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Address: No.174 Le Dinh Quy St., Hai Chau Dist., Da Nang City
Tel:(84-236) 3823642
Fax:(84-236) 3615238

- Housing construction
- Construction of civil engineering .
- Construction activities specializing .
- Construction and repair of irrigation systems (bridges , ports ... ) .
- Construction of piers , docks , marine works , communications works , transmission lines and substations up to 110KV .
- Construction of fiber-optic lines .
- Leveling .
- Survey design and construction consultancy .
- Installation of equipment for construction work .
- Interior and exterior decoration .
- The survey , detection and handling of mines and explosives .
- Quarrying , manufacturing cement and construction materials .
- Manufacture of wood and of products of wood and cork ( legally sourced timber ) .
- Transportation by road .
- Maintenance, renovation, repair , upgrade conservation projects , museums and historic culture.
- G uest services, house business .
- Mechanical processing , handling and metal coating .
- Maintenance and repair of automobiles and motorcycles .
- Activities directly support services for road transport .
- Testing and technical analysis .
- Dedicated design activities
.- Lease of machinery and equipment construction sector .
- Training .

Update:Friday, May 11,2018

Address: 173 Truong Dinh St., Ward 9, Dist.3., Hochiminh City
Tel:(84-28) 39316348-39319706
Fax:(84-28) 3319707
- Investigating and exploring geology, mineral geology, environmental geology, hydrogeology and engineering geology.
- Drilling for underground water exploitation.
- Consulting, surveying and designing for mining exploitation.
- Exploitating, processing and trading in mineral resources.
- Producing building materials, refractory products manufacturer.
- Ground leveling.
- Research and development of natural sciences; research and development of biotechnology; research and development of technology. Research and development of natural sciences: basic investigation services; Environmental protection services.
- Water treatment for industrial purposes and for other purposes.
- Exploitation of river water, lake, pond, water purification to provide.
- Wastewater treatment.
- Planting and tending timber.
- Trading in minerals, mineral business improving water and biological products for aquaculture.
- Trading in bio-organic fertilizer.
- Trading in mineral raw materials.
- Producing bio-organic fertilizer.
- Building materials business.
- Purchase; lease supplies and equipment geology and mining.
- Make internal roads in the construction ground.
- Construction of industrial, civil and transport.
- Handling foundation.
- Remediation and waste management activities.
- Transportation of goods by road.
- Producing wood products; beds, cabinets, wooden furniture.
- Trading warehouse, office leasing.
Update:Wednesday, April 18,2018

Address: 486 Tran Phu Road, Cam Pha City, Quang Ninh Province
Tel:(84-203) 3716223
Fax:(84-203) 3862034
- Manufacturing, repairing machine, equipments and exploiting mineral spare parts, energy...
- Producing and trading in cast products structure metal.
- Construction of industrial and civil works.
- Ground levelling.
Update:Wednesday, April 18,2018

Address: 21/5 Hoang Viet St., Ward 4, Tan Binh Dist., Hochiminh City
Tel:(84-28) 38112761-39975014
Fax:(84-28) 39975219
- Construction of civil and industrial works, road and bridge, electric system, water supply system.
- Ground levelling.
- Real estate investment and development.
- Investing in industrial zone and processing zone infrastructure business.
Update:Friday, March 30,2018

Address: 02/1A Dinh Tien Hoang St., Ward 1, Binh Thanh Dist., Hochiminh City
Tel:(84-28) 38431045
Fax:(84-28) 35170437
- Constructuon of civil and industrial works, bridge and road.
- Housing business.
- Ground levelling.
Update:Friday, March 30,2018

Address: 45 Nguyen Ba Tuyen St., Ward 12, Tan Binh Dist., Hochiminh City
Tel:(84-28) 38425391
Fax:(84-28) 38102186

- Manufacture and supply of all kinds of compressed air tanks.
- Manufacture and supply of all kinds of pressure vessels for refrigeration industry.
- Manufacture and supply of Autoclaves, sterilizing equipment, two-layer steam. cookers for health, food, rubber, etc.
- Conveyors for all industries.
- Foods, aquatic products, and tobaccos processing lines.
- All kinds of containers of beer, wine and soft drinks with a capacity of up to 100m3.

Update:Wednesday, March 14,2018

Address: 7-8th Floor, 269A Nguyen Trong Tuyen St., Ward 10, Phu Nhuan Dist., Hochiminh City
Tel:(84-28) 39970676
Fax:(84-28) 39971024;
- Development of the public Investment Projects - agriculture, civil engineering, cultural tourism, infrastructure investment in any form.
- Survey, surveying, topographic mapping, soil and geological engineering.
- Drilling of the exploration and exploitation of underground water for production and daily life.
- Design and estimate making the civil engineering, industrial buildings, design reclamation build gardens, traffic works, irrigation, power lines and transformers, 110KV.
- Evaluation of construction investment projects, technical design documents - total estimated cost of the works.
- Management consulting investment projects.
- Technical supervision of construction and civil engineering industry, infrastructure.
- Construction or partial package of works:
+ For civil works, industrial.
+ Reclamation and improvement of fields.
+ Irrigation works, dams, pumping stations, canals, transmission lines and substations.
+ Construction of road works.
+ Leveling and complete technical infrastructure yards and neighborhoods.
- Manufacturing - Business supplies, building materials & interior.
- Trading in rubber, rubber wood.
- House business.
- Rental housing - office.
Update:Monday, March 12,2018

Address: No.41, Road 41, Ward 6, Dist.4, Hochiminh City
Tel:(84-28) 39430980
Fax:(84-28) 39430982
- Construction and interior decoration.
- Ground levelling
Update:Wednesday, February 21,2018

Address: 135/29 – 135/31 Hung Vuong Str., Ward.6, Soc Son City, Soc Trang Province
Tel:(84-229) 3614017-3626828-3829983
Fax:(84-229) 3613337

- Planning, surveying and designing civil and industrial projects, constructing urban traffic, irrigation, interior decoration;
- Survey and design of power lines and transformer stations; hydro-geological survey;
- Verification of technical design, construction drawing design; Verification of estimates and total cost estimates of construction works; verification of construction methods;
- Consultancy on bidding, bidding; analysis and evaluation of bids;
- Project management consultancy; construction planning; Set up investment projects on construction of works;
- construction pricing;
- testing of construction materials;
- Geological survey of construction works;
- Supervising the construction and finishing of civil and industrial works, traffic works, irrigation works and electricity works;
- Design of civil and industrial structures, traffic works, irrigation works, water supply and drainage, technical infrastructure;
- Making environmental impact assessment report;
- Checking the certification of conditions for ensuring the force-bearing safety of works and certifying the quality conformity of construction works;
- Construction of public utility works;
- Construction of houses of all kinds;
- Prepare surface;
- Installation of drainage, heating and air conditioning systems;
- Construction of railways and road projects;
- Constructing other civil engineering works;
- Installation of electrical systems;
- Installation of other construction systems;
- Finish construction;
- Real estate business.

Update:Tuesday, February 6,2018

Address: 162A3 Dien Bien Phu St., Ward 6, Soc Trang City, Soc Trang Province
Tel:(84-229) 3812626-3617636
Fax:(84-229) 3617636
- Design and construction.
- Earth leveling.
Update:Tuesday, February 6,2018

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