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    • Address: 21B Bui Thi Xuan St., Ben Thanh Ward, Dist.1, Hochiminh City
      Tel:(84-8) 39254102-38325358
      Fax:(84-8) 38335139
      - Hotel business.
      Update:Thursday, 6/22/2017

      • Address: No.238, Road 3/2, Ward 12, Dist.10, Hochiminh City
        Tel:(84-8) 66767609-38655036
        Fax:(84-8) 38654062-38655333
        Website: www.kyhoahotel.com.vn
        - Restaurant, hotel, tourist services.
        Update:Monday, 6/19/2017

        • Address: 128 Thuy Khue St., Thuy Khue Ward, Tay Ho Dist., Hanoi
          Tel:(84-4) 37280666
          Fax:(84-4) 37280815
          Email:info@thieny.com.vn; fist-co@viettel.vn
          - Hotel business.
          - Techno-scientific services in the fields of electronics and informatics.
          Update:Friday, 6/16/2017

          • Address: No.15, Bui Thi Xuan St., Ben Nghe Ward, Dist.1, Hochiminh City
            Tel:(84-8) 39254824-39254303
            Fax:(84-8) 39254827
            - Hotel business.
            Update:Tuesday, 6/13/2017

            • Address: 33B Pham Ngu Lao St., Hoan Kiem Dist., Ha Noi
              Tel:(84-4) 37567895
              Fax:(84-4) 37567858
              Email:tctxdqdbqp@viettel.vn; ctxdqdbqp@hn.vnn.vn
              - Exporting and trading in petrol and oi.
              - Transport of petrol and oi.
              - Construction of petrol and oi, lubricant store, civil and industrial steel structure works.
              - General trading.
              - Hotel and office for leasing.

              Update:Thursday, 6/8/2017

              • Address: No.458 Ly Bon St., De Tham Ward, Thai Binh City, Thai Binh Province
                Tel:(84-36) 3831789
                Fax:(84-36) 3835074
                - Investment and real estate business.
                - Hotel business services.
                - Construction, installation, production.
                - Trading in construction materials, commercial services.
                Update:Thursday, 6/8/2017

                • Address: 101A3 Dam Trau Str., Bach Dang Ward, Hai Ba Trung Dist., Hanoi
                  Tel:(84-4) 39841303
                  Fax:(84-4) 39841047
                  - Trading in farm products, foodstuff and materials.
                  - Production of exported foodstuff.
                  - Hotel development.
                  Update:Tuesday, 5/30/2017

                  • Address: 21A Nguyen Van Cu St., Ngoc Lam Ward, Long Bien Dist., Hanoi
                    Tel:(84-4) 38272638
                    Fax:(84-4) 36500897
                    Email:sonduong@fpt.vn, info@sonduong.com.vn
                    - Trading in automobiles.
                    - Hotel business.
                    - Transporting passengers.
                    Update:Tuesday, 5/30/2017

                    • Address: 27-29 Ha Trung St., Hang Bong Ward, Hoan Kiem Dist., Hanoi
                      Tel:(84-4) 38252597-38268856 -38240986
                      Fax:(84-4) 38255502
                      - Trading in gold.
                      - Hotel business.
                      Update:Monday, 5/29/2017

                      • Address: 17 Pham Hung St., My Dinh 2 Ward, Tu Liem South Dist., Hanoi
                        Tel:(84-4) 35621791
                        Fax:(84-4) 35621791
                        Email:contact@interserco.com.vn; info@interserco.com.vn

                        - Exporting labor, supplying expert and trainee working abroad for definite term.
                        - Training high-qualified workers for international labor cooperation.
                        - Overseas study consultancy.
                        - Logistics, loading and unloading, packing household commodities and commercial goods for.
                        - international organizations, diplomatic agencies and individuals inside and outside Vietnam who import – export to/from Vietnam.
                        - Export and import services at ICD My Dinh, Hanoi.
                        - Domestic and international tourism, hotel business, restaurant and entertainment services
                        - Exporting and importing handicraft, farming products, foods, clothing, minerals, equipment, accessories and means of transport, etc.
                        - Multiform transportation.
                        - Investment in real estate and construction.
                        - Warehouse and office for lease.
                        - Customs declaration service.
                        - Consultancy in construction planning and design.
                        - Interior and exterior decoration and install equipments for cultural and art works.
                        - Temporary imported goods for re-export and transit service.
                        - Foot-wear production.

                        Update:Thursday, 5/25/2017

                        • Address: 321-323 Tran Phu St., Ward 8, Dist.5, Hochiminh City
                          Tel:(84-8) 39234015 - 39234016
                          - Hotel business and hotel services.
                          Update:Wednesday, 5/24/2017

                          • Address: No.60 Ut Tich St., Ward 4, Tan Binh Dist., Hochiminh City
                            Tel:(84-8) 38112211 - 0966002068
                            Fax:(84-8) 38112226
                             -  Agents IATA - offers flights to domestic & international.
                             - Travel Insurance Agent Blue Gross AIG.
                             - Travel agents, consultants and visa & passport service programs and foreign tourism.
                             - Subfranchisor hotel reservation system of international & domestic.

                            Update:Tuesday, 5/23/2017

                            • Address: 44A Road Province, Phuoc Hai Town, Dat Do Dist., Ba Ria - Vung Tau Province
                              Tel:(84-64) 3678888
                              Fax:(84-64) 3679999
                              Email:info@tropicanabeachresort.com; sales@tropicanabeachresort.com
                              - Hotel, restaurant, resort services.
                              Update:Friday, 5/19/2017

                              • Address: No.2-4 Luu Van Lang St., Ben Thanh Ward, Dist.1, Hochiminh City
                                Tel:(84-8) 38223390
                                Fax:(84-8) 38216918-38291389
                                Email:bts@hcm.vnn.vn; benthanh@benthanhtsc.com.vn
                                * Commercial trading
                                - Textile fabric, garment products, leather and leatherette products, household appliances products, souvenirs, cosmetics, toys, lacquer paintings, products made from rattans, bamboos and leaves, types of embroidering products.
                                - Materials, finished-products metals and semi-finished products used in construction and manufacture, irons, steels, aluminums, paper pulps, papers.
                                - Cool electrical products, household appliances and hand-held electrical instruments, types of locks, mechanical devices and spare parts for Argo - industry - fishery, fire protection and prevention devices, telecommunications and mechanics equipments for manufacture.
                                * Services trading
                                - Restaurants and hotels trading.
                                - Leasing and renting out offices, apartments, Jewelry Trading Centers.
                                - Trading real estate, import and export services, brokerage services.
                                * Financial Investment
                                - Financial Investment in industries relating to operations of the company.
                                - Investment cooperation in fields of travel, restaurants, hotels, trade centers, office buildings for lease, education, health, manufacture…

                                Update:Friday, 5/19/2017

                                • Address: No.8 Ton Duc Thang St., Dist.1, Hochiminh City
                                  Tel:(84-8) 38220033
                                  Fax:(84-8) 38223566
                                  - Hotel, restaurant, conference services.
                                  Update:Thursday, 5/18/2017

                                  • Address: 56-97 Nguyen Dinh Chieu St., Ham Tien Ward, Phan Thiet City, Binh Thuan Province
                                    Tel:(84-62) 3847303-3741044-3847302
                                    Fax:(84-62) 3847307
                                    Email:saigonmuineresort@hcm.vnn.vn; infoaigonmuineresort
                                    - Restaurant and hotel services.
                                    Update:Thursday, 5/18/2017

                                    • Address: No.73 Nguyen Thai Binh St., Dist.1, Hochiminh City
                                      Tel:(84-8) 38216243-38216893
                                      Fax:(84-8) 39144849
                                      - Business in houses.
                                      - Brokerage of real estate.
                                      - Services of house and land.
                                      - Leasing houses, warehouses.
                                      - Investment in construction of residential area infrastructure.
                                      - Establish investment projects.
                                      - Bidding consultancy.
                                      - Construction survey.
                                      - Establish general estimation and estimation for works.
                                      - Manage investment projects.
                                      - Supervise construction of building works.
                                      - Experiment and inspect building materials.
                                      - Design, project management.
                                      - Design of total site for construction of work, architecture of civil and industrial works.
                                      - Design of house sample for self-construction.
                                      - Construction of engineering works and infrastructure of urban areas, industrial parks.
                                      - Building public works, construction of houses and other construction.
                                      - Internal decoration, installation of equipment for building works.
                                      - Manufacturing building materials.
                                      - Business in hotels, restaurants.
                                      Update:Thursday, 5/18/2017

                                      • Address: 9 Tran Hung Dao St., Hong Bang Dist., Hai Phong City
                                        Tel:(84-31) 3515101
                                        Fax:(84-31) 3515380

                                        - Manufacturing and trading in electricity.
                                        - Construction, renovation, operation and management to the grid voltage of 110 kV.
                                        - Construction and renovation of power projects.
                                        - Testing, calibration equipment to supply power to 110 kV voltage.
                                        - Design consultancy, investment, construction of power grid to supply voltage to 110 kV.
                                        - Processing, manufacturing spare parts, accessories, equipment grid.
                                        - Office for leasing.
                                        - Hotels and restaurants services.
                                        - Transport services.
                                        - Training and development of human resources for management and operation, repair of grid.

                                        Update:Wednesday, 5/17/2017

                                        • Address: Km 9, Ha noi Road, Truong Tho Ward, Thu Duc Dist., Hochiminh City
                                          Tel:(84-8) 22144647-22144379-22141417-22141422
                                          Fax:(84-8) 38963159
                                          Email:codientd@vnn.vn; codientd@hcm.fpt.vn
                                          - Manufacturing all kids of transformer, spare parts for power plants, accessories for electric transmission lines and stations, electricity control cabinet, board.
                                          - Experimenting and repairing electric equipment.
                                          - Processing mechanical products.
                                          - Producing electric metal pillar and equipment stands with voltage up to 500 KV.
                                          - Importing and exporting electric transformer, spare parts, equipment.
                                          - Repairing and installing diesel power generator.
                                          - Construction of small and medium-size hydropower plant.
                                          - Construction of civil an industrial electric works up to 220kv.
                                          - Tourist and hotel services.
                                          - Real estate business.
                                          Update:Tuesday, 5/16/2017

                                          • Address: No.727 Pham Van Dong St., Pleiku City, Gia Lai Province
                                            Tel:(84-59) 2222474 - 2222008
                                            Fax:(84-59) 3866470

                                            - Management, operation and production of electricity.
                                            - Repairing, overhauling, renovating, upgrading equipment and works of the factory organizing tourist sightseeing.
                                            - Experimental, repair and mechanical processing services (power processing).
                                            - Consulting, monitoring and installing hydraulic mechanical equipment, hydraulic engineering, monitoring equipment, electrical equipment, information of hydropower projects.
                                            - Agent business of public telecommunications and internet services.
                                            - Hotels and tourism business.
                                            - Organize training of human resources for hydropower plants.
                                            - Real estate business, office for rent.

                                            Update:Friday, 5/12/2017

                                            • Address: Bac Linh Dam New Urban Area, Dai Kim Ward, Hoang Mai Dist., Hanoi
                                              Tel:(84-04) 36411853
                                              - Hotel business.

                                              Update:Tuesday, 5/9/2017

                                              • Address: No.435, Group 4, Dai Nai Ward, Ha Tinh City, Ha Tinh Province
                                                Tel:(84-39) 3885099
                                                Fax:(84-39) 3885404
                                                - Hotel services.
                                                Update:Monday, 5/8/2017

                                                • Address: A1 So Dia Chinh Living Quater, 195 Trung Kinh Road, Cau Giay Dist., Hanoi
                                                  Tel:(84-24) 37821346-37821347
                                                  Fax:(84-24) 37821749
                                                  Email:ceo@dinhanhtravel.vn; peter@dinhanhtravel.vn
                                                  - Domestic and international travel tours, related services.
                                                  - Hotel business.
                                                  - Transport of goods and passengers.
                                                  - Organizing exhibitions, fair.
                                                  Update:Monday, 5/8/2017

                                                  • Address: 197 Hong Ha St., Phuc Tan Ward, Hoan Kiem Dist., Hanoi
                                                    Tel:(84-24) 39323680
                                                    - Hotel business.
                                                    Update:Friday, 5/5/2017

                                                    • Address: No.34 Tran Phu St., Vinh Nguyen Ward, Nha Trang City, Khanh Hoa Province
                                                      Tel:(84-58) 3884854-3881409
                                                      Fax:(84-58) 3881134-3884855

                                                      - Transport of railway, road, waterways and coastal areas. 
                                                      - Shipping agent. 
                                                      - Supply and management of labor resources. 
                                                      - Hotel and tourism services.

                                                      Update:Sunday, 4/30/2017

                                                      • Address: 168-170 Bau Cat 3, Ward 12, Tan Binh Dist., Hochiminh City
                                                        Tel:(84-8) 39491535
                                                        Fax:(84-8) 39491534
                                                        - Manufacturing, trading, processing and garments.
                                                        - Hotel services.

                                                        Update:Friday, 4/28/2017

                                                        • Address: No.37, Nguyen Huy Luong Street, Ward 14, Binh Thanh District, Hochiminh City
                                                          Tel:(84-8) 35100088-38412209-35513933
                                                          Fax:(84-8) 35513933
                                                          - Hotel business.
                                                          Update:Friday, 4/28/2017

                                                          • Address: 31/21 Khan Van Can Road, Hiep Binh Chanh Ward, Thu Duc Dist., Hochiminh City
                                                            Tel:(84-8) 37269701
                                                            Fax:(84-8) 37269872

                                                            - Construction of infrastruction projects in domestic and foreign market.
                                                            - Construction of industrial and residential projects, and irrigation system and electricity power plant.
                                                            - Ground levelling.
                                                            - Investment in the construction of transportation projects in the form of BT, BOT, PPP.
                                                            - Real estate broker and advertizing agency.
                                                            - Investment and development in infrastructure, residential area, industrial zone.
                                                            - Import and export of machines, equipment and goods.

                                                            Update:Thursday, 4/27/2017

                                                            • Address: No.626 Thong Nhat St., Phan Rang - Thap Cham City, Ninh Thuan Province
                                                              Tel:(84-68) 3822719-3822721
                                                              Fax:(84-68) 3822722-3820091
                                                              - Hotel business.
                                                              - Domestic tours and tourist services.
                                                              Update:Friday, 4/21/2017

                                                              • Address: 47A Huynh Thuc Khang Road, Lang Ha Ward, Dong Da Dist., Hanoi
                                                                Tel:(84-4) 37733204-37733205
                                                                Fax:(84-4) 37733206
                                                                - Civil and industrial engineering.
                                                                - Construction of irrigation, transport, electrictiy works and transformer stations until 35 kw.
                                                                - Construction consultancy.
                                                                - Production, trading in building materials, equipment, machines.
                                                                - Hotel service.
                                                                - Transport of passengers.
                                                                - Domestic tourism and related services.
                                                                Update:Wednesday, 4/19/2017

                                                                • Address: 40 Cat Linh St., Ba Dinh Dist., Hanoi
                                                                  Tel:(84-4) 37330808-37330808
                                                                  Fax:(84-4) 37332624-37330888
                                                                  Email:gtl.acct@fullmail-hanoi.com; getcloser@pullman-hanoi.com
                                                                  Hotel and tourism business.
                                                                  Update:Tuesday, 4/18/2017

                                                                  • Address: 129 Pasteur, Ward 6, Dist 3, Hochiminh City
                                                                    Tel:(84-8) 38273104
                                                                    Fax:(84-8) 38272637
                                                                    - Construction investment.
                                                                    - Producing prefabricated concrete, rubber hat.
                                                                    - Hotel business.

                                                                    Update:Tuesday, 4/11/2017

                                                                    • Address: 477 An Duong Vuong St., Ward 3, Dist.5, Hochiminh City
                                                                      Tel:(84-8) 38352356
                                                                      Fax:(84-8) 38304259
                                                                      - Hotel business.
                                                                      - Construction of civil and industrial works.
                                                                      Update:Wednesday, 3/29/2017

                                                                      • Address: 18-20 Nguyen Truong To St., Ward 12, Dist.4, Hochiminh City
                                                                        Tel:(84-8) 39400388
                                                                        Fax:(84-8) 39401975
                                                                        - Trading in pharmaceuticals. cosmetics, raw materials for manufacturing western formulations and herbal medicines as well
                                                                        - Trading in vaccines, serums, biologic products, nutrition products, personal hygiene products, epidemic disease protecting products, medical machineries, equipments and materials
                                                                        - Custom tax declaration, advertising services.
                                                                        - Foreign investment consultancy in the health area.
                                                                        - Registration for imported and exported products.
                                                                        - Investing capital, asset in domestic and foreign enterprises.
                                                                        - Real estate brokerage, investment to develop projects of real estates, distribution centers, offices for lease, hotels.
                                                                        - Working out services related to real estates, offices for lease and hotels.
                                                                        Update:Tuesday, 3/28/2017

                                                                        • Address: No.01 Phan Dinh Giot St., Phuong Liet Ward, Thanh Xuan Dist., Hanoi
                                                                          Tel:(84-4) 36647515-36647516
                                                                          Fax:(84-4) 36647493

                                                                          - Producing, processing and trading in coal.
                                                                          - Construction of industrial and civil works.
                                                                          - Explorating and surveying, designing mine and engineering geology.
                                                                          - Trading in building materials.
                                                                          - Producing, manufacturing pressure vessels.
                                                                          - Travel, hotel business.
                                                                          - Transport of railway.
                                                                          - Repairing mechanical products.

                                                                          Update:Monday, 3/27/2017

                                                                          • Address: 8th Floor, VATOWER Building, Duy Tan Road, Dich Vong Hau Ward, Cau Giay Dist., Hanoi
                                                                            Tel:(84-4) 35180079-35180037-35184496
                                                                            Fax:(84-4) 38510413
                                                                            Website:www.vinacoaltour.com.vn; vinacoaltour.vn
                                                                            - Inbound and outbound tours.
                                                                            - Hotel business.
                                                                            - Offices for lease.
                                                                            - Consulting and developing investment for tourism.
                                                                            - Labour export.
                                                                            - Processing and trading in coal.
                                                                            Update:Saturday, 3/25/2017

                                                                            • Address: 153 Xo Viet Nghe Tinh St., Ward 17, Binh Thanh Dist., Hochiminh City
                                                                              Tel:(84-8) 38408211-38408210
                                                                              Fax:(84-8) 38408207

                                                                              - Producing and trading in handicraft products.
                                                                              - Manufacturing and trading in tobacco, tobacco materials.
                                                                              - Production of paper packaging.
                                                                              - Processing wood furniture.
                                                                              - Hotel business.
                                                                              - Domestic tourist services.

                                                                              Update:Friday, 3/24/2017

                                                                              • Address: 40 Bui Vien St., Pham Ngu Lao Ward, Dist.1, Hochiminh City
                                                                                Tel:(84-8) 38378087
                                                                                Fax:(84-8) 38378088
                                                                                - Hotel business.
                                                                                Update:Friday, 3/24/2017

                                                                                • Address: No.1 Phan Dinh Giot St., Phuong Liet Ward, Thanh Xuan Dist., Hanoi
                                                                                  Tel:(84-4) 36647595
                                                                                  Fax:(84-4) 36647600
                                                                                  Email:vanphong@itasco.vn; congty@itasco.vn
                                                                                  1. Repair prefabricated metal products including only the following industries: Repairing tanks, tanks, metal containers.
                                                                                  2. Warehousing and storage of goods only includes the following: Warehousing and storage of goods in bonded warehouses; Warehousing and storage of frozen goods; Warehousing and storage of goods in other warehouses; Warehouse business used for containers (Enterprises can only do business in accordance with the law).
                                                                                  3. Loading and unloading of goods (Enterprises may only conduct business according to the provisions of law).
                                                                                  4. Trading in other construction materials and equipment in construction, including only the following trades: Wholesale cement, brick, stone, sand and gravel.
                                                                                  5. Retail sale of metalware, paints, glass and other installation equipment in the construction of only the following industries: Retail cement, building brick, roof tile, retail stone, sand and gravel; Retailing other building materials.
                                                                                  6. Produce material from clay.
                                                                                  7. - Hotel and restaurant services; Domestic travel business, international travel, other travel services (not including bar, karaoke, dance hall business);
                                                                                  - Organizing fairs, trade exhibitions, display advertising, introducing goods;
                                                                                  - Construction of thermal power, hydropower, cement, chemicals;
                                                                                  - Trading high-content ammonium nitrate; Trading in environmental equipment;
                                                                                  - Sales agents for foreign firms to serve production in and outside the industry;
                                                                                  - Design of general planning, architecture, interior and exterior: for civil and industrial construction works; Urban and industrial infrastructure design;
                                                                                  - Structural design: for civil and industrial construction works;
                                                                                  - General planning of the ground, architecture, interior and exterior for civil and industrial construction;
                                                                                  - Consulting, surveying, estimating and total cost estimation of construction works, technical infrastructure works (designed only within the designs already included in business registration);
                                                                                  - Cargo transportation by road;
                                                                                  - Trading in waterway transportation, roads, wharves, wharves;
                                                                                  - Passenger transportation, inland waterway, coastal and ocean freight;
                                                                                  - Import-export, direct import and export of all kinds of materials, equipment, means, raw materials, steel, petrol, consumer goods;
                                                                                  - Investing, trading in infrastructure and real estate;
                                                                                  - Renovation of waterway means, sets of various types: barges 250- 500 tons, ships 150- 200 CV (not including design of means of transport);
                                                                                  - Constructing traffic, industrial and civil works;
                                                                                  - Manufacture of auto parts and mechanical products;
                                                                                  - Manufacturing, assembling, consuming, warranty heavy trucks and specialized vehicles of all kinds;
                                                                                  - Service of loading and leveling, transportation of coal and earth;
                                                                                  - Exploiting, processing and trading coal and minerals of all kinds;
                                                                                  (The enterprise is only engaged in construction business that satisfies the conditions in accordance with the law).
                                                                                  - Real estate management services;
                                                                                  - Real estate auction services;
                                                                                  - Real estate advertising services;
                                                                                  - Real estate consulting services;
                                                                                  - Real estate valuation services;
                                                                                  - Real estate brokerage services;
                                                                                  - Trading in real estate trading floor services;
                                                                                  - Activities of preserving, upgrading and restoration of historical relics and cultural works;
                                                                                  - Trading in environmental equipment;
                                                                                  - Construction, installation, exploitation of environmental treatment facilities;
                                                                                  - Exploit water filter for industry and daily life
                                                                                  - Renting water transport means; Renting machinery and equipment;
                                                                                  - maintenance and repair of cars;
                                                                                  - Producing and trading gas;
                                                                                  - Producing and trading in concrete and other products from cement and mortar.

                                                                                  Update:Thursday, 3/23/2017

                                                                                  • Address: Cam Son Ward, Cam Pha City, Quang Ninh Province
                                                                                    Tel:(84-33) 3862210-3862337-3864477
                                                                                    Fax:(84-33) 3863945
                                                                                    Email:contact@caosoncoal.com; caoson@vinacoal.com.vn; caosoncp@yahoo.com.vn
                                                                                    - Exploiting, processing and trading in coal and other minerals. 
                                                                                    - Construction of the mine, industrial and civil works.
                                                                                    - Ground leveling.
                                                                                    - Manufacturing, repairing and  processing mine equipment, vehicles, mechanical products. 
                                                                                    - Producing rubber goods.
                                                                                    - Producing and trading in construction materials.
                                                                                    - Management and exploitation of ports and terminals, railways.
                                                                                    - Transport of roads, waterways, railways.
                                                                                    - Afforestation.
                                                                                    Exploiting timber.
                                                                                    - Aquaculture.
                                                                                    - Trading in, importing-exporting materials, equipment, goods.
                                                                                    - Hotel, restaurants, catering services.

                                                                                    Update:Tuesday, 3/21/2017

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