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    • Address: 10 Pho Duc Chinh St., Ba Dinh Dist., Hanoi
      Tel:(84-4) 37163374
      Fax:(84-4) 37164257
      - Business and management training, human resource consulting and services
      Update:Tuesday, 5/16/2017

      • Address: Thach Son Hamlet, Thach Ha Dist., Ha Tinh Province
        Tel:(84-39) 3845267-3845468
        Fax:(84-39) 3845834

        - Processing and trading in aquatic product.
        - Importing and exporting materials and equipment for consumption of aquatic products.
        - Labor export training services.

        Update:Monday, 5/8/2017

        • Address: LuGia Plaza, 4th Floor, 70 Lu Gia Street , Ward 15, District 11, Ho Chi Minh City
          Tel:(84-8) 62999872
          Fax:(84-8) 62999872
          Email:info@sdcgrp.com; marketing@sdcgrp.com; support@sdcgrp.com
          - Producing and trading in softwares.
          - Provision of computers and network devices.
          - Informatics training.
          Update:Sunday, 4/30/2017

          • Address: CIENCO1 Building, No.623 La Thanh St., Ba Dinh Dist., Hanoi
            Tel:(84-4) 38350930-38350096
            Fax:(84-4) 37721232
            - Construction of domestic and ourseas transport works.
            - Civil and industrial construction and construction of other works.
            - Producing building materials, ready-molded concrete structures.
            - Repairing vehicles, building and steel girder processing facilities and mechanical products.
            - Training technical workes.
            - Labour export.
            - Consulting on construction investment engineering, survey; supervision, experiment of transport works.
            - Direct import and export of materials and transportation facilities.
            Update:Thursday, 4/27/2017

            • Address: 211-213-213A, Tran Huy Lieu St., Ward 8, Phu Nhuan Dist., Hochiminh City
              Tel:(84-8) 62943954
              Fax:(84-8) 54495513
              Email:vinacafe@hn.vnn.vn; info@vinacafe.com.vn
              - Planting, producing and trading in coffee, cocoa, rubber, pepper, cashew, sugarcane, tea, food crops and other industrial crops; afforestation, forest products and related services; raising, growing, exploiting aquatic and marine products and related services.
              - Investment in processing agricultural products: coffee, tea, rubber, cocoa, pepper, sugar ....
              - Producing and trading in fertilizers, supplies and consumer goods for production and daily life.
              - Breeding livestock, producing and processing animal feeds and food processing.
              - Producing and trading in construction materials.
              - Construction of traffic, irrigation, reclamation, management, utilization and exploitation of irrigation, hydropower.
              - Tourist services, accommodation services, hotels, catering services, advertising.
              - Investment consulting trade promotion; Warehousing, transportation and transport equipment.
              - Investment in real estate business, commercial center, office for lease, building.
              - Training, technical transfer related to coffee growing, producing and processing and agricultural, forest and aquatic products; consultancy and supply of labor export.

              Update:Wednesday, 4/26/2017

              • Address: No.18 Lang Ha St., Ba Dinh Dist., Hanoi
                Tel:(84-4) 38252526
                Fax:(84-4) 38265942
                Website:www.pvn.vn; www.petrovietnam.com.vn; www.pvn.com.vn

                - Research, exploration, extraction, transportation, processing, storing oil and gas, coal gasification, oil and gas services in domestic and foreign;
                - Sales and distribution of petroleum products, gas and chemical materials petroleum products;
                - Manufacturing and trading of petrochemical products, technology transfer consultant in the field of production and processing of petrochemical products;
                - Business services crude oil, gas, petroleum products, gas and products derived from oil and gas at home and abroad;
                - Survey, design, construction, exploitation, repair works, facilities for oil and gas;
                - Perform other petroleum services at home and abroad.

                Update:Monday, 4/24/2017

                • Address: 212B Pasteur, Ward 6, Dist.3, Hochiminh City
                  Tel:(84-8) 38292150-38231102
                  Fax:(84-8) 38251550
                  - Providing tourist services and international tours.
                  - Consulting on overseas study.
                  - Producing bottled pure water.
                  Update:Monday, 3/27/2017

                  • Address: 110 Tran Hung Dao St., Ward 7, Dist.5, Hochiminh City
                    Tel:(84-8) 38363785
                    Fax:(84-8) 38363785
                    - Training nail & care.
                    Update:Monday, 3/27/2017

                    • Address: 215-217 Tran Hung Dao St., Co Giang Ward, Dist.1, Hochiminh City
                      Tel:(84-8) 38367969-38368531-38367421-38367043
                      Fax:(84-8) 38369434
                      - Construction.
                      - Trading in building materials.
                      - Interior decoration.
                      - Trading in fuel.
                      - Transport services.
                      - House for leasing.

                       Trading in electrical and mechanical appliances, computers and accessories, tools and equipment for sport, agriculture, forestry and fishery, food, food, food technology.
                      - Training.
                      - Trading in house or building to sell, lease, lease.
                      - Exploitation of ground water, sand stone and rubber.
                      - Business travel domestic goods, international.
                      - Passenger transportation business under contract.
                      - Agencies telematics services (except internet access agents).
                      - Buying, selling and processing, wood processing.
                      - Activities of sports clubs: pool, tennis courts.
                      - Early childhood education, high school

                      Update:Friday, 3/24/2017

                      • Address: 187/6 Dien Bien Phu St., Da Kao Ward, District 1, Hochiminh City
                        Tel:(84-8) 35050258
                        - Training.
                        Update:Thursday, 3/23/2017

                        • Address: 762 Highway 1A, St.5, Thanh Xuan Ward, Dist.12, Hochiminh City
                          Tel:(84-8) 37161959-37161958 - EXT: 811-807
                          Fax:(84-8) 38477045-39979680

                          - Repair, maintenance, supply, and sales of electrical goods and electronics.
                          - Construction of industrial and civil works.
                          - Construction of traffic works, irrigation, water supply and sewage systems and infrastructure.
                          - Buying and selling building materials, garments, handicrafts and fertilizers.
                          - Implementation of the service industry, commerce, goods consignment agent, agriculture, forestry, aquatic, food.
                          - Trading in telephones, IT equipment, telecommunications equipment and office equipment.
                          - Purchase lease and transfer of land use rights.
                          - Collaboration with universities in the field of training.

                          Update:Wednesday, 3/22/2017

                          • Address: No.32 Trang Tien St., Hoan Kiem Dist., Hanoi
                            Tel:(84-4) 39333168-39363718
                            Fax:(84-4) 38257521
                            Email:vinatexlc@fpt.vn; vinatexlabour@fpt.vn
                            - Training & fostering the skills for the students careers and trainees working abroad.
                            - Seeking for abroad & domestic counterparts throught all the measurements of co-operation, signing & implementing contract from the application, training, going abroad to control Vietnam labor abroad.
                            Update:Tuesday, 3/21/2017

                            • Address: 226 Le Duan St., Trung Phung Ward, Dong Da Dist., Hanoi
                              Tel:(84-4) 38510141
                              Fax:(84-4) 38510724
                              Website:www.vinacomin.vn; www.vinacoal.com.vn
                              - Coal industry.
                              - Mineral-metallurgical industry:.
                              - Power industry.
                              - Industry explode materials.

                              Update:Tuesday, 3/21/2017

                              • Address: Minh Thanh Commune, Dien Bien Phu City, Dien Bien Province
                                Tel:(84-230) 3810339
                                Fax:(84-230) 3810334
                                Email:quantrinaloi@naloi.com.vn; mail@naloi.com.vn
                                - Producing and trading in commercial electricity.
                                - Testing, calibration power system.
                                - Installation of electrical systems, water and information.
                                - Repair of electrical and processing mechanical.
                                - Construction and construction lines and substations up to 110kV voltage level.
                                - Guidance and training plant operators of small and medium hydropower.
                                - Investment, construction of small and medium hydropower plants.
                                - Received investment trusts of organizations and individuals.

                                Update:Friday, 2/10/2017

                                • Address: Floor 16-17, Viglacera Building, No.1 Thang Long Highway, Me Tri, Tu Liem Dist., Hanoi
                                  Tel:(84-4) 35536660
                                  Fax:(84-4) 35536671
                                  Email:vgc@hn.vnn.vn; info@viglacera.com.vn
                                  - Manufacturing various kinds of glass and ceramics for construction such as:
                                  + Flat glass: clear sheet glass, safety glass, reflective glass, mirror, etc.
                                  + Sanitary wares: water closet, wash-basin, bath-tub.
                                  + Ceramic and granite tiles: floor tiles, wall tiles, unpolished and polished tiles.
                                  + Refractory: basic refractory bricks, high aluminium bricks, chamotte bricks, relative motars.
                                  + Heavy clay bricks and roofing tiles.
                                  - Building and developing supermarkets, houses, urban and industrial zone infrastructures.
                                  - Consulting on investment and technology transfer in manufacturing building materials.
                                  - Training managers and technicians in the field of building materials.
                                  - Direct importing and exporting labor, spare parts, materials and technology for manufacturing building materials.
                                  Update:Friday, 1/27/2017

                                  • Address: 158 Nguyen Van Cu St., Bo De Ward, Long Bien Dist., Hanoi
                                    Tel:(84-4) 38720564-38723511
                                    Fax:(84-4) 38731729-38722653

                                    - Send laborers to work overseas.
                                    - Consulting study abroad.
                                    - Designing manufacturing and construction of interior works.
                                    - Export-Import industry.
                                    - Restaurant business.

                                    Update:Sunday, 1/22/2017

                                    • Address: 201 Minh Khai St., Hai Ba Trung Dist., Hanoi
                                      Tel:(84-4) 38627056-38627055
                                      Fax:(84-4) 38627077
                                      Email:no6@vietracimex.vnn.vn; no7@vietracimex.vnn.vn
                                      - Contracting for overseas workers and import-export services.
                                      - Vocational training for overseas workers.
                                      - Organising domestic and overseas travel.

                                      Update:Tuesday, 1/3/2017

                                      • Address: No.12 Chua Boc St., Dong Da Dist., Hanoi
                                        Tel:(84-4) 38521308
                                        Fax:(84-4) 38528021
                                        Training bankers and financial staff.
                                        Update:Tuesday, 1/3/2017

                                        • Address: Room.204, Thang Long Tower, 105 Lang Ha St., Dong Da Dist., Hanoi
                                          Tel:(84-04) 35333580
                                          Fax:(84-04) 37568502
                                          - Oversea study consultants.

                                          Update:Tuesday, 1/3/2017

                                          • Address: 105 Lang Ha St., Dong Da Dist., Hanoi
                                            Tel:(84-04) 35623866
                                            Fax:(84-04) 35623869
                                            - Investment and manage service.
                                            Update:Friday, 12/30/2016

                                            • Address: 239 Pho Vong St., Dong Tam Ward, Hai Ba Trung Dist., Ha Noi
                                              Tel:(84-4) 35146417 - 35146450
                                              Fax:(84-4) 35146794 - 35146424

                                              - Trading in gold and silver.
                                              - Pawn service .
                                              - Real estate business.
                                              - Trading in petroleum.
                                              - Construction of urban areas, industrial zones, parks and entertainment services, commercial centers.
                                              - Sales and processing of import and export of minerals, agricultural, forest and marine products.
                                              - Training goldsmiths, technicians, professional training in the gold business.

                                              Update:Friday, 12/23/2016

                                              • Address: 116 Thai Ha St., Dong Da Dist., Hanoi
                                                Tel:(84-4) 37752304-38344669
                                                Fax:(84-4) 37752131
                                                - Training in information technology, foreign languages, business management.

                                                Update:Tuesday, 12/20/2016

                                                • Address: No.43, Alley 63/73 Hoang Hoa Tham St., Ngoc Ha Ward, Ba Dinh Dist., Hanoi
                                                  Tel:(84-04) 37227488
                                                  Fax:(84-04) 38326008-37227488
                                                  Email:vietngavinco@yahoo.com; vietnga2000@gmail.com
                                                  - Investment and financial consultants
                                                  - Handicraft im-export; job services.
                                                  - Real estate business.
                                                  - Vocational training student counseling, vocational guidance, pawn, travel.

                                                  Update:Thursday, 12/15/2016

                                                  • Address: No.4A, Ton That Tung Str., Dong Da Dist., Hanoi
                                                    Tel:(84-4) 38523706
                                                    Fax:(84-4) 35741231
                                                    1. Making reports on pre-feasibility study, feasibily study, investment in civil and industrial projects, including transport, irrigation, water supply, environment and technical infrastructure.
                                                    2. Appraisal of Investment projects; technical designs; general estimation and balance of projects.
                                                    3. Survey, detailed planning and design of civil and industrial engineering works, including transport, irrigation, water supply, environment and technical infrastructure.
                                                    4. Setting up files of invitation for bidding; procurement of materials and equipment; analysis and assessment of bidding files; construction; -select-ion of consultants; conducting foreign investment consultancy services.
                                                    5.Supervising construction and installation of equipment. Acting as a general construction contractor; Management of construction projects.
                                                    6. Surveying quality of construction works and their interior equipment; Inspection of building machine and technological equipment, traffic vehicles, water supply and environment facilities.
                                                    7. Design, test repair and maintainance of building machine and technological equipment.
                                                    8. Consultancy on setting up construction works guarantee system.
                                                    9. Construction of civil and industrial works and technical infrastructure.
                                                    10. Training, research, transfer of construction technology, building machine and building materials.
                                                    11. Import - export trading of technological equipment, building materials and machinery.
                                                    12. Making reports an assessment of environmental effects on quality of civil and industrial engineering works and urban and rural infrastructure.
                                                    13.Investment in housing business, civil and industrial engineering works, technical infrastructure and in environment hygiene of residental areas.
                                                    Update:Wednesday, 11/30/2016

                                                    • Address: No.49, Alley 15, An Duong Vuong Road, Phu Thuong Ward, Tay Ho Dist., Hanoi
                                                      Tel:(84-4) 37534034-37534190
                                                      Fax:(84-4) 38386313
                                                      - Importing, exporting and producing packages.
                                                      - Consulting on investment and technology transfer of equipment and machines.
                                                      - Organizing training courses in managers and technical workers for packaging industry.
                                                      Update:Monday, 11/28/2016

                                                      • Address: Viet Á Building, Duy Tan St., Cau Giay Dist., Hanoi
                                                        Tel:(84-4) 35180079-35180076-35185226
                                                        Fax:(84-4) 38510413
                                                        Website:www.vinacoaltour.com.vn; www.vinacoaltour.vn

                                                        - Business travel services at home and abroad.
                                                        - Business hotel, dining, apartments for rent, tourist transport , travel services.
                                                        - Sales of passenger cars.
                                                        - Services and Immigration services students studying abroad.
                                                        - Trading, import and export and import consignment direct materials, goods, machinery and equipment for tourism, manufacturing and life.
                                                        - Processing and coal business.
                                                        - Production, processing , assembly equipment , production tools and consumer.
                                                        - Brokerage, consulting, real estate business.
                                                        - Shipping rock, coal, materials, goods, machinery, materials and equipment for production and life.
                                                        - Services and pool bath.
                                                        - Steam service, service hot water bath ( not including acupuncture , acupuncture and steam in traditional medicine ).
                                                        - Production and beverage business, sales of beer ( not including business karaoke room, disco, bar ) .
                                                        - Petroleum Services Agency.
                                                        - Business supplies, medical devices, chemicals ( except for banned chemicals ) and pharmaceuticals, inorganic salts.
                                                        - Rental Services and unloading equipment , land leveling and stone, coal and minerals.
                                                        - Export and import of minerals and agricultural products.
                                                        - Exploit, business sand, stone, gravel and building materials.
                                                        -Training Service;
                                                        - Consulting services fee paying students ( not including legal counseling, financial ).
                                                        - Educational Support Services.
                                                        - Dealers buy, sell, consignment goods.
                                                        - Trade brokerage.
                                                        - Auction Services Property.

                                                        Update:Friday, 11/25/2016

                                                        • Address: No.172 Ngoc Khanh St., Ba Dinh Dist., Hanoi
                                                          Tel:(84-4) 37711212
                                                          Fax:(84-4) 37711535
                                                          - Building and repair of ships, equipment and floating facilities.
                                                          - Manufacture of steel structures and rigs.
                                                          - Research, survey, planning and setting up project, pilot preparation and production.
                                                          - Import and export of materials, specialized equipment.
                                                          - Cooperation with domestic and foreign organizations.
                                                          - Conducting other trading activities in line with the state laws and policies.
                                                          - Research and application of techno-scientific advance.
                                                          - Training staff and workers in line with development of the ship building industry.
                                                          Update:Thursday, 11/24/2016

                                                          • Address: FPT Cau Giay Building, Lot B2, Duy Tan St., Cau Giay Industrial Complex, Pham Hung Road, Cau Giay Dist., Hanoi
                                                            Tel:(84-4) 73007300
                                                            Fax:(84-4) 37687410
                                                            Email:ir@fpt.com.vn; fptnews@fpt.com.vn
                                                             - Trading in software, systems integration, IT services, distribution and manufacture of IT products, retail IT products ...
                                                            Update:Thursday, 11/10/2016

                                                            • Address: No.27 Le Thanh Tong St., Phan Chu Trinh Ward, Hoan Kiem Dist., Hanoi
                                                              Tel:(84-4) 39333966
                                                              Fax:(84-4) 39333966
                                                              Email:servicohn.khdt@hn.vnn.vn; thuyvlervicohanoi.com.vn
                                                              - Import and export.
                                                              - Domestic trade.
                                                              - Leasing houses and real estate business.
                                                              - Training personnel.
                                                              - Tourism and other services.
                                                              - Assembling motorbikes.
                                                              Update:Wednesday, 11/2/2016

                                                              • Address: 4 Le Thanh Tong St., May To Ward, Ngo Quyen Dist., Hai Phong City
                                                                Tel:(84-31) 3552943-3859133
                                                                Fax:(84-31) 3827543-3652300
                                                                - Provide guidance seagoing vessels, in ports, piers, transshipment.
                                                                - Support, towage and floating facilities.
                                                                - Activity marine chartering broker.
                                                                - Ship agency services.
                                                                - Service Agency for sea transport.
                                                                - Lease of road transport.
                                                                - Rental of water transport equipment without drivers.
                                                                - Training - training of maritime pilots.
                                                                - Lease of office.
                                                                - Rental of motor vehicles.
                                                                - Short-stay services.
                                                                - Repair and maintenance of vehicles.
                                                                - Repair and maintenance of waterway transport facilities.

                                                                Update:Monday, 10/24/2016

                                                                • Address: No.1A, Trang Tien St., Trang Tien Ward, Hoan Kiem Dist., Hanoi
                                                                  Tel:(84-4) 38240551
                                                                  Fax:(84-4) 38252995
                                                                  - Investing and trading state capital; producing and trading fertilizers, pesticides, basic chemical, household chemical, chemical industry, pharmaceutical chemistry, petrochemical, rubber processing industry, mine exploitation industry.
                                                                  - Trading machines and equipments, materials for chemical industry, training high quality labor force and trading other according to prescriptions of law.

                                                                  Update:Tuesday, 10/18/2016

                                                                  • Address: 276 Hang Kenh St., Le Chan Dist., Hai Phong City
                                                                    Tel:(84-31) 3940914
                                                                    Fax:(84-31) 3940716
                                                                    Website:www.sholega.com; www.sholega.vn
                                                                    - Producing and trading in, exporting and importing leather shoes, artificial leather, garments, products from lether and artificial leather, other materials.
                                                                    - Garment technologies.

                                                                    Update:Wednesday, 10/12/2016

                                                                    • Address: An Hoi Hamlet, An Hoa Commune, Trang Bang Dist., Tay Ninh Province
                                                                      Tel:(84-66) 3886688
                                                                      - Construction of infrastructure of industrial zones and residential areas;
                                                                      - Construction consultant;
                                                                      - Trading in houses, apartments, factories, warehouses, wharves beach;
                                                                      - Trading in building materials;
                                                                      - Interior and exterior decoration;
                                                                      - Supervision of civil construction and industry;
                                                                      Ground leveling;
                                                                      - Consulting and training of human resources, ....

                                                                      Update:Monday, 10/3/2016

                                                                      • Address: H22 Vo Thi Sau St., Thong Nhat Ward, Bien Hoa City, Dong Nai Province
                                                                        Tel:(84-61) 3817742
                                                                        Fax:(84-61) 3817768
                                                                        - Construction of civil, industrial, transport, irrigation, infrastructure, public works and housing.
                                                                        - Ground levelling.
                                                                        - Producing concrete structure, steel and iron structure.
                                                                        - Real estate business.
                                                                        - Tourist, hotel and restaurant services.
                                                                         Training secondary and tertiary.
                                                                        Update:Thursday, 9/15/2016

                                                                        • Address: No.7 Nam Quoc Cang St., Pham Ngu Lao Ward, Dist.1, Hochiminh City
                                                                          Tel:(84-8) 38335081-38335082-38335083
                                                                          Fax:(84-8) 38335080
                                                                          Website:www. ecotec.vn

                                                                          - Manufacturing and installation of boiler and furnace fluidized bed heat transfer oil to the plants.
                                                                          - Consulting design and construction supervision.
                                                                          - The environment and water supply.
                                                                          - Water treatment civil and industrial level.
                                                                          - Equipment and technology transfer.
                                                                          - Delivery of electrical equipment.
                                                                          - The sector of education and training.

                                                                          Update:Wednesday, 9/7/2016

                                                                          • Address: No.292 Dien Bien Phu St., Ward 7, Dist.3, Hochiminh City
                                                                            Tel:(84-8) 39325236-39321461-39320976
                                                                            Fax:(84-8) 39325480
                                                                            - Tourist, hotel, restaurant services.
                                                                            - Transport of passenger by car.
                                                                            - Entertaiment business.

                                                                            - Overseas study consultancy.
                                                                            Update:Wednesday, 9/7/2016

                                                                            • Address: 28 Phung Khac Khoan St., Da Kao Ward, Dist.1, Hochiminh City
                                                                              Tel:(84-8) 38221043
                                                                              Fax:(84-8) 38225241

                                                                              - Real estate business.
                                                                              - Development of educational projects.
                                                                              - Providing import and export services, development of foreign trade activities.
                                                                              - Investment in financial advisory services.
                                                                              - Investment in production and mining quarries and sand.

                                                                              Update:Wednesday, 8/31/2016

                                                                              • Address: Lot Z, No. 01-02-03A, Tan Thuan Industrial Zone/Processing Zone, Tan Thuan Dong Ward, Dist.7, Hochiminh City
                                                                                Tel:(84-4) 37700142-37700143-37700144
                                                                                Fax:(84-4) 37700145
                                                                                - Producing medicine.
                                                                                - Storage and distribution of drugs.

                                                                                - Research, development and training.

                                                                                Update:Monday, 8/29/2016

                                                                                • Address: Floor 1st, Saigon Mansion Building, Ward 6, Dist.3, Hochicinh City
                                                                                  Tel:(84-8) 38227229 – Hotline: 0901494233
                                                                                  Fax:(84-8) 38227238

                                                                                  - Exporting manpower.
                                                                                  - Tourist services.
                                                                                  - Vocational and training language.
                                                                                  Exporting foodstuff abd cultural products.
                                                                                  - Air ticket agent.
                                                                                  - Payroll services.
                                                                                  - Remittance service.
                                                                                  - Outsourcing services.

                                                                                  Update:Monday, 7/25/2016

                                                                                  • Address: 122 Duy Tan St., Ward 15, Phu Nhuan Dist., Hochiminh City
                                                                                    Tel:(84-8) 66843209
                                                                                    Fax:(84-8) 38982161
                                                                                    - Training in informatics and foreign languages.
                                                                                    - Publishing books on informatics.
                                                                                    Update:Wednesday, 7/20/2016

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