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    • Address: 74 (New No.108) Nguyen Van Luong St., Ward 17, Go Vap Dist., Hochiminh City
      Tel:(84-8) 39213086-39213086-38951753-39160700
      Fax:(84-8) 39213015

      - Customs broker.
      - Entrusted import - export.
      - Ocean transport.
      - Air transport.
      - Inland transport.
      - Personal effects.
      - Multimodal transport.
      - Packing, lashing, dunnage & warehousing.
      - Consultant in customs procedures - tax policy.

      Update:Monday, 5/22/2017

      • Address: Room 901, Building 8C, No. 30 Ta Quang Buu St., Hai Ba Trung Dist., Hanoi
        Tel:(84-4) 36230304 (5lines)-22124363-22123212
        Fax:(84-4) 36230305-36230315
        Email:vnstico@hn.vnn.vn; longsti@vnn.vn
        Providing air, sea and road transport services
        Update:Monday, 5/22/2017

        • Address: 26 Thang Long St., Ward 6, Tan Binh Dist., Hochiminh City
          Tel:(84-8) 34847001-3981856
          Fax:(84-8) 3981851
          - Transportation of cargo by air and by sea.
          - Logistics services.

          Update:Friday, 5/19/2017

          • Address: 176 Hoa Lan St., Ward 2, Phu Nhuan Dist., Hochiminh City
            Tel:(84-8) 35171095
            Fax:(84-8) 35171096-35171097
            Website:www.falconlogistics.vn; www.falconlogistics.com.vn
             - Trading in petroleum transport by sea.

            - Supply of fuel for ships.
            - Agents and shipbroker.
            - Import and export of materials, machinery, equipment and spare parts used exclusively for the industry.
            - Repair of marine transport and other equipment serving transport oil and gas exploration.
            - Towage hydro facilities, support ships arrive and servicing oil and gas exploration.
            - Research, application and implementation of advanced technologies, delivery of products and new technologies in the transport sector, industry, economic, production and service ...;
            - Manufacture of lifting equipment.

            Update:Wednesday, 5/17/2017

            • Address: Room 802, 8th Floor, AB Building, No.76, Le Lai St., Dist.1, Hochiminh City
              Tel:(84-8) 38224450 ( 6 lines )
              - Trading in agro-products such as: coffee, rice, black pepper, maize, rubberm feed animal and fertilizers.
              - Provide shipping services.
              Update:Tuesday, 5/16/2017

              • Address: Floor 8th, No. 5, Nguyen Gia Thieu St., Ward 6, Dist.3, Hochiminh City
                Tel:(84-8) 39302747
                Fax:(84-8) 39302748-39302749
                - Transportation of cargo by sea and by air.
                - Customs decleration services.

                Update:Monday, 5/15/2017

                • Address: 284 Nguyen Tat Thanh St., Ward 13, Dist.4, Hochiminh City
                  Tel:(84-8) 39402520
                  Fax:(84-8) 39402601-39408933-39411087
                  Email:general@viethoagroup.com; kitty@viethoagroup.com; bonneur@viethoagroup.com; oceanairline-export@viethoagroup.com; sara@viethoagroup.com

                  - Courier express services.
                  - Freight forwarding by air services.
                  - Freight forwarding by sea services. 
                  - Project goods services, transporting bulk cargoes in bulk, liquid cargo.
                  - Logistics and inland transport services.
                  - Warehousing services.
                  - Service clearance, packing and freight forwarding.
                  - Services for sale and import and export business.

                  Update:Monday, 5/15/2017

                  • Address: Room 1125, Floor 11, CT5 Building, Pham Hung Str., My Dinh Ward, Tu Liem Dist., Hanoi
                    Tel:(84-4) 35144461-35144462
                    Fax:(84-4) 35144464
                    Email:export@tclfreight.com.vn; import@tclfreight.com.vn; ceo@tclfreight.com.vn

                    - International shipment services.
                    - Ocean and air transportation.
                    - Multi- modal freight and forwarding.
                    - Inland delivery service.
                    - Door to door service.
                    - Customs clearance for import and export shipments.
                    - Custom broker agent.
                    - Consolidation and deconsolidation.







                    Update:Thursday, 5/11/2017

                    • Address: No.32 Hai Ba Trung St., Trang Tien Ward, Hoan Kiem Dist., Hanoi
                      Tel:(84-24) 39378354
                      Fax:(84-24) 39378354
                      - Transport of goods and passengers by road.
                      - Transport of passengers by warterway inland.
                      - Directly support service for railway and roads transport. 
                      Update:Wednesday, 5/10/2017

                      • Address: No.108/6 Bach Dang, Ward 4, Tra Vinh City, Tra Vinh Province
                        Tel:(84-74) 3852208
                        Fax:(84-74) 3853010

                        - Construction of irrigation, transport, industrial and civil  works, low voltage lines.
                        - Manufacturing mechanical products.
                        - Transport of goods by waterway and road.
                        - Trading in building materials.

                        Update:Wednesday, 5/10/2017

                        • Address: 3rd Floor, PVFCCo Tower, No.43 Mac Dinh Chi, Da Ka Ward, Dist.1, Hochiminh City
                          Tel:(84-8) 38228546
                          Fax:(84-8) 38228545
                          - Crude oil transportation.
                          - Chartering transportation facilities.
                          - Ship brokerage/Shipping agency/Ship supply & repair.
                          Update:Monday, 5/8/2017

                          • Address: R2-04-06, Everrich Building, No.968 Road 3/2, Ward 15, Dist.11, Hochiminh City
                            Tel:(84-8) 22251001-22251002-22251003
                            Fax:(84-8) 22251004
                            - Ship management services.
                            - Shipping agency service.
                            - Bunker supply & LPG trading.

                            Update:Monday, 5/8/2017

                            • Address: 2nd Floor, PVFCCo Tower, 43 Mac Dinh Chi St., Dakao Ward, Dist.1, Hochiminh City
                              Tel:(84-8) 39111301 ext (168, 135, 103)
                              Fax:(84-8) 39111300
                              Email:info@pvtrans.com; pvtrans@hcm.fpt.vn

                              -  Owning, operating and chartering of crude oil, oil products, gas products, and chemical tankers as well as offshore support vessels and other cargo ships. 
                              -  Owning, operating and chartering of FPSO/FSO.
                              -  Offshore petroleum technical services including marine survey, fabrication, installation, maintenance and repair of oil and gas facilities.
                              -  Onshore logistics port and supply bases. 
                              -  Manpower supply of marine crew and offshore crew. 
                              -  Ship brokerage/Shipping agency and other related marine services. 
                              -  Road and inland waterway transportation including gas taxis, LPG trucks and busses. 
                              -  Freight forwarding and international multi-modal transportation.
                              -  Procurement and supply of materials and equipment for oil and gas and transportation industries.
                              -  Other commercial and financial investment services.


                              Update:Monday, 5/8/2017

                              • Address: Tin Nghia Building, Nhon Trach 3 Industrial Park, Nhon Trach Dist., Dong Nai Province
                                Tel:(84-61) 3569534
                                Fax:(84-61) 3569557
                                - Investment, Operation and developing International Mega deep-water Phuoc An port and logistics zone.
                                - Trading in maritime, waterway and overland transportation.
                                - Shipping agency.
                                - Hiring and renting transportation facilities, handle and lifting equipment.
                                - Trading export & import materials and equipment for oil & gas industry as well as maritime industry and other industries also.
                                - Supplying & providing materials & equipment for maritime industry, oil and gas industry and other industries.
                                - Repair, construction, installation and maintenance of equipment and/or project for oil and gas and maritime.
                                - Leasing equipment and machineries for industries.
                                - Acting as agent for trading and taking goods on consignments. 
                                Update:Thursday, 5/4/2017

                                • Address: Room 1502, Floor 15, Ocean Park Building, 1 Dao Duy Anh Str., Dong Da Dist., Hanoi
                                  Tel:(84-4) 35770534-35770535
                                  Fax:(84-4) 35770543
                                  Shipping & terminal operator, container related services.
                                  Update:Wednesday, 5/3/2017

                                  • Address: CC1-I3.1 Phap Van Urban Zone, Hoang Liet Ward, Hoang Mai Dist., Hanoi
                                    Tel:(84-4) 36813412-36813413-36813415-36813414
                                    Fax:(84-4) 36813404
                                    Email:vinashinlines@hn.vnn.vn; admin@vinashinlines.com
                                    - Ships building and repairing.
                                    - Ships agency.
                                    - Marine brokerage and services.
                                    - Transportation of goods.

                                    Update:Wednesday, 5/3/2017

                                    • Address: No.209, Nguyen Van Thu St., Dist.1, Hochiminh City
                                      Tel:(84-8) 38238799
                                      Fax:(84-8) 38226283

                                      - Multilmodal transport.
                                      - logistics service.
                                      - Shipbroking and shipping agency.

                                      Update:Wednesday, 5/3/2017

                                      • Address: No. 422, Nguyen Tat Thanh St., Ward 18, Dist.4, Hochiminh City
                                        Tel:(84-8) 38261627-38261628-38261629-38261630
                                        Fax:(84-8) 39404300-3491-0115-39413529

                                        - Ship supply services, maritime brokers, shipping agents.
                                        - Agent container, multimodal transport (sea, road, inland waterways).
                                        - Dealers freight forwarding (sea, air, road).
                                        - Processing seafood export.
                                        - Trading in petroleum.
                                        - Construction of civil infrastructure and ports.
                                        - Loading and unloading of goods; port operators.
                                        - Warehouse.
                                        - Transporting goods by sea ....

                                        Update:Wednesday, 5/3/2017

                                        • Address: 62 bis Huynh Thuc Khang St., Dist.1, Hochiminh City
                                          Tel:(84-8) 38216585-38215685
                                          Fax:(84-4) 38210718
                                          Email:vw_waterfrontvn@vnn.vn; vww-hcm@vww.com.vn
                                          - Container transportation by roads and waterways.
                                          - Leasing chassis and container transportation equipment.
                                          - Repairing and assembling of container and transportation equipment.
                                          - Depot management and comprehensive depot services related to chassisband container.
                                          Update:Wednesday, 5/3/2017

                                          • Address: 54 Nguyen Du Road, Ben Thuy Ward, Vinh City, Nghe An Province
                                            Tel:(84-38) 3856123-3855478
                                            Fax:(84-38) 3856376
                                            Email:cty479@hn.vnn.vn; ctycophan479@gmail.com

                                            - Construction of transport, irrigation, industrial, civil works, power plants and line transmission projects;
                                            - Surveying, consulting on construction transport, irrigation works;
                                            - Manufacturing and trading in building materials, precast concrete structure, steel structure and mechanical products;
                                            - Mining, processing, trading in minerals (building stone, sand, gravel);
                                            - Testing construction materials;

                                            Update:Wednesday, 5/3/2017

                                            • Address: 15 Ngo Quyen St., Van My Ward, Ngo Quyen Dist., Hai Phong City
                                              Tel:(84-31) 3765029-3767949
                                              Fax:(84-31) 3765727
                                              - Terminal operation.
                                              - Warehousing.
                                              - Shipping agency.
                                              - Towage, support ships arrive in the region.
                                              - Transportation of goods by road and waterway.
                                              - Provision of services for ship owners and customers through ports.
                                              - Water and power supply, mechanical repairs.
                                              - Other services related .

                                              Update:Tuesday, 5/2/2017

                                              • Address: 1 Hoang Van Thu St., Minh Khai Ward, Hong Bang Dist., Hai Phong City
                                                Tel:(84-31) 3842151-3842185
                                                Fax:(84-31) 3842271

                                                 - Freight and coastal ocean.
                                                - Warehousing and storage of goods.
                                                - Activities of other support services related to transportation.
                                                - Real estate business, land use rights of the owner, the owner or rental use:
                                                - Office leasing.
                                                - Short-stay services.
                                                - Transportation of goods by road.
                                                - Repair and maintenance of vehicles (except automobiles, motorcycles, motorcycles and other motor vehicles):
                                                - Repair and maintenance of marine transport.
                                                - Cargo handling.
                                                - Agents, brokers, auction.
                                                - Transporting goods by inland waterways.
                                                - Commodity contracts brokerage and securities.

                                                Update:Sunday, 4/30/2017

                                                • Address: No.12, Doan Nhu Hai St., Ward 12, Dist.4, Hochiminh City
                                                  Tel:(84-8) 3267282
                                                  Fax:(84-8) 3267285
                                                  - Shipping agency.
                                                  - Freight forwarding.
                                                  Update:Sunday, 4/30/2017

                                                  • Address: 2 KV, Phu Thang, Tan Phu Ward, Cai Rang Dist., Can Tho City
                                                    Tel:(84-710) 6516463
                                                    Fax:(84-710) 3917395

                                                    - Loading and unloading goods.
                                                    - Warehousing and storage facilities.
                                                    - Support services directly to waterways.
                                                    - Support services related to transportation.
                                                    - Leasing machines, equipment and other tangible items.
                                                    - Construction of other civil works.
                                                    - Retail motor fuel in specialized stores
                                                    - Restaurant business.


                                                    Update:Sunday, 4/30/2017

                                                    • Address: 7th Floor, Hai An Building, Km 2, Dinh Vu Road, Dong Hai 2 Ward, Hai An Dist., Hanoi
                                                      Tel:(84-4) 3614630
                                                      Fax:(84-4) 35770814
                                                      - Shipping, trading in agency services.
                                                      - Importing and exporting capital goods and consumer goods.
                                                      Update:Sunday, 4/30/2017

                                                      • Address: No.34 Tran Phu St., Vinh Nguyen Ward, Nha Trang City, Khanh Hoa Province
                                                        Tel:(84-58) 3884854-3881409
                                                        Fax:(84-58) 3881134-3884855

                                                        - Transport of railway, road, waterways and coastal areas. 
                                                        - Shipping agent. 
                                                        - Supply and management of labor resources. 
                                                        - Hotel and tourism services.

                                                        Update:Sunday, 4/30/2017

                                                        • Address: Group No.21, Tran Phu Ward, Hoang Mai Dist., Ha Noi
                                                          Email:cangkl@hn.vnn.vn; cangkhuyenluong@gmail.com

                                                          - Exploitation of river ports.
                                                          - Loading and unloading of goods of all kinds.
                                                          - Warehouse and storage, storage of goods business.
                                                          - Transportation, transshipment of goods by waterway, land.
                                                          - River towage services, ship, and service support activities waterways and roads.
                                                          - Passenger transport by car.
                                                          - Business exploitation of all kinds of building materials.
                                                          - Dredging and port water area nearby; dredging of rivers and lakes; sandy soils combine artisanal products during dredging.
                                                          - Construction of residential, warehouses, storage yards. 
                                                          - Construction and installation of building components.
                                                          - Construction of the road foundations, earthworks leveling, create dumps and construction services other.
                                                          - Production of concrete structures.
                                                          - Production of fresh concrete.
                                                          - Production of asphalt concrete pressure part; 

                                                          Update:Sunday, 4/30/2017

                                                          • Address: Room 405, Ocean Park, No.1 Dao Duy Anh St., Phuong Mai Ward, Dong Da Dist., Ha Noi
                                                            Tel:(84-8) 35772047-35772048
                                                            Fax:(84-8) 35772044
                                                            - Logistic services.

                                                            - Loading and unloading goods.
                                                            - Storage of goods in bonded warehouses, cold storage and other storages. 
                                                            - Delivery of domestic goods, import and export goods. 
                                                            - Customs brokerage services. 
                                                            - Shipping agency services; agency for sea, road, rail, aviation transport; container agent; customs brokerage services; tally cargo services; transport of goods, container, by road, railway and sea. 
                                                            - Multimodal transport.


                                                            Update:Sunday, 4/30/2017

                                                            • Address: 1 Thuy Khue St., Thuy Khue Ward, Tay Ho Dist., Hanoi
                                                              Tel:(84-4) 37280306-39427012
                                                              Fax:(84-4) 37280296

                                                              - Freight transportation and ocean coastal.
                                                              - Activities of other support services related to transportation.
                                                              - Repair and maintenance of vehicles (except automobiles, motorcycles and other motor vehicles).
                                                              - Rental of machinery, equipment and other tangible items.
                                                              - Short-stay services.
                                                              - Activities directly support services for water transport.
                                                              - Warehousing and storage of goods.
                                                              - Travel Agents.
                                                              - Cargo handling.
                                                              - Activities directly support services for railway transport and roads.
                                                              - Trading in real estate, land use rights owned, used or rental home.

                                                              Update:Sunday, 4/30/2017

                                                              • Address: No. 5 Tran Phu St., Vinh Nguyen Dist., Nha Trang City, Khanh Hoa Province
                                                                Tel:(84-58) 3590021-3590839-3590183
                                                                Fax:(84-58) 3590017

                                                                - Operate unloading, storage and freight forwarding.

                                                                - Ship arrivals, support, towage, salvage service. 

                                                                - Warehouse, transport of goods by road and waterways business.

                                                                - Logistic services, bonded warehouse, warehouse ICD business.

                                                                - Sea freight agent, shipbroker service.

                                                                - Support service for maritime transport activities and seaports.

                                                                - Management and exploitation, leasing wharf, warehouse storage, loading and unloading equipment, means of transportation on sea and the specialized equipment other maritime.

                                                                - Supplying vessels and other maritime services.

                                                                Supplying service for boat owners and tourists through the port.

                                                                Update:Sunday, 4/30/2017

                                                                • Address: 10th Floor, Han Viet Building, No.203 Minh Khai St., Hai Ba Trung Dist., Ha Noi
                                                                  Tel:(84-4) 35772689-35772690
                                                                  Fax:(84-4) 35772693-35770882
                                                                  - Sea transport service.
                                                                  - Multimodal transport service.
                                                                  - Chartering service.
                                                                  - Depot service.
                                                                  - Agents service. 
                                                                  Update:Sunday, 4/30/2017

                                                                  • Address: 14th Floor, Ocean Park Building, No.1 Dao Duy Anh St., Dong Da Dist., Ha Noi
                                                                    Tel:(84-8) 35770886
                                                                    Fax:(84-8) 35770869-35770899

                                                                    - Transport of dry cargo by sea.

                                                                    - Transport of product oil by sea.

                                                                    - Multi modal transport.

                                                                    - Time charter out.

                                                                    - Logistic services. 

                                                                    Update:Sunday, 4/30/2017

                                                                    • Address: 21B Nguyen Chanh Road, Loc Tho Ward, Nha Trang City, Khanh Hoa Province
                                                                      Tel:(84-58) 3877127
                                                                      Fax:(84-58) 3877128
                                                                      - Shipping agency.
                                                                      Update:Sunday, 4/30/2017

                                                                      • Address: 19th Floor, Hoa Binh International Office Tower, 106 Hoang Quoc Viet St., Cau Giay Dist., Ha Noi
                                                                        Tel:(84-4) 37556140
                                                                        Fax:(84-4) 37556149

                                                                        - Maritime transport services.
                                                                        - Logistics.
                                                                        - Repairing shipping.
                                                                        - Maritime services.

                                                                        Update:Sunday, 4/30/2017

                                                                        • Address: 428 Nguyen Tat Thanh St., Ward 18, Dist.4, Hochiminh City
                                                                          Tel:(84-08) 39404271
                                                                          Fax:(84-08) 39404711
                                                                          - Shipping.
                                                                          - Ship agency and brokerage.
                                                                          - Transport of aviation and maritime.
                                                                          - Transportation and forwarding. 

                                                                          Update:Sunday, 4/30/2017

                                                                          • Address: No.2 Dao Tri St., Phu Nhuan Ward, Dist.7, Hochiminh City
                                                                            Tel:(84-8) 37730234-37730235
                                                                            Fax:(84-8) 37730236

                                                                            - Designing, shipbuilding and repairing all kinds of boats, ships and floating means. Repairing all kinds of crane, lifting equipments and cleaning tankers.
                                                                            - Marine services, ship’s chandler and supplier, water and land transportation, broker, forwarder and shipping agent.
                                                                            - Importing and exporting machines, equipments, materials and accessories for shipbuilding and civil industries.
                                                                            - Trading,  importing and exporting all kinds of goods: consumer goods, agricultural, industrial craft products, agricultural and building materials, chemical.
                                                                            - Buoy and port operation, stevedoring, tally and tugboats.
                                                                            - Processing and assembling other industrial products.
                                                                            - Training technical workers for shipbuilding and other industries.
                                                                            - Agricultural, industrial craft products, agricultural materials and building materials, chemical, machines and superseded materials. Importing and exporting all kinds of foodstuffs.
                                                                            - Investing house service, civil, urban and house constructions. Building and installing sea – works, traffic works and irrigational works.

                                                                            Update:Sunday, 4/30/2017

                                                                            • Address: Area 8, Thinh Long Town, Hai Hau Dist., Nam Dinh Province
                                                                              Tel:(84-350) 3797703
                                                                              Fax:(84-350) 3797704
                                                                              - Build new ships, equipment and aquatic vehicles.
                                                                              - Repair and maintenance of vehicles (except automobiles, motorcycles, motorcycles and other motor vehicles).
                                                                              - Trading materials, and equipment for shipbuilding.
                                                                              - Production of metal structures.
                                                                              - Manufacture of electronic components.
                                                                              - Production of diesel engines, engines installed in ships.
                                                                              - Prepare surface.
                                                                              - Lease of tugboats and ships, waterway.
                                                                              - Close boats, sports boats and recreation.
                                                                              - Cargo handling.
                                                                              - Trading of shipbuilding steel, high strength steel.
                                                                              - Demolition of ships.
                                                                              - Operation Rescue waterway transport, towage activities, bring the ship to dock, salvage boats.
                                                                              - New building barges.
                                                                              - Warehousing and storage of goods.
                                                                              - Buying and selling of scrap, scrap metal, non-metal.
                                                                              - Services broker ships.
                                                                              Update:Sunday, 4/30/2017

                                                                              • Address: No.17 Bui Dinh Tuy St., Ward 26, Binh Thanh Dist., Hochiminh City
                                                                                Tel:(84-8) 35113349
                                                                                Fax:(84-8) 35113348
                                                                                Email:phuongviet_n@yahoo.com.vn; vantaiphuongviet17@gmail.com

                                                                                - Provides freight services by truck, tractor, truck tractor with load: 1.25 tons, 2.5 tons, 3.5 tons, 5 tons, 8 tons, 10 tons, 15 tons , etc ..
                                                                                - Provide cargo handling services in accordance with all requirements of the customers.

                                                                                Update:Friday, 4/28/2017

                                                                                • Address: No.793 Tran Xuan Soan St., Area 4, Tan Hung Ward, Dist.7, Hochiminh City
                                                                                  Tel:(84-8) 37711069-22131539
                                                                                  Fax:(84-8) 37712987
                                                                                  - Transport of goods by river.
                                                                                  Update:Friday, 4/28/2017

                                                                                  • Address: 146 Khanh Hoi St., Ward 6, Dist.4, Hochiminh City
                                                                                    Tel:(84-8) 39402741
                                                                                    Fax:(84-8) 39402740
                                                                                    - Road, air and sea freight.
                                                                                    - Shipping agency.
                                                                                    - Distributing Unitor chemicals.
                                                                                    - Marine intermediation and chartering.
                                                                                    - Handling project cargo. 

                                                                                    Update:Friday, 4/28/2017

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