.

                                                                        Update:Tuesday, 6/28/2016

                                                                        • Address: 45 Nguyen Ba Tuyen St., Ward 12, Tan Binh Dist., Hochiminh City
                                                                          Tel:(84-8) 38425391
                                                                          Fax:(84-8) 38102186

                                                                          - Manufacture and supply of all kinds of compressed air tanks.
                                                                          - Manufacture and supply of all kinds of pressure vessels for refrigeration industry.
                                                                          - Manufacture and supply of Autoclaves, sterilizing equipment, two-layer steam. cookers for health, food, rubber, etc.
                                                                          - Conveyors for all industries.
                                                                          - Foods, aquatic products, and tobaccos processing lines.
                                                                          - All kinds of containers of beer, wine and soft drinks with a capacity of up to 100m3.

                                                                          Update:Wednesday, 6/22/2016

                                                                          • Address: No.573 Nui Thanh St., Hoa Cuong Nam Dist., Hai Chau Dist., Da Nang City
                                                                            Tel:(84-511) 3653592-2215592
                                                                            Fax:(84-511) 3653593

                                                                            - Investment in construction of hydropower projects.
                                                                            - Manufacturing and trading in power.
                                                                            - Consultancy for investment projects in construction; survey, designed to build hydro power capacity to 30 MW, power lines and transformer station to 110 KV.
                                                                            - Consult construction supervision, project management and hydro power small and power lines and transformer station to 110 KV.
                                                                            - Exploiting minerals and lake dredging.
                                                                            - Vocational Training Consultants (management and operation of hydroelectric plants).
                                                                            - Consulting Environmental Monitoring, resettlement and resettlement.
                                                                            - To supervise the construction of irrigation works, hydroelectric.
                                                                            - Slippy equipment for construction work.
                                                                            - Repair and maintenance of hydropower plants.
                                                                            - Trading in building materials.
                                                                            - Business supplies electromechanical equipment.

                                                                            Update:Wednesday, 6/8/2016

                                                                            • Address: 28/15 Phan Dinh Giot St., Tan Binh Dist., Hochiminh City
                                                                              Tel:(84-8) 38443399
                                                                              Fax:(84-8) 39971846

                                                                              Designing, manufacturing, installing, equipment supplying, technical consulting, and technology transferring (turnkey method) in the following fields:
                                                                              + Food processing equipments.
                                                                              + Pressure equipments. - Airconditioning and ventilation system for hotels, modern buildings, conventional halls, and factories.
                                                                              - Electricity system, measurement - control system, and automation system.
                                                                              - Water treatment, waste - water treatment, industrial and civil constructions, etc.


                                                                              Update:Thursday, 5/26/2016

                                                                              • Address: 88/28 Dao Duy Anh, Phu Nhuan Dist., Hochiminh City
                                                                                Tel:(84-8) 38445436 (10 lines)
                                                                                Fax:(84-8) 38454697
                                                                                - Processing waste water.
                                                                                - Trading in machinery and industrial equipment.
                                                                                Update:Friday, 5/20/2016

                                                                                • Address: 86/38 Au Co St., Ward 9, Tan Binh Dist., Hochiminh City
                                                                                  Tel:(84-8) 39752410
                                                                                  Fax:(84-8) 39752411
                                                                                  - Treating pollution environment: waste, waste water, gas ...
                                                                                  - Consulting, technology transfering waste treatment.
                                                                                  - Manufacturing of products from solid waste and recycling bin ...

                                                                                  Update:Tuesday, 5/17/2016

                                                                                  • Address: 46-48 Nguyen Quang Bich St., Ward 13, Tan Binh Dist., Hochiminh City
                                                                                    Tel:(84-8) 38425882 - 38118161
                                                                                    Fax:(84-8) 38110924
                                                                                    Email:Info@sonhai.vn; kinhdoanh@sonhai.vn

                                                                                    - Purchase and rental of  Larssensteel sheet piles.
                                                                                    - Driving of steel sheet piles and shoring system.
                                                                                    - Construction of under groud portion.
                                                                                    - Construction of civil and industrial
                                                                                    - Leveling ground.
                                                                                    - Construction works under water, seaport, bridge,  pump stations, petrol tank, factory...
                                                                                    - Construction of large-diameter bored piles.
                                                                                    - Bored piles for buildings.
                                                                                    - Leasing machinery and equipment.
                                                                                    - Transportation and construction service.

                                                                                    Update:Friday, 5/13/2016

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