List of Company's Profiles

Address: 121/123-109 Lane, Truong Chinh Road, Kien An Distr., Hai Phong City
Tel:(84-225) 3876449-33655566
Fax:(84-225) 3837300

- Trading in agrucultural & aquatic products and industrial foodstuffs.
- Processing agricultural & aquatic products for domestic market and export.
- Producing various kinds of wine ans beer.
- Producing Kraft and packaging paper.
- Manufacturing precision mechanics.
- Hai Long vocational training School (Embracing mechanics, electricity, refrigeration and welding).
- Growing aquarium productions.

Update:Monday, October 23,2017

Address: 304 Han Thuyen Rd., Vi Xuyen Ward, Nam Dinh City, Nam Dinh Province
Tel:(84-228) 3649613
Fax:(84-228) 3649259
- Trading in agricultural products, forest products, food, food, beverages, tobacco.
- Trading in fish and seafood.
- Trading in household appliances furniture, equipment and supplies electrical systems.
- Food service.

Update:Saturday, October 21,2017

Address: No.124 Dong Thap Muoi St., Nam Dinh City, Nam Dinh Province
Tel:(84-228) 3642361
Fax:(84-228) 3642361
- Importing and exporting food, foodstuff, garment and handicraft products.
Update:Saturday, October 21,2017

Address: Tran Nhan Tong St., Tran Quang Khai Ward, Nam Dinh City, Nam Dinh Province
Tel:(84-228) 3867999 -3526659
Fax:(84-228) 3848448-3526658

- Processing, exporting and trading in frozen pig.
- Producing and exporting of meat block, pork pieces
- Producing sausage.
- Livestock and poultry focused.

Update:Thursday, October 19,2017

Address: 19 Vo Thi Sau St., Ward 3, Tay Ninh City, Tay Ninh Province
Tel:(84-276) 6250337-6250340
Fax:(84-276) 6250363-3820243
- Cultivating, processing and trading products of sugar cane, cassava, rubber such as sugar, tapioca starch, chips, rubber laxtex SVR3L & SVR5L, Sorbitol, Amidon.
- Manufacturing and trading in plastic products, wood and construction materials.
- Raising livestock and poultry.
- Trading real estate, financial investment.
- Trading, import-export.
- Trading material and equipment for sugar industry, cassava, rubber, plastic, wood, construction materials, technology transfer.
- Trading rice, wine, beer, beverage and the other types of food.
- Construction, port service, premises and warehouse lease.

Update:Wednesday, October 18,2017

Address: Lo 319-D16 Ly Thuong Kiet St., Ward 15, Dist.11, Dong Nai Province
Tel:(84-251) 38877166
Fax:(84-251) 38877164;;
- Producing foodstuff and fruit juices.
Update:Wednesday, October 18,2017

Address: No. 833A, Ha Noi highway, Quarter 1, Long Binh Tan ward, Bien Hoa city, Dong Nai province
Tel:(84-251) 3836110
Fax:(84-251) 3836132
- Producing and trading in foodstuffs.
Update:Wednesday, October 18,2017

Address: Road No.1, Bien Hoa 1 Industrial Zone, An Binh Ward, Bien Hoa City, Dong Nai Province
Tel:(84-251) 3836074-3832629-3836740
Fax:(84-251) 3836093-3832689

- Trading in, importing and exporting: fertilizer, agricultural products, pesticides, plant protection drugs, veterinary drugs and animal husbandry aquatic veterinary medicine; materials, equipment and spare parts of agricultural machinery and aquaculture, animal feed, poultry and fisheries, forest products, crafts, food; seed, stimulant plants and animals.
-  Trading in building materials, steel, cement, plastic granules.
- Producing and processing of synthetic fertilizers, fertilizer, micronutrients, special fertilizer, PP; Sourcing, processing and sales agents buying agricultural products, food, agricultural products and food processing.
- Investment in construction and infrastructure business, agriculture, infrastructure and residential areas, industrial parks and housing; Road freight transport; Segway rental warehouses, workshops, international freight forwarding, domestic and export services.
- Purchase, nursery, cultivation of orchids, bonsai.
- Outsourcing packaging, agents, trading in food.

Update:Tuesday, October 17,2017

Address: No.197, Ha Huy Giap Road, Quyet Thang Ward, Bien Hoa City, Dong Nai Province
Tel:(84-251) 3949837
Fax:(84-251) 3825173
- Exporting agricultural products.
- Importing materials for production and consumption.
Update:Tuesday, October 17,2017

Address: 300/3, Area 4, Hanoi Highway, Tan Bien Ward, Bien Hoa City, Dong Nai Province
Tel:(84-251) 3881745
Fax:(84-251) 3882347
- Trading in processed foodstuffs.
Update:Tuesday, October 17,2017

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