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Address: Street No.3, Dau Tieng Town, Dau Tieng Dist., Binh Duong Province
Tel:(84-274) 3522626–3521969–3522102
Fax:(84-274) 3522101
- Mining, sawing, impregnation, wood drying.
- Buying and selling timber.
- Manufacturing household furniture domestic market and export.
- Trading in materials and chemical timber industry timber industry.
- Purchasing machinery and equipment wood industry.
- Transport of goods by road.
- Trading in natural rubber latex.
- Reclamation, rehabilitation wild.
- Ground leveling.
- Processing mechanical machines.
- Execution of plumbing, industrial electrical systems. 
Update:Thursday, March 22,2018

Address: Group No.5, Doan Ket Ward, Lai Chau City, Lai Chau Province
Tel:(84-213) 6299982
- Planting rubber trees and semi-processed rubber latex.
- Afforestation.
- Fertilizing agents.
- Impor-export and trading.
Update:Wednesday, March 21,2018

Address: Trung Tam Hamlet, Xuan Lap Commune, Long Khanh Town, Dong Nai Province
Tel:(84-251) 3724444-3726333
Fax:(84-251) 3724123

- Cultivation.
- Manufacture of chemicals, fertilizers and rubber, packaging and wood products consumption, grain products, PE products from rubber materials, fresh concrete (concrete) construction materials: precast concrete types, bearing drains, sewers centrifugation.
- Industrial and civil engineeing texture design.
- Irrigation and traffic construction of civil works, industry.
- Business travel services, hotels.
- Processing of building stones.
- Investment in construction and real estate business.
- Manufacturing, processing, repairing equipment and mechanical products.
- Construction of power systems and industrial activities.
- Cargo crane services.
- Construction of the wastewater treatment works.
- Construction of water supply for civil and industrial.
- Business fuel.
- Business types of electrical and mechanical parts.
- Investment in construction projects and infrastructure of industrial parks.
- Investment rubber planting projects and livestock.

Update:Wednesday, March 21,2018

Address: Highway 13, Hung Chien Ward, Binh Long Town, Binh Phuoc Province
Tel:(84-271) 3666181-3666324
Fax:(84-271) 3666222,
- Planting rubber trees.
- Processing and exploiting latex rubber.
Update:Wednesday, March 21,2018

Address: Ninh Thuan St., Loc Ninh Townlet, Loc Ninh Dist., Binh Phuoc Province
Tel:(84-271) 3567209-3568903-3568381-3568939
Fax:(84-271) 3568939-3568381
- Planting rubeer trees.
- Processing, exploiting rubber latex.
Update:Wednesday, March 21,2018

Address: Phu Rieng Commune, Phu Rieng Dist., Binh Phuoc Province
Tel:(84-271) 3777970-3777971
Fax:(84-271) 3777758;
- Planting, exploiting, processing, trading in and exporting-importing rubber.
- Natural afforestation.
- Exploiting and processing raw wood.
- Producing other products from wood.
- Construction of works, infrastructure, industrial zones, residential areas.
- real estate business.
- Organize tours.
- Exploiting, treating and supplying fresh water.
- Producing bottled pure water.
Update:Wednesday, March 21,2018

Address: Thuan Phu Commune, Dong Phu Dist., Binh Phuoc Province
Tel:(84-271) 3819786
Fax:(84-271) 3819620;
- Planting, exploiting and processing natural rubber.
Update:Wednesday, March 21,2018

Address: Group No.15, Hang Gon Hamlet, Hang Gon Commune, Long Khanh Town, Dong Nai Province
Tel:(84-251) 3796213
Fax:(84-251) 3796095
- Procurementing, producing and preliminary latex .
- Trading in  processed products of natural rubber latex .
- Exporting and importing  rubber products , materials and chemicals for production of rubber.
Update:Wednesday, March 21,2018

Address: Ia Drang Commune, Chu Prong Dist., Gia lai Province
Tel:(84-269) 3843194-3790023-3843186
Fax:(84-269) 3790023;
- Planting and processing rubber, coffee.
- Trading in industrial chemicals, fertilizer, rubber and coffee.
- Producing and processing wood.
- Chemical industry.
- Exploiting and processing mineral.
Update:Wednesday, March 21,2018

Address: No.536 Nguyen Hue St., Dak Doa Townlet, Mang Yang Dist., Gia Lai Province
Tel:(84-269) 3831133
Fax:(84-269) 3831390;
- Rubber business.
- Cultivation.
- Livestock.
- Planting rubber trees.
- Manufacturing fertilizers and nitrogen compounds.
- Wholesale of fertilizers, pesticides and other chemicals used in agriculture.
- Manufacturing other rubber products.
- Transport of goods by road.
Update:Tuesday, March 20,2018

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