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Address: No.896A/43 Hau Giang St., Ward 12, Dist.6, Hochiminh City
Tel:(84-28) 38381711
Fax:(84-28) 38336540
- Afforestation.
Update:Tuesday, April 17,2018

Address: 2A 41 Road No.10, Pham Van Hai St., Binh Chanh Dist., Hochiminh City
Tel:(84-28) 37661280-37660315
Fax:(84-28) 37662271
- Supplying seeds and seedings.
Update:Tuesday, April 10,2018

Address: 122 Nguyen Van Cu St., My Binh Ward, Phan Rang - Thap Cham City, Ninh Thuan Province
Tel:(84-259) 3830396-3833978-3820331-3830396
Fax:(84-259) 3820328

- Management, maintenance, repair and operation of the public utility of urban, rural and industrial areas: sidewalks, water supply, electric lighting systems, public decorations, tree system green, gardens, parks, islets, separators, waste water treatment system, waste, ...
 - Investment, mining, construction and civil engineering - industrial, public utility urban, rural and industrial areas insect.
 - Investment, exploitation and transfer of waste treatment technologies, wastewater.
 - Producing, traing in and leasing of products, materials, tools, equipment, machinery for sanitation, agriculture, civil construction - industrial.
 - Producing and trading in biological products for agriculture, fisheries and environmental sanitation: P.MET, pm-6, M.P-S, P2, micro-organic fertilizer Song Dinh.
 - Manufacturing and trading all kinds of trees, flowers, bonsai plants.
 - Design, construction and regular care of greenery, garden
 - Services for the collection and treatment of waste and environmental pollution treatment and industrial hygiene.
 - Trading in automobile transport services, moving house, office; goods on consignment agent; organizing conferences and fairs.

Update:Monday, April 9,2018

Address: Nha Ho Hamlet, Nhon Son Commune, Ninh Son Dist., Ninh Thuan Province
Tel:(84-259) 3853555
Fax:(84-259) 3853066;

- Producing, processing, traing in and exporting agricultural plant varieties, forestry, flowers and bonsai trees.
- Manufacturing and trading of fertilizers, soil substrate, pesticide plants and other agricultural materials.
- Research bred varieties of agricultural crops, forestry, flowers and bonsai trees.
- Testing, testing plant varieties, fertilizers and plant protection products.
- Producing, trading and export of machinery and agricultural tools for agricultural production and rural development.
- Producing, processing, trading in and export of agricultural products and foodstuffs; Manufacturing and trading of wines, beer beverage v.
- Propagation and buying and selling of livestock and poultry; production, sale and import and export business of animal feed.
- Service activities in science and technology; Consulting, establish investment projects in the field of agriculture and rural development.
- Construction, manufacturing and trading in construction materials.

Update:Monday, April 9,2018

Address: Trung Tam Hamlet, Xuan Lap Commune, Long Khanh Town, Dong Nai Province
Tel:(84-251) 3724444-3726333
Fax:(84-251) 3724123

- Cultivation.
- Manufacture of chemicals, fertilizers and rubber, packaging and wood products consumption, grain products, PE products from rubber materials, fresh concrete (concrete) construction materials: precast concrete types, bearing drains, sewers centrifugation.
- Industrial and civil engineeing texture design.
- Irrigation and traffic construction of civil works, industry.
- Business travel services, hotels.
- Processing of building stones.
- Investment in construction and real estate business.
- Manufacturing, processing, repairing equipment and mechanical products.
- Construction of power systems and industrial activities.
- Cargo crane services.
- Construction of the wastewater treatment works.
- Construction of water supply for civil and industrial.
- Business fuel.
- Business types of electrical and mechanical parts.
- Investment in construction projects and infrastructure of industrial parks.
- Investment rubber planting projects and livestock.

Update:Wednesday, March 21,2018

Address: Highway 13, Hung Chien Ward, Binh Long Town, Binh Phuoc Province
Tel:(84-271) 3666181-3666324
Fax:(84-271) 3666222,
- Planting rubber trees.
- Processing and exploiting latex rubber.
Update:Wednesday, March 21,2018

Address: Ninh Thuan St., Loc Ninh Townlet, Loc Ninh Dist., Binh Phuoc Province
Tel:(84-271) 3567209-3568903-3568381-3568939
Fax:(84-271) 3568939-3568381
- Planting rubeer trees.
- Processing, exploiting rubber latex.
Update:Wednesday, March 21,2018

Address: Group 19, Thanh Hung Commune, Dien Bien Dist., Dien Bien Province
- Planting rubber trees and semi-processed latex.
- Afforestation.
- Processing wood.
- Livestock.
- Distributing seedling, fertilizers, rubber products.
Update:Tuesday, March 20,2018

Address: Housing 01, Alley 11, Group, Vo Thi Sau St., Viet Quang Town, Bac Quang Dist., Ha Giang Province
Tel:(84-219) 3822917
Fax:(84-219) 3822916

- Planting, exploiting and processing rubber latex. 
- Livestock: Cattle. 
- Afforestation. 
- Processing wood.

Update:Friday, March 16,2018

Address: Group No.2, Thanh Phu Hamlet, Tan Hiep Commune, Tan Chau Dist., Tay Ninh Province
Tel:(84-276) 3875191-3875193-3875192
Fax:(84-276) 3875307
- Afforestation.
- Producing chemicals, fertilizers and rubber.
- Producing and trading in materials, tools for agricultural production.
- Wholesale.
- Producing PET plastic bottle, pure bottled water.
Update:Thursday, March 15,2018

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