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Address: No.28, Mac Dinh Chi Str., Da Kao Ward, Dist.1, Hochiminh City
Tel:(84-8) 1800577768-38292805
Fax:(84-8) 38223088
- Producing and trading in chemicals and fertilizers.
Update:Wednesday, February 22,2017

Address: Lot 7, Tan Dong Hiep A Industrial, Di An Dist., Binh Duong Province
Tel:(84-650) 3728198-3728199-3728288-3729752
Fax:(84-650) 3728200
- Manufacturing chemicals, phosphate, detergent, anti-thunderbolt component.
Update:Monday, February 20,2017

Address: Hoa Lan Hamlet, Thuan Giao Commune, Thuan An Dist., Binh Duong Province
Tel:(84-650) 3747343-3717228
Fax:(84-650) 3747244
- Producing and supplying additives, substance covering wood surface, rattan and bamboo, high-grade plastic.
Update:Tuesday, February 14,2017

Address: No.12 Doc Lap Boulevard, Vietnam - Singapore Industrial Zone, Thuan An Dist., Binh Duong Province
Tel:(84-650) 3743100-3743600
Fax:(84-650) 3743200
- Producing chemicals for construction.
Update:Tuesday, February 14,2017

Address: Lot G3, Viet Huong Industrial Zone, Thuan An Dist., Binh Duong Province
Tel:(84-650) 3718127-3718128-3718129-3718131
Fax:(84-650) 3718130
- Manufacturing chemicals for wax and dyes fabric industry.
Update:Friday, February 10,2017

Address: Hamlet No.1B, An Phu Commune, Thuan An Dist., Binh Duong Province
Tel:(84-650) 3712292
Fax:(84-650) 3712293

- Use chemical processing technology of ion sources of cobalt-60 to preserve, prevent degeneration of food, agricultural products, destroy all kinds of mold bacteria, insects harmful to human health.

Update:Friday, February 10,2017

Address: No.1, Road 9, Song Than 1 Industrial Zone, Di An Ward, Di An Dist., Binh Duong Province
Tel:(84-650) 3742230-3742347
Fax:(84-650) 3742234-3790044
- Manufacturing insecticide, room perfume, and dertergent.
Update:Wednesday, February 8,2017

Address: Km 10, National Highway 1A, Thanh Tri Dist., Hanoi
Tel:(84-4) 66742798
Fax:(84-4) 38615706
+ Mechanical engineering :

- Design, manufacture, and trade in machinery, equipment, and spare parts used for agriculture, forestry, irrigation, salt industry, processing industry, hydropower generation, construction, and traffic vehicles.

- Design, manufacture and installation of lifting equipment.

- Repair, maintenance, and restoration of equipment, motorbikes, machine tools and spare parts.

+ Electricity trade :

- Electrical engineering in service of agriculture, forestry, salt industry, irrigation and rural development.

- Electricity production and trade.

+ Construction :

- Investment, construction of agriculture, forestry, salt, irrigation, civil, industrial, transport works and rural infrastructure.

- Plan, research and investigation; preparation of investment projects for construction and design of agriculture, forestry, salt industry, irrigation, hydropower, civil, clean water, environment hygiene, water supply and drainage works.

- Management of construction investment projects; project inspection; appraisal of technical designs and overall estimate of construction projects invested and administered by the AGRIMECO.

- Building materials production and trade.

+ Advising on:

- Irrigation engineering.

- Water supply and drainage.

- Equipment investment.

- Technology transfer in the fields of agriculture, irrigation and forestry mechanization, electrification, construction and salt industry.

+ Research & Training :

- Science and technology research

- Training technical workers in agriculture, forestry, irrigation mechanization, electrification, construction and salt production.

+ Finance business and participation in stock markets

+Others :

- Transport and transport agent

- Housing development

- Hotel and tourist trade

- Direct import and export of items to meet the corporation’s needs

- Labor export

- Customs procedure clearance service

- Undertaking and implementing projects for development investment assistance

Entering into joint ventures and integrating with domestic and foreign economic organizations to develop production operations of the corporation.


Update:Friday, February 3,2017

Address: Group 14, Quang Trung Ward, Phu Ly City, Ha Nam Province
Tel:(84-351) 3851035
Fax:(84-351) 3855296
- Trading in mineral and chemical products.
- Producing cement (P30-50), concrete.
- Manufacturing and asembling air conditioners, furniture.
- Exploration of geological and mineral. 
- Quarrying of stone , sand , gravel , clay ;
- Processing of stone ;
- Mining of chemical and fertilizer minerals ;
- Wholesale of metals and metal ores ;
- Wholesale of chemical ( except for banned chemicals ) ;
- Production of building materials from soil , clay ;
- Manufacture of other ceramic products , furniture works ;
- Crop and livestock mixture ;
- Purchase and sale of agricultural products ;
- Real estate business.
- Agents purchase goods on consignment ;
- Freight transport by road , Freight transport by waterways ;
- Construction of civil, transport, irrigation, industry, electric lines and electric substations up to 35 kV;
- Leveling ;
- Manufacture , assembly and sale : air conditioning , home furnishings and equipment ;
- Investment in construction of parks including enough cultural activities sports , entertainment and recreation ;
- Business catering services ; Business ports and port services ;
- Loading and unloading of goods ;
- Tourist service;
- Manufacturing and trading in envelope and label printing labels , packaging ;
- Production , processing and trade in minerals , mineral industry catering to the industry , livestock , aquaculture , fertilizer for agriculture ;
- Manufacture of other metal products and manufacturing operations , services metallurgy and metal fabrication ;
- Manufacture of machinery and equipment common human welfare ;
- Manufacture of concrete products : manufacture of precast concrete pipes , concrete columns , reinforced concrete piles ;
- Production and sale of bricks , tiles , cement , stone , sand and gravel ;
- Every interior decoration ;
- Purchase materials, equipment and other installations in the building ;
- Sale of machinery, equipment and spare parts of mining and construction ;
- Export and import of goods .

Update:Thursday, January 12,2017

Address: 135 Nguyen Van Cu St., Long Bien Dist., Hanoi
Tel:(84-4) 38271944
Fax:(84-4) 38271764;
- Producing, trading in and import-export of chemicals, rubber, deposits and agricultural products.
- Industrial chemicals and other materials allowed by the state.
- Building materials, electronically materials and equipments, mechanical tools, ferrous and non-ferrous metals.
- Food-grade chemicals, equipments and chemicals of laboratory and studies.
- Machinery and equipment for production lines.
- Export: Chemicals, agricultural products, sea products, mineral resources, rubbers....
- Import: chemicals & materials of industrial and consumer-goods.
- Provide warehousing, building for offices, housing and supermarket.
- Cooperate to invest and produce industrial materials and commodities.

Update:Tuesday, January 3,2017

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