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Address: Lot 13, Ha Thai lacquer village, Duyen Thai commune, Thuong Tin dist., Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) 39991276-0908145568-0908145568
Fax:(84-24) 37264776
* Production and business:
- Lacquered household items: Lacquered plates, lacquered coconut bowls, lacquered napkin boxes, lacquered chopsticks, lacquered bowls, lacquered trays, lacquered jars, lacquered waste baskets,...
- Lacquer decorations: Night lights, vases, vases, symbols, lacquer paintings,...
* Main product:
- Lacquered household appliances
+ Lacquer plate.
+ Lacquered chopsticks.
+ Bamboo bowl.
+ Lacquer tray.
+ Lacquered wooden bowl.
+ Lacquered bamboo bowl.
+ Lacquered orange jar.
+ Lacquered candy jar.
+ Lacquered jam jar.
+ Wooden chopsticks inlaid with mother-of-pearl.
+ Lacquered coconut bowl.
+ Bamboo bowls for export.
+ Lacquer paper box.
+ Lacquer tea tray.
+ Coconut bowl inlaid with mother-of-pearl.
+ Lacquer bowl inlaid with pearls.
+ Lacquer tissue box.
+ Lacquered jam tray.
+ Lacquered trash basket.
+ Lacquered soap dish.
+ Lacquer gift box.
+ Lacquer jewelry box.
+ Lacquered bread tray.
+ Bamboo bowl with lacquered shell.
+ Lacquer tray for export.
+ Lacquered apricot jar.
+ High quality lacquered tea tray.
+ Decorative lacquer cotton vase.
+ Lacquered jam and candy containers.
+ Lacquer moon cake box.
+ High quality lacquer tissue box.
+ Lacquered jam box.
+ Lacquer soap tray.
+ Orange jars and lacquer jam jars as Tet gifts.
- Lacquer decorations.
+ Rolled bamboo jar.
+ Lacquer coasters.
+ Lacquer paintings.
+ Lacquered night lamp.
+ Mirror mounted on a mirror.
+ Mother of pearl mosaic night lamp.
+ Lacquer wine price.
+ Lacquer gifts.
+ Ha Thai lacquer.
+ Mirror inlaid with mother-of-pearl.
+ Lacquered flower vase.
+ Bathroom lacquerware.
+ Lacquered wine shelf.
+ Lacquer decorative vases.
+ Lacquered furniture.
+ Mother of pearl mosaic photo frame.
+ Lacquered photo frame.
+ Lacquer jar with shell.
+ Hotel lacquerware.
+ Lacquer lamp with pearl inlay.
+ Mounted mirror frame.
+ Lacquer Tet gifts.
+ Mirror frame inlaid with mother of pearl.
+ Ha Thai lacquer village.
+ Lacquer production facility.
+ Lacquered wine basket.
+ Lacquered ceramic jars for export.
Unique lacquer gifts.
+ High quality lacquer decorative plate.
+ Lacquer cotton vase for export.
+ Ha Thai traditional lacquer.
+ Ha Thai high-quality lacquer painting.
+ Composite core lacquer symbol.
+ Lacquer gifts for businesses.
+ Hotel decorations are lacquered and decorated with shells.
+ Tet gifts made from traditional lacquer material.
- Other lacquer products.
+ Bamboo cup.
+ Coconut wood fork.
+ Ebony plate.
+ Ebony spoon.
+ Coconut wooden spoon.
+ Natural bamboo cup.
+ Natural coconut plate.
+ Natural coconut spoon.
+ Natural coconut bowl.
+ Natural bamboo straws.
Update:Monday, October 30,2023

Address: Thai Hoa Village, Hop Dong Commune, Chuong My Dist., Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) 33866620-62912446-Hotline: 0912337445
Fax:(84-24) 33841553
- Design, manufacture & export hundreds of rattan and bamboo handicraft designs such as: Rattan bowls, rattan bowls, curtain covers, rattan lamps, woven bamboo baskets, bamboo trays, sedge trays, bamboo fans, rattan boxes, sedge skewer box,...
* Main product:
+ Handicraft bamboo and rattan furniture.
+ Bamboo pot.
+ Bamboo basket.
+ Rattan bowl.
+ Eight songs.
+ Bamboo fan.
+ Bamboo lamp.
+ Bamboo shoot.
+ Bamboo tray.
+ Bamboo basket.
+ Cloud lights.
+ Rattan box.
+ Bamboo barrel.
+ Woven bamboo basket.
+ Sedge skewer tray.
+ Forest rope basket.
+ Take bamboo curtains.
+ Rattan carrying lane.
+ Bucket of sedge skewers.
+ Skewer barrel.
+ Rattan skewer box.
Update:Monday, October 30,2023

Address: Hill 3 Village, Dong Phuong Yen Commune, Chuong My Dist., Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) 0984922573-0986099457
- Producing, supplying and exporting bamboo and rattan products such as:
+ Rattan and bamboo furniture: Tables and chairs, shelves, decorative bamboo fans,...
+ Bamboo and rattan lamps: Bamboo lamps, candle lamps, bamboo lamps, rattan lanterns, rattan lamps,...
+ Bamboo and rattan household items: Bamboo trays, plates, clothes hangers,...
+ Baby toy accessories: Doll chair, doll bed, changing table, doll shelf,...
+ Rattan surface, rattan lattice,...
* Main products and services:
- Bamboo and rattan furniture.
+ Bamboo fan.
+ Bamboo tables and chairs.
+ Don rattan.
+ Rattan chair.
+ Wall shelves.
+ Rattan tea table.
+ Rattan tea table set.
+ Rattan table and chairs set.
+ Rattan plant shelf.
+ Decorative rattan mirror.
+ Rattan chair to drink tea.
+ Rattan reception desk.
+ Rattan drinking table.
+ Bamboo fan decorates the wall.
Decorative rattan shelves.
- Bamboo and rattan lamp.
+ Bamboo lamp.
+ Cloud lights.
+ Bamboo lamp.
+ Bamboo and rattan lamp.
+ Bamboo candles.
+ 2-layer bamboo lamp.
+ Bamboo lamp shade.
+ Bamboo lanterns.
+ Bamboo and rattan lanterns.
+ Bamboo and rattan night light.
+ Decorative woven bamboo lamps.
+ Bamboo and rattan lanterns.
+ Sparsely woven rattan lights.
+ Bamboo and rattan lampshade.
+ Decorative bamboo lamps.
+ Woven bamboo table lamp.
+ Patterned rattan lights.
+ Decorative hanging rattan lights.
+ Bamboo lamp shaped like a hat.
Update:Monday, October 30,2023

Address: House 2, Lane 232, Yen Hoa St., Yen Hoa Ward, Cau Giay Dist., Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) 0917370468
- Production and distribution of lantern products in Vietnam: Made of plastic, wood, rattan, beads, iron, silk fabric, paper,...
- Export products: Plastic lanterns, Hoi An lanterns, bamboo and rattan lanterns, beaded lamps, fabric lamps, wooden lamps,...
- Importing LED products.
* Main product:
+ Lanterns.
+ Silk lanterns.
+ Bamboo lanterns.
+ Hanging lanterns.
+ Curtain lanterns.
+ Hanoi lanterns.
+ Plastic lanterns.
+ Hoi An lanterns.
+ Decorative lanterns.
+ Fine art lanterns.
+ Ceiling lanterns.
+ Handmade lanterns.
+ Mid-Autumn Festival lanterns.
+ Decorative lights.
+ LED lights.
+ Searchlight.
+ Hanging lights.
+ Table lamp.
+ Wall lights.
+ Decorative lights.
+ Garden lights.
+ Crystal chandelier.
+ Wall light.
+ High quality decorative lights.
Update:Monday, October 30,2023

Address: Xuan Sen Village, Thuy Xuan Tien Commune, Chuong My Dist., Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) Hotline: 0988819382
- Producing products for household use such as: Bamboo baskets, sedge baskets, bamboo handbags, rattan trays, storage bins, paper boxes, jewelry boxes, flower vases, wine baskets, coasters, etc. Made of materials such as rattan, bamboo, sedge,...
* Main product:
+ Handicraft products.
+ Coasters.
+ Sedge basket.
+ Rattan basket.
+ Bamboo basket.
+ Flowerpot.
+ Coasters.
+ Rattan tray.
+ Get drunk.
+ Bamboo and rattan basket.
+ Bamboo handbag.
+ Tissue box.
+ Jewelry box.
+ Bamboo and rattan furniture.
+ Rattan laundry basket.
+ Colored rattan basket.
+ Bamboo and rattan basket.
+ Bamboo and rattan handbag.
+ Bamboo and rattan goods.
+ Handicraft bamboo and rattan furniture.
+ Bamboo and rattan exports.
+ Rattan storage box.
+ Bamboo and rattan handicrafts for export.
Update:Monday, October 30,2023

Address: D10 Booth, Floor G, The Garden Shopping Center, Me Tri St., My Dinh 1 Ward, Nam Tu Liem Dist., Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) 32011244-0903517183-0339993777
* Providing interior decorations:
- Indian carpets have a variety of materials, from hand-woven carpets made of sheep wool to machine-woven carpets made of synthetic fibers, with sophisticated and luxurious patterns.
- Persian carpet - The pride of Iranians with natural wool, classic and meticulous patterns, often used to show off wealth and nobility.
- Luxurious stone wall painting, highlighting classy space
- In addition, SANAA also provides handmade bronze decorations such as bronze flower vases, bronze animal statues, etc. Suitable for many spaces such as homes, hotels, offices,...
* Main product:
+ Floor carpets.
+ Floor carpets.
+ Iranian carpets.
+ Floor carpets.
+ Indian carpets.
+ High quality floor mats.
+ Patterned carpets.
+ Carpet placed in the lobby.
+ Bedroom floor carpet.
+ Office floor carpets.
+ Living room carpet.
- Other interior decorations.
+ Stone painting.
+ Wall paintings.
+ Bronze flower vase.
+ Bronze deer statue.
+ Bronze chess set.
+ Silver plated horse statue.
+ Stone wall paintings.
+ Bronze statues of animals.
+ Handmade metal decorations.
Update:Friday, October 27,2023

Address: House Number 30, 120 Lane, Tran Binh Ward, Mai Dich, Cau Giay Dist., Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) Hotline: 0989525203 - 0979159391
- Paint distribution in the North.
+ Paint brands: Kova, Jotun, Dulux, Ponix91, Nippon
+ Products: Interior and exterior paint, primer, fireproof paint, waterproof, heatproof paint, water paint, emulsion paint, imitation stone paint, nano paint, coating paint, anti-fade paint, etc.
- Accept interior and exterior painting for all constructions and projects, large and small.
* Main product:
- Paint by brand.
+ Nippon paint.
+ Ponix91 paint.
+ Dulux paint.
+ Jotun paint.
+ Kova paint.
+ Interior paint.
+ Kova primer.
- Kova interior paint.
+ Jotun majestic primer paint.
+ Dulux inspire interior paint.
+ Jotun majestic interior paint.
+ Jotun matte interior paint.
+ Jotun majestic jotaplast paint.
+ Kova paint covers the interior.
+ Kova semi-gloss paint indoors.
+ Non-gloss interior kova paint.
+ Kova paint white ceiling in the house.
+ Jotun essence paint is easy to clean the interior.
+ Jotun essence anti-alkali primer.
+ Ulux interior paint cleans glossy surface.
+ Dulux easyclean interior paint cleans effectively.
+ Super premium interior paint dulux ambiance.
- Exterior paint.
+ Jotun paint has optimal color durability.
+ Jotun paint covers cracks.
+ Exterior paint dulux inspire.
+ Jotun paint reduces exterior heat.
+ Dulux ambiance exterior paint.
+ Dulux exterior paint with matte surface.
+ Kova high-quality outdoor gloss paint.
+ Dulux exterior paint with glossy surface.
+ Waterproof paint mixed with kova cement.
+ Jotun anti-fade exterior paint.
+ Smooth exterior jotun jotatough paint.
+ Exterior paint dulux weathershield.
+ Dulux aquatech outdoor waterproof paint.
- Traffic paint.
+ Traffic paint coating.
+ Oil-based traffic paint.
+ Reflective traffic paint.
+ Solvent system traffic paint.
+ Decorative paint.
+ Imitation stone paint.
+ Imitation wood paint.
- Decorative paint.
+ Decorative water paint.
+ Interior decorative paint.
+ Wood paint, metal paint.
- Metallic paint.
+ Interior wood paint.
+ Industrial wood paint.
+ Anti-discoloration wood paint.
+ Anti-scratch wood paint.
Update:Friday, October 27,2023

Address: No.27, Lane 2, Nguyen Viet Xuan St., Khuong Mai Ward, Thanh Xuan Dist., Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) 0909099068
- Interior design for residential, hotel and office projects.
- Construction of construction projects.
- Landscape and exterior design.
- Prepare construction planning design.
- Design and verify civil engineering designs.
- Design and verification of industrial house designs.
* Main products and services:
- Interior design and construction.
+ Interior design.
+ Residential interior design.
+ Interior construction services.
+ Villa interior construction.
+ Construction of apartment interior.
+ Villa interior design.
+ Company interior design.
+ High-class interior design.
+ Construction of company interiors.
+ Apartment interior design.
+ Office interior design.
+ Construction of project interiors.
+ Construction of apartment interiors.
+ Townhouse interior design and construction services.
- Architectural design and construction.
+ Architectural design.
+ Residential architectural design.
+ Architectural Design Consulting.
+ Villa architectural design.
+ Interior architectural design.
+ Architectural structure design.
+ Townhouse architectural design.
+ Civil architectural design.
+ Architectural design of works.
+ Apartment architectural design.
+ Landscape architectural design.
- Construction.
+ Landscape design.
+ Exterior design.
+ Industrial house design.
+ Construction works.
+ Prepare construction planning design.
Update:Friday, October 27,2023

Address: Do Luong Village, Bac Son Commune, Soc Son District, Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) Hotline: 0943191111
* Producing and trading wooden furniture.
- Hotel restaurant tables and chairs.
- Wooden dining table and chairs.
- Wooden sofa table and chairs.
- Synchronous dining table and chairs, wooden sofa table and chairs.
* Main product:
+ Main Products.
+ Dining table and chairs.
+ Coffee tables and chairs.
+ Living room wooden table and chairs.
+ Conference Tables and Chairs.
+ Restaurant Tables and Chairs.
+ Synchronous furniture set (sofa and dining table and chairs).
+ Synchronous wooden furniture.
Update:Friday, October 27,2023

Address: Floor 21-22th, Building MIPEC, 229 Tay Son St., Dong Da Dist., Hanoi
Tel:(84-24) 37760867
Fax:(84-24) 37760868-37763283
- Non-life insurance.
- Reinsurance.
- Financial investment.
- Investment activities according to the provisions of law.
Update:Monday, October 9,2023

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