List of Business Directory

Address: Room 102, Truong Quoc Dung Building, Phu Nhuan Dist., Ho Chi Minh City
Tel:(84-28) 38479778 -0918865445
Fax:(84-28) 38479908
- Tourist services.
- Graphic design.
- Transporting passengers by car.
Update:Thursday, June 21,2018

Address: No.82-83, Steet 7B, Khu A, An Phu-An Khanh, Dist.2, Hochiminh City
Tel:(84-28) 62810222
Fax:(84-28) 62810333
- Dometics and international tourist services.
Update:Friday, June 15,2018

Address: Lot 22, Tra Noc 1 Industrial Park, Binh Thuy Dist., Can Tho City
Tel:(84-292) 3842538
Fax:(84-292) 3842310
- Producing, trading in, buying and selling beer, alcohol, gas and non-gas beverage, soy milk, fruit juices.
- Office, warehouse business.
- Domestic travel service.
Update:Thursday, June 14,2018

Address: 06 Do Cong Tuong St., Ward 2, Cao Lanh City, Dong Thap Province
Tel:(84-277) 3852136
Fax:(84-277) 3855639;

- Hotel, restaurant business, domestic and foreign travel.
- Trading in foreign exchange, beer, alcohol, soft drink;
- Producing and purchasing pure water.
- Short-term vocational training.
- Event organization.
- Massage, cafe bar, karaoke services.

Update:Wednesday, June 13,2018

Address: No.140, Nation road 30, My Phu Ward, Cao Lanh City, Dong Thap Province
Tel:(84-277) 3851056-3853090
Fax:(84-277) 3851937

- Trading in petrol, gas.
- Tourism services.


Update:Wednesday, June 13,2018

Address: 266-268 Le Loi St., Ward 2, Tra Vinh City, Tra Vinh Province
Tel:(84-294) 3744755-3858556
Fax:(84-294) 3858768;
- Hotel and restaurant business.

- Tourist services, domestic travel, international festival.
- Import-export trade.
- Agents airfare, train.
- Transport of passenger by road.
- Lease of office and real estate business, ...

Update:Tuesday, June 12,2018

Address: Con Trung Hamlet, Truong Long Hoa Commune, Duyen Hai Dist., Tra Vinh Province
Tel:(84-294) 3739916-3739559
Fax:(84-294) 3739739
- Tourism, hotel and restaurant services.
Update:Tuesday, June 12,2018

Address: 305 Ba Trieu Road , Ham Rong Quarter, Thanh Hoa city, Thanh Hoa Province
Tel:(84-237) 3961785
Fax:(84-237) 3961292
- Trading in petrol of all kinds; kerosene and petroleum products; liquefied gas, gas stove and accessories; diesel, mazut oil, lubricant, grease; asphalt; chemistry.
- Trading in storage tanks.
- Transportation of petroleum (road, waterway).
- Treatment of grease.
- Trading in materials and equipments of petroleum and other industries (building materials, electric appliances, electric appliances, fertilizers).
- Service of repairing cars, motorbikes, installation of equipment and petroleum works.
- Hotel and tourism services.
Update:Monday, June 11,2018

Address: No.162 Ha Huy Tap Road, Ha Tinh City, Ha Tinh Province
Tel:(84-239) 3855568-3858619-3859331
Fax:(84-239) 3858136

- Construction of transport works, bridges, culverts.
- Construction of irrigation works, dikes, dams, canals.
- Construction of civil, industrial.
- Construction works of high voltage, low voltage, transformer stations.
- Producing building materials.
- Repair and overhaul of automobile, motorcycle and mechanical processing.
- Importing and exporting consumer goods and building motorcycles.
- Restaurants and hotels business.
- Organizing Vietnam laborers to work overseas for a definite time.
- Vocational training, foreign languages and vocational education for the export of labor.
- Travel international travel and domestic.
- Studying abroad.

Update:Friday, June 8,2018

Address: No.2 Vu Quang Road, Ha Tinh City, Ha Tinh Province
Tel:(84-239) 3608689-3891336-3855603
Fax:(84-239) 3855606-3853769

- Mining, processing, trading ilmenite, rutile, zircon, quartz, gypsum
- Producing brick and tile, cement, construction materials.
General trading:
- Hotel and office for rent.
- Restaurants, mini-marts.
- Tourism, package tour.
- Vocational training, labor export.
- Garment and textile for export.
- Oil and gasoline products.
 . Commercial sea-port.
- Loading and unloading cargo.
- Hiring tug boat, agency for delivering and shipping.
- Warehouse, in-land transport.
- Planning and executing civil projects: infrastructure, electric station, roads, irrigation system...
- Buildings, apartments, complex works.
- Raising and breeding pig, big cattle, poultry, spotted deer,...
- Producing feed.
- Slaughtering house.
- Processing house for sausage, pork-roll.
- Planting and seeding vegetables, rice...
- Producing organic fertilizers.
- Producing supplement diatery from deer antler.

Update:Friday, June 8,2018

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