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    • Address: 7th Floor, No.623 La Thanh Building, Ba Dinh Dist., Hanoi
      Tel:(84-4) 37725383
      Fax:(84-4) 37720925
      - Construction transport and civil industrial works and others, including irrigation, degense and electrics.
      - Transporting materials, equipment serving construction.
      - Ground leveling.
      - Producing construction materials and Prefabricated concrete building components.
      - Processing Steel bridge girdering and mechanic products.
      - Repairing motorbikes and construction tools and equipment.
      Update:Thursday, 4/27/2017

      • Address: No.622 Ha Huy Tap Road, Yen Vien, Gia Lam Dist., Hanoi
        Tel:(84-4) 38273313-38273312
        Fax:(84-4) 38780874
        - Civil and industrial engineering and construction of other works, such as irrigation, national defence, electricity and hydropower.
        Update:Thursday, 4/27/2017

        • Address: Phuoc Loc A Hamleet, Binh Phuoc Commune, Mang Thit Dist., Long An Province
          Tel:(84-70) 3850327
          Fax:(84-70) 3850327
          - Ground leveling.
          Update:Tuesday, 4/18/2017

          • Address: 486 Tran Phu Road, Cam Pha City, Quang Ninh Province
            Tel:(84-33) 3716223
            Fax:(84-33) 3862034
            - Manufacturing, repairing machine, equipments and exploiting mineral spare parts, energy...
            - Producing and trading in cast products structure metal.
            - Construction of industrial and civil works.
            - Ground levelling.

            Update:Monday, 3/27/2017

            • Address: 173 Truong Dinh St., Ward 9, Dist.3., Hochiminh City
              Tel:(84-8) 39316348-39319706
              Fax:(84-8) 3319707
              - Investigating and exploring geology, mineral geology, environmental geology, hydrogeology and engineering geology.
              - Drilling for underground water exploitation.
              - Consulting, surveying and designing for mining exploitation.
              - Exploitating, processing and trading in mineral resources.

              - Producing building materials, refractory products manufacturer.
              - Ground leveling.
              - Research and development of natural sciences; research and development of biotechnology; research and development of technology. Research and development of natural sciences: basic investigation services; Environmental protection services.
              - Water treatment for industrial purposes and for other purposes.
              - Exploitation of river water, lake, pond, water purification to provide.
              - Wastewater treatment.
              - Planting and tending timber.
              - Trading in minerals, mineral business improving water and biological products for aquaculture.
              - Trading in bio-organic fertilizer.
              - Trading in mineral raw materials.
              - Producing bio-organic fertilizer.
              - Building materials business.
              - Purchase; lease supplies and equipment geology and mining.
              - Make internal roads in the construction ground.
              - Construction of industrial, civil and transport.
              - Handling foundation.
              - Remediation and waste management activities.
              - Transportation of goods by road.
              - Producing wood products; beds, cabinets, wooden furniture.
              - Trading warehouse, office leasing.

              Update:Monday, 3/27/2017

              • Address: 1966 Pham The Hien, Ward 6, Dist.8, Hochiminh City
                Tel:(84-8) 39245082-38862976
                Fax:(84-8) 39245082
                - Construction of road, bridge, civil works.
                - Ground levelling.
                - Interior decorating.
                - Housing development.
                - Trading in building materials and decors.
                - Exploiting construction stone, clay, kaolin and red gravel.
                Update:Friday, 3/24/2017

                • Address: 63 Ung Van Khiem St., Ward 25, Binh Thanh Dist., Hochiminh City
                  Tel:(84-8) 38409437
                  Fax:(84-8) 38409438

                   - Industrial construction, civil construction, internal & external decoration.
                  - Bridge & road construction.
                  - Infrastructure and/of Industrial zone.
                  - Irrigation and drainage construction for environment improvement.
                  - Real estate business.
                  - Supplying industrial equipments & M& E Systems.
                  - Equipment, industrial &construction machineries for rent.

                  Update:Friday, 3/24/2017

                  • Address: 235 Vo Thi Sau, Ward 7, Dist. 3, Hochiminh City
                    Tel:(84-8) 39325030
                    Fax:(84-8) 39302097
                    - Civil and industrial construction.
                    - Producing and trading in building materials.
                    - Interior decoration.
                    - Construction consultancy and design.
                    Update:Thursday, 3/23/2017

                    • Address: 118 Nguyen Dinh Chieu St., DaKao Ward, Dist. 1, Hochiminh city
                      Tel:(84-8) 38248681-38248682
                      Fax:(84-8) 38248682

                      - Investment in repair and construction of houses for sale.
                      - Investment in the construction and infrastructure business and industrial parks.
                      - Construction of civil, industrial; bridges; water supply and drainage system.
                      - Ground leveling.
                      - Interior decoration.
                      - Investment Consulting (excluding financial advisors, accountants).
                      - Construction consultancy.
                      - Design works (bridges, roads).
                      - Design and construction of urban infrastructure.
                      - Structural design and civil engineering industry.
                      - Producing and trading in building materials and interior decoration.
                      - Producing plastic cards.
                      - Producing and processing of agricultural - forestry - fisheries, seafood supply
                      - Import and export.
                      - Printing of packaging.
                      - Purchase of domestic and foreign goods.

                      Update:Wednesday, 3/22/2017

                      • Address: 7-9 Doan Ke Thien St., Mai Dich Ward, Cau Giay Dist., Hanoi
                        Tel:(84-4) 37644466-37644234
                        Fax:(84-4) 38371374
                        - Construction of transport and irrigation.
                        - Group levelling.
                        - Trading and importing - exporting building iron and steel.

                        Update:Tuesday, 3/7/2017

                        • Address: 7-8th Floor, 269A Nguyen Trong Tuyen St., Ward 10, Phu Nhuan Dist., Hochiminh City
                          Tel:(84-8) 39970676
                          Fax:(84-8) 39971024
                          Email:ctdv_xdtvdt@vngeruco.com; cic269@yahoo.com.vn

                          - Development of the public Investment Projects - agriculture, civil engineering, cultural tourism, infrastructure investment in any form.
                          - Survey, surveying, topographic mapping, soil and geological engineering.
                          - Drilling of the exploration and exploitation of underground water for production and daily life.
                          - Design and estimate making the civil engineering, industrial buildings, design reclamation build gardens, traffic works, irrigation, power lines and transformers, 110KV.
                          - Evaluation of construction investment projects, technical design documents - total estimated cost of the works.
                          - Management consulting investment projects.
                          - Technical supervision of construction and civil engineering industry, infrastructure.
                          - Construction or partial package of works:
                          + For civil works, industrial.
                          + Reclamation and improvement of fields.
                          + Irrigation works, dams, pumping stations, canals, transmission lines and substations.
                          + Construction of road works.
                          + Leveling and complete technical infrastructure yards and neighborhoods.
                          - Manufacturing - Business supplies, building materials & interior.
                          - Trading in rubber, rubber wood.
                          - House business.
                          - Rental housing - office

                          Update:Wednesday, 2/22/2017

                          • Address: 162A3 Dien Bien Phu St., Ward 6, Soc Trang City, Soc Trang Province
                            Tel:(84-79) 3812626
                            Fax:(84-79) 3812626
                            - Design and construction.
                            - Earth leveling.
                            Update:Monday, 2/20/2017

                            • Address: Gruop 17, Van Hanh Area, Phu My Town, Tan Thanh Dist., Ba Ria - Vung Tau Province
                              Tel:(84-64) 3923883
                              Fax:(84-64) 3893092
                              - Ground leveling.
                              Update:Tuesday, 2/14/2017

                              • Address: Phuoc Hoa Commune, Tan Thanh Dist., Ba Ria - Vung Tau Province
                                Tel:(84-64) 3891863
                                Fax:(84-64) 3891844
                                - Construction of transport projects.
                                - Ground leveling.
                                - Trading in vehicles.

                                Update:Tuesday, 2/14/2017

                                • Address: 270 Huyen Tran Cong Chua St., Ward 8, Vung Tau City, Ba Ria - Vung Tau Province
                                  Tel:(84-64) 3853724
                                  Fax:(84-64) 3853724
                                  - Gound leveling and construction.
                                  Update:Friday, 2/3/2017

                                  • Address: 368 Nguyen An Ninh St., Ward 8, Vung Tau City, Ba Ria - Vung Tau Province
                                    Tel:(84-64) 3833458
                                    Fax:(84-64) 3580801
                                    - Construction.
                                    - Foundatiom treatment constractors.
                                    - Exploiting sand, stone.
                                    - Construction equipment for lease.
                                    Update:Friday, 2/3/2017

                                    • Address: Hamlet 18, Hoa Hau Commune, Ly Nhan Dist., Ha Nam Province
                                      Tel:(84-351) 3875249-09120392
                                      - Producing and trading in building materials (cement, stone, sand, gravel, bricks, tiles ...), steel;
                                      - Transportation of goods by road, waterway;
                                      - Production of clay bricks;

                                      - Trading in metals and metal ores.
                                      - Trading in solid fuels, liquid, gas and related products.
                                      - Ground leveling;
                                      Update:Tuesday, 1/17/2017

                                      • Address: Chau Son Industrial Complex, Chau Son Ward, Phu Ly City, Ha Nam Province
                                        Tel:(84-351) 2210666-2210668
                                        Fax:(84-351) 3853075

                                        - Investment in industrial building construction, civil, traffic and irrigation.
                                        - Ground leveling.
                                        - Investment in the construction and renovation of lines, substations with voltage up to 500KV.
                                        - Construction of hydroelectric plants.
                                        - Buying and selling of building materials, interior decoration.
                                        - Real estate business.
                                        - Producing piles, concrete column prestressed glass.
                                        - Producing electric poles H.
                                        - Processing mechenical products for construction.

                                        Update:Tuesday, 1/17/2017

                                        • Address: Group 2, Nhan Hoa Sub-hamlet, Hoa Hau Commune, Ly Nhan Dist., Ha Nam Province
                                          Tel:(84-351) 3875449
                                          - Producing bricks and tiles.
                                          - Exploitation of sand.
                                          - Ground leveling
                                          Update:Monday, 1/16/2017

                                          • Address: Group No.9, Ly Thai To Road, Le Hong Phong Ward, Phu Ly City, Hà Nam Province
                                            Tel:(84-351) 3851369
                                            Fax:(84-351) 3848600

                                            - Quarrying of stone, sand, gravel, clay, stone processing of all kinds
                                            - Producing building materials from the earth, producing bricks, terracotta.
                                            - Transport of goods by road welding, transport of goods by waterway
                                            - Construction works and works: Civil, transportation, irrigation works under 35kW electric voltage. Completing construction.
                                            - Leveling ground.
                                            - Installation of electrical systems, water supply systems and other construction installation.
                                            - Buying and selling of building materials: bricks, cement, stone, sand, gravel, iron, steel.
                                            - Buy and sell interior and exterior.
                                            - Interior and exterior works.
                                            - Buying and selling electrical materials and equipments installed in the building.
                                            - Purchase and rental of machinery and construction equipment.
                                            - Agents traded goods consignment.
                                            - Services for rock-drilling, and blasting.
                                            - Trading in petroleum and related products.
                                            - Passenger transport by bus within the provincial.
                                            - Cargo handling.
                                            - Rental cars and other motor vehicles.
                                            - Travel Agents.
                                            - Tour operator.
                                            - Business advertising services.
                                            - Support services related to promoting and organizing tours.
                                            - Hotels, other houses, motels business short-stay services.
                                            - Business restaurants, cafes, bars, restaurants.
                                            - Beverage service.
                                            - Supermarket, office rentals and houses services.
                                            - Buying and selling cars, motorcycles and parts of cars and motorcycles.
                                            - Purchase of computers, peripherals and software.
                                            - Purchase equipment and electronic components and telecommunications.
                                            - Trading in stationery.
                                            - Trading in machinery, equipment and spare parts for office.

                                            Update:Thursday, 1/12/2017

                                            • Address: No.E22, Nguyen Tat Thanh St., Phuoc Nguyen Ward, Ba Ria City, Ba Ria - Vung Tau Province
                                              Tel:(84-64) 3712666
                                              Fax:(84-64) 3712568

                                              - Exploitation building stone.
                                              - Producing building stone.
                                              - Trading in building materials.
                                              - Trading, rental of machineries and equipments.
                                              - Building of industrial, civil constructions, water supply pipelines, transportation (bridges, roads, sewers).
                                              - Ground leveling.
                                              - Cargo transportation by inter-provincial and provincial trucks.
                                              - Passenger transportation under contracts.
                                              - Business of stevedoring cargo at ports and inland wharfs.
                                              - Afforestation and forest care.
                                              - Services business for domestic tourism; Launching of tourist accommodation: Hotels; Lodges for business tourism; Villas for business tourism; Tourism villages; Apartments for business tourism; Tourism camping sites.

                                              Update:Wednesday, 1/11/2017

                                              • Address: No.107B, Chu Hai, Tan Hai Commune, Tan Thanh Dist., Ba Ria - Vung Tau Province
                                                Tel:(84-64) 3827775
                                                Fax:(84-64) 3827775

                                                - Designs, new construction and private housing, maintenance and repair of large projects such as hospitals, schools, apartments, corporate offices, factories. 
                                                - Specializing in the research and manufacture of all kinds mechanical plant for production of  rice noodles, vermicelli, noodles, wet cake … Especially, production with continuous ovens use direct heat (do not use the boiler but highly effective).
                                                - Construction of civil engineering and industry.
                                                - Design of furniture.
                                                - Interior design.
                                                - Ground leveling.

                                                Update:Monday, 1/9/2017

                                                • Address: No.47, Ba Cu St., Ward 1, Vung Tau City, Ba Ria - Vung Tau Province
                                                  Tel:(84-64) 3852653-3852315
                                                  Fax:(84-64) 3852647

                                                  - Petroleum services, service life activities for seagoing ships and rigs.
                                                  - Commercial business.
                                                  - Supply of machinery, equipment, supplies, chemicals, chemicals for oil and gas.
                                                  - Construction of transport and civil.
                                                  - Ground leveling.
                                                  - Export of labor.
                                                  - Trading in many other areas such as investment cooperation.
                                                  - Business real estate, construction and installation of electrical works, repair rig ...

                                                  Update:Monday, 1/9/2017

                                                  • Address: Alley 3F, 81 Lang Ha Str., Thanh Cong Ward, Ba Dinh Dist., Hanoi
                                                    Tel:(84-04) 35141720
                                                    Fax:(84-04) 35149113

                                                    - Service of ground leveling, construction projects.

                                                    Update:Thursday, 12/29/2016

                                                    • Address: 68/84 Ngoc Khanh St., Giang Vo Ward, Ba Dinh Dist., Hanoi
                                                      Tel:(84-04) 38310565
                                                      - Ground levelling.
                                                      Update:Wednesday, 12/28/2016

                                                      • Address: 121 Hong Ha St., Hoan Kiem Dist., Hanoi
                                                        Tel:(84-4) 37162888-37151507
                                                        Fax:(84-4) 37162888
                                                        - Construction of civil and industrial works.
                                                        - Investing in infrastructure construction.
                                                        - Construction of irrigation and transport works.
                                                        - Ground levelling.
                                                        Update:Thursday, 12/8/2016

                                                        • Address: No.19, Group 35, 51 Alley, Lang Yen St., Thanh Luong Ward, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi
                                                          Tel:(84-4) 39843259-22156511
                                                          Fax:(84-4) 9843259
                                                          Email:thuynga@hanoitranscom.com.vn; thuynga_transcom@yahoo.com; thuyhang@hanoitranscom.com.vn
                                                          - Producing and trading in building materials.
                                                          - Construction of industrial, transportation, irrigation, leveling, foundation construction works.
                                                          - Manufacturing and erection of steel structures of construction and transportation.
                                                          - Interior and exterior decorate.
                                                          - Construction of power lines and substations up to 35kV.
                                                          - Real estate devolopment.
                                                          - Freight forwarding services.
                                                          - Transportation, loading and unloading cargo, passenger transport.

                                                          Update:Thursday, 12/1/2016

                                                          • Address: Group 36, Dong Anh Town, Dong Anh Dist., Hanoi
                                                            Tel:(84-4) 38835681-38832235
                                                            Fax:(84-4) 38832761
                                                            - Upgrading and building bridges, roads and railways.
                                                            - Construction of industrial, civil, irrigation, agricultural, forestry, fishery works, line electric up to 35 kv.
                                                            - Earth levelling.
                                                            - Producing, trading in building materials, steel structure, prefabricated concrete component, plastic concrete.
                                                            Update:Tuesday, 11/22/2016

                                                            • Address: No.653 Nguyen Khoai St., Thanh Tri Ward, Hoang Mai Dist., Hanoi
                                                              Tel:(84-4) 36441858
                                                              Fax:(84-4) 36441859
                                                              - Being a forwarding agent.
                                                              - Trading in building materials, machinery, equipment, traffic vehicles.
                                                              - Building and repairing traffic vehicles, handling tools.
                                                              - Producing spare parts and other components.
                                                              - Ground levelling.
                                                              - Construction of transport works.
                                                              - Conducting commercial service operations.
                                                              Update:Friday, 11/18/2016

                                                              • Address: 2A Floor, Housing N09B1, ÐMT Dich Vong Urban, Cau Giay Dist., Hanoi
                                                                Tel:(84-4) 22214124
                                                                Fax:(84-4) 22214134

                                                                - Real estate business.
                                                                - Engineering construction.
                                                                - Design consultancy.
                                                                - Investment in the construction of urban and industrial areas.
                                                                - Financial investments.
                                                                - Construction, investment and technological environment development.
                                                                - Construction of civil, industrial and transportation.
                                                                - Ground leveling.

                                                                Update:Wednesday, 11/16/2016

                                                                • Address: No.5 Nguyen Bieu St., Quan Thanh Ward, Ba Dinh Dist., Hanoi
                                                                  Tel:(84-4) 37164918-37163017
                                                                  Fax:(84-4) 37164020
                                                                  Email:mcc2004@hn.vnn.vn; mcc@yahoo.com
                                                                  - Ground levelling.
                                                                  - Foundation treatment for industrial and civil engineering works, such as bridges and ports.
                                                                  Update:Friday, 11/11/2016

                                                                  • Address: Room 103 - B1, 298 Kim Ma Ward, Ba Dinh Dist., Hanoi
                                                                    Tel:(84-4) 37262066
                                                                    Fax:(84-4) 37262067
                                                                    - Producing and trading in building materials, precasted concrete and other materials for construction.
                                                                    - Civil and industrial construction.
                                                                    - Ground levelling.
                                                                    Update:Tuesday, 11/1/2016

                                                                    • Address: Km 16, National Road 5A, Nh­ Quynh, Van Lam Dist., Hung Yen Province
                                                                      Tel:(84-321) 3985788-3985859
                                                                      Fax:(84-321) 3985744
                                                                      - Levelling off ground
                                                                      - Dredging rivers and estuaries
                                                                      - Sucking up mud
                                                                      - Building up hydraulic works.
                                                                      Update:Friday, 10/14/2016

                                                                      • Address: No.266, Road No.30/4, Street No.4, Ward No.2, Tay Ninh City, Tay Ninh Province
                                                                        Tel:(84-66) 3820009-3816325
                                                                        Fax:(84-66) 3816024
                                                                        - Producing latex and rubber.
                                                                        - Trading in agricultural products.
                                                                        - Ground levelling.
                                                                        - Transport of goods.

                                                                        Update:Monday, 10/3/2016

                                                                        • Address: Hamlet 6, Van Lang Commune, Tran Yen Dist., Yen Bai Province
                                                                          Tel:(84-29) 3885457

                                                                          - Ground leveling.
                                                                          - Construction works: civil, transportation, irrigation, water supply, road to 35kV.
                                                                          - Sales of building materials.
                                                                          - Trading, importing and exporting solar water heater.
                                                                          - Sales, mining, mineral processing.

                                                                          Update:Friday, 9/30/2016

                                                                          • Address: Housing 1078, Yen Ninh Road, Group 2B, Minh Tan Ward, Yen Bai City, Yen Bai Province
                                                                            Tel:(84-29) 3851910
                                                                            - Producing and processing mechanical products.
                                                                            - Trading in building materials.
                                                                            - Ground levelling.
                                                                            - Construction of civil, industrial, transport and irrigation works, electric line and transformer station up to 35 kv.
                                                                            - Transport of goods.
                                                                            Update:Friday, 9/30/2016

                                                                            • Address: 01 Hoang Hoa Tham St., Ward 6, Binh Thanh Dist., Hochiminh City
                                                                              Tel:(84-8) 35109079-39318262-39317157-38438852
                                                                              Fax:(84-8) 38412497-38961369
                                                                              - Producing and trading in building materials.
                                                                              - Construction of civil, industrial, store, infrastructure.
                                                                              - Ground levelling.
                                                                              - Consulting, designing, surveying construction works.
                                                                              Update:Wednesday, 9/28/2016

                                                                              • Address: 127 Dinh Tien Hoang St., Ward 3, Binh Thanh Dist., Hochiminh City
                                                                                Tel:(84-8) 35103269
                                                                                Fax:(84-8) 35103269
                                                                                - Construction of civil, industrial transport works.
                                                                                - Repair of transport works.
                                                                                - Ground levelling.
                                                                                Update:Wednesday, 9/28/2016

                                                                                • Address: 21/5 Hoang Viet St., Ward 4, Tan Binh Dist., Hochiminh City
                                                                                  Tel:(84-8) 38112761-39975014
                                                                                  Fax:(84-8) 39975219
                                                                                  - Construction of civil and industrial works, road and bridge, electric system, water supply system.
                                                                                  - Ground levelling.
                                                                                  - Real estate investment and development.
                                                                                  - Investing in industrial zone and processing zone infrastructure business.
                                                                                  Update:Wednesday, 9/28/2016

                                                                                  • Address: 268 Tran Nguyen Han St., Le Chan Dist., Hai Phong City
                                                                                    Tel:(84-31) 3856253-3856251
                                                                                    Fax:(84-31) 3856451
                                                                                    Email:bddc@bachdangco.com; webmasster@bachdangco.com
                                                                                    - Civil and industrial construction.
                                                                                    - Housing development.
                                                                                    - Producing and trading in building materials and equipment.
                                                                                    - Transpoting land and waterways.
                                                                                    - Labour export.
                                                                                    - Ground levelling.
                                                                                    - Manufacturing and tranferring concrete batching plants.
                                                                                    Update:Wednesday, 9/28/2016

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