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Address: 816 Cu Chinh Lan St., Phuong Lam Ward, Hoa Binh City, Hoa Binh Province
Tel:(84-218) 3852373-01238588388
Fax:(84-218) 3852373
- Trading in pharmaceutical products.
Update:Tuesday, March 20,2018

Address: Loc Tan Commune, Loc Ninh Dist., Binh Phuoc Province
Tel:(84-271) 3607639
Fax:(84-271) 3682949
- Planting rubber trees.
- Exploitation of stone, sand, gravel and clay.
- Construction of civil, industrial works.
- Ground leveling.
- Construction of road and bridges and irrigation works.
- Plant trees and take care of the trees.
- Logging and timber plantation rubber.
- Production of plastics and synthetic rubber in primary forms: rubber processing.
- Trading materials rubber products.
- Woodworking and wood rubber plantations.
- Trading materials and equipment installed in the building.
- Trading in rubber wood, plantation timber.
Update:Tuesday, March 20,2018

Address: Group 8, Thanh Phu Hamlet, Tan Hiep Commune, Tan Chau Dist., Tay Ninh Province
Tel:(84-276) 3732707
Fax:(84-276) 3875307
- Planting, exploiting and processing natural rubber.
Update:Tuesday, March 20,2018

Address: No.716, Group 5, Cu Chinh Lan Road, Dong Tien Ward, Hòa Bình City, Hoa Binh Province
Tel:(84-218) 3853482
Fax:(84-218) 3895179
- Trading in motorbike and automobile, domestic and commercial furmiture.
Update:Tuesday, March 20,2018

Address: Phuoc Hoa Commune, Phu Giao Dist., Binh Duong Province
Tel:(84-274) 3657106-3657113
Fax:(84-274) 3657110;
- Planting, exploiting and processing rubber collected from our own plantations;
- Processing and trading in rubber wood harvested after successful economic cycle life of rubber trees;
- Retailing oil and gas;
- Investigating, constructing and repairing roads, bridges, transportation works;
- Constructing civil and industrial works;
- Investing, constructing infrastructure in industrial and residential areas
- Real estates business.
- Investing in financial activities. 
Update:Tuesday, March 20,2018

Address: No.720, Group 3, Dong Tien Ward, Hoa Binh City, Hoa Binh Province
Tel:(84-218) 3852064-3853065
-  Transportation of p assenger and goods.
Update:Tuesday, March 20,2018

Address: National Highway No.22B, Hiep Thanh Commune, Go Dau Dist., Tay Ninh Province
Tel:(84-276) 3853606-3853232
Fax:(84-276) 3853608
- Growing, caring, mining, raw rubber processing and consumption of products.
- Industrial chemicals, fertilizers and rubber.
- Commercial wholesale.
- Trading in materials synthesis.
- Real estate bussiness.
- Reclamation and repairing road and bridge construction.
- Construction of industrial, civil and irrigation works.
- Sawwing rubber, closed pallets and household utensils.
- Trading in petrol, oil, grease, produce iron drums.
- Milling rice and agricultural products.
- Catering services.
- Surveying and designing transport works.
- Construction and installation of transport works, sports facilities, water supply, sewage, electricity to 35 KV.
- Ground leveling.
Update:Tuesday, March 20,2018

Address: No.138 Hung Vuong St., Ea Sup Town, Ea Sup Dist., Dak Lak Province
Tel:(84-262) 3688933
Fax:(84-262) 3688922
- Planting, exploiting and processing rubber latex.
Update:Tuesday, March 20,2018

Address: Group 17, Dong Tien Ward, Hoa Binh City, Hoa Binh Province
Tel:(84-218) 3852862
Fax:(84-218) 3852270

- Trading in and processing of agricultural and forestry products and live animals.
- Trading in machinery and agricultural equipment.

Update:Tuesday, March 20,2018

Address: Ea Ho Commune, Krong Nang Dist., Dak Lak Province
Tel:(84-262) 3675138
Fax:(84-262) 3675138
- Planting rubber, coffee and short-term industrial crops.
- Trading in and importing & exporting rubber, rubber equipment, coffee, agricultural products and food.
- Processing coffee and agricultural products.
- Cows and beef cattle business.
- Tourism services.
- Breeding and agriculture services.
- Producing fertilizers
- Afforestation.
- Exploitation of wood.
Update:Tuesday, March 20,2018

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