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Address: DT 747 Road, Slot 4, Thai Hoa Ward, Tan Uyen Dist., Binh Duong Province
Tel:(84-274) 3658753-3658945
Fax:(84-274) 3658263

- Exploiting non-ore materials (clay, construction stone, kaolin).
- Producing and trading in bricks and tile.
- Construction civil and industrial works.
- Ground levelling.
- Producing and trading in precast concrete structures.
- Afforestation.
- Planting short and long-term industrial crops.
- Animal husbandry.
- Aquaculture.

Update:Monday, April 30,2018

Address: An Hoa Hamlet, An Phu Commune, Cu Chi Dist., Hochiminh City
Tel:(84-28) 37941490-37941491
Fax:(84-28) 37941117
- Trading in dairy cattles and rubber.
Update:Saturday, March 31,2018

Address: Ha Tay 2 Hamlet, Dien Hoa Commune, Bien Ban Dist., Quang Nam Province
Tel:(84-235) 3869460
Fax:(84-235) 3869205
- Supplying cattle breeds and feed.
Update:Monday, March 26,2018

Address: Hamlet No.3, Loc Bao Commune, Bao Lam Dist., Lam Dong Province
Tel:(84-263) 6509885
- Planting, exploiting and processing of natural rubber.
- Managing, protecting, planting, exploiting and processing forest products.
- Exporting natural rubber and products made ​​from wood, bamboo and rattan.
- Breeding livestock.
- Providing seed.
- Rubber technology transfer.
Update:Wednesday, March 21,2018

Address: Phu Rieng Commune, Phu Rieng Dist., Binh Phuoc Province
Tel:(84-271) 3777970-3777971
Fax:(84-271) 3777758;
- Planting, exploiting, processing, trading in and exporting-importing rubber.
- Natural afforestation.
- Exploiting and processing raw wood.
- Producing other products from wood.
- Construction of works, infrastructure, industrial zones, residential areas.
- real estate business.
- Organize tours.
- Exploiting, treating and supplying fresh water.
- Producing bottled pure water.
Update:Wednesday, March 21,2018

Address: Ea Ho Commune, Krong Nang Dist., Dak Lak Province
Tel:(84-262) 3675138
Fax:(84-262) 3675138
- Planting rubber, coffee and short-term industrial crops.
- Trading in and importing & exporting rubber, rubber equipment, coffee, agricultural products and food.
- Processing coffee and agricultural products.
- Cows and beef cattle business.
- Tourism services.
- Breeding and agriculture services.
- Producing fertilizers
- Afforestation.
- Exploitation of wood.
Update:Tuesday, March 20,2018

Address: Group 19, Thanh Hung Commune, Dien Bien Dist., Dien Bien Province
- Planting rubber trees and semi-processed latex.
- Afforestation.
- Processing wood.
- Livestock.
- Distributing seedling, fertilizers, rubber products.
Update:Tuesday, March 20,2018

Address: Noong La Hamlet, Le Duan Road, Chieng Sinh Ward, Son La City, Son La Province
Tel:(84-212) 3551799
Fax:(84-212) 3850688
- Planting and semi-processed rubber latex.
- Service to support new plant (smallholder).
- Afforestation.
- Livestock.
- Processing wood.
- Agent for fertilizer business.
- Trading in, importing and exporting rubber.
Update:Tuesday, March 20,2018

Address: Housing 01, Alley 11, Group, Vo Thi Sau St., Viet Quang Town, Bac Quang Dist., Ha Giang Province
Tel:(84-219) 3822917
Fax:(84-219) 3822916

- Planting, exploiting and processing rubber latex. 
- Livestock: Cattle. 
- Afforestation. 
- Processing wood.

Update:Friday, March 16,2018

Address: Highway No.1A, Binh Nguyen Commune, Thang Binh Dist., Quang Nam Province
Tel:(84-235) 3667115-3667575-3667396-3667467
Fax:(84-235) 3667129
- Planting rubber trees. 
- Mining and processing of rubber products.
- Managing, purchasing and processing rubber latex.
- Producing and trading in organic fertilizer microbial, rubber.
- Afforestation.
- Processing of raw wood, wood products.
- Livestock. 
Update:Thursday, March 15,2018

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