List of Company's Profiles

Address: Da Nang Industrial Zone, An Hai Bac Ward, Son Tra Dist., Da Nang City
Tel:(84-236) 2210578-3703310
Fax:(84-236) 3935960
- Production, transmission and distribution of electricity.
- Management consultancy activities: Consulting construction of power projects.
- Project management consultancy hydropower projects.
- Construction and installation of irrigation works, hydro, cable works, electrical substation, construction traffic.
- Dredging of the lake.
- Construction and civil engineering industry.
- Architectural and engineering activities and technical consultancy related.
- Exploitation of stone, sand, gravel and clay.
- Marine aquaculture.
- Plant trees and take care of the trees.
- Business real estate, land use rights of the owner, the owner or lessee to use.
- Short-stay services.
- Restaurant and catering services for mobile service.
- Travel agents.
- Activities other entertainment.
Update:Thursday, May 24,2018

Address: No.11, Nui Thanh St., Ward 13, Tan Binh Dist., HoChiMinh City
Tel:(84-28) 38424105-38424106
Fax:(84-28) 38424107
- Construction consultant and technical deigning.
- Supervising execution, managing project.
Update:Tuesday, May 15,2018

Address: 1st Floor, No. 12M, Nguyen Thi Minh Khai St., Da Kao Ward, Dist 1, Hochiminh City
Tel:(84-28) 39102029
Fax:(84-28) 39102029
- Construction of civil and industrial works.
- Trading in building materials, interior decoration.
- Consulting on construction.
- Designing civil and industrial works.
Update:Wednesday, May 9,2018

Address: No.565 Nguyen Trai Road, Thanh Xuan Nam Ward, Thanh Xuan Dist., Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) 38544252
Fax:(84-24) 38543164
- Providing consulting services for investment and construction of mining, electric, industrial, traffic, telecommunication works.
- Surveying for designing and building works of the mining industry, traffic works, infrastructural works.
- Designing building, architecture of industrial and civil works.
- Designing electric works: electric transmission lines, electric transformer substations, industrial and civil electric works.
- Designing for building drainage and water supply works for industry zones, civil works and traffic works.
- Appraising investment projects ( only projects which had business permit).
- Technical designs, total cost estimates of investment projects.
- Designing techniques of geodesy, surveying topographical and cadastral maps.
- Supervising construction of road traffic works (field of construction- completion).
- Supervising construction and completion of mining exploitation works.
- Supervising construction and completion of industrial and civil works.
- Supervising construction and installation of electric equipment for industrial and civil works.
- Supervising construction and installation of control equipment for mining exploitation works.
- Supervising construction and installation of mechanic equipment for mining exploitation works.
- Supervising construction and completion of industrial, civil works and infrastructural works.
- Providing consulting services for importing and exporting equipment and components; importing equipment and components for the mining industry and other industries.
- Providing tendering consultancy services.
- Studying and assessing environmental impacts.
- Setting unit price norms, pricing, setting indexes and construction investment rates of specialties ( not include finance and tax consulting).
- Constructing industrial and civil works, transport works, electric works.
- Constructing and installing protected environment works.
- Trading in services.
- Trading in hotels, restaurants, hostel.
- Exploiting, processing, trading in coal and minerals (except for minerals forbidden by the Nation).
- Trading in equipment and materials of the mineral exploitation sector and other sectors, industry and agriculture;
- Loading and transporting minerals, rock and soil and leveling grounds.
- Studying scientific and technological, economic management applications; carrying out technology training and transfer in the mining industry.
- Studying, manufacturing and installing equipment and carrying out mechanical processing.
- Observing environment, assessing environmental impacts.
- Maintaining protected environment works ( except for activities forbidden by the nation).
- Domestic and international travel; other services for tourists. 
- Processing forest products and trading in roadway supporting timber (except for forest products forbidden by the Nation).
- Trading in real estates; renting office, housings and yards.
- Installing industrial machinery and equipment.
- Other ore and coal mining support service activities.
- Wholesaling telecommunications and electronic equipment and components.
- Wholesaling metals and metal ore.
Update:Thursday, April 26,2018

Address: 87-89 Ha Dinh St., Thanh Xuan Trung Ward, Thanh Xuan Dist., Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) 38584310
Fax:(84-24) 38585038
- Producing and trading in light bulbs, electric equipment materials, lighting equipment, glass products and all kinds of thermos.
- Repairing and assembling lighting equipment.
- Services of technical science and technology transfer.
- Direct export and import.
- Consulting and designing civil and industrial lighting systems (excluding word design). 
- Repairing and installing civil and industrial lighting systems.
- Commercial advertising services.
- Transporting goods services .

Update:Tuesday, April 24,2018

Address: 30B Doan Thi Diem St., Quoc Tu Giam Ward, Dong Da Dist., Ha Noi
Tel:(84-24) 38237067
Fax:(84-24) 37323093
- Consulting, management and supervision of the projects group.
Update:Tuesday, April 24,2018

Address: 98 Tran Quang Khai St., Tan Dinh Ward, Dist.1, Hochiminh City
Tel:(84-28) 38484140-38484085
Fax:(84-28) 38484148
- Advice on construction legal procedures, statutory requirements, local construction practices.
- Feasibility study report, environmental impact assessment.
- Master plan design, Urban planning design.
- Complete architectural and engineering design documentation to all of building types.
- Cost estimate and general cost estimation.
- Tender documentation, tender analysis and assessment.
- Site supervision.
- Project management.
- Topographical survey, geotechnical site investigation, hydrological engineering,
- Lab tests for determination of soil, aggregate mechanical and physical properties,
- Testing of building material.
- Survey and assessment of building structural quality.
- Inspection and certification of building structural safety and quality conformity,
- Construction, repair, interior and exterior decoration works.
- Transfer of new technology, new building materials in construction industry.
Update:Friday, March 30,2018

Address: No.169 Vo Thi Sau St., Ward No.7, Dist 3., Hochiminh City
Tel:(84-28) 39326379-39326373
Fax:(84-28) 39326376-39326382
+ Construction of civil and industrial works.
+ Consultant on architecture and disigning.
+ Investing in infrastructure.
+ Management of projects.
+ Real estate business.
Update:Friday, March 30,2018

Address: Ho Nai Industrial Zone, Ho Nai No.3 Commune, Trang Bom Dist., Dong Nai Province
Tel:(84-251) 3982039-3671039
Fax:(84-251) 3671040
- Investment and business infrastructure of industrial park and residential areas.
- Construction consulting.
+ Investment plan of civil and industrial construction.
+ Invesmtent plan rubber development.
+ Design, planning, architectural construction, construction planning for civil and industrial project.
+ Topographic survey, geotechnical construction, cadastral measuring and mapping.
- Construction of civil, industrial project, and transportation infrastructure.
- Supply, planting and care of trees, flowers of all kinds.
Update:Thursday, March 22,2018

Address: 4th Floor, Viglacera Building, No.1 Thang Long Highway, Me Tri Ward, Tu Liem Dist., Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) 38325562
Fax:(84-24) 38325563 ;
- Consulting services: architectural planning - design.
- Construction supervisison - cost management.
- Architectural, structural, environmental, landscape, interior, decoration.
- Vinconlab center: constrcution materials testing laboratory.
Update:Monday, March 5,2018

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